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News Corp out Labor leader Bill Shorten as suspect in rape investigation by Victoria police

News Corp has in effect named Bill Shorten in The Australian newspaper on Saturday (16/8/14) as the suspect in the Victoria police rape investigation regarding a senior ALP member. The rape investigation was always going to end Bill Shorten’s political career at some point given the way he has handled it with complete silence and the story in The Australian may expedite it ending.

This website has previously named Bill Shorten as the suspect and has published 5 previous articles on the Bill Shorten rape investigation (click here to read) so I will focus on the News Corp article.

The article in The Australian is written by Grace Collier. It is titled: “Labor’s looming disasters a golden opportunity for Coalition” and says the following in regards to the Bill Shorten police investigation:

“The second police investigation is into the very serious allegation of rape against a 16-year-old girl, many years ago. A senior Labor person has been under investigation for almost a year. The person has not been named in the media (if he were a footballer might this be different?) but anyone with an internet connection knows who he is.”

“When this investigation is finalised, one of two things will happen. Either charges will be laid, which will be a disaster for Labor, or charges will not be laid, and the complainant may make her story public, which will be a disaster for Labor.” (Click here to read more)

There are 3 points I will make in relation to the article:

1. If the two options mentioned above do not happen then the third option will at the next election. The third option will be where social media rises up with extreme force demanding answers from Bill Shorten or his resignation. But by then it will be too late for Shorten and the Labor Party and they will lose the election.

2. The journalist Grace Collier was not allowed to name Bill Shorten but did the next best thing by pointing people to the internet. Do an internet search with a few keywords and you quickly end up on this site which does name Shorten.

3. The article says “anyone with an internet connection knows who he is”. That is not quite right but plenty of people do know and if someone does not they can find out easy. But every journalist in the country knows that is for sure, they just aren’t saying anything.

A major reason that it is easy to find on the internet is the previous 5 articles that this website has published and all the supporters that have promoted the articles. This website has not allowed the story, which started on Facebook, to die off and it will be an election issue at the next federal election if Bill Shorten is not replaced beforehand.

Shorten can run but he cannot hide from dealing with this forever. The British media have named Cliff Richard as a suspect in a police investigation and obviously learnt their lesson in failing to name Rolf Harris even though it was all over social media for months. In a lot of ways it is similar to the media in Australia failing to name Bill Shorten. The media are just making themselves look very dodgy in front of their own audience.

It is only a matter of time and Bill Shorten will be gone. He could even be gone in a week or two if enough people drive this story. It does not matter whether it is the mainstream media or social media. It just needs a bit of a push to go viral. If it does not happen in the next few days it will happen between now and the next election.

What is for certain is that this will be one of the biggest stories for a very long time. How can an alternative Prime Minister be under investigation for rape yet the mainstream media do not report it? And the mainstream media wonder why they are struggling. People will analyse why the media failed for years to come.

This post is not long but sends a powerful message to the Labor Party that they can no longer hide from the issue. They either deal with it now and get rid of Shorten who has refused to address the very serious allegations, or the issue will deal with them at the next election, where the Labor Party will lose a lot of votes.

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  1. The proof is right there as to how much the old media (MSM) is deceiving you. It would seem that there ARE some journalists there in the MSM who want to report the truth but are muffled. How many journalists do we know of in recent times who have lost their jobs because they reported something that the cabal above them didn’t want the people to know? There are plenty of examples. This journalist Grace Collier has earned a bit of my respect now: IMO she indicated clearly that she would have like to name him but could not for whatever reason. I’m sure there is a risk to that though and the criminals will punish her for even pointing people in the right direction. It’s about time ALL journalists stood up for the truth.

    This is a massive reason I suspect that the criminal cartel have changed to laws for websites such as bloggers, and also to filter the content we can see on the internet. They fear the truth being exposed that the internet is capable of doing.

    Or perhaps this is a (weak) attempted comeback by the old media to “save face” ????

  2. The chickens have come home to roost. Bill Shorten doesn’t have much time left as the Labor leader. Too many people on social media know about this & the Victorian police are investigating Mr Shorten, where they have already interviewed him under caution. The labor party are fools to think that this police investigation will just go away. Well it won’t, Shorten must fall on his sword and resign if he’s charged. But in any case, Bill Shorten must make a statement to the Australian public now explaining his predicament. If that as a result ends Shorten as the labor leader well so be it. The Mainstream media behavior in not naming Shorten & as well not naming and protecting Julia Gillard in her crimes over the AWU fraud is a massive disgrace. It makes you wonder that does the mainstream media are labor supporters?.

    • There would be at least 3 Labor front benchers panting for Shortens job, and willing to “help the police” investigation. Time for Electricity Bill to discover that he has PTSD and needs to resign! The taxpayers will help him to live in luxury.

  3. What I want to know is why has it taken a year, so far, and still nothing done. If it was the bloke in the street he would be facing court by now.

    • Because he’s not “the bloke in the street” and we have parallel legal, media, social, medical etc.. universes operating here!

  4. Why didn’t The Australian have this particular Collier article ‘headlined’ where they have her articles headlined every other week..on the front page, top right. You had to hunt for it under ‘Opinions’. It was like they did not want to have it as a ’splash’

  5. I agree with Bev Collins….how and why does the MSM protect someone like Shorten? How come we know about Sir Cliff and I knew about Rolf 6 months before my friends in the UK…thanks for all your work Shane. I have sent this piece on Shorten to my emails list of 785 today so I hope the word is starting to get out on this creep.

    Good work mate!!

    • Because Short Willie has very powerful friends.
      It is well known that he becomes very amorous when he has had a few.
      Yet not a word from the msm.
      Poor Tony Abbott may have punched a wall, and we have that pompous grub investigator David Marr raging like a mad bull about it.

      Sadly, I think this investigation will go on for years, just like the AWU SCANDAL.

      • Well Sam, the police union and the journalists union are very strong unions so it is no surprise that there is a “go slow” going on hoping we will all forget about it and that it dies a quick death.

  6. A NSW school teacher has had to pay $500,000 for consensual sexual act with teenager, which was a breech of contract….Where would that leave the Leader of a political party who allegedly, raped a teenager….do politicians have CONTRACTS, like the school teacher? If not, it’s time that all Leaders and Politicians, down to the lowest, are made to understand that political power does not give them the right to use that power, illegally.

  7. Bill Shorten is a grub and hoping that he gets the reward he deserves is probably a vain hope, if he does get arrested I suppose the ABC will pay his legal fees with our money.. I am waiting to see how Barry Cassidy handles the situation when it becomes public because he makes Stalin look like a right winger with his biased attitude. Keep up the good work Shane. Best wishes from Allan Myalup WA.

  8. The only ones who have not named Bill Shorten are the mainstream media. It is common knowledge both in Canberra and other capitals that Bill has been under investigation and questioned about the matter. Even his so called parliamentary colleagues are aware of it. Are some within the Labor party waiting for the right moment to plunge the knife in?

  9. I was surprised Grace Collier mentioned him yesterday.’
    But then the MSM has done the same with Gillard for years.

    The correct thing to have done for both Gillard and Shorten was to stand down.

    Very interesting to see, what will happen now!

    I often wonder, whether it is not against the law somewhere, as the MSM report the wrong facts and the omission of facts altogether.

    Eventually the truth always survives, but it seems to take a long time in these instances.

  10. Bill Shorten has so many skeletons in his closet that one day at least one of them was going to bring him down. Personally & professionally, Bill Shorten is a grub all round. I’m personally amazed that Shorten has survived up to this point. But at the same time the mainstream media have protected him, like they have done with Julia Gillard. The mainstream media think that politicians from the labor party are good people because they represent the “working people”. The labor party is corrupt, and they do play the mainstream media like a violin. Shorten has other issues too involving the current Royal Commission into unions, I suspect he will be summoned to appear, which also could end his career, over his corrupt involvement in the AWU & HSU matters. The mainstream media which includes Fairfax, the ABC, channels 7, 9 & 10 have so many questions to answer in covering up labor party crime. News Corp have at the very least done the right thing for the Australian public in exposing corruption & crime in the labor party.

  11. I have my hopes up and I hope they don’t get dashed. Shorten is particularly slippery and I will be very disappointed if he wriggles out of this one. I can only hope that as with his predecessors he soon stabs himself in the back.

  12. There should be a royal commission into why most newspaper & TV journalists including our ABC are left-leaning & not reporting the facts on such cases along with corruption in the courts & the legal fraternity, politicians, Govt. departments, local Governments ,etc..

    • I agree with you have said Sam. But the mainstream media are unraveling because of their inability to report on political corruption, legal corruption, famous people being accused of paedophila etc. Social media have exposed all of that in a short space of time. In about 5 years, maybe sooner, Social media will most likely be the number 1 media outlet in this country, no doubt about it.

  13. If the boot was on TA’s foot, the leftoid drones would be marching in the streets already. Why do these investigations take so long? …maybe unionised police aren’t so productive.

    • I agree with Lleuadci….Abbott would already have been hung, drawn and quartered long, long ago and his body parts buried all around this brown land, like William Wallace’s were in Britain in medieval days.
      What is wrong with the police and media in this country?
      Why are they all protecting their a….s!

  14. Grace Collier is an ex union heavy and a very smart lady. She saw the light and got out. Unions have more power here than any country in the world. Bit by bit she’s outing the union bosses in the Australian every weekend. Their ABC news and current affairs won’t dare give any coverage whatsoever to the Royal Commission into Union Corruption but a ton every day of the Royal Commission into Child Abuse. That’s because the ABC is union media and the bosses of the CPSU are mates with Shorten. It’s blindingly obvious they are boycotting the reporting of the union corruption commission.

  15. Well, he’s been cleared. Waiting for the mass hysteria yourself and Grace so confidently predict. My prediction? No one will care about a rape that didn’t happen.
    Better luck next time!

  16. As this ‘beat up’ about Shorten wasn’t evidence based, then why was it speculated about so much on this website? Was there a political motive? Remember, we’re in Australia whereby everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  17. “This website has previously named Bill Shorten as the suspect ”

    This website previously claimed he had been arrested over the matter, and that the mainstream media were too scared to report on it. Sounds like some retractions/corrections are in order.

    • Bill Shorten was “arrested and interviewed” by the police. “Arrested and interviewed” is a term the police use. Shorten said he was questioned by the police. No apology required as it is the truth.

  18. There’s a difference between a Prosecutor deciding a conviction is unlikely to be obtained, and being “cleared”.

  19. “Victorian police confirmed they had investigated the report but after seeking advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions had decided not to proceed with criminal charges.”

    This neither exonerates Shorten or makes the allegations untrue..
    One thing for sure is that the out come was predictable.

  20. I have spoken about Shorten and his history to a few younger people lately……. 2 are teachers, 3 at Uni and my youngest son who is a young City “Corporate”. They all appear to have a skewed view of Willie Boy because they are all basically left-wingers who rarely read the news and don’t care much for politics in general…..maybe you can’t blame them. But as I tell them…..if they don’t wake up we will have this creep WS running the show in 2 years and God help us then! I’ve had some success getting through to my young bloke of 24yo by telling him a few facts of late which I hope he imparts to his associates,,,,but there is certainly a lot of apathy out there among our young, supposedly educated people. One thing I have hopefully got them all to do is join Shane’s KCA site and read all the past articles about the corruption going on in this country…….. in high places particularly. Let’s hope they do their homework and spread the message fast!

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