Chief Justice Tom Bathurst

NSW Supreme Court call police to investigate threatening hoax phone call to journalist Shane Dowling

The NSW Supreme Court CEO Chris D’Aeth has made a formal complaint to the police in relation to a threatening phone call, as per below, I received from a person who said they were “Damian Speers” and that he was calling from the NSW Supreme Court at the direction of Justice Kunc. I spoke to the police briefly on Friday and they have started an initial investigation.

It turns out that it was a hoax call and no Damian Speers has ever worked for the court but what is probably more disturbing is that Justice Kunc tried to cover it up and has refused to answer questions on the matter. I also recorded Justice Kunc disturbing conduct and his attempted cover-up which is also below.

The key elements below are the recording of the hoax call from “Damian Speers”, the recording of Justice Kunc trying to cover it up and the letter from the Supreme Court CEO Chris D’Aeth.

If “Damian Speers” is found he is looking down the barrel of at least 2 criminal charges. Firstly, section 474.17 the Criminal Code Act 1995 which is “using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence” and secondly, impersonating a government official as well as possible other charges.


I moved to Queensland in November 2019 because I was getting harassed by the NSW Supreme Court on the instructions of Chief Justice Tom Bathurst. This had gotten worse over the last few years during the course of the numerous SLAPP lawsuits that Kerry Stokes and his associated companies had taken out against me.

I was jailed twice for contempt and breaching suppression orders that had no legal basis. When in court they would have up to 5 court sheriffs there to intimidate me and while at home I was the subject of 2 false and malicious complaints to the police by the court. It resulted in my unit being raided once by the police in 2017, computer taken and a malicious charge that was later dropped in relation to an email I sent to the court and also another intimidatory visit from the coppers in 2019.

There are two SLAPP lawsuits left to be dealt with. Seven v Dowling and Capilano Honey and Ben McKee v Dowling. I applied to have both matters transferred to Queensland but they are refusing to do so or give reasons why.

Since I have been in Queensland I have continued with the court proceedings in NSW over the phone and I have recorded the proceedings for my own physical and legal protection because of the widespread judicial corruption and harassment.

I recorded the interlocutory hearing in the Seven v Dowling matter on 22/11/19 and published it on this website in an article on the 23/11/19. (Click here for the recording and article) Seven West Media weren’t happy when I published the recording and their lawyers Richard Keegan sent me the below email:

From: Richard Keegan <>
Sent: 25 November 2019 18:52
Cc: Alexander Latu <>
Subject: Seven Network (Operations) Limited & Anor v Dowling: recent publications

Dear Mr Dowling

We refer to your most recent publication on the Kangaroo Court of Australia website and associated Facebook and Twitter accounts in which you publish a recording of the hearing before his Honour Justice Kunc on 22 November 2019, referred to as a “podcast” in your various publications.  We note the “podcast” has also been published on YouTube under your name.

We are writing to advise you that the recording and publication of Friday’s hearing appear to breach Section 9 and/or 9A of the Court Security Act 2005 (NSW) (the Act) and we intend to bring your conduct to Justice Kunc’s attention. You will be aware that the breach of the Act brings with it criminal liability.

In the meantime, we suggest you remove all publications of the “podcast”.


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel


D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357  | F +61 2 8916 2075


Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

End of email

When the matter was back for further hearings on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 Justice Kunc would tell me at the start of each session that I was not to record the hearing and asked if I understood. I said no each time. At this point, I have not published those recordings and because of that maybe Seven and the court thought I wouldn’t publish any more court proceedings.

On the 7th of February 2020, I recorded the Capilano Honey and Ben McKee v Shane Dowling hearing where I requested the matter be transferred to Queensland. Justice Sackar refused to transfer the matter and refused to give reasons why. The recording shows clear bias by Justice Sackar and I published an article with the recording on the 15th of February 2020 titled “Justice John Sackar recorded corruptly acting as counsel for Kerry Stokes’ Capilano Honey“.

The recording was very damming of Justice Sackar and at that point, the court and Kerry Stokes’s Seven and Capilano, who both use Kerry’s same lawyers, would have known that I was not scared of the judges and I was going to keep on recording and publishing the hearings which would expose the corruption during those hearing.

I have no doubt that my lack of fear of judges and their instructions not to record the hearings was the reason that the judges, the court and/or people associated with Kerry Stokes and his companies tried the below phone call to try and intimidate me not to record the court hearings.

2 Phone calls

On Wednesday the 26/2/20 I received a phone call at 5.23pm that lasted 21 seconds from a person who asked if I was Shane Dowling and they said they were from the Crown Solicitors Office. I recognized the voice as someone who had previously made threatening calls to me and I told them to send me an email and I hung up. Their phone number did not show up.

On Thursday the 27/2/20 I received a phone call at 5.15pm that lasted over 3 minutes and is below in full. Some of the key issues that I have noted after listening to the recording are:

  1. The person identified themselves as Damian Speers and said they were calling from the NSW Supreme Court.
  2. At 21 seconds, he said “The judge wants us to remind you that it is an offence to record court proceedings”
  3. At 42 seconds: he said he is with the Prothonotary’s office. While I knew there was a Prothonotary which is Rebel Kenna to my knowledge there was no “Prothonotary’s office” which was confirmed to me the next day in a phone call to the court.
  4. At 1:05: in relation to call the day before he said that someone called Patrick or Amanda would have called me from the Crown Solicitors office.
  5. At 1:10: he says “We have directions from the judge for you not to record the proceedings”.
  6. At 1:25: he says “We just want to remind you that the judge does not want you to record the proceedings and put them up on the internet otherwise you will be dealt with for contempt of court. We have instructions that you will be dealt with for contempt”
  7. At 1.41: he says ” We would also like you to take down the recording if you could of the last time you were in court before the justice in the Seven West matter
  8. At 1:58: he says he reports to the Chief Justice Tom Bathurst.
  9. At 3:23 he says “I have the authority of the Chief Justice to do this”

I published the above phone call from Damian Speers on Youtube, Facebook and Tweeted it on Thursday night (27/2/20) a few hours after it happened. I then emailed the court as per below:

Sent: 27 February 2020 21:30
To: Mary Boneham <>
Cc: Richard Keegan <>; Alexander Latu <>;;; Kieran Smark <>;;; Justine Munsie <>; Martin O’Connor <>; Rebecca Lennard <>
Subject: Threatening phone call from Supreme Court staffer Damian Speers RE: Seven Network (Operations) Limited & Anor v Dowling – 2017/116771

Dear Justice Kunc

I received a threatening phone call today from someone called Damian Speers saying they were from the NSW Supreme Court. They made it clear they were calling in regards to the Seven West Media matter and told me I needed to delete a previous article on the matter.

I recorded the call and it can be heard here:

Damian Speers mentions a couple of times in the phone call that he is calling on your behalf Justice Kunc and he also says he is calling with Chief Justice Tom Bathurst’s authority.

The phone call also clearly implicates Seven West Media and I have no doubt that Kerry Stokes or someone associated with him is involved in some way with the phone call and it is consistent with the corrupt conduct of Seven’s lawyers to date.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

End of email

I also emailed Kerry Stokes and his lawyers who did not respond.

The directions hearing took place at 9.30am (NSW time) Friday the 28th of February 2020 and Justice Kunc was ducking and weaving as the below recording shows. He refused to answer any questions. Some of the key points from the recording are:

  1. I asked Justice Kunc if he instructed Damian Speers to call me. He refused to say or deny it. Why?
  2. Just Kunc had to have known I had received a hoax threatening phone call claiming to be calling on behalf of Justice Kunc because Kunc would know if he had given his consent for someone to call on his behalf or not. Justice Kunc would have to have known the crime of using a carriage service to intimidate and harass had been committed but he tried to cover it up. Why?
  3. Justice Kunc highly likely knew if Damian Speers existed and if that is the case Justice Kunc also tried to cover-up the crime of someone impersonating a government employee. Why?

If you listen to the recording below of Justice Kunc and the one above of Damian Speers they are both identical and singing from the same song sheet in the context of they both want me to stop recording the hearings which suggests that the fake Damian Speers was calling on behalf of Justice Kunc which would explain why Justice Kunc refused to answer the questions I asked him.

(Click on the triangle on the left below to listen to the recording of the hearing)

Justice Kunc - Papal award

Bishop Terry Brady at Cathedral House with papal honour recipient (from left) Justice Francois Kunc

I called the NSW Supreme Court executive office an hour after the hearing at 10.45am (NSW time) and spoke to a lady called Naomi. I asked her if there was a Damian Speers who worked at the Supreme Court and she said she had not heard of him. I said he told me he worked in the Prothonotary section. She said there is a Prothonotary and but there is no Prothonotary section. She said she would check the computer and then she said she would ask the CEO. A couple of seconds later the CEO Chris D’Aeth was on the phone and said he was about to email me a letter. I asked him if there was a Damian Speers who worked there, and he said no and that he would be making a complaint to the police. I received the below letter via email at 10.48am (NSW time)

Ltr to Dowling, S, 28 Feb 2020

(It’s the same Chris D’Aeth that made a malicious complaint to the police about me a couple of years ago on the instruction of Chief Justice Tom Bathurst)

The letter raises a number of questions and points to the decision by the court to make the compliant only being taken after they knew I had recorded Justice Kunc trying to cover-up the hoax call and its associated crimes. If Justice Kunc had passed on or had plans to pass on, my email and his knowledge of the hoax call to Chris D’Aeth then why didn’t he tell me at the hearing at 9.30am?

Chris D’Aeth went and made a formal complaint to the police at about 12pm and I revived a call from the police at about 12.15pm and another call an hour or so later. I have no doubt that the complaint to police was only made to cover themselves because my recordings exposed them and that the court and its staff don’t really want the police to investigate because it will uncover judicial corrupt.

I will be making my own complaint to police by Monday and we see where we go from there.

But make no mistake, there are a lot of worried people hoping like hell that “Damian Speers” is never found.

Previous threatening phone calls

In 2017 after I published an article titled “Chief Justice Bathurst has journalist charged with contempt for accusing him of corruption” I received the first threatening phone call from a person I have no doubt was the same person as the “Damian Speers”. I made a complaint to the then Crown Solicitor which I published the email in an article in April 2017 which is below.

Dear Ms Lea Armstrong – NSW Crown Solicitor

I am currently being pursued by the NSW Supreme Court for contempt of court which is being handled by Jillian Caldwell (Special Counsel for Crown Solicitor) in your office which you may or may not be aware of. The matter has been afoot since February and further background information can be found in the attached email.

I wish to make a formal complaint in relation to a threatening phone call that I received from a male who identified himself as being from the Crown Solicitors office or the Solicitor General’s office. When I took the call I had no doubt the person was calling from your office. What happened is below:

“At 8.11pm on Tuesday the 14/2/17 I received a call on my mobile phone (0411 238 704) from an unknown number from a male who identified himself as calling from the Crown Solicitors office or the Solicitor General’s office. He gave me a name but I forget what it was. I told him he should not be calling me that time of night and that he could have called me today or tomorrow. He said he would call back tomorrow and asked me if the mobile was the best number. I asked what it was about and he said that if I did not take down the 2 videos on my website that Registrar Bradford would have me incarcerated as he was very upset. He also said I should apologise to Registrar Bradford.”

“I went off at him and said he should not be calling me that time of night about it. He again said that Registrar Bradford was very upset. I said to call me tomorrow and hung up.”

“At 4.25pm on Wednesday the 15/2/17 I received a missed call from an unknown number.”

I have a few questions:

  1. Can you confirm if anyone in your office called me at 8.11pm on Tuesday the 14/2/17? Can you confirm if Jillian Caldwell is aware of anyone calling me?
  2. If it was someone in your office can you please tell me their name and position?
  3. Given that it is possible that several federal laws and state laws have been breached (E.g. 474.17 Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence) can you advise of what action you will take?
  4. What next step do you suggest I should take?

Can you please respond ASAP.


Shane Dowling

Lea Armstrong swept the complaint under the carpet and did nothing. What is shows is “Damian Speers has been around a while and seems to be the go-to-guy when the court and people such as Kerry Stokes want to intimidate litigants.


This whole scandal is about my recording and publishing the corruption by judges in the NSW Supreme Court and there are plenty of people who are worried about it and they got desperate and tried to stop it but it has backfired badly.

When investigating a matter like this the first question to ask is who would benefit from the “Damian Speers” phone call. The first person would be Justice Francois Kunc who I now have on numerous recording of lying, deceiving and acting corruptly while sitting on the bench working as a judge. The second person is Kerry Stokes and his associated companies as the caller even mentioned Seven West Media. The third likely person would be Chief Justice Tom Bathurst given his vendetta against me using taxpayers’ funds.

There is already enough evidence above to charge Justice Kunc with attempting to conceal serious indictable offence.

One thing is for certain is that “Damian Speers” has links to the court and likely Kerry Stokes as well via his lawyers or employee Bruce McWilliam. I have had about 5 or six calls from “Damian Speers” since the first call in 2017 and I wonder how many other people he has threatened on behalf of others while impersonating government officials. When he made the first call in 2017, I actually did believe he was from the Crown Solicitors Office so I am sure he has fooled others as well.

Damian Speers would be well advised to hand himself in once he has read this article, and he will read it, because it is just a matter of time before he’s caught. His voice is all over the internet and he’ll be on the run for the rest of his life if he doesn’t hand himself in. Also, he will get a discounted sentence if he confesses his crimes and maybe walk scot-free if he gives the others up who paid him to make the call.

The police are investigating the matter after the complaint by Chris D’Aeth and I will be making my own complaint. But if the police sweep it under the carpet we won’t worry because this website is now in full investigation mode and the number one priority is to find “Damian Speers”.

I believe “Damian Speers” is a lawyer or works in the legal system somewhere because he knows the lingo from the calls I have had from him and likely works in Sydney. If you recognise his voice please contact me which you can do anonymously via email of snail mail etc with the details on the about page.

There is a lot more to this than the above and I will do a follow-up article as the investigation progresses.

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    • That sicko used to phone me repeatedly some years ago. He is a nut case and obviously works in our Kangaroo Courts. The so-called Police refused to take any action then and will not do anything now. Regards, John Wilson.

    • Someone put this comment on the KCA Facebook page:

      With the Extreme Metadata collection Rules in Australia, If you have the time of the phone Call the Police should be able to Identify the Voice of the person, the location the phone call came from and last but not least the Identity of the person. That easy now a days for the police to Id a person.. if the so called “Damian Speers” made a bomb threat and you only had a Voice recording the Police would also be able to id that voice within an Hour of getting a warrant to access the Metadata. Just Saying

      The comment is here:

  1. Great work. The world needs more people like you who work to make this planet a better, safer and more enjoyable place for all to live in peace.

  2. Every single phone call is tracked. Without exception. Especially if you tell them the exact date and time of the call then it is easy for them to look up that call and see where it originated. This (low) tech has been available for many decades. So let’s see whether they want to find the person or location of that call, or whether the court/police intends to cover up the whole thing.

  3. Those loonies @ the NSW Supreme Court could not spot a rotweiller if they saw one. Keep your jaws firmly clenched around their combined scrotums and let them rip when the appropriate time eventuates. When I hear numerous squeaky voices on a soon to be released recording, I’ll know the time has arrived. Very best wishes, Jim R

  4. No one seems to police Judges. They like MPs have no job description to judge performance by We would gain comfort if we, the sheeple. were allowed to choose which judge we go before instead of the other way round. Thus catholics could have Papal favorites, Freemasons choose Freemasons, Queers choose queers, Muslims choose muslims. Fair prejudice all round.

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