Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten uses internet trolls to try to blackmail & intimidate media reporting the Union Royal Commission

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party cannot help themselves and have been up to their standard dirty tricks trying to intimidate journalists and social media users at the Trade Union Royal Commission. Bullying and threats seem to be a specialty of the Labor Party and unions. Even the barrister James Glissan QC representing the TWU tried to bully a self-represented witness, Michael Wong, in open court and as we all know bullying is a criminal offence. (See video below)

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch) (The video is a classic as Michael Wong shows plenty of fight and a sense of humour in defending himself)

Although the TWU barrister James Glissan QC committed the crime of bullying in relation to Michael Wong neither Commissioner Heydon nor counsel assisting Jeremy Stoljar stepped in to help. The old attorney/attorney respect law kicked in where they turn a blind eye to the corrupt and dodgy conduct of other lawyers. Heydon and Stoljar made themselves look quite pathetic and gutless. At one point Heydon even gave Michael Wong a warning which does not exactly encourage other witnesses to come forward. Mr Heydan and Mr Stoljar should review their legal obligations to witnesses.

I have been watching the Trade Union Royal Commission this week and getting the usual trolling on twitter. But it came to my attention today that one of the trolls Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching, who are good friends of Bill Shorten, are named adversely in evidence that is already before the Royal Commission.

I am told that evidence relates to the Heath Services Union (HSU) Victoria Number 1 Branch who trade as the Health Workers Union and the evidence is to be examined at the Royal Commission next week. The alleged corruption is that Landeryou, Kitching and others were stealing from the HSU as reported in The SMH newspaper last year and possibly still are. (Click here to readAs Kimberly Kitching is General Manager of the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch she will quite likely be called as a witness, if not next week then sometime after. She would already know that she has been adversely named as well as her husband Andrew Landeryou. The Royal Commission notifies people who receive adverse mention in evidence so they can defend themselves if they wish.

So why then is Mr Landeryou going on Twitter this week defaming people? Quite simple, he is trying to intimidate the media not to write about him, his wife and others. Why Mr Landeryou attacks me is obviously related to the fact that I have written numerous times about his past of fraud and theft. Any adverse findings in relation to Kitching and/or Landeryou will have a negative impact on Bill Shorten as well because they are friends. Landeryou is acting with Shortens full support without a doubt.

Andrew Landeryou and Kimberley Kitching and why they are not fans of KCA

I have written a number of posts that have included the criminal history of Andrew Landeryou and his wife. One last year before the federal election titled: Does Kevin Rudd support the Bill Shorten backed “Kimberley Kitching for Senate movement”? Andrew Bolt does! (Click here to read) and Bill Shorten’s handpicked management team at the HSU in crisis again and heading back to court (Click here to read)

But the mainstream media have been writing about the thief and fraudster Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching for years. Some classic headlines they have given us include:

The tycoon, the missing husband and the millions

April 23, 2005

When runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou finally comes home he’s going to have a lot to answer for, report Leonie Wood and David Elias.

There is a bank account in Melbourne that authorities are watching very closely. Every so often, someone draws off a few thousand dollars. A bit gets sent here, a bit there. And once the money runs out, the authorities believe that runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou will return to Australia.

The Arrowhead Media bank account, and the way it is being managed, bear all the hallmarks of Landeryou’s curious business dealings. There are front men, false names, bogus directors and a chain of money transfers that crisscross the world.

Landeryou, 35, fled the country in early December, dumping a $3 million debt on his wife, former Melbourne City councillor Kimberley Kitching, and his father, Bill, once a state government minister and for many years a powerful union leader and numbers man for the right wing of the ALP.

And later in the article:

Landeryou may have thought he would make a small fortune from the student union, but as he was tying down student deals, his business connections with Solomon Lew were falling apart.

Their friendship dissolved rapidly when Landeryou, half-owner and managing director of the IQ business, failed to account for Lew’s $4 million investment. The financial records were missing. Kitching had been IQ’s company secretary and Landeryou’s sister had been bookkeeper, receptionist and personal assistant.

Midway through an investigation by IQ’s liquidator in the Federal Magistrates Court, Landeryou and Kitching struck a deal with Lew. Kitching would buy Lew’s IQ stake for $3 million, and payment was guaranteed by Andrew and Bill Landeryou. Landeryou left Australia just before the payment was due, telling Kitching he was going to Sydney on business. Kitching failed to pay Lew, and this week she filed for bankruptcy owing about $3.8 million to Lew and other creditors.

Lew now has possession of Kitching’s $1.8 million Victorian mansion in Parkville and has secured a court judgement against Bill Landeryou that could lead to his bankruptcy.

If Andrew Landeryou returns to Australia, he must face police, the courts, tax investigators, the wrath of creditors such as Lew, the student union liquidator and his father… and one hell of an angry wife. (Click here to read the full article)

And another article:

Landeryou faces union damages bid

The student union’s liquidator says Andrew Landeryou and two former presidents benefited from dishonest schemes.

By Leonie Wood and David Elias – May 25, 2005

The liquidator of the Melbourne University Student Union has launched a multimillion-dollar damages claim against businessman Andrew Landeryou, three former student presidents and four former employees, alleging they conspired to defraud the failed student union. (Click here to read more)

I won’t say much more on this subject at the moment as I have made a second formal complaint as per below and lets see what the Royal Commission does this time.

From: Shane Dowling Sent: Wednesday, 20 August 2014 4:36 PM To:;;;;; Cc: Subject: Media being Blackmailed while Commissioner Heydon does nothing – 2nd Formal Compliant

Dear Commissioner Heydon and Mr Stoljar

It has been well-known for over a month, since I first raised it with the Royal Commission, that the media are in effect being blackmailed by Bill Shorten’s good friend Andrew Landeryou. Mr Landeryou has been using the twitter account @landeryou to defame journalists and other people in a criminal manner in an attempt to stop them reporting on corruption by him, his wife and others.

Mr Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching have been named adversely as fraudsters and thieves in a complaint to the Fair Work Commission as reported by Clay Lucas in The Age newspaper on the 13th September 2013 in an article titledClaims of cronyism in health union”. That investigation by the FWC is still ongoing.

I also understand both Mr Landeryou and Ms Kitching have been named adversely in evidence that is before the Royal Commission and that the Royal Commission will examine that evidence next week starting the 25th August 2014.

Mr Landeryou has made many defamatory comments about me including calling me and others a paedophile and continues to harass me. While I can handle myself the harassment is also designed to intimidate others. He uses the hash tag for the Royal Commission #turc in a clear attempt to let other journalists know that they will get the same defamatory treatment if they dare write about him or his wife or friends.

This is a clear attempt to intimidate the reporting of the Royal Commission and to conceal crimes relevant to the commission. Can you advise what action will the Royal Commission take given Mr Landeryou is in clear contempt of the Royal Commission.


Shane Dowling

If the best Bill Shorten can do is have a failed union fraudster and twitter troll attack the media then you know you that Bill Shorten is desperate and even he knows that his days are almost up. For a union paid barrister, and one who claims to be a QC such as James Glissan, to use bullying tactics is extremely poor form and the TWU would sack him if they had any brains.

I am overdue to do a another post on the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) but I will stay focused in the Royal Commission at the moment as I think it is about to get very interesting to say the least. Labor Party Vice President and TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon is due in the witness stand either Thursday or Friday and with the evidence that has already come out so far he is in a lot of trouble.

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  1. I think he handled himself well!
    it’s well beyond time when a few more Legal eagles were dealt this way to bring them off their ivory towers of pompous attitudes of the mediocrity and back to the level playing field of all good and genuine folk.
    This stinks of something akin to the legal system attempting to gag and at the same time verbalise people.
    What ever happened to the ideology of fairness and justice and the right to your day in court to be heard in a democratic manner?

  2. I often wonder what the inner conversation these people have to convince themselves that it alright to lie, cheat and steal from hard working members of Unions. To think that it is their right to intimidate those who have a different opinion and/or can see through their lies and deceptions and can see them for who and what they are….when really, when all is said and done, they are just lackeys being used by the likes of Shorten and Co to do the dirty work while he tries to keep his grubby little mitts clean (sorry just choked). I suppose they consider being able to get away with corruption, fraud and theft their rightful reward because they have no conscience, no empathy and are incapable of remorse so see their actions of intimidation as something to be proud of when in actual fact they are nothing but germs who infect all around them with their filth, and the black sickness that is the current day left.
    I was disgusted that the Commissioner (in the video on this page) spoke to the witness as he did, making it obvious to all that he was not interested in hearing the full story. it is sounding much like what has happened earlier with Kathy Jackson (Their own witness) being attacked by Stoljar. It certainly makes one wonder what/who/how much is going on behind the scenes with those entrusted to run this Royal Commission. It is definitely starting to get a certain left stench about it.

  3. I agree with posted comments. It appears that most of the judiciary is tainted with the same brush and are we (us, you, me, the man in the street and the great unwashed etc) going to put up with this! I SINCERELY HOPE NOT. We must persevere on internet sites to let everyone know what is going on asap!

  4. I am fascinated by the way in which the Commissioner and Council assisting were not interested in Wong’s story. Sure, Wong did himself an injustice by being overly aggressive but Stoljar was not really interested in Wong’s so called hearsay. But if that is the case then the Commission will never get the real truth of how unions operate. The crooks in the unions are smart enough to commit nothing to paper, that way it all becomes hearsay. Only the sycophants of the real union crooks are gullible enough to do that and therefore take the heat for their bosses. Heydon and Stoljar need to show some gumption, drop the old boys “look after each other’ crap, and ask the questions that allow the real truth to be heard, hearsay or not.

  5. There doesn’t appear to be any accountability of funds in the union movement. The officials seem to be able to withdraw thousands & thousands of dollars of members contributions at will. This is criminal behaviour as far as I’m concerned.

    • If we had any sort of decent system where there weren’t a majority in the institutions benefiting from corruption the ATO would be going through their lives with a fine tooth comb and seizing all the assets which could not have come from their declared incomes as proceeds of crime.

  6. Shane,

    I totally agree with you, I was very concerned about the warning Mr Heydon gave Mr Wong and also he nor Mr Stoljar, were interested in what Mr Wong had to say.

    I thought Mr Wong knew, that what he was doing was the only way he could get his story across. I believed Mr Wong was very genuine.

    I do not like the smell of it!

    I am also going to write to The Commissioner about this.

  7. goes from bad to worse – just exactly how much corruption is going on with these people, the union bosses, the judiciary system? What is happening to our once beautiful Country? It appears to be rampant.
    As for Shorten – he is just a disgrace.

  8. VicPol have decided not to charge Shorten for rape as they feel there is no likelihood of securing a conviction. Andrew Bolt declares him not guilty on his blog and hopes everyone on the internet will now shut up about his little mate. Good luck with that Bolt you fool. You have lain down with too many dogs now, Shorten, Howes, Kitching et al, to escape the flea storm that is coming.

  9. So the cops are not going to proceed with the rape case against Shorten curlies, so what about the alleged victim she just has to suffer the indignity of being mishandled by a grub who could become the next prime minister HA HA.This countries legal system stinks and the politics are almost as bad, I felt sick when I watched your movie of the inquisition of Michael Wong, I am growing more and more concerned that I am feeling ashamed of being Australian.Allan from Myalup.WA

    • It seems that ‘insufficient evidence to convict’ is now written into the legal system as ‘Not Guilty’. Billy has just upgraded the DPP office to Prosecutor, Judge and Jury.

  10. Be patient folks and trust the system, which has given us the best country on earth which as good as it is, can never be heaven and not even the best of us is perfect.

  11. Bill Shorten is a extremely lucky man that he has been cleared by the Victorian police. I believe the Victorian police wanted to charge him, but because the incident happened nearly 30 years ago, & there was not many witnesses to help the police get a conviction, Mr Shorten was able to get away with it. Bill Shorten may still be in big trouble if the woman makes her story public. That may happen, and if it does, that would make Shorten look so guilty in the court of public opinion. I still believe Shorten committed the rape, no doubt about it, the woman has certainly told the truth on Kevin Rudd’s Facebook page. Bill Shorten is truly a coward for finally adressing this issue. He would have not have adressed it if it still was under investigation. This may not still be over yet. I encourage the woman to go public if she wants to.

    • Heard this morning that this woman has every right to take civil action. This may not be over. It angers me that just because the Police investigation & the DPP has declared no action against Mr Shorten that well.. hey…nothing to see here! In all of this media hype there has been nothing said for or on behalf of this woman, neither a statement or comment from those who have encouraged or supported this woman to come forward. Is anyone representing her? All we have seen & heard so far is by Shorten himself- his comments of the matter. His public persona has him looking like a winner and this is not something that is a game. I am aware there are protocols in place to protect those who have allegations of sexual abuse, however in order for this allegation to be completely removed from many minds, we need to hear from the source . Until then there will be forever doubt about this certain story.

      • This bloke Shorten is a grub and always has been. I hope the lady in question, now about 45yo comes forward and tells her story….it must have weighed on her mind since the incident so let’s get together and support her and bury this creep. Even I, as an aged pensioner with 2 previous marriages and no doe would be prepared to bung a few dolloars in to support her cause.
        The other matter that surfaced about a year ago is that he got a staffer pregnant and that was all hushed up too!! …it was given a hearing on this KCA site from memory.
        We can’t put up with this slime any more, surely!!

  12. Can you imagine the pressure that will now be applied to this poor woman by all the Labor heavies sent by “Wee Willie” Power Tripper to do his dirty work to well and truly shut it down. They have no conscience so are capable of any form of intimidation.
    He was not found to be innocent, it was found that due to the length of time that had elapsed that the DPP thought that there was too small of a chance of getting a conviction. To Listen to “WWPT” he had no case to answer. It sickens me to think that this man thinks he is worthy of becoming PM of our once great nation…the Nation that the Labor Party, Greens, the leftist do-gooders, the judiciary and all their cohorts have completely TRASHED! Now we have minority groups dictating policy in the current government with 18C…what Next?
    Voters need to be pulled kicking and screaming out of the apathy that allows the lies, theft and corruption to continue. Thank God for Shane and this site who tells us the facts and truth unlike the MSM.

  13. Wasn’t there some Newspaper Heading a year or so back with Shorten and his wife on the front page making a statement that all was ok in their marriage following gossip re his Personal Assistant.
    Mr. Shorten seems to get himself in all sorts of spots.

  14. Hi Shane; this is not over but vacuumed up for presentation. Mr Shorten has little time left and his press release say’s bugger all.
    I await the lady allegedly involved give her story to the media and then we shall see. Regards.

  15. To all you dreamers, think about it. If you were in the upper echelons of the Labor party & this story was about to break & ruin Bill shorten’s & the Party’s reputation & put their re-election chances in jeopardy, wouldn’t you suggest a big secret payout (say, $250,000 or even $1/2 mill. to this woman & make the story disappear. Pretty obvious solution & one that this woman would jump at knowing either amount would make any TV expose payment “small fish” in comparison. And Bill & his mates could raid another union slush fund to pay her out & buy her silence. Make note that the Victorian police & the Office of Public Prosecutions didn’t say he’s innocent of the rape claim, they stated that “there was no reasonable chance of prosecution” . Sounds to me like its a fact but because it happened such a long time ago, it would be most unlikely to get a conviction.

  16. Unfortunately, I think Bill will have bigger fish to fry when the Commission move onto the AWU in earnest.

    I predict that he won’t live it out, or if he does he will be under constant black-mail pressure, which unfortunately may have been evidenced already by his involvement in the HSU.

    It’s an unfortunate part of politics that people tend to do things on the way up, when they think no-one is watching, or at least – only people they thought they trusted at the time.

    • Let’s hope the Commission screws Shorten. Creatures like him shouldn’t be elected as leaders. The likes of Shorten, Gillard and the “faceless men” should be exterminated and so should some certain leaders and ex leaders of ALP affiliated unions. The whole ALP election process is a sham – factional deals, too much power given to union warlords, the lies, corruption and rorts. They have left a trail of destruction behind them, including destroying some people’s lives! They should be made accountable for their actions and duly punished!

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