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Pauline Hanson throws Senator Rod Culleton under a bus

Pauline Hanson and her Party’s 2 other Senators have deserted Senator Rod Culleton in his time of need which won’t go unnoticed by many of the One Nation voters. Last week, in a move that could be strongly argued is politically motivated, the Queensland Labor Party Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath referred a complaint against Mr Culleton to the Queensland Police for possibly attempting to pervert the course of justice and threatening a judicial officer.

The criminal allegations against Mr Culleton relate to the below letter he sent to a Queensland magistrate. For some reason the Queensland Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo got involved and wrote complaints to the federal and state Attorney-Generals. What I find most disturbing is that once Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo wrote complaints to the Attorney-Generals then it automatically become a political football for people to kick around as they liked and Magistrate Rinaudo would have known this.

Below is Senator Culleton’s letter to the Queensland Magistrate sent on the 15/11/2016. (The Magistrate’s name was already deleted)



The SMH reported:

“Ms D’Ath wrote to federal Attorney-General George Brandis after receiving correspondence from Queensland Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo, asking for information about what actions the federal government had taken in relation to Senator Culleton’s letter.”

“Ms D’Ath said she was deeply concerned about the matters raised with Judge Rinaudo, which she said could relate to the integrity of the courts and the administration of justice in the state.” (Click here to read more)

If Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo truly believed a crime had taken place there was nothing stopping him from referring the matter to the police. In fact, Chief Magistrate Ray Rinaudo or the original Magistrate who received the letter from Senator Culleton could have instituted contempt proceedings against Senator Ray Culleton themselves without the need of involving the police. So, you have to wonder why the Magistrates didn’t take action themselves but instead kicked the ball to the politicians which has made the situation worse and even more political than it was in the first place.

The reality is that, while it was stupid for Senator Culleton to send the letter, at the end of the day the complaint is frivolous at best and nothing will happen except to waste taxpayer’s money on an investigation.

And where has Pauline Hanson been while this has been happening?

As soon as the police investigation hit the media last week Pauline Hanson put out a media release on Twitter distancing herself, and the other 2 One Nation Senators Roberts and Burston, from Senator Culleton and the letter. There was only one tweet for the 22nd November on Hanson’s Twitter account, @PaulineHansonOz, and that was the below media release.


Pauline Hanson has had very little to say since and hasn’t put out any more media releases on the matter.

There are two One Nation Senators from Queensland, Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Malcolm Roberts, and I would have thought both of them would have unloaded on the Queensland Labor government for making the police complaint against Senator Rod Culleton. For whatever reason both have had almost nothing to say on the matter.

This is quite disgusting given Pauline Hanson has long complained about the ““political witch-hunt” against her” that resulted in her spending time in jail in 2003.

Queensland senator-elect Pauline Hanson has fought back tears recounting her 2003 jailing over quashed political corruption charges, blaming Tony Abbott and John Howard for a “political witch-hunt” against her. (Click here to read more)


Pauline Hanson pictured as she started her sentence in Queensland’s Wacol women’s prison in 2003


For all of Mr Culleton’s failings, and there seems to be plenty, he deserves some support from his own political party. At least one positive is in Mr Culleton’s letter where he says that he has “foreshadowed a motion” “to recall a number of judges for ‘proven misbehaviour”. If he does that then he will likely have a lot of support from the public and this website. Obviously, we would want to see the fine details first.

The police investigation is on top of Senator Culleton looking down the barrel of losing his Senators job because he was a convicted criminal at the time the last federal election was held. The conviction, for the theft of a car key, was ultimately quashed and the High Court of Australia will decide soon Culleton’s eligibility. Whatever happens in the High Court Senator Culleton is likely living on borrowed time as bad debts almost certainly mean he will be a bankrupt soon and ineligible to be a Senator.

It seems to be a matter of when, not if, Senator Rod Culleton goes and when he does go people will reflect on how Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party treated him. As it currently stands the One Nation Party will be in damage control on a major scale when Culleton leaves.

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  1. Why the hell would you support a Senator simply because he’s a member of your party? The only reason Thomson was supported was because Gillard needed the grub to hang onto her job. Hanson has done the right thing by publicly distancing herself from Culleton until such time as he is either vindicated or found guilty.

    • That’s a nice way to stand up to ant principle you may have – “leave it to others to decide what I think before I think it.”.

      • Well done Pauline, for too long now political parties make decisions based on factions or what’s best for the party rather than what’s best for the Country. Let the High Court decide if Culleton should be there. Hardly think that “Splits the party”. Culleton hasn’t covered himself in glory thus far by attempting to influence a Queensland Magistrate. I think his loyalty to the party has been questionable and therefore why would he expect unswerving support from his leader? So far Pauline has been doing a good job and supporting legislation that deserves to be supported.

  2. I agree with C.J.Ottaway, Hanson has shown she is different to Leaders who blindly support members (like Thompson) who are out of order. Culleton has issued an implied threat to a Queensland Magistrate, he should remember he represents the state of W.A. and if an individual in a Queensland Court has a problem it doesn’t appear appropriate for a WA Senator to be involved.

  3. Pauline has had a meeting with Senator Cullen and maybe she knows something we don’t. If that is the case she has taken the sensible path and not supported him should something blow up later. On the other hand she has not criticised him. I am no fan of Pauline but, in this instance, I think she has chosen a sensible path

    • Hanson put out the press release distancing herself from Culleton before she had a meeting with him. She was judge and jury before he had a chance to put his case forward.

  4. I will miss Rod Culleton – he provides constant and genuine harmless entertainment AND supports the latest 10.5 tax rate for backpackers (so farmers can get their crop picked, and we all get our fresh fruit) and veg) AND a royal commission into banks. (Which have dudded farmers of huge amounts); Both suggest he is looking out for farmers. Pauline and Co generally just follow the Coalition line. I wonder when her followers will realise they might as well have just voted Liberal (as many of them have always done anyway).

  5. You know the thing about throwing a colleague under a bus is their is a bus waiting for you at the next stop…see Senator Culleton throws Pauline Hanson and his One Nation colleagues under under an even bigger bus named Backpacker Tax.
    It’s all to do with physics!

  6. Rod Culleton wont be going anywhere, the legal bus you are talking about wont make it far enough down the road for Senator Culleton to be thrown under it.

  7. The SMH is reporting:

    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation splits over Rod Culleton’s High Court fight

    One Nation has ended the parliamentary year with a deepening rift, after Pauline Hanson led two of her senators in voting against embattled colleague Rod Culleton, in the lead-up to the fight for his political life.

    After his party failed to support his motion calling on Attorney-General George Brandis to return to the Senate as part of his on-going fight against claims, referred to the High Court, that his election was ineligible, Senator Culleton called on his leader to “please explain”.

    Read more:

  8. I’d not seen that Email, but the contents are quite striking. It ties in with a lot of where the Sovereign movement goes on the legality of the Courts and the real nature of government in Queensland and who it represents as opposed to who it is supposed to represent. He is making a threat alright but it runs deeper than just one judge and one case. He’s threatening exposure of the whole corrupted system of government and Courts. He won’t get far because many others more temperate than him have tried and failed, but still he’s raised it quite publicly, and D’Áth, working as she does for the Corporation, has to step in and warn him off lest the whole thing be opened to scrutiny. I suspect that Pauline hasn’t the resources or the stomach to challenge the system at its roots all over again. She needs to be done with him, but not for the usual political reasons. I’m sure she just doesn’t want to go there with him as she doesn’t want to be consigned again to the fringe.

  9. I have been an advocate for mothers and children for many years and there is evidence and no doubt that the Family Court and the Children’s Court are run by certain people who operate in a corrupt manner, which results in children having access with their, abusive, and in some instances pedophile parents. It is a known fact in legal circles that mothers who complain that a father has sexually abused his children,( even with proof), will be classified as alienating the father, and mother have lost custody of their children to the abusers in some instances. Senator Culleton had the guts to stand up against the judicial establishment, who have created a situation where they can not be made accountable for appalling and abusive conduct and decisions that result in the destruction of children and families, and many many suicides. If there was ever an institution that needed investigation and major changes it is the Judiciary. Pauline Hanson is well aware of this situation in the Courts and is being the devils advocate.

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