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How much did Scott Morrison personally make from Australia’s failed submarine deal given he made sure his mates Peter Costello and David Gazard made $millions?

Scott Morrison’s mates Peter Costello and David Gazard have made $millions from Australia’s failed submarine deal with the French so the question has to be asked how much did Scott Morrison personally make. Has Scott Morrison been given cash, promised money down the track or promised future favours? 

It was reported last Friday that Defence officials estimated that the final cost of the cancelled submarine contract could be as high as $5.5 billion. 

I have been reporting on the Submarine matter since 2016 and it raises 3 key questions.

  1. How many Liberal Party cronies made money from the contract?
  2. How much did they make?
  3. And how did they manage to be involved to make money from the deal? 

Two Liberal Party cronies that we know made money from the deal are Scott Morrison’s mates Peter Costello and David Gazard so we only have to answer the last 2 questions for them. At this point we don’t know how much they made but given the size of the contract and the cancellation fee of $5.5 billion it can be safely assumed they made $millions and maybe tens of millions.

The final question is: How did Peter Costello and David Gazard manage to weasel their way into the deal? The answer is simple. Scott Morrison arranged for it and that is where a massive problem starts for Morrison, Costello and Gazard.

David Gazard with Scott Morrison’s help was employed, via his company ECG Advisory Solutions, by the French as an adviser in 2018 to help finalise the $90 billion submarine contract. Peter Costello was and still is one of the owners of ECG Advisory Solutions. (Click here to read more)

I make all the key points in the video and have followed up with this matter again because now we have a good idea of how much the scam will ultimately be at $5.5 billion and it is the first matter a federal ICAC should look at if introduced after the next federal election.

Peter Costello is one of the great fraudsters over the last few years organising massive fraud and theft from the government on behalf of himself and others including Morrison. He has also used his position as Chairman of media company Nine Entertainment to fundraise for the Liberal Party and make sure Liberal cronies are in senior editorial positions at the company. 

Peter Costello, David Gazard and Jonathan Epstein launch their firm ECG in 2011.

Peter Costello, David Gazard and Jonathan Epstein launch their firm ECG in 2011.

For whatever reason, no other media are asking the questions that need to be asked such as the ones I have above. 

I have fully detailed the Submarine scam, with company searches etc, involving Scott Morrison, Peter Costello and David Gazard in my recently published book “The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers”. (Click here to read more) And it is that book where the new federal ICAC should start if Labor win and follow through with establishing a federal ICAC.

This is only a short article but the video above goes for 8 minutes and I had to write it because no other media are which should concern every Australian. The original Submarine deal was rushed so they could have an announcement about the number of jobs they would create in Adelaide to help the coalition win the 2016 election but then Liberal Party cronies moved in to make as much money as they could from it. 

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  1. Story seems to align itself with recent events that have surfaced with Hillsong and Tourism Australia escerpades…a common denominator…what a coincidence..

  2. I’m reminded of the web of mates and favours often disclosed whenever there’s an ICAC inquiry. I’m also mindful of that great phrase used to describe issues whenever things aren’t as transparent or as clear as they could be:

    It’s only a rort if you’re not in on it

    • Yes I do. Scomo is the most mendacious, crooked, dishonest PM ever to have been inflicted on this country by deluded halfwits. I was astounded at the number of loons who defended his Hawaiian holiday as the country burned to a cinder. It is even more disgraceful that not one cent of the $5+bn fund has yet been distributed to the 2019 fire victims and I’ll bet the flood victims will be as poorly treated. I hope this is reflected at the ballot box. At least 20 years in the wilderness is needed before the IPALiars are given oxygen again

  3. It’s for this and other associated matters that a Federal ICAC and, dare I say, a Royal Commission into the whole period of the current prime ministers tenure, must be established. This IMHO

  4. We simply must have this followed through. No one who benefits from a loss to the Commonwealth must be allowed to escape scrutiny and answer for their actions.

  5. What gets me is that a South African prime minister was put in prison accepting a ~$30,000 bribe from Thales for a $2 billion contract. This story made international headines.

    We have spent over $5 billion, and we do not know how much money Liberal Party-associated people have received. The mainstream Australian media are not reporting this. South Africa is commonly perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world but this comparison would suggest that Scott Morrison would not have gotten away with this in a country like South Africa. Moreover, South Africa actually received some military hardware for the money they spent. Not a single person in Australia has received anything from Thales but a few Liberal Party cronies.

  6. Well it may sound bad but I am sure any economists will tell you that this has increased Australia’s GDP proving that the LNP are the best economic managers.. Yes I am being sarcastic.

  7. I cannot believe that when non LNP politicians as well as journalists discuss the failure to implement an ICAC that they do not clearly state that the LNP’s intention is to have one that will allow their corruption to continue unimpeded. A “toothless tiger” preventing investigation of politician’s corruption and if done to be behind closed doors! We’ve had the Bernard Collaery – Witness K matter held in secret. Instituted by Porter. Now they want a secret ICAC if any of them are investigated!

  8. Australian ministers and politicians never hesitate to call politicians and ministers from poorer nations corrupt. But compared to Australian ministers and politicians corruption, they are very nominal. 6 Billion dollars worth of tax payers money lost for the incompetency of some crooked politicians, yet no accountability. What a farce!

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