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Chief Justice Bathurst has journalist charged with contempt for accusing him of corruption

NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst instituted contempt of court proceedings against me for accusing him of corruption in court on Friday the 3rd of February 2017. The corruption is being a bribe-taker and paedophile which I have previously written on my website. Chief Justice Bathurst has used taxpayer funds and taken out a suppression order to conceal who has charged me with contempt and to conceal the fact that they are trying to hide the very serious allegations.

I taped the proceedings on Friday, which is below, for my own safety given previous threats and intimidation in court by the judicial officers and others including Registrar Rebel Kenna and a Court Sheriff in 2015. (Click here to read more)

It is a classic case of trying to bastardise, bully and intimidate a whistleblower especially given the allegations have been on my website for a long time which they are well aware of and the fact that I have put them on notice that I will be making a complaint to the relevant authorities.

Justice Clifton Hoeben, Chief Judge at Common Law and Registrar Christopher Bradford are the 2 other applicants in the matter. Chief Justice Bathurst is prosecuting his own case in his own court and doesn’t want anyone to know.

These are the same allegations that I have made against Chief Justice Bathurst over the last few years on my website and allegations that I have emailed directly to Chief Justice Bathurst and the other Supreme Court judges for a response before I published. (Click here to read more) Chief Justice Bathurst has never sued me for defamation nor have any of the other judges because they would have to do it in their own name and be exposed to the media.

In court Friday 3/2/2017

I was in court Friday for the frivolous defamation case by Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 and they have filed 2 notices to have my defence struck out and have me charged with contempt which is separate to the contempt charge that Chief Justice Bathurst has instigated.

The matter was before Registrar Bradford and after an argument was transferred to the duty judge. I gave Bradford a mouthful and he said he would take it further which he has along with Chief Justice Bathurst and Justice Hoeben who I also named as per the video below. Bathurst is the Chief Justice and he is the one who controls the court and he is the ultimate decision-maker.

Chief Justice Bathurst has instituted proceedings via the Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 defamation case against me which is being run by Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media. Bathurst’s name or the other applicant’s names do not appear on the paperwork anywhere and with the suppression order I am not meant to tell anyone.

What Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has done is sneaky, dodgy and corrupt as it gets.

Chief Justice Bathurst

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst

I have written a lot of articles on judicial corruption and a couple that support the key allegations are raised below.


In 2015 Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners reported that the Mafia had bribed NSW judges $2.2 million. Nothing has ever been done and Tom Bathurst who is the head judge for NSW never said anything although Justice David Davies shot off his mouth in court and confirmed it when I was there. (Click here to read more)

Paedophiles in the judiciary

On the 8th of September 2016, I wrote an article titled “Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Court’s Justice Hoeben” and said:

Father Robert Flaherty

In February 2016 Father Flaherty was jailed for 2 years and 3 weeks with a non-parole period of 6 months by the NSW District Court’s Judge Richard Cogswell, SC for sexually abusing 3 boys. (Click here to read more)

The church had allowed Father Flaherty to move from parish to parish even though they knew he had abused boys.

As you would expect the prosecution appealed because the sentence was a joke. The appeal was heard in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal by Justice Hoeben, Justice Price and Justice Simpson with Hoeben being the senior judge. What did they do? They decreased the sentence to 2 years with an non-parole period of 3 months. (Click here to read the article)

This is relevant in regards to what I said about Justice Hoeben in court last Friday. It is also relevant because I published the article on the 8/9/16 and emailed the judges and Registrar Bradford and the next day I was in court, 9/9/16, which is the first video below.

This has happened at the same time that Australia is spending billions on a Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse that will end up costing billions trying to fix the damage done to many lives:

The royal commission estimated the total cost of redress for 60,000 abuse survivors, including administration costs, at $4.3 billion (Click here to read more)

Justice Heoben and the others including Chief Justice Bathurst who heads the court should be made to front the Royal Commission and explain themselves. While Bathurst is there he might want to tell everyone why the NSW Judicial Commission, which he is President, is protecting paedophile judge Garry Neilson?


The first video was filmed in court on the 9th of September 2016. I asked Registrar Bradford to transfer the matter to the duty judge given that I have written on my website that he is a bribe-taker and suspected paedophile. He refused.

Video 1 – I have also published the below 2 videos on YouTube as one video – (Click here to watch)


The second video below was filmed on Friday the 3rd of February 2017. A few minutes before the below video was recorded I asked Bradford to transfer the matter to the duty judge and gave him a mouthful. He threatened to get the Court Sheriff and have me removed. The other party’s lawyers weren’t there as proceedings had just started so I backed off and waited for the other party’s lawyer and then approached the bench again at about 9.05am. There were about 50 lawyers and barrister in the room for the directions hearings.

Video 2


Registrar Bradford has aided and abetted Kerry Stokes numerous times in dragging out a frivolous and vexatious defamation case that has gone for almost 3 years. He is as dodgy as they come.

All courts should be live-streamed to the internet which would greatly cut down judicial corruption and corruption in the wider community.

What I said in court on the 3/2/17

Bradford already knew on what basis I wanted the matter transferred given I raised it a few minutes before and also raised it last year in the first video. He should have never been anywhere near the case.

I also said in court that Justice Clifton Hoeben a few months ago gave a paedophile priest 3 months jail. The only person I know who would give a paedophile priest 3 months jail is another paedophile. He’s “an absolute grub”.

At the end, Registrar Christopher Bradford implied I was a grub so why hasn’t been charged with scandalous conduct? I said “it’s on my website” Bradford replied “every grub can have a website” I responded “well you must have one too”.

What they really don’t like is that I humiliated them with the truth in front of fifty-odd lawyers and barristers who were in court for the directions hearing.

Disappearing on the court lists

Kerry Stokes lawyers have been threatening everyone and anyone who writes about the Tim Worner sex scandal and got some help from the court as per the below picture.

There is a suppression order not to name the 2 applicants Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 and that is it. Journalists can report everything else including my name. (Click here to read more). Yet the court actually suppressed the whole case on the court lists so nothing showed up. The hearing time and place should have shown up on the court’s website the day before the directions hearing which it didn’t and also up to 3 weeks before on the NSW Courts website which it wasn’t there earlier in the week. When I got to court I found out why as it says 35 (case suppressed) below.


Bradford and the court staff said it was an error. Yeah right. It is the media who mainly use the list and given that the last hearing in December got national coverage it certainly helps to make sure the media don’t know when the hearings are. Kerry Stokes has a lot of pull when he is getting help from the courts. I write this because it is part of the overall corruption and many readers have told me how they were never notified about court dates and had judgments made against them etc.

How many times have Chief Justice Bathurst and/or other judges done this before?

I have named and shamed corrupt judges, magistrates and Crown Prosecutors such as Director of Public Prosecutions Lloyd Babb SC and Margaret Cunneen and I am obviously on their hit list and they will try anything to get me. But all they have done is exposed themselves. I am entitled to an opinion and have freely expressed that in court which they know I have done previously on my website and raised some parts in court.

There is a clear High Court of Australia judgment that supports what I have done and said and that is Coleman v Power which s also promoted on the NSW Judicial Commission’s website. Apparently, none of them have heard of it. I didn’t abuse the registrar I made a number statement of facts and voiced my opinion. 

Then there is also the truth defence. If my allegations were baseless they could have and would have sued me for defamation long ago.

You don’t have to agree with everything I say but a fair-minded person would agree that Registrar Bradford should not have been anywhere near the case and I am entitled to voice my opinion. A fair-minded person would also agree there needs to be a public inquiry in the whole affair especially given that Chief Justice Tom Bathurst in now in the middle of it as a litigant using taxpayer’s funds for an attempted secret hearing to persecute a whistleblower.

Court Hearing and court orders

Jillian Caldwell, Special Counsel for Crown Solicitor, left a message on my mobile phone at 2.02pm (3/2/17) saying she would be going to court in the afternoon to get a suppression order. She didn’t invite me to go but just to call her if I want. I returned the call at 6.11pm but it went to voicemail although I assume they received the message because a few minutes later I was emailed the court orders at 6.17pm.

The Court orders that:
(1) Under s 10 of the Court Suppression and Non Publication Orders Act 2010 the contents of Exhibit 1 be prohibited from disclosure other than from the parties, except without leave of the Court, until further order.
(2) The Court further orders that:
Pending further order, pursuant to the Court’s inherent power, publication of the following is suppressed (save for the proper purposes of the proceedings and any related contempt proceedings):
(a) the content of allegations made by Shane Dowling (‘the defendant’) before Registrar Bradford of the Supreme Court in open court on 3 February 2017 (‘the allegations’);
(b) that Mr Bradford and judges of the Supreme Court of New South Wales were the subject of the allegations; and
(c) that the allegations were made.
(3) Stand over the balance of the Notice of Motion to 3:30pm Wednesday, 8 February 2017. (Click here to read the court orders)

If they had of checked my website like I said in the video they would know I was immediately in breach of the court orders because I have been writing about judicial corruption for a number of years and have regularly named Chief Justice Bathurst, Justice Clifton Hoeben and Registrar Christopher Bradshaw. This includes what I said in court on Friday which automatically puts me in contempt of the court orders. (3/2/17) (Click here to read more)

They are also going to charge me with contempt:

4. Pursuant to Part 55 r.11(1) of the Supreme Court Rules 1970, that the Prothonotary apply by motion, or commence proceedings, for punishment for contempt in relation to the defendant’s conduct. (Click here to read the Notice of Motion)

I can’t make it on the 8th as I have to work. Given what I said in court is on my website and has been for ages there is no justification for the suppression order or short notice. The duty judge Justice Beech-Jones who set the date was also the duty judge in the morning when I was before him for directions and he knew I was self-represented, had to work and had limited funds. And he knew I already had a hearing booked for the next Friday which he set directions for. It is scandalous and I will email the prosecutor Jillian Caldwell and try for a time the following week.

The above is the outline of my defence and shows no cause of action and what a scandal it is that Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, Justice Clifton Hoeben and Registrar Chris Bradford can use taxpayer’s money to hide their corruption and crimes and want to do it with a wide-ranging suppression order.

I wonder if the Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton and newly appointed Premier Gladys Berejiklian are aware of the contempt proceedings by Chief Justice Bathurst and did they approve it or do they claim there is a separation of powers and they had no idea?

What has happened above is a major positive because it is clear evidence of corruption and abuse of power by Chief Justice Bathurst and the judiciary and exposing it is what this website is about.

I’ll put updates in the comment section if anything major happens over the next few days as things may move fast if they think they can get away with it. So check back.

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  1. Please avoid using my name in the comment section because once one person does it others follow and it looks odd to mention me all the time. Please keep the comments directed to the above post and if you want to email me directly feel free to use the email address on the About page. Thank you.

  2. “A registrar is not a court officer…. He is an officer of the executive government, and that being so it is constitutionally impossible to invest him with any form of judicial power.” Kitto, J: R v Davison [1954] HCA 46; (1954) 90 CLR 353 (10 September 1954)

  3. Another great article which exposes how deep corruption is entrenched within our so called “judicial system”.

    Having personally experienced the judicial system having matters heard without my presence in the past, I am not suprised that this systemic conduct still exists.

    What is more concerning is that these individuals are protected by the government, and to attempt to take on the crown is just like taking on Mr Stokes. The so called “Seperation of Powers” is nothing more that smoke & mirrors.

    All his mates have Mr Stoksie’s back, thus the JUGGERNAUGHT that you are up against, continues to increase in size.

    To ensure that you get a fairer go in your next court matter, can people from the public attend?

    Whilst this may not deter their rulings, it may curb they way they treat you.

    Moreover, I personally would not like my matter being heard by a judicial officer that relates to systemic corruption, by some that takes bribes, or even worse, one who is a pedophile!!

    I wonder if it is possible that a person requests the judicial member to sign a statutory declaration under the OATH Act confirming that they have never taken a bribe, nor are they a pedophile.

    If they refuse to sign, then you refuse to have the matter heard before them!!

    I cannot see why this is not legally possible???

  4. Joe Zidar. I have written previously that swearing on a Bible, their mothers grave or any other method of taking an oath, even with a Stat. Dec. doesn’t change anything if a person lies, no ‘soap in the mouth, or being ‘struck down by an invisible hand’.
    There is no retribution for lying because we have seen on this site many instances of liars, cheats, paedophiles and thieves et al being tried in an Australian Court Of Law by Chief Justices and Justices who are liars, cheats, paedophiles and thieves.
    We need more honest ‘kangaroos’ in this court to support the leader of the pack who is battling hard for the benefit of all honest Aussie ‘kangaroos.
    Some of us would like more pension to further assist the cause.

  5. Whilst we have no proof that a paedophile ring exists in the Queensland judiciary 130,000 people have signed a petition calling for law reform on a recent case in Queensland, where the son of a well known racing driver was handed a six month sentence for the rape of a six year old girl. If such a ring does exist, it must be stamped out.

    • The petition now has 153,901 signatures. the petition starts off:

      6 months for raping 6-year-old – urgent inquiry into Child Sex Abuse sentencing!

      These dangerous laws sicken me. Child sex offender Gary Brabham has just been released – serving just 6 months for raping an 6 year old girl. Queensland’s child sex abuse sentences are weak and offensive – they need urgent review.

      I’m friends with the victim’s mum. The judge reported that Gary showed “no remorse”. He even tried to appeal this lenient sentence. He’s now out, free to abuse innocent victims again.

      He’s the son of a famous racing driver, using his family’s wealth to throw cash at lawyers to fight his way through the justice system.

      Yet the Queensland justice system is allowing this behaviour, continuing to fail abused children, knowingly letting a child sex offender walk our streets.

      Click here to read more and see the petition on

  6. The whole system of government in this country has been corrupted beyond comprehension that includes the Judiciary. We need a Royal Commission into the whole of Government and Judiciary. Its just scandal after scandal, it seemingly never ends. Great work SD, keep fighting the corruption and I admire you having the backbone and courage, gaining knowledge in the law whereby you can represent your self in front of these black devils and traitors acting in mischief and who are seemingly themselves, in contempt of the court they represent.

  7. You sure know how to find yourself in hot water but sadly there does seem to be more than one paedophile in the priesthood and judiciary.

    Sent: Monday, 6 February 2017 11:28 AM
    Subject: Judicial harassment, bullying and persecution of judicial corruption whistleblower Shane Dowling

    Dear Ms Jillian Caldwell – Special Counsel for Crown Solicitor

    Matter: Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and Ors v Shane Dowling – Contempt proceedings – also known as: Jane Doe v Shane Dowling (2016/383575)

    I cannot make it to the hearing on the 8th of February 2017 as I have to work and cannot be there on short notice. I find it extremely disturbing why you would have a date set with such a short time frame without consulting me and even more so given there is clearly no urgency. Also, the judge who on Friday (3/2/17) set the date, Justice Beech-Jones was well aware of my limited time and resources given he heard the directions in the defamation matter against me in the morning where I raised my lack of time and financial resources. He also dealt with another Notice of Motion to have me charged with contempt so now I have 2 to deal with which is scandalous as they are both frivolous and vexatious trying to bully and persecute a whistleblower.


    I publish a website that has a strong focus on judicial corruption which is in the public interest and report on such things as:

    Judicial bribery e.g. Mafia bribing NSW Judges $2.2 million as reported by Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners and
    Judicial paedophiles e.g. as stated by former Senator Bill Heffernan who said he had a federal law enforcement report that exposed a paedophile ring including judges and the Judge Garry Neilson scandal.

    I am currently being sued by Kerry Stokes’ and Seven West Media’s lawyers in 3 frivolous and vexatious defamation matters:

    1. Munsie v Dowling – Initiated April 2014 – Applicants: Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and their lawyer Justine Munsie – started with a Super injunction (later struck out) and has had many suppression orders.
    2. Capilano Honey and Ors v Dowling – Initiated October 2016 – Applicants: Capilano Honey and the CEO Ben McKee (Has a super-injunction)
    3. Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling – Initiated December 2016 – Injunction on applicant’s names.

    Directions hearing on Friday the 3rd of February 2017

    I was in court for a directions hearing for the 3rd defamation case – 3. Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling. The applicants had also filed 2 notices of motion to be heard on Friday the 10th of February. One to have my defence struck out and one to have the court find me in contempt of court.

    After an argument and at my request the matter was transferred by Registrar Bradford to Duty Judge to hear which was Justice Beech-Jones. Justice Beech-Jones gave directions. The Notice of Motion to have my defence struck out will be heard on the 10th and the notice of motion to have me found in contempt of court will be given further directions on the 10th of February.

    Just after 2pm a voice mail message was left on my phone by Ms Caldwell saying that she had been instructed to seek a suppression order for the argument in relation to me and Registrar Bradford in the morning and she would go before the Duty Judge in the afternoon. She did not give me the option to attend or ask me to attend.

    I returned Ms Caldwell’s call just after 6pm and left a voicemail message and a few minutes later I was emailed the Notice of Motion by Ms Caldwell for the suppression order and to have me charged with contempt of court.

    I have some questions for you Ms Caldwell:

    1. Given that I already have one application for contempt to deal with which Justice Beech-Jones was fully aware and I would assume you would be aware as well can you explain why your Notice of Motion for contempt on behalf of Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and Ors has taken precedent?
    2. Are you aware that I made a formal complaint of assault to the NSW Supreme Court CEO Linda Murphy against Register Rebel Kenna and a NSW Court Sherriff in 2015 that was never investigated properly and swept under the carpet? This is relevant because it is my understanding that the applicant “The Prothonotary, Supreme Court of New South Wales” is Rebel Kenna who is “The Prothonotary” and who you are taking instructions from as per the attached orders and Notice of Motion. A quick Google search will show where I have written about it on my website.
    3. Are you aware that I have made a number of complaints to ICAC regarding the applicants Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and Ors which is on my website and the applicants are fully aware of?
    4. Aware you aware that I have made serious allegations against the applicants on my website over the last few years which they are well aware?
    5. Are you aware that I was charged for contempt of court in 2014 by Kerry Stokes and his lawyer Justine Munsie and found guilty and fined $2000? It was so corrupt and dodgy that the NSW Justice Department refused to enforce the $2000 fine and I have never paid it.
    6. Can you give me the name of person at the NSW Supreme Court who is giving you instructions so I can make a formal complaint against them?
    7. Can you advise if the NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton is aware of the contempt proceedings and did she approve of it?
    8. The matter has a huge public interest given it involves the Chief Justice, another judge and a court registrar so can you please explain why you applied for a suppression order given more serious allegations by me are already on the internet and have been for several years?
    9. For a number of years, I have had bribery and paedophilia allegations against judges and magistrates on my website and they are all well aware of those allegations as I have emailed them the allegations yet they have taken no action. I have also made complaints to the attorney-general and ICAC etc which the judges are also aware of and I have written about it on my website. So, your application which you want to do in secret is clearly an attempt to persecute a whistleblower and complainant.
    10. Can you please advise why you have taken the action you have when then there is clear evidence of bullying and bastardisation against me by Registrar Christopher Bradford?
    11. Is it legal for Chief Justice Bathurst, Justice Clifton Hoeben and Registrar Christopher Bradford to use taxpayer’s money to institute proceedings to conceal serious allegations against themselves and bully, harass and persecute a whistleblower when they should have instituted defamation proceedings a long time ago if they believed what was said was untrue?
    12. I intend on making a formal complaint and a complaint to the authorities against you Ms Caldwell given your conspiracy to deny me natural justice, bullying, harassment and persecution. Can you please advise of the process to make a complaint against someone in your position and supply me with the email address and name of your superior?

    It is my viewpoint that your application for contempt should be struck out or stayed until the other application for contempt which was filed the day before is dealt with. Why it wasn’t dealt with like that by Justice Beech-Jones I find disturbing? Failing that, if the matter will be a very short directions hearing it can be dealt with the other 2 matters on Friday which it should be struck out or stayed then.

    This is a clear abuse of power and taxpayer’s money by Chief Justice Bathurst and Ors to cover-up their criminal conduct and to harass, bully and persecute me for whistleblowing on judicial corruption.

    I have published further evidence of what a scandal this is on my website in an article titled “Chief Justice Bathurst has journalist charged with contempt for accusing him of corruption” which was published on the 5/2/17.

    Please respond ASAP as I will likely have further questions.


    Shane Dowling
    Kangaroo Court of Australia
    Ph 0411 238 704

  9. Shane. I have followed your posts for some time and support any stand for true and genuine justice. I put my life fully in the firing line several times for this country and what it purports to stand for and I strongly believe that corruption within any official area is a cancer and must be excised.
    I know that a single voice is most often buried in the amplified sounds of rebuttal, not to say use of this country’s laws but, for what it is worth, I have circulated your posts to as many people as possible to spread the points you have brought to attention. Of interest, I received a comment from an overseas country which practises less than democratic government and the writer observed that the level of corruption in Australia now compares with their own! We are presenting a poor image not to just our own citizens but also to the wider world!

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