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Bill Shorten’s cronies charged by police for trying to rig a seat in 2016 Federal Election

Criminal charges have been laid against Bill Shorten’s crime gang for attempting to influence the outcome in Michael Danby’s seat of Melbourne Ports during the 2016 federal election. Danby just scraped over the line and was re-elected with preferences from The Greens.

This should not be a surprise given branch stacking is what allegedly allowed Bill Shorten to become a federal MP and there were allegations of vote rigging when Shorten defeated Anthony Albanese in 2013 for the leadership of the Labor Party.

The people charged include Andrew Landeryou who is the husband of Senator Kimberley Kitching, David Asmar who is married to HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and Dean Sherriff who has a long criminal association with Andrew Landeryou. Also involved was George Droutsas but at this point it is unknown if he has been charged.

The crimes relate to the early morning of the last federal election on the 2/7/16. I wrote about the incident then and said:

Bill Shorten and Andrew Bolt’s mate Andrew Landeryou and three other Labor Party and Union crooks were arrested in the early hours of election day for criminal offences undermining the election process trying to help federal MP Michael Danby. They are all good friends with Danby and Shorten. All four who were arrested have previously been involved in financial fraud, electoral fraud and/or theft at unions, councils and within the Labor Party.

Mr Landeryou and the other three were driving around election booths cutting down election posters belonging to the Liberal Party, The Greens and probably other candidates to benefit Labor federal MP Michael Danby. The four were arrested and released while the police continue their investigation. (Click here to read more)

Police charges announced – 29th December 2016

The timing of the charges is odd, 29/12/16, which is almost 6 months after the event. It was reported:

A close friend of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will face court on 10 criminal charges after an alleged politically motivated vandalism spree on the morning of the federal election.

Andrew Landeryou and two other factional allies of Mr Shorten will appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 15 on five charges of theft and five of criminal damage.

The criminal charges will draw further attention to the operation of Mr Shorten’s Labor Right faction in Victoria, which is regularly linked to scams and the rorting of internal Labor Party processes. (Click here to read more)

Ugly campaign says Michael Danby

The election for the seat of Melbourne Ports was so close that Michael Danby did not declare victory until the 20th July which was 18 days after the election.

Labor MP Michael Danby has declared victory in Melbourne Ports after what he described as “the most ugly campaign”, but will not comment on any links between his office and four men arrested for alleged vandalism on the morning of the election.

The Greens are considering legal action against the Labor campaign for its conduct in the lead up to polling day, and Liberal candidate for the seat, Owen Guest, called on the incumbent to resign unless he distanced himself from the men, who were released without charge but are still being investigated.” (Click here to read more)

It was always known the result would be extremely close so something like pulling down posters for the opposition at the polling booths could have easily been a deciding factor and that is why Danby’s boys committed the criminal offences they did.

The stupidity of appointing Kimberley Kitching a federal Labor Party Senator

Even though Andrew Landeryou was under investigation by the Victorian police and his wife Kimberley Kitching has not yet been cleared of the recommended criminal charges by the Trade Union Royal Commission the Labor party still appointed Kitching a federal Senator.

The ABC’s Lateline covered this in a story on the 27/10/16 which is below. Watch how Michael Danby tries to defend Kitching and how he makes up a huge lie about Kitching putting shredded paper back together to convict Kathy Jackson. It is a huge lie because it never happened.


Andrew Landeryou and David Asmar are flight risks – should have passports confiscated

Both Landeryou and Asmar are flight risks and should have their passports confiscated. I previously wrote:

Landeryou has a long history of fraud and theft. He fled authorities and went to Costa Rica in 2005 when liquidators wanted to question him about millions of dollars he stole from the Melbourne University Student Union. He was arrested when he arrived back in Australia. He was also made bankrupt by Solomon Lew after stealing millions of dollars from him. (Click here to read more)

David Asmar is a well-known fraudster and thief within the Labor Party and good friends with Bill Shorten and Senator Stephen Conroy who he previously worked for. David was meant to give evidence at the Trade Union Royal Commission regarding missing money in an AWU Slush fund but fled overseas and wouldn’t come back until it had finished. (Click here to read more)

Was Michael Danby involved in the criminal offences by Landeryou and Co?

Of course he was and only a fool would think he wasn’t. It is not believable they would do what they did without his knowledge given he was the beneficiary.

Should Michael Danby resign?

The police charges snuck under the public’s radar at the end of 2016 but it will be a major story in 2017 as without a doubt the opposition parties will push the matter. It will have an impact not only on Bill Shorten’s leadership but also the future of Michael Danby, possibly Kimberley Kitching although she looks safe until the end of her term which is another 5 1/2 years and embarrass the whole Labor Party.

This website and its supporters have been following and exposing the criminal pursuits of Landeryou, Kitching, the Asmars and Co for a long time so it is good to see them finally charged. Whether they are found guilty or not their court case will do a lot of damage to Shorten’s credibility because they are all his friends and close allies in the Labor Party.

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    • Bill Shorten is a crime figure Tooma Ted. Shorten masquerades as the labor leader & before that when he was a union official/leader. I don’t know where your angle is Ted but this website has exposed Shorten more than any other politician since this website started. The stuff that Shorten has done in his union/political career would be enough for him (and his crime gang) to end up in jail.

    • Tooma Ted, Bill Shorten is already aware that he is a criminal, stealing IS a criminal offence and Shorten continues to steal, along with his cronies of which Shorten is aware, and the string of illegal offences continue on a regular basis.

  1. Having said this before, I will say it again. ANY politician caught rorting a system will be sacked without any remuneration at all. No super, No office for life. NO free staff. NO money paid by anyone to the disgraced person..! If Mr & Mrs public can get it in the neck, then these leeches are no exception.

  2. I only hope that these charges by the police stick or will they get out of them on some efforts by pollies and their legal eagles. Protected species!!!

  3. During the Victorian state election Ivanhoe 2010 the police got involved as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE I discovered my posters/banners were slashed with knives and dumped in my yard. the police investigated but couldn’t trace the offenders. As such the offenders knew where I was living. During the 2011 Broadmeadows by-election my poster outside the polling centre was removed and replaced with an ALP poster, as I then reported to the election Official showing parts of my poster still visible behind the ALP poster. the official merely commented he could do nothing about it, and left it by that. Not even taking note of this formal complaint. Also, I had numerous other posters/banners that were removed without my permission and ALP posters put in place, sometimes over my posters. (I made photos of it as evidence).
    Despite of formal complaints to the election commission nothing was done about it, little wonder than that this is more and more becoming a crime wave.

    • Sorry that you have to go through that mate. The labor party & a couple of their factions in Victoria are not nice at all. What you have said doesn’t surprise me at all.

  4. I don’t know if you read Bob Carr’s book, but in it he outlines a situation where Danby and Dreytus acted directly for the interests of a foreign entity (you can guess which) while sitting as members of the Australian Government. I think that’s why Carr’s book got so hammered particularly by Danby’s mate Bolt, and others of his kind in the media….covering and concealing. Cozy little group they are.

  5. I still don’t know why Shorten has not been charged by the AEC of making a false declaration about the staffer provided for free – the statement clearly said there are heavy penalties for making a false declaration. There is also the thing I seemed to be the only person who noticed that Shorten’s signatures on the original and amended forms are completely and utterly different – Bill Shorten and William H Shorten – who really signed them?

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