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Federal Police investigating both Labor and Liberal politicians with charges likely soon

The Australian federal police are currently investigating three federal politicians and had a win in the Federal Court in the Peter Slipper/Mal Brough/James Ashby matter on Thursday (19/5/2016) which is the same day they raided the offices of Senator Stephen Conroy and a Labor Party staffer’s home. Early in the week Federal Liberal National MP Stuart Robert, who is also under investigation by the AFP, was busted corruptly stacking the Gold Coast Council with LNP people while they claimed they were independent.

Police raids on Senator Stephen Conroy and a Labor Party staffer

The Australian Federal Police raides on Thursday night were in relation to leaks in January from a government department regarding cost blowouts at the National Broadband Network (NBN). This embarrassed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he previously had responsibility for the NBN when he was the Communications Minister.

The police raided a Labor Party staffer’s residence and Senator Stephen Conroy’s office who was previously the Communications Minister before the 2013 election. The Labor Party’s lawyers have claimed parliamentary privilege on the documents seized by the police and it will now be up to parliament to decide if the police can use the documents in their investigation.

There is an argument that the police raids are over the top as the information leaked was in the public interest. The other argument is that if the police allow the leaking of the documents when will the leaking end.

Court judgement another step closer to jailing retiring Liberal MP Mal Brough

It is a big coincidence that the raids happened only a matter of hours after Justice Geoffrey Flick handed down his judgment giving the police access to text messages in the Peter Slipper / James Ashby sexual harassment case. The text messages will be used in the AFP’s investigation of federal MP Mal Brough who is retiring at this election.

Peter Slipper, Mal Brough and James Ashby

Peter Slipper, Mal Brough and James Ashby

Mal Brough is under investigation for encouraging James Ashby to copy the diary of Peter Slipper when he was a federal MP and Speaker of the House. Mal Brough was caught admitting his crime on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes program. It September 2015 60 Minutes confirmed the police investigation and Mr Brough’s admission as per the below video which shows a clear cut breach of Section 70 Crimes Act 1914 which deals with:

Disclosure of information by Commonwealth officers”

(1)  A person who, being a Commonwealth officer, publishes or communicates, except to some person to whom he or she is authorized to publish or communicate it, any fact or document which comes to his or her knowledge, or into his or her possession, by virtue of being a Commonwealth officer, and which it is his or her duty not to disclose, shall be guilty of an offence.

The NBN leaks are also covered by Section 70 so Senator Stephen Conroy and Mal Brough should be able to be tried at the same time and save taxpayers some money but unfortunately the law probably wouldn’t allow it.


With the amount of evidence that the public have already seen against Mal Brough and with his confession on 60 Minutes it is not a matter of if he will face criminal charges but just a matter of when.

Gold Coast Council corruptly stacked by the Liberal Party

Federal Liberal National Party MP Stuart Robert is currently under investigation by the federal police. In February this year it was reported:

A FEDERAL Police investigation into dumped minister Stuart Robert’s China trip has surprised his colleagues, who fear it will be an embarrassing distraction during the upcoming election campaign.

The Herald Sun revealed yesterday that the Australian Federal Police would investigate Mr Robert’s trip to Beijing in August 2014, to watch mate and $2 million Liberal donor Paul Marks sign a deal with a Chinese mining company. (Click here to read more)

Stuart Robert is obviously a major criminal with his fingers in many pies as the above and below show. He comes across as the Eddie Obeid of the Gold Coast.

On Tuesday (17/5/16) the ABC’s 7.30 Report broadcast a story which showed Mr Robert corruptly stacked the Gold Coast Council election in January with two of his own staffers. The staffers claimed they were independent for the election but were financed $30,000 each from a slush fund controlled by Mr Robert called the Fadden Forum.

“But the MP has denied any wrongdoing. The $60,000 Stuart Robert funnelled to independent candidates was not declared until after the polls had closed.”

“But the secret LNP funding is not the only activity that has raised alarm bells. At least four candidates all had the same one person working on their campaigns.”

They all claimed they were independent of each other which is a lie.

“They were putting out the same messages. They were talking – wherever you go, wherever you go with pre-polling: no matter where it was in the city, the same messages were coming through.”

“The common link was Simone Holzapfel: former staffer to Tony Abbott, a generous donor to Stuart Robert’s Fadden Forum and a lobbyist for developers.” (Click here to read more)

The below video is the 7.30 Report story on the Gold Coast Council election stacking and well worth watching to see how democracy really works when the fix is on.

Nick Di Girolamo’s defamation case withdrawn

Corrupt Liberal Party crony Nick Di Girolamo on Friday (20/5/16) discontinued the defamation case he instituted against Fairfax Media which I wrote about in my last article (Thursday – 19/5/16). As I said in the article Nick Di Girolamo was always going to lose and it would have become very embarrassing for the Liberal Party as well as the Labor Party. I think a lot of people were looking forward to seeing the former NSW Premiers and Arthur Sinodinos in the witness stand but that won’t happen now which is lucky for them.

While “The terms of the settlement are confidential” it also says “these important pieces of journalism remain on the public record” and “Lawyer and businessman Nicholas “Nick” Di Girolamo has dropped his case for defamation against Fairfax Media and three reporters, Sean Nicholls, Kate McClymont and Linton Besser.” (Click here to read more)

The federal election is starting to heat up and become the “Corruption Election” that it was meant to be. Every which way you turn there’s another crook or criminal being exposed trying to get elected or run another scam. The widespread media exposure is good for democracy and I am sure the smaller political parties and independents running in the federal election are loving it as it is mostly Liberal and Labor Party corruption being exposed. If the Liberals and Labor don’t clean up their mess soon they might not be around for much longer.

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  1. These crooks really turn my stomach. They rely on legitimate constitutional law one day like the 1914 crimes Act, but in the next minute they deny the everyday person access to the same laws. Criminals one and all

  2. It is not hard to see and figure out the truth about the corruption revolving around the Gold Coast City Council when one has been living in the place for nearly 30 years.
    There was a time when a mayor was head of a council, and with a population of around 555,000 residents in the Gold Coast City there is a CEO who has to pass the time in his office to justify his salary of over $500,000, slightly less than the salary of Australia’s prime minister, and more than the salary of Barack Obama.
    As previously $$$$$$$$ won the election, not skills, abilities, resident concerns or even common sense.

  3. In 1812 Australia was riddled with criminals mainly because it was a British colony designed to house law breakers and keep them out of sight “out of sight out of mind”as the saying goes. 204 years later here we are with a much greater number of criminals and they are not locked up, no they are roaming all over the country in various disguises i.e politicians, Councillors, lawyers, all a group of corrupt grubs that do their level best to make our lives a misery by corrupting the system that better men have nurtured over the few years that this country has evolved. Then every few years the all get together and tell us all how squeaky clean they are and ask us to vote for them to form a government. In the old days we used to vote for those who would make difference to our lives with honest efforts to improve health, well being, transport communications, and all the other things that go towards creating a high quality society. In contrast today we hear lies and aspersions of their opposites character and it is obvious from the informal votes that occur during elections the electorate are sick and tired of this sordid action that has taken place of real politics. A cesspit of corruption that has taken democracy to hell and back. Take Shorten, he has such a chequered history behind him all he can do is foul mouth his opposition thinking it makes him cleaner, on the contrary it just exacipates the smell from his direction.All we can do is foul the ballot paper or vote for the person that smells the least. A choice Hobson would be proud of. Lovely people these politicians. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA

  4. Labor leader Luke Foley demands resignation of Whip Noreen Hay after AFP charge her staff member in fraud investigation

    NSW Labor leader Luke Foley has asked for the resignation of controversial MP Noreen Hay after a senior staff member in her Wollongong electorate office was charged by Australian Federal Police in relation to allegations of electoral fraud.

    Fairfax Media can reveal Ms Hay is resisting the directive to quit and the matter is likely to have to be put to a vote of the NSW caucus on Wednesday.

    Ms Hay, a former close ally of NSW Right powerbrokers Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi, was only reinstated as Whip less than a fortnight ago after assuring Mr Foley the AFP raid at her office in July last year would not lead to any charges against her.

    Read more:

  5. Gold Coast fundraising MPs Stuart Robert and Steve Ciobo our ‘million-dollar men’

    GOLD Coast MPs Stuart Robert and Steve Ciobo are “the million-dollar men” who use little-known fundraising vehicles to deliver the biggest election war chest for the LNP in Queensland.

    So hidden are the donations to the Fadden and Moncrieff MPs it is impossible for the entire money trail to be traced through party disclosure returns to the Australian and State electoral commissions.

    But interviews with party insiders, along with searches of transactions, explain how the donations and the donor cannot be traced.

    The Coast funding is critical to the party with the system ensuring both MPs will survive any scandals because it will be funnelled into campaigns in marginal seats north of the Glitter Strip.

    A Coast Liberal Party insider, asked about funding from donations and functions, said: “I’d say $250,000 (each) a year. I think that would be a good year. You don’t make a lot of money from functions, to be honest. That’s more about keeping people happy and networking. They have very separate donors. Steven’s are more local. Stuart’s are not so much from around here.”

    That sort of money over a four-year term would equate to a $1 million war chest.

    Click here to read more:

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