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Bill Shorten’s ex Debbie Beale was in the “Union Wives Club” with Kathy Jackson says Labor staffer

Bill Shorten and his former wife Debbie Beale were highly likely “benefiting from the proceeds of crime” given their previous close relationship with Kathy Jackson says newly appointed Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks.

Peter Wicks, who since the 31st of October 2016 has been employed as a staff member by federal Labor MP Michael Danby, published his allegations in an article on his blog Wixxyleaks in December 2016 titled “Ex’s And Oh’s – Jackson Investigation Looking Like A Game-Changer“.

The Kathy Jackson / Health Services fraud issue is far from over with Jackson’s 70 fraud and deception charges due back in the Melbourne Magistrates court again on January 24 next year. It is almost guaranteed that the conduct of other Labor / union people will come under scrutiny during the course of Kathy Jackson’s hearing.

This could include Bill Shorten given Jackson alleged Shorten was the recipient of HSU slush fund money when she gave evidence at the Trade Union Royal Commission in 2014 /2015. 

Jackson gave the commission an example how she joined the then Australian Workers Union secretary Bill Shorten in financing a Labor Party branch stack. She donated $7,000. Bill Shorten’s denied it. (Click here to read more)

Peter Wicks article raises 2 key issues:

1. What was Bill Shorten’s knowledge of and involvement in the HSU fraud when Kathy Jackson was a senior official in the union ripping it off?

2. How can a Labor boy like Peter Wicks from the left side of the party be so two-faced and change his spots for the sake of a dollar or two? And how can people like Bill Shorten and his crime gang on the right of the Labor Party accept him with open arms?

Ex’s And Oh’s – Jackson Investigation Looking Like A Game-Changer (Click here to read the full article in a saved PDF file) or (Click here to read it on Wicks’ website if he hasn’t deleted or edited it)

In the article Peter Wicks starts off talking about the ongoing police investigation into Kathy Jackson in December 2015. Then Wicks moves onto Bill Shorten and says:

“However it is the other names that are allegedly coming up in the investigation that are possibly the most alarming, although to those familiar with the case unsurprising.”

“Two of those names are reportedly Bill Shorten and David Feeney.”

Then Wicks says:

“Sounding like something straight from a movie script, the police investigation is also allegedly looking into a group known as the “Union Wives Club”.”

“The Union Wives Club were allegedly a group of women who liked to travel like Getaway presenters and dine like they were restaurant reviewers. The group travelled frequently and went on many jaunts together it has been alleged, both in Australia and abroad.”

“Members of this group allegedly included Kathy Jackson, Liberty Sanger, and Debbie Beale.”

“Debbie Beale is the former wife of Bill Shorten, and at the time of the Union Wives Club the pair were still married.”

“If Debbie Beale had so much as a bottle of water paid for her by Kathy Jackson from misappropriated HSU member’s funds then Shorten could easily find himself being seen as benefiting from the proceeds of crime.”


Bill Shorten and his former wife Debbie Beale.

“Given the stories I have heard, much of which is well-known within the union movement, regarding Jackson’s allegedly outrageous spending of union members funds in bars and restaurants, I would be very surprised if Beale was not a beneficiary of this spending, and hence Shorten indirectly, or perhaps even directly on occasion. Evidence of this spending of Jackson’s is public knowledge and has been referred to in the Royal Commission as well as having received widespread media attention and is also part of the current Federal Police investigation.”

“Bearing this in mind, I am of the view that Shorten should have a long and hard think about the Party’s interests given what is likely to be coming out in not so glorious detail soon, probably just in time for the campaign kick-off.”

Peter Wicks concludes his article by making the below statement in relation to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten:

“With both leaders starting to smell like the stuff they shovel, maybe it’s time to ask a question.”

“Will a real leader please stand up?”

I wonder what Bill Shorten thinks of the newly appointed Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks?

It’s the classic example: With friends like Peter Wicks, Bill Shorten doesn’t need enemies!

I’m no fan of Peter Wicks, as is evident from my last article, but he does get some good inside tips on what is happening at the Labor Party from time to time and I have no doubt he is right on the money this time in regards to Shorten and his ex-wife Debbie Beale.


Kathy Jackson with her former best friend Senator Kimberley Kitching. Ms Kitching is Bill Shorten’s close personal friend and was his “Captain’s Pick” to replace Stephen Conroy in the Australian Senate.

What was Bill Shorten’s knowledge of and involvement in the HSU fraud with Kathy Jackson

I wrote in an article in August 2016 titled “Bill Shorten linked to fraud and theft at the HSU and Kathy Jackson” and said: “Bill Shorten and his relationship with Kathy Jackson is going to be in the headlines for at least the next 18 months or more with former HSU Secretary Mrs Jackson being charged (31/8/16) with fraud and theft. While Shorten avoids talking about it the reality is that while Jackson was ripping off the HSU for many years Bill Shorten was very good friends with her while at the same time he was ripping off workers at the AWU. (Click here to read the article)

Since then Bill Shorten has appointed former HSU manager Kimberley Kitching as a Senator. Her husband Andrew Landeryou who has been heavily involved in stealing from the HSU is likely to have been appointed as one of her staff. (She is so far refusing to answer my email question) And now Peter Wicks who is a close friend of former federal MP and HSU thief Craig Thomson is employed by Bill Shorten’s Parliamentary Secretary and Federal MP Michael Danby.

The bad smell of the HSU will linger around the federal Labor Party for a long time now given the recent appointments.

Two faced Labor boy Peter Wicks – From left to right

How can Peter Wicks hold his head up without shame? Unfortunately, people like Peter Wicks are not uncommon in political parties. But they can and will be exposed more and more in the future as social media grows and Wicks should know this as he has a blog and uses Twitter often. I note his Twitter account makes no mention of the fact that he is a Labor Party staffer and Troll.

But what is worse is that Bill Shorten can accept Peter Wicks with open arms given what Wicks has written about him. It’s strange times indeed but I think Shorten’s and Wicks newfound friendship will end in tears.

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  1. Peter Wicks is well aware of who he is. He tweets as “madwixxy”. The first part of his twitter name is very apt.

    He thinks himself mad, but at least he hasn’t been accused of rape like Shorten.

    • Kathy Jackson has nothing to worry about from he upcoming court appearance. Her corrupt Labor mates and suspect judges will see that she gets away with her crimes

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