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Bill Shorten’s crime gang ignites civil war in the Labor Party and union movement

In the last few days Bill Shorten’s allies have escalated a civil war in the Labor Party and union movement and it is now unavoidable that in the coming months it will explode. At the heart of the civil war is the ongoing fraud at the Health Services Union and now involves alleged fraud and misuse of credit cards by the National President Chris Brown and others to the tune of $140,000 over the last 2 1/2 years.

The $140,000 fraud was reported in Melbourne’s Herald Sun on Thursday (1/12/16) by corrupt journalist James Campbell who is a well-known propagandist for Shorten’s crime gang led by Andrew Landeryou, his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching, HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and her husband David Asmar. Landeryou and Senator Kitching would have been the ones who leaked the story to James Campbell.

It is payback for HSU President Chris Brown leaking information to News Corp journalist Brad Norington about the fraud, theft and criminal conduct by Landeryou, Kitching and the Asmar’s etc.

The payback is confirmed by newly appointed Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks who Tweeted a link to the article on Thursday then said:


This is happening at a time when it has just been reported that Bill Shorten’s good mate Victorian MP Cesar Melhem is being investigated by the Fair Work Commission for “corrupt deals struck as AWU head“. (Click here to read more)

Background – quick overview

  1. The Health Services Union has been victim to widespread fraud and theft by the management for years including former MP Craig Thomson, Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson.
  2. Diana Asmar, her husband David Amsar, Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching have been stealing member’s funds since 2012. (Click here to read more)
  3. This website has been writing about the crimes at the HSU since 2012. (Click here to read more)
  4. Since Kimberley Kitching became a Senator in October 2016 she has come under fire for her time as a manager at the HSU. In particular Brad Norington from  News Corp and Ben Schneiders of The Age have written a number of stories.
  5. In the past Andrew Landeryou stalked and harassed journalists online if they wrote anything exposing his criminal conduct or the crimes committed by his friends using his Twitter account @landeryouSince his wife became a Senator in October he has stopped Tweeting on Twitter.
  6. In October 2016 Federal MP Michael Danby says he employed internet nutter Peter Wicks. Mr Wicks has been doing Andrew Landeryou’s dirty work and using his Twitter account and website Wixxyleaks to attack journalists like Norington and Schneiders etc.

Declaration: In 2012 Peter Wicks went to the Police, after I wrote an article about him stalking Kathy Jackson’s children, and made a complaint about me and was seeking an AVO. That is the type of nutter Peter Wicks is. They say a picture tells a thousands words and there are 2 pictures below of Wicks with Craig Thomson which says plenty about who and what Wicks is. (Click here to read more)

The perfect storm is coming for Bill Shorten

Shorten, Landeryou and Kitching knew the civil war was coming as soon as Kitching was appointed a Senator in October and at roughly the same time in October 2016 Blogger Peter Wicks was employed on the taxpayers payroll by federal MP Michael Danby who is Bill Shorten’s parliamentary secretary.

Peter Wicks role is to push propaganda and lies on the internet to cover-up the criminal activity of Landeryou, Kitching and others. Wicks does this by pretending to be an independent journalist using his website Wixxyleaks, Twitter account @madwixxy and writing for a Labor Party troll website called Independent Australia.

Peter Wicks has form on the board for this type of scam. Over the last 4 or 5 years Wicks has written continually about former corrupt HSU Official Kathy Jackson but at the same time telling anyone who’ll listen that the former federal MP Craig Thomson was innocent of fraud and theft when he was at the HSU.

Peter Wicks – The new Kathy Jackson / Craig Thomson

Peter Wicks is now profiting from fraud and theft at the HSU with his appointment as a Michael Danby staffer to cover-up crimes by Kitching and Landeryou at the HSU. Peter Wicks is no better than Kathy Jackson or Craig Thomson.

Peter Wicks and his good mates Craig Thomson and Andrew Landeryou


Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks and Craig Thomson in March 2016. Mr Wicks now works for federal Labor MP Michael Danby and is paid by Australian Taxpayers to defame critics of Bill Shorten and his Labor Unity faction in Victoria which includes the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch (Health Workers Union).

Peter Wicks and Andrew Landeryou at the Kathy Jackson hearing – September 2016


That is true what Peter Wicks says in the above Tweet but what is also true is that Andrew Landeryou has been up to his neck and profited from the ongoing fraud and theft at the HSU since 2012. And now Peter Wicks is profiting from helping to conceal the crimes committed by Landeryou, Kitching and the Asmars at the HSU.


Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks and Craig Thomson in March 2014. Peter Wicks helped Mr Thomson spread lies and defame people in an attempt to help Craig Thomson conceal his crimes. It is that experience that Bill Shorten has decided would be useful to his corrupt faction which includes fraudster Senator Kimberley Kitching.

Will Peter Wicks continue to use his taxpayer paid position to defend Craig Thomson?

We know that Peter Wicks is using his taxpayer-funded job with Michael Danby to conceal crimes by Bill Shorten and his supporters but will he use his taxpayer-funded job to keep supporting Craig Thomson?

As a side note the SMH has reported that Craig Thomson is currently running a 457 visa scam which sounds about right given Thomson’s history. (Click here to read more)

Andrew Landeryou – Is he also on the taxpayer gravy train?

It is almost certain that Senator Kimberley Kitching has used her position as a Senator to employ her husband in some capacity for the maximum allowable wage. Knowing them well and their capacity for fraud Kitching might have even employed hubby Landeryou 2 or 3 times at the taxpayer’s expense. I sent Kitching the below email but have not received a response.

From: Shane Dowling
Sent: Thursday, 1 December 2016 9:35 PM
Subject: Media request

Dear Senator Kimberley Kitching

Can you please confirm if your husband Andrew Landeryou is one of your government paid staff members?


Shane Dowling


The civil war that many have been predicting has started and is about to explode soon and it will engulf the whole Labor Party. There would be Labor Party power brokers already crunching the numbers for a leadership change as it is a battle that Bill Shorten and his followers will ultimately lose. This time Landeryou and Co have bitten off way more than they can chew.

I have been following the key players mentioned above for about 5 years and most of them have over extended themselves and are about to come crashing down. It will have an impact on the whole country as it also involves the Labor Party and their leader Bill Shorten. I’ll write more on this subject in the very near future.

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  1. When are the police going to do something about this disgrace as surely they must have sufficient evidence to lay some charges of these misappropriations?

  2. They all should be put in jail that’s the only thing that will stop these people. How come Thomson is not in jail? He gets away without having to pay the money that he stole back. All the others that have stolen money from the HSU should also be convicted and sent to jail. It’s obvious that they think that they can do want they want – ripping of union members and taxpayers and get away with it. If this was you or me that stole money we would probably go to jail so why shouldn’t they? Says a lot about the judicial system!

  3. I am old enough to remember when there were a few honest politicians around….where the ** have they all gone?

  4. ……..and the 70,000 or so union members who pay union membership fees don’t know or do anything about their hard-earned money being ripped off them, or, more than likely fear for their job loss and well-being decimated by the guilty, thieving human filth.

  5. I am of the opinion that all who are proven guilty of criminal activity, MUST be sacked. The public purse is not as deep as these leeches pretend. If they are sacked or voted out because of their greed, then it must be without any remuneration whatsoever. Let’s clean these grubs out of the system. It will only take a few such sackings to finally get a clean government and opposition in the house who are worth paying for.

  6. Just what is it about the HSU that seems to attract more crooked leaders than apparently other trade unions? Michael Williamson, Craig Thomson, Kathy Jackson, Kimberley Kitching, Diana Asmar and now (if the reports are to be believed) Chris Brown. Is it just bad luck, or is it a culture of criminal thievery that has been super-glued into place?

    And regarding the Labor Party, I think it would be quite difficult to get rid of Shorten thanks to the legacy of internal leadership procedures put in place by Kevin Rudd before he was consigned to the dustbin of history.

    • JB You just stole my thunder.

      Yes, the change of leadership procedures put in place by the narcissistic Kevin Ruddd has surely thrown a spanner into the ALP works.
      It took a harebrained naive mob like the democrats to originally come up with democracy to the nth limits, and where are they today?

      Personally, I subscribe to the Westminster system – when we elect parliamentarians, then we should have the confidence to delegate authority to them.

      As for that Shorten grub, – well I will let that one go through to the keeper.

  7. Andrew Landeryou, David Asmar and a few others have been charged with 10 offences over the vandalism incident back in July in the Melbourne Ports area. Landeryou, Asmar & others will be facing court in February next year. Bill Shorten’s crime gang will get unwanted bad publicity over this. I wonder what will Senator Kitching will say about her criminal husband. Surely the Coalition senators must grill Kitching even harder than before. As for Shorten well he has to be grilled too by the media & the Coalition about his crime gang. There’s no hiding now for Shorten.

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