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Bill Shorten and Andrew Landeryou weaponize the death of Kimberley Kitching to blackmail Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party

Kimberley Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou is the one who has weaponised the death of his wife, for his own political and financial gain, to blackmail Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party in the current factional war being played out in Victoria. Others such as federal MP Bill Shorten, Michael Danby and Diana Asmar are all riding shotgun in support of Andrew Landeryou, acting as his mouthpiece, as they have the same political and financial objectives and have been part of Bill Shorten’s crime gang for at least 10 years.

Landeryou, Shorten, Danby and Asmar are demanding an investigation by the Labor Party into allegations that Kimberley Kitching was bullied before her death but they could not care less about any investigation and are using the demand and its associated negative publicity to try and force Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party to hand back control of pre-selections for federal seats in Victoria back to the branch stackers such Andrew Landeryou and Diana Asmar’s husband David Asmar etc.

The bottom line is there is no evidence of any bullying and the people making the allegations, Bill Shorten’s crime gang, have a long history of corruption in the union movement and have current court cases against Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party which have so far failed.

So, Shorten’s crime gang have moved to plan b which is the public blackmail strategy to protect their power and in an attempt to continue their long history of branch stacking, white-collar crimes, fleeing oversees to hide from authorities, stealing $millions from low paid workers and stealing from Melbourne businessman Solomon Lew etc. (Click here to read about Andrew Landeryou’s history of fraud and theft)

Landeryou and Shorten are also being supported by his good mates and Rupert Murdoch’s puppets Andrew Bolt and other News Corp journalists like Political Editor for the Herald Sun James Campbell.

How do I know? I’ve been writing about Bill Shorten’s crime gang for about 10 years, which is documented on this website, and at times I have been at war with them (Landeryou) on social media. (For more articles on Bill Shorten click here. For more articles on Andrew Landeryou click here. For more articles on Kimberley Kitching click here)

Other journalists from the old media companies have also jumped on the bandwagon which they should be ashamed of because any analysis of the facts shows it is a factional brawl led by Bill Shorten’s crime gang hell-bent on retaining their power even if it means doing great damage to the Labor Party at the coming election.

In this article we will look at a recent court case that tells a lot about the story, a bit of the history of the key players which is very telling and why it is very important that everyone who wants a better Australia takes a stand against Bill Shortens crime gang which includes but is not limited to Shorten, Landeryou, Kitching when she was alive, the Asmars and Danby.

Federal Labor’s takeover of Victorian Labor because of branch stacking 

The Victorian Labor Party has been embroiled in a branch stacking scandal since June 2020 when state MP Adem Somyurek was exposed for widespread branch stacking. In October 2021 “The state government lost its fourth minister to a branch stacking scandal on the first day of a corruption inquiry that heard the practice was “out of control” in Victorian Labor”. (Click here to read more)

At some stage, the federal Labor Party took control of the Victorian Labor Party which includes selecting candidates for federal seats and also the Senate. This obviously upset the branch stackers and various factions who previously controlled most of the selections.

Some of the biggest branch stackers in the Victorian Labor Party are Bill Shorten’s crime gang so they took legal action, to try and get back control of selecting candidates for federal seats and also the Senate, which has so far failed. The latest judgment is Diana Asmar taking legal action, in the Court of Appeal and losing, in her position as Secretary of the HSU Victoria No. 1 Branch. The branch trades as the Health Workers Union (HWU). The judgment is here:

Asmar v Albanese [2022] VSCA 19 (25 February 2022) (Click here to read the judgment) (Click here to see the other associated judgments)

They have since sought Leave to Appeal to the High Court of Australia and it was reported on Friday (25/3/22):

At a directions hearing in the High Court on Friday, Justice Stephen Gageler made an order that the special leave application be expedited and heard by Thursday next week, with the parties directed to file their submissions by early next week. (Click here to read more)

Who really controls the HSU Victoria No. 1 Branch (Health Workers Union (HWU))? 

The judgment name is very misleading because it should read Bill Shorten, Andrew Landeryou and David Asmar v Albanese as they are people who actually control the HSU Victoria No. 1 Branch and have done so since 2012. Diana Asmar is just the puppet fronting the union. If the matter had that name, which it should, it would make it much more obvious to the public what is really happening with the current blackmail attempt with false allegations of bullying.

These type of factional fights with Shorten and Landeryou, and their supporters, in the middle trying to bully and intimidate others in the Labor Party happens regularly although not normally this publicly. On the 6th of December 2016 I wrote an article titled: “Bill Shorten’s crime gang ignites civil war in the Labor Party and union movement” (Click here to read the article)

In the last few days, Bill Shorten’s allies have escalated a civil war in the Labor Party and union movement and it is now unavoidable that in the coming months it will explode. At the heart of the civil war is the ongoing fraud at the Health Services Union and now involves alleged fraud and misuse of credit cards by the National President Chris Brown and others to the tune of $140,000 over the last 2 1/2 years.

The $140,000 fraud was reported in Melbourne’s Herald Sun on Thursday (1/12/16) by corrupt journalist James Campbell who is a well-known propagandist for Shorten’s crime gang led by Andrew Landeryou, his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching, HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and her husband David Asmar. Landeryou and Senator Kitching would have been the ones who leaked the story to James Campbell.

It is payback for HSU President Chris Brown leaking information to News Corp journalist Brad Norington about the fraud, theft and criminal conduct by Landeryou, Kitching and the Asmar’s etc.

The payback is confirmed by newly appointed Labor Party staffer Peter Wicks who Tweeted a link to the article on Thursday then said:


This is happening at a time when it has just been reported that Bill Shorten’s good mate Victorian MP Cesar Melhem is being investigated by the Fair Work Commission for “corrupt deals struck as AWU head“. (Click here to read more)

Background – quick overview

  1. The Health Services Union has been victim to widespread fraud and theft by the management for years including former MP Craig Thomson, Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson.
  2. Diana Asmar, her husband David Amsar, Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching have been stealing member’s funds since 2012. (Click here to read more)
  3. This website has been writing about the crimes at the HSU since 2012. (Click here to read more)
  4. Since Kimberley Kitching became a Senator in October 2016 she has come under fire for her time as a manager at the HSU. In particular Brad Norington from News Corp and Ben Schneiders of The Age have written a number of stories.
  5. In the past Andrew Landeryou stalked and harassed journalists online if they wrote anything exposing his criminal conduct or the crimes committed by his friends using his Twitter account @landeryou. Since his wife became a Senator in October he has stopped Tweeting on Twitter.
  6. In October 2016 Federal MP Michael Danby says he employed internet nutter Peter Wicks. Mr Wicks has been doing Andrew Landeryou’s dirty work and using his Twitter account and website Wixxyleaks to attack journalists like Norington and Schneiders etc. (Click here to read the article)

The difference with this factional war is that it is Victorian Labor Party cronies versus Anthony Albanese and the federal Labor Party and it is possibly the last stand for Landeryou, Shorten and their crime gang so they are fighting like their political careers depends on it which it probably does.

Below is an interview I did with Diana Asmar on the 28th of August 2014 outside the Trade Union Royal Commission in Sydney after she gave evidence under oath. In the interview, I ask Asmar about the evidence she gave about Kimberley Kitching being appointed General Manager of the HSU Victoria No. 1 Branch even though she had no union experience and the fact that Kimberley Kitching wrote her own job description after she started as General Manager. Stop the video and read what I have written as it tells the story.

Not long after the above interview at the Trade Union Royal Commission criminal charges were recommended against Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching. I wrote in 2014:

In 2012 Bill Shorten had the HSU put into administration because of corruption. At the 2012 elections, he had his own cronies elected to power at the Victoria Number 1 Branch with the help of financing from union slush funds. Two of those key people Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching are now facing possible criminal charges along with 5 others from the branch. Ms Asmar and Mrs Kitching are also facing charges from the Fair Work Commission but are abusing the legal system to delay receiving any penalty. Diana Asmar is married to David Asmar who is also named in the submissions and Kimberley Kitching is married to known union fraudster and thief Andrew Landeryou who is a good friend of Bill Shorten’s. (Click here to read more)

When Kimberly Kitching was appointed as a Victorian Senator in 2016, after Stephen Conroy resigned, I wrote an article titled: Senator Kimberley Kitching – The fraudster and thief who takes federal parliament to a new low which starts off:

Federal parliament reaches a new low with the appointment of fraudster, thief and former bankrupt Kimberley Kitching to replace the retiring Senator Stephen Conroy. Kitching is so disliked in her own party she has failed on at least 3 other attempts to become a federal politician and that was even with the support of Bill Shorten.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realise how bad things are and Kimberley Kitching’s appointment will help many voters realise how bad the Labor Party are under Bill Shorten’s leadership.

Bill Shorten says in relation to Kimberley Kitching “she’s been fighting for the rights of workers for a long time” when the reality is that she has helped steal millions of dollars from the Victorian Number 1 Branch of the Health Services Union (HSU), also known as the HWU, who are some of the lowest-paid workers in Australia. Kitching is the new Craig Thomson of the federal Labor Party because like Thomson she stole from the HSU and like Thomason she will help destroy the Labor Party’s credibility at a federal level.

We’re getting 2 crooks for the price of one as her grubby husband Andrew Landeryou is guaranteed to land in Canberra and straight onto the public gravy train as one of Kitching’s advisors or office manager. Although the main thing Landeryou will be doing in Canberra is working out what scams to run to rip off the Australian public.

What makes Kimberley Kitching unique is that she is more despised in her own political party than the opposition.

Kimberley Kitching has a long criminal history. Some of her crimes are:

  1. She has been busted perjuring herself at the Trade Union Royal Commission and had criminal charges recommended against her in 2015. (Click here to read more)
  2. She was caught perjuring herself at the Fair Work Commission in 2015. (Click here to read more)
  3. She worked at the HSU for about 2 years (2012-2014) as general manager but never did anything except steal a wage of over $120,000 and use the Union’s resources in her attempts to enter parliament.
  4. Kitching also aided and abetted the looting of the Union by her husband Andrew Landeryou and the Union’s secretary Diana Asmar and her husband David Asmar. (Click here to read more)
  5. She was forced into bankruptcy after she and her husband stole millions from billionaire Solomon Lew. (Click here to read more)
  6. Kitching was meant to be the Company Secretary at one of her husband’s companies which went bankrupt but there were no financial records kept or they disappeared. (Click here to read more)
  7. Some people say that Kitching shouldn’t be criticised for what her husband does but she works as a crime team with her husband Landeryou and has to take a fair share of responsibility for their crimes.
  8. Kitching has distributed dirt sheets to defame other Labor Party candidates every time she has run for pre-selection. (Click here to read more) (Click here to read the full article)

Michael Danby has been another who has gone to the media demanding an inquiry into bullying. I wrote this in regards to Michael Danby in January 2017: Bill Shorten’s cronies charged by police for trying to rig a seat in 2016 Federal Election

Criminal charges have been laid against Bill Shorten’s crime gang for attempting to influence the outcome in Michael Danby’s seat of Melbourne Ports during the 2016 federal election. Danby just scraped over the line and was re-elected with preferences from The Greens.

This should not be a surprise given branch stacking is what allegedly allowed Bill Shorten to become a federal MP and there were allegations of vote-rigging when Shorten defeated Anthony Albanese in 2013 for the leadership of the Labor Party.

The people charged include Andrew Landeryou who is the husband of Senator Kimberley Kitching, David Asmar who is married to HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and Dean Sherriff who has a long criminal association with Andrew Landeryou. Also involved was George Droutsas but at this point, it is unknown if he has been charged.

The crimes relate to the early morning of the last federal election on the 2/7/16. I wrote about the incident then and said:

Bill Shorten and Andrew Bolt’s mate Andrew Landeryou and three other Labor Party and Union crooks were arrested in the early hours of election day for criminal offences undermining the election process trying to help federal MP Michael Danby. They are all good friends with Danby and Shorten. All four who were arrested have previously been involved in financial fraud, electoral fraud and/or theft at unions, councils and within the Labor Party.

Mr Landeryou and the other three were driving around election booths cutting down election posters belonging to the Liberal Party, The Greens and probably other candidates to benefit Labor federal MP Michael Danby. The four were arrested and released while the police continue their investigation. (Click here to read more) (Click here to read the full article)

Michael Dandy was on the 730 Report on the 21st of March 2022 arguing for an inquiry into bullying.

LAURA TINGLE: But those who argue the media shouldn’t be covering this story misunderstand that the story has been driven by the very family, friends and allies who were closest to her.

Among them is former long-serving MP Michael Danby, who spoke to 7.30 with the permission of Kitching’s husband, Andrew Landeryou. (Click here to watch the interview or read the transcript)

Laura Tingle allowed Michael Danby to go on the 7.30 Report and make allegations of bullying with no evidence, yet she did not ask Michael Danby about his dodgy association with Andrew Landeyou and David Asmar which is clearly relevant and a motive to lie about the bullying.

Old media propaganda and conspiracy

The old media seem incapable of asking basic questions such as where is the evidence of bullying and given there is no evidence what is motivating the people to make the complaint, do they have skin in the game and do they have a history of factional fighting. If the media asked those basic questions, then there would be no story. 

No one has produced any evidence of bullying and most of the media fail to mention basic facts such as the same people (Shorten, Landeryou, Asmar and Danby) calling for Albanese and the Labor Party to have an inquiry into bullying are also the same people who control the Victorian Number 1 Branch of the Health Services Union which is suing Albanese and the Labor Party.

The media also fail to mention the long history of fraud and theft by Bill Shorten’s crime gang.

What the old media are doing is jumping up and down saying bullying out loud, with no evidence and then demanding an inquiry in an attempt to embarrass Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party. And that is the script the media have been given by Bill Shorten’s crime gang who want to use it as a tool to intimidate the federal Labor Party into giving back the control of federal candidate nominations to the branch stackers such as Shorten’s crime gang.

A few journalists have pointed out that the bullying allegation is part of Bill Shorten’s factional war tactics but they haven’t given much detail in relation to the history of the players involved which underplays how disgusting it is for Bill Shorten’s crime gang to be doing what they are. Bill Shorten’s crime gang are more than prepared to help Scott Morrison retain power, at the expense of everyone else in the Labor Party, if it means they also retain their power in the Labor Party.

Scott Morrison and the government

Scott Morrison and the government are also using the situation to try to embarrass Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party and the old media are allowing them to do it but social media users are not buying it and I doubt the public is either. Every time Morrison raises the issue everyone remembers how poorly he has supported women and that he has even bullied quite a few women publicly.

There is no evidence bullying

I don’t vote Labor or for the Liberals/Nationals and I have just published a book about Australia’s corrupt Prime Ministers which recommends voting for independent candidates. But any time any faction in Australia’s largest political parties go on a destructive campaign so they can keep control of the power they have they are in fact attacking Australia’s democracy. At the moment a lot of people are blaming Scott Morrison, the government and the media for driving the campaign and they are totally missing the fact that it is Landeryou and Bill Shorten driving it and they should be held accountable.

I probably would not write about Kimberley Kitching and her past but her husband Andrew Landeryou, Bill Shorten and his friends keep on driving the issue and have politicised it which could have an impact on the federal election due in 2 months. So, on that basis, it could and should be discussed so we can see the bullying allegations are a political stunt that has no credibility and all the people involved should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. Brilliant article Shane. Exactly true. The effort to rewrite history and depict Kitching as Mother Therese should have been exposed by anyone with access to the internet – it wasn’t. A sad reflection on the mainstream media. Also, my question is – who is paying for Diane Asmar’s expensive legal battles against Albanese (including this week’s special leave application to the High Court) If the costs are being paid by her union I struggle to understand how these payments are authorised by the bodies governance documents. Time for a regulatory visit. Her union members are in the main part the most poorly paid in the country – if the union is paying – how dare this woman waste their funds in an attempt to further her factions vendettas.

  2. When I heard she’d died and the plaudits on her life, I immediately thought of your efforts over the years to expose her criminal history.
    She accused people of bullying her, yet she was one of Shorten’s thugs for years.

    • Can see why Australian Unions are on the decline, not only HSU fail to represent their members, look at history of SDA selling it’s members down the drain, SDA taken to FWA by one of it’s own members who had been granted a pay cut by her employer in conjunction with SDA. TWU accepted unexplained donations of $1.4m from big transport operators, now we read evidence via KCA of ALP connections to Fox/Murdoch, can see the logics of consideration given to independent candidates at upcoming federal election.

  3. When Kitching’s death started bullying claims you could see Shorten’s fingerprints all over it. He is so toxic to Labor I just feel unless he (and his cronies) are held to account there is not much hope for Labor to have stability either in or out of Government.

    It just goes to show the depths to which both parties have sunk…..LNP have taken corruption to a whole new level while Shorten et al continue to white ant their party. Neither deserve to be in government but unfortunately there is no alternative who could govern in their own right.

  4. Of all of your interesting articles this is up there with the best. Very interesting. I actually believed that Kitching was the “sweet, innocent” victim. I believed what the media was reporting. Unfortunately many Australian’s believe what the old media is reporting and not getting the full story. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Terry. I was astonished by the accolades being given to Kimberley Kitching as it triggered my memory of the KCA article that was at odds with the praise of her. It’s all very complicated, but a bloody good article just the same. Well done, and all praise to you for opening our eyes to all the collective corruption surrounding the Vic unions, politics and Federal Labor.

  5. Thank you, this is the report that every Australian should read, as you have put in extracts of the past. I am excited as the cards are falling faster than I expected. In Australia, we have more politicians than required. Councils have more people than required, and yet if you question anything, you are a conspirator, just to cause trouble. Our Courts are as corrupt as the rest of them. It is unfortunate that people have no time to look at things, or are to afraid to stand up and be counted. Thank you for being the brave one for all of us Australians.

  6. Your article has exposed many corrupt issues, many I was aware of, and others you enlightened me on.
    Albanese must certainly know what has been happening, also the Victorian premier Dan Andrews with the corruption in Victoria.
    If there is nothing to hide, why is Albanese fearing to hold an enquiry into the alleged bullying of Senator Kitching? Does he not want the truth to be known? Is it the three women accused of bullying are wielding a power of influence over Albanese? These are the questions being asked on social media at the present time and they need to be answered.

    Katy Gallagher as the ACT Minister for Health in 2010 was accused on many instances of bullying and attacking her staff who made complaints, she ignored those who gave advice, and failed to deal with any problems. She obviously doesn’t stand in a good stead with bullying.

    Only an enquiry will clear all these bullying issues and at the same time will expose all other Bill Shorten and his gangs corruption.

    • Why have an inquiry when the people making the complaint and claims don’t have a shred of evidence to support their claim? What would they investigate? Can you identify what bullying they would investigate?

      And if there is an inquiry how about investigating all the bullying Scott Morrison has been doing.

  7. As Linda says, brave writing. Many people do realise how most Labor leaders have let their followers down since Keating, but I have a feeling Albanese could be a turning point. Anyhow, we have no alternative. We were lucky to avoid Shorten last time and didn’t know, then, how ordinary Morrison was going to be. Proud of your KCA.

  8. I agree that it’s a problem when the MSM promote the Kimberley Kitching bullying narrative without any evidence for its basis. But what I can’t understand is why no-one is questioning the apparently widespread belief that her fatal heart attack was a direct result of her being bullied, without a shred of medical evidence to back it up.

  9. This article is so disappointing. I really thought Bill Shorten was an Honourable man who could be trusted. Now my previous beliefs have been thrown to kingdom come. The article also explains why Penny Wong, Kathy Gallagher and Kristina Keneally didn’t trust Kimberly Kitching. The aforementioned women are really switched on and must have known about her past questionable behaviour.
    Thank you Kangaroo Court for setting me straight with the truth that lies behind the alleged “Shorten’s Crime Gangs.”

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