Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson puppet Peter Wicks goes to the police seeking AVO against KCA publisher.

Peter Wicks who has been harassing intimidating and stalking Kathy Jackson and her children online made a complaint to the Castle Hill police last Tuesday seeking an AVO against me for my last post and a few tweets that I did on Twitter.

The Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) attempt failed but it makes me wonder who was behind it. Was it just Peter Wicks or was his puppet master Craig Thomson and/or the ALP involved?

All the evidence shows Peter Wicks is a puppet for Craig Thomson and an online troll for the Labor Party which I showed in my previous post. It also makes out a prima facie case to have Peter Wicks charged for criminal offences including section 474.17 of the 1995 Criminal Code: Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Regular readers would know I am well versed in this area of law. Last year when the federal police were having trouble determining in any offence had been committed in the ADF / Skype sex scandal I shot of a quick email to the federal police outlining the relevant offence. A couple of weeks later charges were laid for this particular offence. (Click here to read the post and email)

So how did we get to the point where Peter Wicks went to the police seeking an AVO?


Sunday July 1st 2012

I sent 15 questions via email to Peter Wicks which he responded. I sent a follow-up 3 questions and he emailed me asking me to call him. Before I had a chance to call him he responded to the 3 questions and asked me to call him again. We spoke on the phone for about 50 minutes.

I did my post last Sunday, 8th July titled “Craig Thomson conspires with ALP member Peter Wicks to harass, intimidate and stalk key witness Kathy Jackson and her children.” (Click here to read)

In that post I said:

Victorian and New South Wales police are currently conducting separate investigations into fraud at the Health Services Union (HSU). These involve numerous people including Federal MP Craig Thomson. Fair Work Australia (FWA) have launched civil proceedings against a number of former members of the HSU and are about to launch proceedings against Federal MP Craig Thomson. Kathy Jackson the National Secretary of the HSU is the one who blew the whistle on the corruption and made a complaint to the police. She is a key witness against Craig Thomson.

Peter Wicks is an ALP member, former candidate and has been in regular close contact with Craig Thomson and with other ALP members on a regular basis. He has also told me that he is a possible future candidate for the ALP. He refers to himself as an investigative blogger. He publishes on his own site which he calls Wixxyleaks which does not get much traffic and recently also on Independent Australia which gets more traffic.

Independent Australia is published by David Donovan and would have to be called a struggling site given they publish on a regular basis but do not get a great deal of traffic. Over the last couple of months is has spiked and almost guaranteed to be because of Peter Wicks posts.


The problem is that Peter Wicks deliberately and knowingly conceals his association with the ALP and Craig Thomson. Also when reading his posts it is clear that they are not about exposing corruption and writing a story in a legitimate manner. They are vindictive and designed to intimidate and harass Kathy Jackson and would have to be regarded as online stalking. He stoops to an all-time low and even harasses and intimidates Kathy Jackson 11-year-old son and sixteen year old daughter. He does this while also making some outlandish attempts to show Craig Thomson is innocent.


Peter Wicks and David Donovan say this in a recent post:

In other – more pleasant – news, Kathy Jackson’s daughter (xxxxxxxxx) is about to celebrate her 16th Birthday. We hope she has a great birthday — and hope mummy remembers how many candles to put on the cake, as she may occasionally forget these things.

For instance, when discussing her court appearance on 2UE with Paul Murray a week ago, Kathy brought up the situation of her children, presumably seeking a sympathy vote:

“My children on Friday turned up to court because I haven’t seen them for three weeks I flew them into Sydney and (xxxxxx) who’s 11 says to me, you know ‘Mum who’s on your side?’

Really tugs at the heartstrings, doesn’t it?

According to family friends, (xxxxxx) was born in December, 1999. That would make him 12, according my calculations. Then again, I didn’t attend school in Jacksonville… (Click here to see the post)

(I have deleted the names but have decided to put a link to where they are because people will go looking for them anyhow and it hopefully will force them to be taken down.)

Peter Wicks and David Donovan should be jailed just for naming Kathy Jackson children alone. What has this to do with Kathy Jackson and any alleged fraud? Absolutely Nothing! It is clearly designed to intimidate and harass. What would Kathy Jackson think? What would her children think? Mr Wicks and Mr Donovan are very sick people. And how did Peter Wicks know? He says “According to family friends”. I doubt that very much. More likely the information came from Craig Thomson.

I published the post about 6pm last Sunday and at about 10pm received the below email.

From: Peter Wicks []
Sent: Sunday, 8 July 2012 10:14 PM
To: ‘Shane Dowling’
Subject: My phone number
Importance: High

Can you please remove my phone number from your site.


Peter Wicks
mob 0400 057 980
fax 02 8883 5592

I updated the post and wrote this:

I checked and Kathy Jackson’s 11 and 16-year-old children’s names are still on the Independent Australia site in the post Peter Wicks did. But Peter Wicks does not like it when his phone number is on a site. Well Peter you know what my response is.

It is worth noting that he does not dispute any of the facts. Just wants his number taken down. Just for the record my number has always been on this site on the about page. I stand by everything that I write and say and do not hide.

Monday the 9th of July

I received a call from Peter Wicks at about 2.50pm and he asked why I would not take down his phone number. I said that I had made some very serious allegations against him and it was inappropriate for me to talk to him, if he had any issues he should email me. He said he had and this went around in circles a couple of times before I hung up.

A few minutes later I received a three voice mail messages from three different people. I checked them later and one said “So you are the weazel”. Another said please take down his phone number and the third said what I had done was wrong by putting his number on my website. I assumed that Peter Wicks had tweeted my number.

When I got home I checked and Mr Wicks had tweeted:

Peter Wicks‏@madwixxy

A gutless weasel called Shane put my mob number on his blog site, when I asked him to remove he put up again. Here’s his mob 0411238704#hsu

2:49 PM – 9 Jul 12

I did two tweets:

Shane Dowling‏@Kangaroo_Court

ALP Troll Peter Wicks & ‪#Thomson supporter takes offence at being outed. ‪#auspol ‪#electionnow

9:26 PM – 9 Jul 12


Shane Dowling@Kangaroo_Court

ALP member stalks children online & takes offence at being outed. #qanda ‪#auspol ‪#electionnow ‪#peterwicksisasicko

10:00 PM – 9 Jul 12

Police complaint

On Tuesday at about 4.40pm I received a call from a police officer at the Castle Hill station in Sydney. He said words to the effect that Mr Peter Wicks had been into the station and that he has made a complaint about me and was seeking an AVO or failing that wanted to know what other options he had. He said they would not be investigating but that Mr Wicks had insisted that it be placed on the record. He said that after speaking to me he would file it and that would be it. He did not read out the exact complaint but from what I gathered Mr Wicks had mainly complained about me putting his phone number on my site and the tweets I had put on twitter

Peter Wicks says this is this is correspondence between himself and the police officer:

The quotes below show my correspondence after I gave my statement; I have only removed the officers details. I cannot show his email due to the police disclaimer, however it gives an event number, and gives me a recommendation on how to proceed, and this line discussing Mr Spineless’s counter claims.

‘obviously made counter claims in regards to things you have posted about him and he has received death threats from your supporters.’

My Response:

I appreciate your efforts, I knew he would make a counter claim, and yes I did let people know what he had said about me. He should have thought about that before he made his insinuating remarks, after all he chooses to make his mobile number public on his website, I do not.

I have not encouraged any threats at all, in fact of the people who have rang to abuse me, at least 2 of them were calling him back for misleading them about me.

It is interesting also to note that according to the story about me on his website, one of my “supporters” was sending him death threats due to his story before he even wrote it or put it online, this seems unlikely in the extreme, a bit like me complaining today about something I will see on TV next week even though I don’t know I will be seeing it…

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance on this matter, and if there are any further developments I will let you know.


I didn’t get those two calls by the way. And he did encourage people to call me so he lied to the police. Why did Peter Wicks make the complaint in the first place I do not know. It was frivolous ands vexatious. As I said to the police officer. If they where to investigate it would be Peter Wicks who would be charged not me. Mr Wicks is big on the bullying and harassment but when he is outed he starts playing the victim. Sounds like Craig Thomson. Maybe he thought a call from the police would intimidate me which if that was the case he was wrong.

Peter Wicks response to my post titled “Jacksonville Odd Jobs” (Click here to read)

Peter Wicks refers to me as Mr Spineless in his response. He does not name me or my website. This is clearly because he does not want people to come to my site and not only see my post on him but also my posts on Julia Gillard and her corrupt history etc.

Peter Wicks lies right throughout his post and fails to address key issues that I had raised. He tries to narrow my allegation against him being that he is an ALP member and him naming Kathy Jackson’s children. He actually blames Kathy Jackson for him naming and belittling her children.

He says in relation to naming and belittling Kathy Jackson’s children:

“I agree with Mr Spineless on this, children should not be involved in these matters. I believe that it takes a particular type of scum or, as one of his readers states, someone “lower than whale shit” to involve children in this mess.”

“That is why I was so surprised when a couple of saints like Michael Lawler and Kathy Jackson would dump their kids in the middle of it.”

That is right Kathy Jackson made him say things like “and hope mummy remembers how many candles to put on the cake” and “Really tugs at the heartstrings, doesn’t it?” in relation to what her 11-year-old son said. Peter Wicks then says “According to family friends, (xxxxxx) was born in December, 1999.” Why is he even asking about an 11-year-old boy? And who is this family friend who told him this?

Peter Wicks has some very serious questions that he needs the answer. Less than 24 hours after I published my post he did a post on his site titled “Sweet Child O Mine” on child protection. I wonder why? Maybe to cover himself for any charges. It must be remembered that I wrote in my previous post that Kathy Jackson should think about taking out an AVO against Peter Wicks. (Click here to read the post)

He said this “The main thrust of Mr Spineless’s post is that I am an ALP member and that I have tried to conceal that from my readers.”

“He does have a point there. Clearly as anybody can see I have been hiding my ALP membership — it explains many of my actions. My Twitter account @pwicksalp for one. My contributors’ bio on Independent Australia that says I was an ALP Candidate is also quite concealing.”

Slight problem is they forgot to update the Bio Page before they told the lie. It makes no mention of being an ALP Candidate.  See below.

(Click here to see if they have updated the page)

And it is not my thrust that he is just an ALP member. He is also a former candidate and possible future candidate by his own words, has been in regular contact with Craig Thomson and talks about things such as Q6 that I put to him shows:

6. When you have spoken to Craig Thomson what have you talked about. We spoke about football the other day, had a chat about the central coast, we discussed a recent trip I had to the Hunter Valley, as he had been the weekend before apparently… and on my findings also obviously

Also a lot of what he writes is not journalism and is clearly designed to intimidate and harass Kathy Jackson. And with over 15 posts it has also become stalking. On none of those posts does he declare he is an ALP member.

He does this while trying to defend Craig Thomson and writes things like “Kathy, is of course Craig Thomson’s accuser, Craig is an MP in a place that I like to refer to as the “real world”. It seems Craig must have done something in the past to upset Kathy, and we all know what they say about women scorned and hell’s fury…”

He says in relation to Kathy Jackson’s looks “she has a look on her face that would curdle milk” (Click here to read my previous post with more detail)

He spends most of his time in his response trashing me and my site. This addresses no issues and is consistent when Peter Wicks and IA responded to The Australian outing them. (Click here to read)

He fails to address his intimidatory and belittling language he uses against Kathy Jackson for starters. He makes no mention of his communication with Craig Thomson.

Wicks says:

Judging from Mr Spineless’s Twitter follower numbers, it’s safe to say nobody much has heard of his site — or if they have, they were not impressed. I had certainly never heard of it before he contacted me.

Interestingly he refers to twitter follower. He has 1318 followers and I have 330. I think the fact that he has done 10,419 tweets and I have done 479 might have something to do with it. Given that he has written this on his blog why did he not use the number of blog followers. He has 218 and I have 1214. How dodgy is this guy. Once again who has the most followers has nothing to do with my allegations against him. His whole post is riddled with irrelevant material, lies and avoiding the real issues

He says “ He told me his theory on the corruption of virtually everyone involved in the case except Jackson and Lawler.” A straight out lie. This is what I wrote in the post “Even if his evidence does show fraud by Kathy Jackson his actions have undermined any prosecution of Kathy Jackson given he would be a witness and has no credibility because of his actions”

This comes from a person who was caught out lying in the first 4 questions that I put to him which are below with his responses:

2. You sent Craig Thomson a copy of the documents you have in your possession. In The Australian it quotes you saying “”Just so if he needs it, he has it on hand,” What do you mean by this? Exactly what I said, in case he needs them for legal reasons, as I cannot contact Lawler or Jackson, I was unable to do the same for them

3. Did you send Craig Thomson the documents because he had called you and requested them? I sent them to Craig’s electoral office, I did not know Craig at that time

4. Did you speak to Craig Thomson on the phone before you sent him the documents? No I did not know him, I contacted his electoral office and sent a copy of the documents to his receptionist

I then wrote in my last post: “If you look at Q and A 2, 3, and 4 Mr Wicks is clearly lying. He says he could not send the documents to Mr Lawler or Mrs Jackson because he could not contact them. But he says in relation to Mr Thomson “No I did not know him, I contacted his electoral office and sent a copy of the documents to his receptionist”. Mr Wicks knew where Mr Lawler and Mrs Jackson worked and could have sent copies there but did not.” (Click here to go to previous post and read all the questions and answers)

I received a death threat in the lead up to the post that I did on Mr Wicks in my last post. Mr Wicks says this “As for death threats to him, I am not involved in any way with that.” And “This alleged Eric person is not someone I know and Mr Spineless seems to be the one emailing him — certainly not me.”

Well in a post that Peter Wicks did on the 29th of June titled “Last Stop this Town” this is what shows up in the comment section:

Eric says:

July 2, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Hey Wixxy shane dowling from kangaroo court reckons he’s doing a post on you . He’s that caped crusadader against labor party corruption . He and his followers think what you’ve done in exposing Kathy Jackson is a revenge. Job he will reveal all in a few days wAtch his blog


I know I spoke to him last night…
He refused to take off his tin foil hat….
I’m not bothered, he can’t be taken seriously anyway, and I won’t be commenting on his post to direct traffic to his site…
Thansk for the heads up though Eric

Sounds like the same Eric to me. I had said in the comments section of my website that I would be doing a post on Peter Wicks to stop Eric from continuing to keep on mentioning Wicks and his posts. That is how Eric knew that I would be doing a post on Wicks (Click here to see the post)

Peter Wicks complains that I even mention his wife, Felicity Wicks, in my last post. Well Mr Wicks is the one who has told us that she is heavily involved. Proof reading, going though documents looking for dirt on Kathy Jackson and approaching Kathy Jackson outside court etc. And she is an adult not a child Mr Wicks.

Peter Wicks in his post implies that I am HSU member. That I assume is a joke. The man is a compulsive liar.

This is the same Peter Wicks who said in an email to me in my previous post “Many have told me to go after Williamson, I would gladly if someone would give me evidence, rather than opinions and rumours. The same goes for Thomson.” (Click here to read my previous post)

Thats right. Mr Wicks tells us there is no evidence against Craig Thomson. Just opinions and rumours.

I could write a lot more dissecting the Peter Wicks lies but that is not the main issue with this post.


A question I have is how much government money has been spent by Peter Wicks and Craig Thomson in their stalking of Kathy Jackson.

We know the NSW Police have had their time wasted and has Craig Thomson been using government paid phones to call Peter Wicks? And who are the other Labor people who Peter Wicks has been talking to in relation to this?

This has got the Peter Slipper / Mal Brough /James Ashby script written all over it. But this time it is Peter Wicks / Craig Thomson / Australian Labor Party.

Peter Wicks is the patsy who is being used up by the Labor Party and Craig Thomson. He will never go anywhere in the Labor Party and is now a clear liability for them. But he always was expendable as far as they are concerned.

Others are also asking serious questions such as the blog Club Troppo which says “Wicks claims to be a self-employed businessman and amateur blogger undertaking this investigation in his spare time, although the volume and detail of his articles suggest it’s currently close to a full-time occupation. I can’t help wondering whether Wicks is in receipt of some sort of funding from the ALP. Of course that’s the problem with ad hoc “amateur” investigative journalism.  You can never be quite sure whose agenda is being pushed or why.” (Click here to read the full post)

With Peter Wicks it is very clear whose agenda he is pushing and that is Craig Thomson’s and the ALP’s.

The last few posts have been on the HSU issue and I will move on in the next few posts hopefully. But will keep a close eye on Mr Wicks.

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  1. What a coward Wicks is – and he seems to be shouting his guilt by seeking an AVO against you. There is so much to say about all this – but I am most happy to leave it to you to say it on behalf of so many of us. Thanks for your efforts to” keep the bastards honest”, even if it doesn’t always work we know you won’t quit!


  3. Oh please Peter Wicks …. “lives in the Sydney suburbs with his wife. By day runs his own small business and by night takes a keen interest in …..” How is that any different from millions of other males living in Sydney?

    Oh now I see, the Donate sign at the right side of his photo!

    Trying to get an AVO is a laugh because that concerns domestic violence in a close relationship.

    Shane, go after Wicks under s474.17 Crimes Act for that threat he made – I saw it on this site as did many others.

  4. Congratulations Shane – you know you are pushing all the right buttons when the likes of these reptiles start sqirming.

    You also know these thugs don’t have a modicum of testicular fortitude between them when their only tactic is to collude in intimidatory character assassination on any astute critic and to claim ‘victim status’ in the process.

    And how revealing is Wicks’ pathetic effort to demonstrate ‘mine is bigger than yours’ when it comes to blog size?

    In these circumstances, to seek an AVO is the epitome of cowardice. A legal device designed initially to protect real victims of real violence, they have become a tool for every time-wasting, vexatious drop-kick seeking to to score points against a critic. When they have no rational answer to any direct challenge, they ignore the issue, obfiscate and toss in any side issue to distract focus from their nefarious activities.

    Great work Shane.

  5. It is obvious Shane, that you are getting too close for comfort, fancy trying to get an AVO onto you, the creep! After the other illegality we were advised about to-day, I am reeling, to think this is 2012, we are living in, Shane all we can do is give you our support at present if we need to do something, let us know
    Congratulations on the work you are doing,

  6. Go; ‘you good thing’ . This is far better than Tom Criuse or Gina Rhineheart ( sp?) and the rest. Maybe SMH ‘Diary’ or Richard Ackland might tell the plebs what is afoot!
    Nah! We now have to rely on the internet to discern the real news.
    Ta, Shane.

  7. You know Shane, Wicks as a piss, should wear a skirt… and i bet his wife the pants. Fancy that, like a little girl goes to police to complain about BIg Bad Wolf…..I just had enough of ALP… They just lost their way…..

  8. I have no idea how this GODLESS pack of betrayers have been let loose to wreak the destruction we now see in our nation. Hang on this ride will get worse before it gets better.

    • Not a lot of difference to living under a dictatorship really! Perhaps Gillard doesn’t shoot her victims – oh sorry – people – with bullets but she gets us anyway!

  9. Shane, that guy Wicks is a real sicko, and he gets his wife to dig the dirt for him? What a bright spark asking for an AVO ( unless the wife belted him). Dragging Kathys kids into his corrupt action is unfair so how about naming Craigs wife and kids??? What the hell does he need donations for, Craigs lawyers???

  10. For most of my voting years I’ve always voted labour as did my siblings and friends. What the current Labor Government and previous Labor Governments under Whitlam, Hawke and Keating did to the people of Australia I will never vote for Labor again. Julia Gillard and her Tyrannical dictating Labor party have destroyed and killed a once great political party. Australia is fast becoming a third world country with an estimated 22,000 homeless families. Gillard and her Government encourages the illegal people smugglers and boat people to come to Australia all at the cost of the Australian Tax payers.
    I am behind you Shane in exposing the corrupton and treasonous antics of many of the Australian political parties.
    We must rise up and demand an election now, not in 2013, before they destroy Australia and our Democratic Rights and Freedom.
    We should only elect politicians and political party’s which will comply and adhere to our most supreme document the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900.

  11. Well done Shane, the treachery and deceit of The ALP, it’s leader and all it’s minions is beyond belief. As it is unlikely we will have a revolution before the next election we can only rely on people like you to keep exposing them.

  12. my suspicion is that the bogus AVO applied for was merely a defensive/diversion strategy for THE REAL CRIME OF MAKING A DEATH THREAT ON HERE BY ERIC. and now suddenly/amazingly they are claiming that they have received threats!!! ha! that extremely dumb move may well blow up in their faces. wouldn’t that be extraordinary if a police investigation into that threat were to reveal a link between this “eric” and wicks and thomson?

    shane, have you made a formal complaint to police? if not, perhaps one of us might do it – many of us saw the post before it was removed.

  13. Scum all of them, they have taken this country back 25 years, cant wait for the election so the people of Australia can take a baseball bat to these corrupt thugs, I just hope Abbot has a royal commission into the HSU scandal, that will bring the whole lot of them down.

    Keep up the great work Shane

  14. Congratulations Shane. We all admire you for standing up to these bullies. I cannot help wondering if Wicks and Thompson had relatives in the SS or Stasi or KGB. We are seeing all the same tactics and all the same corruption.

    Just look at how they have influenced the unions to shut down Andrew Bolt’s blog. The fools think that they can win by silencing the opposition. On the contrary it is just making honest Australians all the more determined to rid the country of these vermin.

  15. Shane, keep up the good fight. So many ALP members leave school go to uni get an arts degree or something and move to be a politicians junior advisor. After a period of time(eating out of the public nosebag) they become a senior advisor! Behold a safe seat, election victory and the slow march to the front bench. where are the ALP stalwarts of yesteryear? the people who have sweated as a fettler, shorn sheep, drove trucks and worked in a mine? When your hand was gripped by a big toil hardened handshake, not a soft manicured politically spun grasp.
    The ALP of now is not the ALP that was formed. BIG Red is every thing I’ve just described and worse, a liar! Keep at them, shine lights, ask questions and watch them squirm. Pleasure will be on election night when they go, only wish we could treat them like the nazis after the liberation of Paris. Cutting the hair of the harlot of a prime
    minister would help immensely.
    As for that soft bastard (wicksy) i suppose the sy on the end of the name makes you more popular, I think he is beaten if he has to run down to Mr Plod and state that noddy won’t play nice with me and Mr big ears.
    Go hard mate we are with you>

  16. Best of luck with this Shane. You know they have to be desperate to drag children into an adult issue. It’s even worse when it’s a political thing. But then again, they have no loyalty to each other so its impossible to expect any respect to be shown to children.

  17. Hi Shane, appreciate your blog and your guts.We have a PM [ not mine ] apparently help launder money from a Labor union fund and all we see is everyone except Mr Pickering and yourself having a go! If this was the US she would be run out of town. I see Mr Hedley Thomas now engaged in trying to open this up. Given his insightfull work in the Wyvenhoe web of intregue that almost allowed Ms Bligh to whitewash THEIR enquiry, maybe, just maybe all should be well. Regards.

    • Sorry PJ,
      ‘If this was the US she would be run out of town’.
      No; they would replace Hilary with her.
      Perhaps if you go to dotcom; whatreallyhappened or dot com; theinformationclearinghouse then you will appreciate that our PM is all gutless and belongs in the USA. (or Wales!)

  18. Corruption here, corruption there, corruption corruption every where.

    And it is not getting any better – fact is that it is getting worse!

    Never mind an election, lets have a revolution and be damned!

  19. I think the revolution options is the best one. Both sides of politics are scum, we are just the people in the thunderdome.

  20. Glen, Colin the revolution has already started! Support this site! I noticed Larry Pickering has run the story on Gillards corruption with the AWU. This will bring the government down in itself if it gets the required traction. It is about informing people, so join the revolution and spread the word!

    • Sorry I do not have the reference. But trust in the MSM in the US is down to about 20%. So the Internet is becoming the alternative news source, as exemplified by the individual work of Shane doing the journalist’s job. I also note the comments that a msm editor would not be inclined to publish.
      Clearly, the control freaks are losing control of systemised deception that has persisted for decades.
      But the control freaks are slow learners and persist with their dreams. Well, they are facing a nightmare as the world wakes up, via the Internet, exemplified by this site apnd the many others. MSM; eat your heart out!

  21. Curious, I send this information to about a thousand addresses in Australia and about two hundred in the UK. Sometimes I even post on Facebook and you are correct it is public opinion that will bring down this corrupt government but “mates” will always find a place “somewhere”.

    I believe that it might come down to something more substancial and I would be happy to be a participant

  22. Colin,
    Very impressive. Never underestimate the ‘Power of One’ ……………………..who has a heart and a pen.

    With Shane’s indulgence and off topic, but of simiar vein, is the AVAAS petition to get 1 million petitioners to bring the bankers to account. (Title: Put bankers in jail) Presently they are up to about 623,000 and coming in from all over the world. The Flags are in the bottom right hand corner with the ‘names’ of the petitioners. I have recognised a few colleagues with old ‘Ned Kelly’, who knows a bit about banks.
    MSM: eat your little hearts out!

    • Soros is never to be trusted and that is a fact – but the “send the bankers to jail” thingy is OK but some of his proposals are really dodgy and I will not have a bar of them. But thanks for the “heads up”

      • If Soros is involved there will be an ulterior motive somewhere. Australia’s own economic fifth columnists, the Greens, do quite nicely off their links to Soros.

  23. Hi Shane; just a guy in the bush and look on with bewilderment that homicide NSW police can apparently find a person of interest re a kings cross incident and the Fraud squad of the same police, given truck loads of information cannot just get Mr Thomson finger printed, photographed and put in front of a magistrate? This is not rocket science given that NSW has a Conservative Premier. Then we can go to Victoria, same type of political bent; why has not the fraud squad attended the FWA office, shut it down and obtain information which their representatives refuse to divulge to authorities—ie police. Is this too difficult?

  24. Congratulations, Shane. I find your courage inspirational and thank you for having the guts to stand up and fight for all of us. You have my admiration and appreciation. I find it abominable that the majority of so-called journalists in Australia don’t have half the courage of your convictions.

  25. Shane,
    relevant to the Thompson saga.
    I take it that you would be aware of the interview on Friday, 20th July 2012 (This morning) by Alan Jones of Mike Price concerning the historial aspect of the PM’s activities in the mid 1990’s, the AWU dealings and the pressure to sack Price, apparently being successfull. The recording can be found at the 2GB (Sydney) website under the Alan Jones section.. It is definitely worth the 20 minutes or so.
    Probably not knew to you but significant information for your followers.
    Be interesting to see how the Fairfax Media react.

  26. Mike Price would be Michael Smith ex 2ue presenter sacked by Fairfax last year when he was about to expose Gillards involvement with AWU ex lover Bruce Wilson.
    This material is political dynamite so please everyone go to the 2gb site hear the interview.

    • @ Hypocracy with Style

      Nice work! i had a listen to this afternoon. Jones talks too much, but there is a lot more set to unfold to this story and it does go some way to explain the inaction regarding the Thomson case
      Watching with interest

      • Yes indeed, it is political dynamite, this interview was on Sydney radio, hardly a back block in thi s country, yet nothing in the Heraldsun or The Australian, other than on Andrew Bolt’s Blog. I referred the interview to my Liberal MP, adding that one cannot build a nation upon lies, as in our current PM

  27. Why do we need to wait for the media to react…they won’t because they will be gagged. The heads of mainstream Media are too gutless to fight the Union Thugs who will be right behind their leader-Gillard and will protect her in every way. At every turn where there is some information that pops up concerning these events, in main stream it is cut off. The means to continue the investigation and bring it to the surface.. is cut off. This site is the only one I know of where there is extensive, factual information yet it has not reached the potential to bring Ms Gillard & co to account. This Government of today is so intertwined with “comrades” …in every department, committee and Judicial system…not to mention the private relationships. It is what I have now termed “political incest”. What needs to happen is the information should be distributed quickly out there to the Business Leaders of Power. They are the ones who Ms Gillard continually berates in Parliament … and I believe these leaders have the power to make an assessment and bring these issues to the front page for all to see. It has to come down to the Power of prominent business leaders & their invested money in this country as against the money the Government accepts and uses from its comrades-siphoned from their “associations” throughout the Union movement . Just yesterday, it was announced that Unions need to collect extra money from their members to help them fight the next election. I wonder how many members will be happy about that? Money is Power. It is high time we see once and for all of the “real Julia” and deal with it along with the financial, political incestuous relationship the ALP Government has with the Unions… and bring this country back on its feet again!

    • nicely put EJ. At least all of us can try to send this viral and send it to our social media. lets all do our bit to change the landscape back to a people friendly place.
      We need to do this now before they can censor our voices. If you are an explorer around the net, you will see Matt Norman giving it to the corrupt banks, you can see Topher highlighting gov’t waste and hypocrisy. Money Morning can explain how useless government intervention is to our economy. Anthony Colpo takes the bullshit out of the health debate.
      We need to act fast before this corrupt, immoral, illegitimate govt takes our voice away. I might add, changing this govt for the other alternative is probably not much of an improvement.
      The Greens, they too need to be banished from Canberra forever.

    • The problem is ALOT of The business leaders of power are as corrupt as Gillards lot. It would be the “the pot calling the kettle black”. It is up to mainly individuals taking action united against corruption. A peaceful march in our thousands on parliament house would get attention!

      • “plus it would save the tax payer on some fertilizer for all the trees and shrubs around the place”

  28. We need a election now to get rid of this corrupt Gillard goverment and her puppets, i am not so sure that the justice system is not under her power.

    Craig Thomson should be in jail using the members monies on his pleasures. If it was you or I we would be in jail by now. Stealing is a crime.

  29. I have received the August copy of the Womens Weekly. There is an article from the wife of Craig Thomson telling everyone how badly done by she is, how badly she was treated etc.etc. She also believes and tries to tell everyone that her husband is innocent.
    It is a pure brainwashing job.
    I cannot believe these people have this influence that get this sobstory in these magazines.
    Last month paul Howes was written up – same thing, unbelievable.

    • and don’t forget – they get paid for this tripe!!!
      I’m proud to say I don’t buy any of these rubbish magazines but it is frightening the number of people who do and believe the nonsense in them.

  30. To think Kathy Jackson’s hands are clean in all this HSU stuff, shows your left wing bias. Let’s for a change just go for the truth, i am sure Williamson will drop the dime on quite a few of the HSU hierarchy. I just hope the police see this through.

  31. Anyone who has followed both sites would be aware that Wicks’ site does not present information that is truly impartial. I say that, after watching the broadcast of the Trade Union Royal Commission online. Having seen the evidence at the commission, I found Wick’s blog a bit hard to stomach. He reported the events at the commission, fair enough, my problem with his writing was with the omission of details, with a focus on some facts and gaping holes where others were overlooked or ignored. If you couple Wicks’ minimisation of damning events with a layer gloss, that’s all you are left with; an incomplete account that only takes you part way to discovering the truth.

    Wicks’ site serves ALP members, who are in denial, well. It tells them what they want to hear. Things aren’t so bad. Keep on believin’ etc..

    Wicks’ site also has the potential to be dangerous for people who take the claim of ‘independence’ at face value. If Wicks, or the administrator of such a site, was to retain or pass on details of readers who make adverse comments to other parties. I am not accusing Wicks of doing this: but just suppose, someone with a serious concern or grievance with the Labor Party, or its members, saw the site as a protective haven for whistleblowers, when the opposite may be the case. If, while smiling at an unsuspecting victim with Grandma’s false teeth, the devious site administrator is passing details back to head office.

    If Peter Wicks had integrity, he would make full disclosure on his website to avoid any conflict of interest or accusations that he is operating as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I sincerely hope that no commenters’ details would be passed to any third party, although the site has no privacy statement. Personally, I wouldn’t trust it for those reasons. Whether it seems speculative, or not, after analysing his reporting and contrasting it with how I experienced viewing the Royal Commission, Mr Wicks has done enough to sow the seeds of doubt for me.

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