Australian Federal Police

Judicial corruption complaint made to the Federal Police, Crime Commission & others

I made a formal complaint of judicial corruption to the Australian Federal Police as per the below email. The complaint would put me in breach of suppression orders that are meant to stop me from speaking about the corruption but the suppression orders are invalid as they breach my constitutional right to political speech. Political speech covers government corruption including judicial corruption which has been ruled on by the High Court of Australia.

I have also made complaints to the NSW Crime Commission, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and others. The below email is exactly as I sent it (with a few corrections) although I have added the video and it is a follow-up from two previous articles. (Click here and here to read the previous articles)

Sent: Saturday, 15 April 2017 3:19 PM
To: ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>
Subject: Formal Complaint judicial corruption

Dear Commissioner Andrew Colvin – Australian Federal Police

I publish a judicial corruption website called Kangaroo Court of Australia and I have been charged with contempt of court for allegedly calling a Justice Clifton Hoeben a paedophile and Registrar Christopher Bradford a suspected paedophile and a known bribe taker which is set down for hearing on the 4th May at 10am in the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney. (See attached Summons and Particulars of Charge document)

This is a major cover-up attempt which includes but is not limited to: Suspected bribery, money laundering, paedophilia, using a carriage service to harass and intimidate and conspiracy to have someone falsely charged.

There is a video of what was said in court and the charges are not factually correct, be that as it may, the court has put suppression orders on the matter so that I cannot say what the exact charges are and I cannot name Justice Hoeben, Registrar Bradford and Chief Justice Tom Bathurst who was also mentioned in the video which was filmed in court. (Click here to see the video)

(If you would like to download the video click where is says Share on top right hand corner of the video then click on “Original File” or H.264 (MP4).)

The net effect of the suppression orders is that you have judges of the NSW Supreme Court taking out suppression orders in their own case to cover it up from public scrutiny of allegations of bribery and paedophilia as per the charges against me which is about as corrupt as it gets.



What is happening is a clear and blatant attempt to silence a judicial corruption whistleblower using illegal means.

Judicial bribery – In 2015 Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners published stories stating that NSW Judges had been bribed $2.2 million by the Mafia. (Click here to read more) This has never been fully investigated but obviously should have been.

Judicial corruption – In Victoria and NSW judges are continually and illegally issuing suppression orders with no justification and having ex parte hearings with no justification. One can only assume that in many of those cases money is changing hands given the judges do not justify their decisions yet know they must. (Click here to read more)

Judicial paedophilia – In 2015 Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on Tuesday (19/10/15) that he has a police list of 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being paedophiles. (Click here to read more) In 2016 a paedophile priest was given only 3 months jail for sexually abusing 3 boys which is scandalous and requires an investigation. (Click here to read more)

Multiple jail threats if I keep on whistleblowing – using a carriage service to harass and intimidate.

I have received multiple threats of jail if I keep on whistleblowing. I even received a threatening call late at night. I made a complaint to the NSW Crown Solicitor but have not received a response. At the time I made the complaint to NSW Crown Solicitor Ms Lea Armstrong I did not know she was the instructing solicitor in the matter against me which I am now aware.

The complaint is below and was sent on the 2/4/17.

Dear Ms Lea Armstrong – NSW Crown Solicitor

I am currently being pursued by the NSW Supreme Court for contempt of court which is being handled by Jillian Caldwell (Special Counsel

for Crown Solicitor) in your office which you may or may not be aware of. The matter has been afoot since February and further background information can be found in the attached email.

I wish to make a formal complaint in relation to a threatening phone call that I received from a male who identified himself as being from the Crown Solicitors office or the Solicitor General’s office. When I took the call I had no doubt the person was calling from your office. What happened is below:

“At 8.11pm on Tuesday the 14/2/17 I received a call on my mobile phone (0411 238 704) from an unknown number from a male who identified himself as calling from the Crown Solicitors office or the Solicitor General’s office. He gave me a name but I forget what it was. I told him he should not be calling me that time of night and that he could have called me today or tomorrow. He said he would call back tomorrow and asked me if the mobile was the best number. I asked what it was about and he said that if I did not take down the 2 videos on my website that Registrar Bradford would have me incarcerated as he was very upset. He also said I should apologise to Registrar Bradford.”

“I went off at him and said he should not be calling me that time of night about it. He again said that Registrar Bradford was very upset. I said to call me tomorrow and hung up.”

“At 4.25pm on Wednesday the 15/2/17 I received a missed call from an unknown number.”

I have a few questions:

  1. Can you confirm if anyone in your office called me at 8.11pm on Tuesday the 14/2/17? Can you confirm if Jillian Caldwell is aware of anyone calling me?
  2. If it was someone in your office can you please tell me their name and position?
  3. Given that it is possible that several federal laws and state laws have been breached (E.g. 474.17 Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence) can you advise of what action you will take?
  4. What next step do you suggest I should take?

Can you please respond ASAP.


Shane Dowling

I find it very disturbing that the Crown Solicitor Ms Lea Armstrong has not responded to the above email complaint and I would like you to investigate the threatening phone call.

The suppression orders

The suppression orders are invalid as they impede my constitutional right to political speech. The judges who issued the suppression orders would know this as it is a well-known precedent: Coleman v Power (High Court of Australia 2004). In the precedent Coleman was handing out flyers alleging police corruption and called the police corrupt and slimy lying bastards. One of the police he alleged was corrupt (Power) arrested Coleman and charged him with using “insulting words” under the Vagrancy Act. Coleman was found guilty but when it ultimately went to the High Court the “Vagrancy Act” was found to be invalid in the situation. The High Court found talking about police corruption is political speech and laws cannot restrict political speech as it is a person’s constitutional right. The High Court also found talking about any government corruption including judicial corruption was political speech and protected.

The point is in my matter the judges and people prosecuting the matter would know the Coleman v Power precedent makes the suppression orders invalid and are trying to cover the whole matter up from public scrutiny with invalid suppression orders.

The court has also failed to bring in an interstate judge to hear the matter that is required when the conduct of a judge is under question which it is clearly is in this matter given the charges against me. This is another part of their attempt to cover the matter up.

I have a lot more detailed evidence and await the opportunity to give a full statement to any investigating officer.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Sending the complaint is a start. I’ll keep on following up. People ask me what they can do to help. Well feel free to send a complaint yourself to the AFP at the above email addresses as they are public servants and are meant to work for us and every voice counts.

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  1. Shouldn’t you be covered under the whistleblower protection legislation? It’s specifically designed to protect people who lodge complaints about public officials.

  2. A stock reply from the local cops to the AFP is ‘insufficient evidence’ when there is a cover up.

    And that’s speaking from experience and the Brough/Ashby/Slipper case where Brough made a full confession on 60 minutes is a good illustration.

    Good luck with the AFP but don’t hold your breath.

  3. Should be aware by now, that you have to record everything. Conversations, phone calls, emails, snail mail. Oral recollections count for naught. I can`t get a single letter from Centrelink to produce in court since they only use phone calls to let you know their decisions. Now I tape the phone calls.

  4. Never give up, S.D.never!
    After seeing the ASIC/Warren Day, Jeff Morris/CBA and the late 90’s Jeff Kennett/Channel 7videos one gets the impression that there is more corruption smoke cloaking the various perpetrators than the average Mr & Mrs Australians would ever imagine.

  5. Good on you. This country has become rotten from top to bottom with corruption aided and abetted by a corrupt judiciary, crooked cops and weak, self serving politicians…it sure ain’t the country I grew up in and now at 77 I look back in anger.

    • Being only a couple years younger than you John, I totally agree that this country has been rotted out from the top down. Liars, crims, and bludgers.

      • Yep!
        I’m 63 and worked my hide off in fidelity passion for our country all my life only to be grossly offended by the corruption and garbage of the modern elite of authority power both private and government. what hope is there for the future when those seeking authority power are the most like to be corrupt in nature?
        I commend the reading of “Snakes in Suits” by Hare et al or their other great “Psychopaths among us”.
        Hare and Babiak “Snakes in Suits When Psychopaths Go to Work”, “Psychopaths among us”.

  6. I was sacked from TAFE NSW recently because I complied with my legal duty to report criminal acts of others in my workplace. When I processed a request for protection under the Public Interest Disclosure Act through ICAC a senior person wrote to me stating that TAFE had a right to dismiss me under my breaching the TAFE Code of Conduct for alerting executives and Ministers plus one person of my Industry Association, of the criminal matters. Those responsible for bullying and harassing me for those disclosures, who also includes those who committed the serious unlawful offences, are retained in their jobs while I was sacked. TAFE has and will continue to pay out big settlements to avoid court proceedings for those offences. Supposedly to protect their “good name”. On the strength of this even ICAC is suspect in terms of integrity for adherence to the duty of protection of whistleblowers.

    • Doug, I experienced a very similar paradigm in QLD, The PIDA is a sham, The CoC is designed to put the gun against your temple. If you comply with both the PIDA and CoC, they will find that your claims are unsubstantiated, but they will then bring in consultants to investigate and then change policies to mitigate the alleged misconduct. Being reprised is a path of the course, and no action will be taken against the accused or subject officer, who protects the system.

      There are 3 unwritten strategies for people like you 1)put pressure on you to withdraw your allegation so that you then fail to comply with the CoC and letimatley dismissed. 2) Constructive dismissal or put so much pressure on you to resign or 3) have you succumb to the emotional, financial and political to exit your miserable existence. Case is then closed as you cannot then give evidence in court.

      The Govts proclaim these tokenistic policies for public consumption, while masquerading as their firm support in allowing public servants and members of the public to disclose malfeasance.

      There needs to be a Royal Comission into Whistleblowing in Federal and State departments and agencies. This will not happen as the politicians, judiciary and the legal profession would not want to have their skeletons out of the cupboard for the public to witness their dishonesty.

  7. Transparency, sunlight and sunshine are excellent therapy but beware of sunburns !!! It is time we exposed the filth and corruption by the elites who are supposed to “govern us.” The people are many – the officials are numerically inferior in numbers and intellect. So, people power is the only answer to this mess created by those appointed, elected and selected to make society a better and safer place to bring up our families. Shame on those who abuse the public trust. There are laws for such misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance by government officials. Cite these filth under these laws, game over, Mate.

  8. Your not alone, these evil bastards will not get you, I have admired your work many years now, and now it’s time for us, your supporters, to watch your back!
    I fully intend to send off a complaint to Andrew Colvin at the AFP.
    My eyes have been wide open to the parasitic worms roaming the Great Halls in Canberra parading around as (down)Right (dis)Honourable MP’s.
    Why do both major parties not want a Federal style ICAC?
    Because only those who harbour fear from such a Body are those who would resist!
    Innocent people have nothing to fear.
    Fraudulent sophists in LNP & Labor are shit scared of a Federal ICAC.
    Eddie Obied is in jail, Arthur “I can’t recall,I can’t remember” Sinodinos should be he cell mate, the currupt bastard!

  9. In South Australia , we too, have a “closed” ICAC, i.e., that is closed to public scrutiny. Why ???? Our local pollies (mainly the Weatherill Labor party )don’t want open investigations by the anti-corruption commissioner. What are they afraid of ? The question needs an honest answer, but it won’t happen. Why ???
    I , too will email the AFP & ask that all Kangaroo Court readers do the same ASAP, otherwise nothing will change.

    • In my opinion a closed ICAC smells like corruption. Appears set up by those with something/s to hide. Pope Francis quote. “If it is not good for the people, it is corrupt”. A closed ICAC is not good for the people. Would the Libs open up the ICAC in SA to the people if they won the next election? Hmmm. Would they have the guts to do it?? Not confident they would. Without Prejudice. All rights Reserved.

  10. The courts are run as corporations with the aim to make money, create jobs and serve well their mostly corrupt/incompetent lawyers. It is a million dollar industry. The longer the proceedings are protracted the more money the lawyers receive.
    Many judges are out of control having no monitoring body to be accountable to. The judges are public servants paid about $300,000 from OUR taxes some of them behaving like a criminals.
    I would like to see all Australian courts shut down and establish continental (investigative) style of trials, where judges are trained to be judges and take active part in investigation and not being spoon-fed by the lying barristers.
    Two years ago I personally went to the AFP to make a complaint about the alleged corruption of the judge, just to be told that I cannot complain against the judge.

  11. Why do you grant these criminals the title of “JUSTICE” ? They are Judges!
    Justice is something judges grant where it can shown there was a miscarriage of Justice, and the rule of law has been abused by Judicial criminals for colleagues and friends. Criminals in the Justice system is systemic in Western Australia as the east coast.
    W.A is a Pol Pot regime where there is no separation between Courts and State!
    W.A Attorney General, Ombudsman and Judicial Criminals cover up a stitch up by forgery, fraud, and perjury

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