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Liberal Party versus Labor Party. Are they both as corrupt as each other?

There is a very strong argument to be made that the Liberal Party and Labor Party are just as corrupt as each other and I will use some examples in this article. But even taken at its highest, there is one exception, and that is the Scott Morrison government which has taken corruption to a whole new level.

When you have a government that is rife with corruption their supporters always use the “they are just as bad as each other” line at election time hoping their supporters don’t desert them and you will see that now on social media and the propaganda media like News Corp etc. This election Liberal Party cronies are referencing old Labor Party corruption as if to say that negates the widespread corruption of the Scott Morrison government, but it doesn’t.

But firstly, let’s look at the “Liberal Party and Labor Party are just as corrupt as each other” argument. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Tweeted the below on Friday the 15th of April 2022:

“Corrupt federal governments are NOT NORMAL. Much as I disagreed with Howard, he wasn’t corrupt. We ran a clean Labor Govt for six years. Morrison’s govt abuses public money so often, so unapologetically, that it is normalised. If we want clean govt, we need a new Prime Minister.” (Click here to see on Twitter)

I will give you the tip, corrupt federal governments ARE NORMAL and any politician who says otherwise is corrupt because they are trying to hide corruption. I was planning this article before Rudd tweeted the above but right on cue, he has helped prove my point.

It seems that Kevin Rudd is preparing for a Federal ICAC that might also be able to investigate him and he is looking for support from another former Prime Minister, John Howard. I cover Kevin Rudd in my book The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers.


I will use 2 points to show how Kevin Rudd and John Howard corrupted the government with jobs for the boys which at the end of the day is financial fraud and theft by giving taxpayer money to their dodgy mates who didn’t deserve the high paid government jobs.

John Howard and his mate John Pascoe the Price Fixer

I know former Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe well and his name is all through my first book “Love Letters from the Bar Table“. He was not much more than a convicted criminal for massive price-fixing at George Weston Foods over many years. John Pascoe’s corporate career was all washed up when John Howard parachuted him into the role of Chief Federal Magistrate before another judgment regarding more price-fixing by George Weston Foods could be delivered which should have been the final nail in his career. In 2004 George Weston Foods was fined $1.5 million for attempted price-fixing and it had John Pascoe’s fingerprints all over it.

I published an article in 2011 titled “The handiwork of Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe – witness bribing, price-fixing, succumbing to blackmail to conceal a crime and lying to shareholders etc. Is there anything this man cannot do?”. A large part of the evidence for the allegations I made against John Pascoe comes from a court judgment which is a fascinating read. (Click here to read the article)

When you appoint someone like John Pascoe to head up a court then you are corrupting the whole court which John Howard had to of known.

Kevin Rudd and his mate Mike Kaiser the convicted vote rorter

Mike Kaiser resigned as an MP in the Queensland parliament in 2001 after being exposed in a vote-rigging rort:

“Mr Kaiser resigned from Queensland parliament in 2001 after admitting during the Shepherdson inquiry to involvement in vote rigging in Labor Party ballots in the 1980s.” (Click here to read more)

In 2009 Mike Kaiser was “gifted a $450,000 per annum parachute in his new role as the National Broadband Network’s “government relations” officer”. In February 2010 Prime Minister Keven Rudd told the media:

“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has defended the NBN Co recruitment process, saying it made an independent decision to hire Mike Kaiser as its government relations officer. At a press conference, Rudd told journalists he “defended completely the integrity of the [recruitment] process” of the company responsible for rolling out the Government’s $43 billion National Broadband Network (NBN).”

But it turned out that: “I suggested him [Kaiser] as a person of possible relevant experience,” Senator Stephen Conroy said.” and “Kaiser was the sole candidate and the job was not advertised.”. (Click here to read more) In other words a job for the boys routine.

What I have written about John Howard and Kevin Rudd above is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg showing both of them involved in corrupting the government of the day by employing crooks. They both would have done it hundreds if not thousands of times stacking the government with cronies the same as all Labor and Liberal Prime Ministers have done so it is fair to say that the Liberal Party and Labor Party are as corrupt as each other assuming you exclude Scott Morrison and his government. For Kevin Rudd to support John Howard does not help Howard but only damages Kevin Rudd’s reputation as it is a blatant lie.

Scott Morrison – A new level of corruption

The federal election reporting should have one focus and that is corruption because the other issues can never be addressed properly if they are undermined by corruption which is what regularly happens with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government. 

Federal MP Angus Taylor is a good example as he is the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction but he spends most of his time trying to rip the government off for himself and his friends. So, it doesn’t matter how good the government’s Energy and Emissions Reduction policies are or aren’t because they are getting undermined by a corrupt minister.

Scott Morrison’s front bench is as corrupt as they come – More smoking guns than a Clint Eastwood movie

It will take years before we truly understand and know just how corrupt Scott Morrison and his government ministers are and were in government but this recent article is a good start: “How much did Scott Morrison personally make from Australia’s failed submarine deal given he made sure his mates Peter Costello and David Gazard made $millions?

Scott Morrison and the federal government have all but ruled out ever having a federal ICAC and at least the Labor Party are promising to have one so they should get some credit for that although they had a chance under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to have a federal ICAC but failed to deliver. But I think Anthony Albanese should be believed when he says he will have an ICAC by the end of 2022 as he has promised but he could face at least a few issues that I will deal with in a minute.

In the below video Labor MP Jason Clare calls for a federal ICAC and he says: “There are more smoking guns on Scott Morrison’s front bench than you would find in a Clint Eastwood movie”

Anthony Albanese will not solve all corruption issues, but he will be a start and hopefully a good start

If Anthony Albanese wins government and introduces a federal ICAC he will still face internal opposition from the faceless men to water down the power of an ICAC. Labor politicians such as Bill Shorten and his crime gang, who flexed their muscle recently in Victoria, are not there because they are nice people who want to help others. They are there because they can see all the corruption, fraud and theft happening in the Scott Morrison government and they want some of the same if Labor wins power. That is going to be an issue for Anthony Albanese to deal with if he does win the election.

Who you vote for is up to you but I always declare who I vote for and as usual, I will be voting Independent at the election as I have done for numerous elections but I will be putting the Liberals/Nationals last solely based on corruption being the main issue as I have written about above. I’ll publish an article solely on Independents soon.

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    • Too simple by a country mile. That is the Trumpist viewpoint that validates blowing up government. Dowling’s voting declaration makes the most sense to me; attack the biggest corrupt body first and establish a Fed. ICAC to clean up bad government with Independents, Greens and Labor would be my approach.

    • Gary
      Self-interest is the only reason they enter into politics.
      No-one – not one single solitary person – objects to politicians getting a fullon lifetime package upon retirement or resignation. And THAT negates every other objection made by every voter. If that’s not an important issue to be knocked on the end then there is no valid argument.

  1. France 24 channel describes the concurrent French elections as a choice between a plague and a cholera. In my honest opinion, our own elections aren’t far off that either.

  2. They are all corrupt.

    But Morrison and his mob have taken it to an extreme level. And so blatant. AND I haven’t forgotten all the pollies who pursued and still pursue Bernard Collary. Not to mention Julian Assarge’s absolutely disgraceful treatment by Australian and other Governments.

    So the chances of any future ICAC having retrospective powers will be very slim. Too many skeletons. Everywhere.

    • Warren, all those people persueing Bernard Collaery have much to lose if he is exonerated – Woodside directors and officers (some big scalps there), former ASIO and ASIS senior officials, BOC (British Oxygen Co) which benefitted from the inert gasses in the stream from the Sunrise field – the Howard government ministers who negotiated unfairly with East Timor, to name just a few. Should Bernard Collaery win, East Timor will chase Oz for damages and lost royalties. So much hangs on this case.

    • The red and blue teams had decades to establish a federal ICAC, but decided not to do this. This shows you how weak they are. Now, because of their incompetence, corruption is out of control

  3. Since we getting drowned in lies and fake news on the MSM, I popped this in the Guardian comments. Y`know, the Guardian, bastion of honesty and truth, the cornerstone of democracy. It got deleted. And replies were threatened as well.

    ‘ Roscoe794—-Time to get serious if we are to break the stranglehold of Coalition lies. We get claims from Ministers, including the PM, that turn out to be false on examination. How about the media interviewers take a Bible with them and ask Scummo and Co to swear on the truth of their statements? Should they do so, and it`s later proved to be a confection, will all those Xians that support the Coal-ition withdraw their support? Or will they be proved to be false as well? Notice that members of the LNP have been breaking the commandments 5, 6, 7 and 8 already. So, let them put up or shut up.’ .

    I know media are running scared of defamation suits and lean over backwards to avoid offence, but gutless? Top marks, KCA for persevering.

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