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Nick Di Girolamo who bribed a Premier with a $3000 gift uses defamation case to try & conceal crimes

Liberal Party crony Nick Di Girolamo, who cost former NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell his job after being caught bribing him with a $3000 bottle of wine, is now suing Fairfax Media claiming he was defamed because their articles implied he was corrupt etc. The man is obviously a nutcase of monumental proportions as he was caught red-handed bribing Barry O’Farrell when they were both in the witness stand at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

It is fairly sad when crooks like Mr Di Girolamo who have bludged and stolen off the taxpayer for years use more taxpayer resources like the courts to try to hide their crimes. Having the likes of Mr Di Girolamo suing for defamation during a federal election won’t help the Liberals as it just highlights how corrupt they are.

As someone said on Twitter:

“After bribing a Premier, the idea that Nick Di Girolamo’s reputation could be trashed is laughable”

The case is meant to last 3 to 4 weeks and will likely see numerous politicians and former Premiers give evidence:

The court heard a roll-call of former premiers might be called to give evidence, including Kristina Keneally, Nathan Rees and Morris Iemma. Other current or former politicians who will be mentioned or called include federal frontbencher Arthur Sinodinos, former state minister Eddie Obeid snr, former planning minister Frank Sartor and former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr. Several of Mr Obeid’s sons, including Moses Obeid, will also be mentioned. (Click here to read more)

Nick Di Girolamo and Eddie Obeid Junior

Nick Di Girolamo and Eddie Obeid Junior


Nick Di Girolamo’s corrupt conduct under investigation by ICAC

Mr Di Girolamo was CEO of Australian Water Holdings (AWH) which had a very lucrative contract to deliver water and sewerage infrastructure for Sydney Water. The contract said Sydney Water would cover AWH’s costs for the work they did. Under Mr Di Girolamo’s leadership AWH started invoicing Sydney Water for spending that was totally unrelated to delivering water and sewerage infrastructure for Sydney Water.

It was a massive fraud ripping off NSW taxpayers which also involved corrupt former NSW politician Eddie Obeid, 2 of his sons and Senator Arthur Sinodinos who was Chairman of AWH. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) have been investigating for a couple of years and are due to report on Mr Di Girolamo and AWH soon.

Sydney Water sued AWH and managed to retrieve an estimated $2 million (costs included) stolen by Nick Di Girolamo and the others. (Click here to read more) “The expenses range from $91,214 in legal fees – including $22,691 Sydney Water claims it was billed for twice – to $5169 for travel and $5394 for cafe meals. The legal fees related to a dispute Australian Water was having with Sydney Water.” (Click here to read more)

The headlines in most papers and TV reports have not been flattering for Nick Di Girolamo and AWH etc. One example is The Australian on the 15/4/14:

“Australian Water Holdings head Nick Di Girolamo a shyster, ICAC told”

THE head of Australian Water Holdings Nick Di Girolamo was just an “old fashioned shyster, fraudster”, counsel assisting the Independent Commission Against Corruption Geoffrey Watson said yesterday. (Click here to read more) The Australian 15/4/14

Yet for some reason Nick Di Girolamo is only suing Fairfax Media. Why isn’t he suing all the other media as well?

$3000 bottle of wine that cost NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell his job

On the 16th April 2014 NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell resigned after being caught perjuring himself in evidence he gave at ICAC in relation to their investigation of Australian Water Holdings. It was reported at the time:

Premier Barry O’Farrell has resigned after a corruption inquiry obtained a handwritten note that contradicted his claims he did not receive a $3000 bottle of wine from the head of a company linked to the Obeid family.

On Tuesday, the Independent Commission Against Corruption heard that Mr O’Farrell was sent the Penfolds Grange Hermitage by Nick Di Girolamo as a congratulatory gift following his March 2011 election victory. (Click here to read more)

Nick Di Girolamo and Barry O'Farrell thank you note

Former NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and the thank you note that cost him his career


How does Nick Di Girolamo think he can win a defamation case?

No one sends someone a $3000 bottle of wine as a thank you. It was clearly a bribe and to say otherwise is just not believable at all. And AWH was forced to pay back Sydney Water $2 million which shows there was massive fraud by Nick Di Girolamo and AWH.

If the case was only before a judge maybe it would be game on given it is being heard in the NSW Supreme Court but it is before a jury of 4 women so the chances for Nick Di Girolamo would have to be zero unless he thinks he will win with 3 judges on appeal.

One thing is for sure and that is Nick Di Girolamo doesn’t care how many people he takes down with him given he has already taken down a NSW Premier.

Right on time for the federal election

The defamation proceedings were instituted by Nick Di Girolamo against Fairfax Media in May 2014 so the timing of the hearing would not have been known then but the judgement will be known in 3 to 4 weeks. It is just in time for voters to see how corrupt the Liberal Party are and given it also involves links to legendary Labor Party criminal Eddie Obeid Labor won’t be smiling either.

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  1. Nick Di Girolamo drops defamation case against Fairfax Media – 20/5/16

    Lawyer and businessman Nicholas “Nick” Di Girolamo has dropped his case against Fairfax Media for defamation.

    On Friday, after a four and a half day trial in the NSW Supreme Court, Mr Di Girolamo filed a notice of discontinuance.

    Fairfax Media’s barrister Tom Blackburn SC read a statement to the court: “[Fairfax Media] acknowledges in the articles the subject of this litigation it did not say and it did not intend to say that Mr Nicholas Di Girolamo was corrupt or had engaged in any corrupt activity in respect of Australian Water Holdings”.

    The details of the settlement are confidential.

    Click here to read more:

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