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Bill Shorten shoots himself and the Labor Party in the foot again

Bill Shorten can’t control his addiction to telling lies and deceiving the Australian public and has been caught out again with his campaign against the reduction in Sunday penalty rates announced by his crony and personal political appointment Fair Work Commission President Iain Ross.

It has been all over the media that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party wheeled out fake victim Trent Hunter, who is a Labor Party member and union delegate, at a press conference to attack the government for being responsible for the reduced penalty rates. Trent claimed he will lose $109 a week but his employer later pointed out he won’t lose a cent.


Trent Hunter in a campaign post for the Labor Party

The scams and lies being exposed could not have happened at a worse time with Bill Shorten’s crime gang due to face court again next month on criminal charges relating to their attempt to rig the 2016 election in the Federal seat of Melbourne Ports.

Fair Work Commission judgement

As reported on the ABC website:

Sunday and public holiday penalty rates will be reduced for full-time and part-time workers in the hospitality, retail and fast-food industries, the Fair Work Commission has ruled.

Key points:

  • Workers will continue to receive penalties but they will be reduced
  • Retailers say the decision means they can extend opening hours
  • Unions say low-paid workers will struggle to make ends meet

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) said nearly half a million people, including some of the country’s lowest-paid workers, would lose up to $6,000 a year.

The commission said the cuts would lead to increased services and trading hours on public holidays and Sundays. (Click here to read more)

FWC President Justice Iain Ross AO

The Fair Work Commission is Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal and is overseen by the Labor Party appointed Iain Ross. Labor leader Bill Shorten is in full attack mode blaming the government but has conveniently forgotten that he is the one who appointed Iain Ross. Mr Ross has had numerous critics since he was appointed accusing him of everything from bullying to ostracising dissenters.

It is almost guaranteed that Iain Ross is very much still a Labor and Union boy.

It says on Bill Shorten’s website (2012):


Justice Iain Ross AO has been appointed the new President of Fair Work Australia (FWA), succeeding Justice Geoffrey Giudice who steps down on 29 February. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten today said Justice Ross is eminently qualified to lead Australia’s independent industrial umpire.

“Justice Iain Ross is a highly respected Judicial Officer with extensive experience dealing with workplace relations matters, including during his time as Vice President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission”.

Since 2009 Justice Ross has been a Victorian Supreme Court judge and last year became President of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. He is also Chair of the Council of Australian Tribunals. He has held positions with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and worked with the law reform commissions in New South Wales and Victoria. From 1994-2006 he was Vice President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. (Click here to read more)

In 2012 Federal MP Jamie Briggs in effect accused Iain Ross of bullying and bastardisation. I published a story not long after titled:Fair Work Commission President Justice Iain Ross accused of bullying and bastardisation of judicial officers. To my knowledge Iain Ross has never challenged those allegations.

In September 2015, it was reported:

Fair Work Commission president Iain Ross has been accused of ostracising dissenters on the tribunal, resulting in decisions weighted in favour of unions.

Brendan McCarthy, who was a commission deputy president for 13 years until he retired last December, said Justice Ross ensured a “small core of favoured persons” were appointed to full benches determining important matters.

“It’s not an independent umpire,” Mr McCarthy told The Australian Financial Review on Wednesday. “There is a perception that it’s not, and there is a basis for that perception, given how full benches are selected.”

Mr McCarthy, a former employer representative appointed by the Howard government, said commission members, including tribunal vice-president Graeme Watson, were not selected to sit on full benches determining important cases. “because they are more independently minded”.”

Dissenters are ostracised and isolated,” he said.”

He [Justice Ross] doesn’t want anyone with a potentially different opinion. What he wants are people who have the same or similar opinions to him. If there are matters of importance, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be on those matters.” (Click here to read more)

Iain Ross is clearly a Labor Party man so for Bill Shorten and the Labor Party to criticise the government for the decision is very deceitful. What they could do if they want is criticise the government for supporting the decision because they do. But at the end of the day Shorten and the Labor Party have to take a large part of the ownership for the decision even if they don’t agree with it.

Bill Shorten’s crime gang

In January this year a ticking time bomb hit Bill Shorten’s PM hopes with the arrest of some of his closest allies in the Labor Party. It was in court for a mention this month and will be back in court in March. It will shine the light on how Shorten and some of his closest supporters operate in the shadows when they think nobody’s watching. I wrote in January:

Criminal charges have been laid against Bill Shorten’s crime gang for attempting to influence the outcome in Michael Danby’s seat of Melbourne Ports during the 2016 federal election. Danby just scraped over the line and was re-elected with preferences from The Greens.

This should not be a surprise given branch stacking is what allegedly allowed Bill Shorten to become a federal MP and there were allegations of vote rigging when Shorten defeated Anthony Albanese in 2013 for the leadership of the Labor Party.

The people charged include Andrew Landeryou who is the husband of Senator Kimberley Kitching, David Asmar who is married to HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and Dean Sherriff who has a long criminal association with Andrew Landeryou. Also involved was George Droutsas but at this point it is unknown if he has been charged.

The crimes relate to the early morning of the last federal election on the 2/7/16 (Click here to read more)

Bill Shorten is way ahead in the polls and should be able to cruise to victory at the next election but Shorten can’t seem to change his Union ways of rigging elections and in this case rigging a press conference. Add that to the self-inflicted wound of his crime gang hitting court in a few weeks he only needs to look in the mirror if he loses the next election.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realise how bad things are and that would be the positive if Shorten does become PM. The Australian public would rise as one against him after a short time.

Admin: In recent times posts have focused on a few issues and I will try to diversify moving forward. But the Amber Harrison matter has been a big focus because I have also been a target of Kerry Stokes’ War of Law. Next Wednesday I’m in court for the Contempt of Court proceedings (Jane Doe 1 & Ors v Shane Dowling) On Friday I will be in court because 2 other women, Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone, want to also sue me for defamation because of the last article I published. All matters relate to the Seven / Tim Worner sex scandal which I regard as a huge free speech and whistleblowing issue and I will be standing my ground and fighting.

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  1. What would you expect from weasel Shortone and the unions? They have absolutely no interest in increasing the opportunities to build the workforce and just want to protect the unions. The have no understanding of business and seem to want to destroy Australian business rather than build a better country.

    • Charlie you are bang-on there ! But surely you are not suggesting trust the Liberals in NSW Bambi Baird has sold out everything the electorate owned and run as has the puppet master but not before anointing another incompetent.

  2. Never saw the point of a one-anecdote style of debating. It fails in Question Time and it fails here. When you are talking about tens of thousands, possibly millions affected, far better to go with statistics (honestly acquired) to bolster your arguments. But nowadays the quick quip, shoot-from-the-hip prevails.

    • Are you talking about millions of people being affected by the FWC judgment? Is this your example of honestly acquired statistics?

  3. Isn’t this a bit like the Liberals fake tradie? However, the guy in question WILL lose out when his EBA is renegotiated very soon. You could also say that he was standing in for many other workers who don’t want to go public over their miserable wages. Big beat up.

    • Jaquiz, You are dead right. It’s not only this guy who will most assuredly lose out with the writing of the replacement Work Place Agreement, but also every other Australian worker who has been FORCED into signing such an agreement.
      Whilst there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind, of the part Australia’s Union hierarchy have played in this coming about, there is also no doubt in my mind, the Australian worker has also brought this upon themselves by signing on to the Governments program of disenfranchising the Union movement, and the white anting of that movement, as displayed so openly in this article.
      When workers conditions deteriorate so badly, that they will once again be similar to the 1900’s, when folks will be again working 12 hour days, seven days a week and trying to survive on the pittance they earn for their troubles, only then, will the realization finally sink in, that they have been dudded big time.

      • Eddy, the crazy thing is that the less people have to spend, the less they spend in small businesses like coffee shops, or big businesses like Bunnings. The Liberals are so thick, blinded by their superiority and ignorance of economics, they cant grasp this basic fact. I think like you that they wont be happy until workers wages are at slavery levels. They cant even manage the financial affairs of their own party, hence Malcolm’s “tipping in” a secret $1,750,000 to keep them afloat. I wonder if voters had known this, there could have been a different result. No wonder he put on that tantrum on election night – probably freaked out at nearly losing the job AND the money!

  4. Jaquix, you should also include huge donations from the Unions to fund the Labor Party. Bearing in mind that a lot of union members who may be conservative voters will have no say whatsoever as to where their funds are placed and who the funds are supporting. I don’t like Turnbul but that was his money so that’s his choice. Joe Bloggs in the union has no choice under Shorten’s thugs.

  5. @Jaquix You certainly got the economics spot on. However it is simply a war on the poor under the guiding principle that the victim is always guilty.

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