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Bill Shorten rape investigation and the video that shows the Labor Party cover-up strategy

Bill Shorten named himself as the suspect in the Victoria police rape investigation at 3pm on Thursday the 21st August. Just over an hour later at 4.15pm the same day ALP Vice President Tony Sheldon denied in a very aggressive manner that Bill Shorten was the suspect in the rape investigation, as the below video shows. That raises a lot of questions that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party need to answer.

How did Tony Sheldon’s lie happen or does he really expect us to believe he knew nothing? Mr Sheldon had been in the witness stand at the Trade Union Royal Commission for 2 hours and was not aware that Bill Shorten named himself. So Mr Sheldon stuck to the Labor Party strategy of lying and denying Bill Shorten was a rape suspect.

In this post we look at evidence of the cover-up by the Labor Party and Bill Shorten which has been happening for the last 10 months and which only changed at the last-minute when they knew the cover-up would not work.


In September 2013 the rape allegation surfaced on Facebook and the police started investigating in October 2013. The Australian and other media reported the police investigation but did not name Shorten. They only mentioned that a “senior Labor figure” was under investigation.

The name of the “senior Labor figure” was freely available on Twitter but had not gone viral on social media. I published my first post on the matter on the 29th November 2013 titled “Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating. (Click here to read) It received a lot of traffic and other sites picked up on it. I followed up with another 6 posts on the topic between then and last week. During that time I set up a specific page for the Bill Shorten police rape investigation with all the information and links. (Click here to read) The story kept spreading on social media and was never going to go away.

The story picked up in the last week when News Corp ran a story on it which did not name Shorten but did the next best thing and basically said Google the story and you will find the name. I published a post last Sunday titled News Corp out Labor leader Bill Shorten as suspect in rape investigation by Victoria police(Click here to read)

The story was getting plenty of traffic and time on social media. Then on Thursday morning (21/8/14) it was reported in The Australian that the police would not charge Bill Shorten. (Click here to read)

Press Conference

Bill Shorten had a press conference at 3pm on Thursday the 21st of August 2014 and outed himself as the suspect that had been investigated for rape. The investigation started in October 2013. (Click here to read more)

The video

Tony Sheldon ducked and weaved hard and fast in the video below to my question about the rape investigation. He looked very dodgy and was clearly still in cover-up mode which the Labor Party had been in for 10 months regarding the rape allegation and police investigation.

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Sheldon only changed his tune when I kept on saying Shorten had outed himself and that it was all over the internet. Sheldon would have then realised it was probably true that Shorten had named himself given that the it was in the news that morning that the police would not charge the “senior Labor figure” for rape. And Sheldon would have had to have known that is was Bill Shorten under investigation for the 10 months. To deny it as Sheldon did in the video is a joke given he is the VP of the Labor Party and everyone in the party knew as did plenty of social media users.

The video with Tony Sheldon will send a shiver down the spine of all Labor Party politicians. Because they will know that if they are asked about the rape and stuff up they will make the situation worse. They cannot all say nothing forever, to do so just undermines the credibility of the whole Labor Party each and every time one of them refuses to answer legitimate questions. Someone will let slip something somewhere and make things worse. They will all be under extreme pressure until Bill Shorten resigns or is removed. The Australian public and social media users are not stupid and will keep on asking questions until we get the answers.

Bill Shorten said in his press conference on Thursday that “The easy option would be to say nothing, but that is not who I am”. (Click here to read More) Well why didn’t he say anything for 10 months? I emailed him some questions on the 11th December 2013 and he refused to answer. (Click here to read) I also phoned and emailed his office with questions a couple of months ago and again no response.

The following day on Friday the 22nd of August 2014 Bill Shorten was in Melbourne doing a press conference and Bill Thompson asked Mr Shorten a question as per the below video.

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Bill Thompson who is retired and a social media journalist previously asked Bill Shorten on video about the rape a month ago which I published in a post. (Click here to go to the post) In the above video Mr Shorten is refusing to answer questions by the mainstream media in Melbourne about the rape investigation and Mr Thompson asks Bill Shorten:

“Daniel Andrews (he leader of the Victoria Labor Party and possible Premier at the next state election at the end of this year) said he is going to have a Royal Commission into violence against women if he is elected, do you think they should look at this issue?

Bill Shorten responded: “I have said all I am going to say on the matter. The police have done their job and I intend on drawing a line under the matter.”

The Bill Shorten and Labor Party strategy

Bill Shorten is driving the strategy and the cover-up would have continued if it had not been for social media. The reason it would have continued is because Bill Shorten had success in covering up rumours that he had an affair and impregnated one of his staff members in 2012. Bill Shorten did an interview with the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne, denying the rumour without saying what the rumour was and that was it. No other media touched it. I wrote a post at the time titled Has Bill Shorten gotten one of his staff members Pregnant? Shorten calls the lawyers. (Click here to read) So he is trying the same strategy now.

The strategy might have worked last time but Bill Shorten was only a minister then. It won’t work this time because he is running for Prime Minister and also because social media is powerful enough now to drive the story if the mainstream media do not, as it has just proven it can do.

If Bill Shorten and the Labor Party lie and cover-up the police investigation into rape which they clearly have for 10 months, would they also lie about the rape?

Shorten was not cleared of rape. That is a fact.

Bill Shorten has not been cleared of rape. The Director of Public Prosecutions in Victoria decided they did not think they would get a conviction. If Bill Shorten wants to be Prime Minister it should have gone to trial as far as I am concerned because all it has done is leave a huge question mark. He has not been cleared of anything. The DPP never said they think he is innocent, just that they do not think they will get a conviction.

Why Bill Shorten won’t survive.

Bill Shorten failed crises management 101 and can’t survive. He might be around another month or two or at best he might stay until Christmas. Then he will be forced to go after Christmas whether he likes it or not.

Why? Because even if people don’t worry about the issue much now, every voter will have to decide at the next election campaign whether or not they are prepared to vote for someone who refuses to answer questions or give a detailed account of what happened and who may be guilty of rape.

If you go to a job interview and tell the employer “I am not going to answer any questions, just make a short statement”. What are the chances of getting the job? I would say zero. Yet Bill Shorten and the Labor Party want us to give him the job of Prime Minister when he will not answer questions and only make a short statement in regards to the rape allegations.

Social Media

It is social media that has driven the reporting of this issue and if you look at the two videos above it is social media that is continuing to have the best coverage on the issue. I wrote a post on the 21th July titled Social media rises. Bill Shorten interview regarding Vic police rape investigation” (Click here to readand that is exactly what happened on Thursday when it came to a head. Even the ABC admitted that in part where they said:

“the police have been conducting the inquiry over the last 10 months. Now all the while, allegations have continued to swirl on social media and it has been known in political circles as well.” (Click here to read more

People who have used social media to drive the issue and supporters of this site who have promoted the posts can take some pride in knowing that you have helped in making this issue known to all Australians. Bill Shorten has stuck his hand up to be Prime Minister and we have a right to know. Without your support and work most Australians might never have known.

Shorten and the Labor Party have to give a fully detailed explanation. Anything will cost them dearly at the next election. Refusing to give a fully detailed explanation is normally the action of guilty people, as they know that if they give a detailed account of what happened they might get caught out lying, so they are better off saying nothing.

As far as the media is concerned it is just a matter of keep asking questions. Simple questions will do. The same as I asked Tony Sheldon because their response says a lot and is very telling for the viewer. The matter will end up growing as big as the Craig Thomson matter, if not bigger. And as with Craig Thomson, it will only end when Bill Shorten leaves parliament, which will probably be sooner rather than later.

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  1. I do not believe he is innocent. That is my opinion.
    I would also like to know if it was the DDP who made the decision there was insufficient evidence to charge him.
    Insufficient evidence, does not mean he is innocent.

    • We also know that the tentacles of the criminals run far and wide… my guess is that a big favour was done here. Thus it may be payback time soon: let’s keep an eye on who at the DPP gets a good job offer in the near future.

    • You’re quite correct ‘Disgusted’, it simply means the evidence gathered by investigating police and furnished to DPP, proved either; insufficient or alternatively, not strong enough to prove the prosecutions case to a point beyond that of a reasonable doubt.? Criminal trials can become very costly, particularly when the defendant is of a high profile.

  2. This is not a good look for Shorten. He probably went public before his accuser goes public in the MSM. He knows he is in a corner and I agree with you Shane, he is unlikely to last out this year. Good riddance to BS.

    • Sadly people said Gillard would not last, however, so many people were profiting from her being in the top job, they used their power to keep her there.
      She was protected by the msm, ask yourself why.

  3. This is how most closet rapists behave knowing that for the victim to try going to the Law for redress requires witnesses to the event. The only witnesses in Shorten’s case would be those to whom Shorten boasted to afterwards and then his lawyers would claim hearsay is not enough. Semen doesn;t stay in the body all these years later.

    Sad but spare a thought for his victim. He is one of Julia’s true misogamists.

  4. Remember the the way he treated the female shop assisstant who didnt have any pies. That says the kind of grub he is to me. There is a saying the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

  5. Shorten has a young family. He should consider how he would react/feel if a daughter of his was to be treated in the same manner as he is treating his accuser. As a teenager I remember some wise words from my father…’treat the girls you take out like you would want your sister treated’. Shorten could have done with some fatherly advise.

  6. Bill Shorten & the Labor Party seem very confident that this story will fade away. Have they paid off this woman for her guaranteed silence? Or will 60 minutes or some other current affairs program seek out this woman with the usual paid interview & the the saga will continue. Let’s hope that the truth will eventually come out.

    • Most of the msm are Labor so he may be safe.
      Just look what they did to poor Tony Abbott over a wink,I note Shorten has a very ambitious wife ready to close the eyes if it means getting to the lodge.

  7. ” Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” Cliché invented for the Labor leader Bill Shorten. What a slimy grub this man is, it is not the question if he paid someone off but who he paid off. Shorten and Sheldon the top of the pile of slimy grubs, one dresses like a toff and acts like a mafia boss the other dresses like a tramp and acts like a rat in a corner. What a great piece of journalism you pulled off here Shane you deserve an accolade for cornering that rat Sheldon on film ,what a blithering idiot he made of himself. We are seeing the structure of the union movement and the Labor party in its true colours now we have the social network in full swing. I thought we were in danger of having a third dud Prime minister in the Labor party but I think there is little danger of that after your revelations. Great work Shane there is hope yet, the statement from Victoria Police ” little chance of a conviction” says it all. Allan from Myalup WA .

  8. Between Lawyer Land and People Land lye`th the devil and the deep blue sea. For the sake of the nation Bill should sink his boat and allow Tania to sail.
    Bill, tony, Julia, Joe, Julie, Bronwyn, Christopher, George and Greg, just to name a few all come from lawyer land.
    There is a crucial State election occurring in Victoria and labor is ahead due to the influence of the atrocities of the IPA and Tony`s gang. This lead will turn into a defeat for labor with bill at the helm and no matter how good Daniel is at the rudder the people from people land who eventually make the decision will vote against a moral crime over and above a financial one.
    As far ad the DPP goes it is part of lawyer land a place that Bill resides. Due to the infection of the hubris syndrome virus in lawyer land the people of people land can see the corruption. (Moderator: Rest deleted as heading off topic)

  9. On “The Insiders” this morning Barry Cassidy said the Victorian Police had decided that Shorten “Had no case to answer”. A deliberate untruth!

    (Moderator: I just watched the show and did not hear him say that and the other panellists were very fair and balanced)

    • The public have the right to see the full DPP file un redacted “Did I say Uncensored” to allow us to decide if Bill is a credible candidate to represent the people of Australia.

  10. It’s the disgusting bias of Labor, Greens, ABC and the left wing press that is the worst aspect of this case. We all remember the state of hysteria created when Tony Abbott was accused of punching a wall near the head of Barbara Ramjan, can you imagine their reaction had he been accused of rape! Yet when Shorten is accused there isn’t a whisper anywhere.
    I now read everywhere that he ‘has been cleared of the charge’ this, of course, is not the case. The DPP has decided not to proceed as a conviction was unlikely. This is a world away from being cleared. My hope is that the lady concerned goes public.

  11. I am a Labor man,……..but would agree Bill Shorten will not lead Labor to the next Election, and also notice Tanya Plibersek is perhaps not cut out for Leadership…………she sometimes looks like she is just worn out, almost as if she is sick of it. (Moderator: Rest deleted as heading off topic of post)

  12. Correct. If Tony had been in the same position the who ha created by the press would have forced him to become an Honourable Man.

  13. Forgot to put in my comment that perhaps the reporting of the purported incident was bias………… wrote…………… “Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating“. ………………you could have written “Bill Shorten who as a Teenager in 1986 has been accused of raping a 16 year old girl”……………….see the difference………… will no doubt disagree …………………Thank you.

    • Are you saying that rape by a teenager is in someway different to rape by an older person? Anyway it doesn’t take much calculating to work out his age at the time. I can’t see your point, rape is rape and not diminished by time or age.

    • You sound like George Pell with his Truck Driver, trying to justify a complete injustice. Rape is Rape. (Patrick).

  14. Shane,

    Indeed a great ‘coup’. You better have that video in a very safe place!

    The Labor-party are now trying to make Bill Shorten a hero, that he ‘came out’. What a rotten lot.

    The girl involved is now a respected woman with a respected job.

    I feel very sad for her and really she should be able to tell her story. The sooner the better for her. I think she is the person badly done by in this story and should be taken care of with compassion.

    I also believe this will be the beginning of the end for BS.

  15. In both the Hughes and Harris cases, other witnesses came forward when the allegations first appeared in the media. That couldn’t happen in this case as the identity of the person being investigated was concealed. ‘Trial by media’ apparently now extends to investigation.

  16. I agree Shane that Bill Shorten was not cleared of rape. I believe that there was not enough evidence/witness statements to force the DPP to charge Shorten. Shorten committed the rape no doubt about it, and is definetly guilty as hell as far as I’m concerned. I suspected that the DPP wouldn’t charge Shorten because of the lack of evidence because it was it was simply a case of he said/she said. Virtually the people that the Victorian police interviewed were not sure that Shorten raped that woman at the Young Labor party camp. It was because of this website, along with social media that Bill Shorten finally outed himself, the pressure must have finally got to him to reveal the truth. Lucky for Shorten that the Victorian police decided not to charge him, that was I think the major reason for him to speak out. Shorten has no credibility anymore (he never had), he by speaking out has actually destroyed any long-term chance of ever becoming prime minister. I would think he would be replaced as labor leader down the track, or he will be defeated at the next federal election, which will happen if he stays as labor leader. Shorten has more problems involving the Royal Commission, where I think he will have to take the stand. If he does then he will be in massive trouble and he should resign as labor leader immediately. Bill Shorten’s political days are slowly coming to an end.

  17. The alleged rape case against Bill Shorten shouldn’t be left up to the DPP to decide, all the evidence presented by the victim should be heard in court so a jury can decide whether there is enough evidence to convict shorten, and not the DPP who is a person who could be influenced not to proceed in favour of Shorten. I hope she files a civil case against him.

    • Good point Greg, however, by not going jury, he has past up the chance of being declared innocent.
      He has not been declared innocent.

  18. It is a bare faced lie to say Shorten was cleared of rape. Also, think how the mainstream media treated the story that then opposition leader Abbott had a love child from his student days which was proved to be wrong. Then there’s Abbott’s punching the wall nonsense. WORST OF ALL is the poor woman who we know only as a community nurse will never get her day in court and knows the media have effectively covered up her claims. Move on, nothing to see here says MSM. JUST SPARE A THOUGHT FOR HER. As Michael Kroger so dramatically and eloquently described on the Bolt show today what the narrative of this story would have been if it was all about a Liberal MP leave alone a Liberal Opposition Leader and not a Labor one, it makes you realise what a disgusting pack of two faced people constitute all these media types who have collectively decided to sweep this awful matter under the carpet because the DPP claims they don’t have enough evidence to bring a conviction in court. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, EH MSM ? I just hope there is a media organisation or interviewer with the guts to give this woman and her story an airing before the next election, but being Australia, I doubt it.

    • The MSM is probably not too worried about the court of public opinion in regards to Shorten. What they SHOULD be worried about is the court of public opinion regarding themselves: lies, misrepresentations, and hiding the truth from the public. Already many have switched off them completely and the number is growing.

  19. Tony Sheldon is a complete idiot for what he said to you Shane. Sheldon is a shocking liar by saying he knew nothing about Bill Shorten being investigated for rape and labelling your questions offensive Shane. It has confirmed to me too that the labor party has covered up the Bill Shorten rape investigation from the mainstream media right from the start. This is coming from the same bloke (Sheldon) who has stolen from the TWU, and has helped covered up labor party crime for years, like setting up a slush fund for Craig Thomson’s legal defence. Tony Sheldon is a real grub, no doubt about it.

  20. I, like “Davey Street” hope and pray that there is a journo with sufficient courage to do an in-depth about the Shorten rape scenario on the TV or in the press. I really don’t hold out much hope but I can only dream! Having come to OZ some 45 years ago as a 23yo Londoner, I never thought this place would stoop to such an inadequate and useless place for lilly-livered journo’s as they have become ( you, Shane are of course excluded!).
    I also hope that the lady in question on the Central Coast will summon the nerve to keep this going despite the obvious ramifications. All-power to her and then we can then all embrace the courage of her convictions. I want this BS creep buried.

  21. Going on a post in Catallaxy Files by JC…. some questions for Bill Shorten::
    1: What was your role at the Labor function where the alleged offence occurred?
    2: Where you in charge of allocating rooms to the people attending?
    3: If you were, did you place the intoxicated girl in an isolated room with no witnesses or no one to look after her?….
    I’m sure there would be follow up questions to the above… I will leave that to others but surely someone in the MSM will eventually ask Bill Shorten to…’please explain’…
    I hope the lady in question comes out to tell her story….

    • One would have to of the thinking that the person involved has been offered something amazing to remain quiet. Lets hope common sense prevails and we hear the details that Mr. Shorten has been so cunning to cover up. One cannot be suprised by his shocking behaviour.

  22. Doesn’t it work that the Police have to construct their case, then take it to the DPP? If that’s so, then the Police obviously got as far as making a case…far enough to take it to the DPP for perusal. Would they have taken it at least that far if they thought there wasn’t any point, or is it procedural for them to do this with every allegation of rape? Do you know Shane? Anybody? The suggestion I’m deriving is that the Police didn’t think he was innocent.

  23. Just in case anyone missed it:

    Woman who accuses Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of rape says police failed her :

    Police defend their investigation into Bill Shorten after woman who accused him of rape claims officers didn’t properly investigate the case because of his profile

  24. I am not sure how the process works but I think that what happens is a victim goes to the police. The victim may or may not have irrefutable evidence that proves a crime. For the police to bother putting together a brief to the Department of Public Prosecutions there usually must be some basis behind the victims claim if there is no basis the police will not put forward a brief. The office of public prosecutions is different from the police. Police are police but the office of public prosecutions are not police, they are lawyers. Bill Shorten is a lawyer. When a victim of a crime committed by a lawyer goes to the police they will do their best to put a case to the Department of Public Prosecutions unfortunately even when the evidence is in black and white the Office of Public Prosecutions can find an excuse for not bringing the matter to trail, Those excuses make it very hard for a victim of a lawyer to get the matter into the courts in Victoria. Remember in the hieratical map lawyers rank above police, policemen need to keep their jobs so as to keep a roof over the families head and because they rank below lawyers they cannot push matters too far as they know they can also end up as victims.

  25. The Chanel 10 News also stated that Bill Shorten was ‘cleared’ of the Rape charge. That is garbage. The DPP decided that there was ‘probably’ not enough to go on with. That is not clearing the little grub of any charges. It is saying that ‘he did it’ but we need a bit more than we have right now. This worm is a slime bag of the lowest form and he won’t last much longer in his ‘protected high office’. He will be stabbed in the back just as he has done on many occasions to many others. Pity, because he deserves a lot more than that!!

  26. Shorten is just another in a long line of stooges being put in a compromising position for manipulation purposes by the real forces that rule Australia …. I’m sure he obliged the charges appropriately at the time and is now being asked to pay up on his part of the contract publicly…. all we need to ask is what do those controllers want this time to impose upon us…??

  27. Should an unknown woman accuse him of rape, he would surely call in the lawyers and sue her for defamation. Is it not strange that Kathy X has not been sued?

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