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The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers by Shane Dowling

My third book The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers will be published on the 28th of February 2022 and is available now at Amazon (Click here), Booktopia (Click here), The Book Depository (Click here) and in the US  Barnes & Noble (Click here). As other online bookshops add the book for sale, I will update this article with the links. The front cover and back cover are below. My first 2 books are on the book page. (Click here)

Back cover

At this point the book is only available in paperback as one of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s staffers has a history of illegally sharing eBooks to 1000’s of people which he did to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s book a few years ago and Malcolm Turnbull was forced to take legal action. That’s a true story and even more reason why you should buy my new book.

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  1. Crime syndicates take control of company’s steal or sell its assetts and run up massive debts and the share holders nothing. These two syndicates are unparrelled in their criminal activities A trillon dollars stolen and not even a plastic sub for the bath but the Australian shareholders (citizens) will have a debt over trillion dollars to repay and few assetts worth anything . These syndicates and members and affilates should be treated like any other criminal gang and all assetts frozen and confiscated

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