Scott Morrison gets help, to cover up his corruption and dodgy past, from Amazon and its billionaire owner Jeff Bezos and CEO Andy Jassy

Scott Morrison is getting help from Amazon owner and chairman Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy to stop selling the new book “The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers” to try and conceal Morrison’s corruption and dodgy past that the book exposes which is in breach of the law.

With the federal election due by May 2022 the last thing Morrison wants is his corruption being an election issue which the book will help make an election issue if it gets some sales traction before the election. 

Scott Morrison’s fingerprints are all over Amazon’s decision to stop selling my new book only a few hours after they started selling it on Tuesday (22/2/22).

This would put Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Amazon in breach of Australian common law in relation to the implied freedom of political communication as per the 1997 High Court of Australia judgment Lange v ABC. The reason is that it is blatantly obvious the book is communication with voters about government corruption only a few months before a federal election which is protected communication.

The key evidence against Morrison is firstly, Morrison has a history of manipulating and silencing the media, and secondly, Amazon are refusing to answer questions, as per the below email to the media division, even after they initially responded to my complaint on Twitter.

Scott Morrison has spent the last few weeks attacking the Labor Party and their leader Anthony Albanese on national security and leadership issues which has kept corruption issues out of the public eye. But that has failed going by Tuesday’s poll (22/2/22) showing “voters cut support for Scott Morrison” over the last couple of weeks.

So, the last thing Morrison wants is to be fighting an election with government corruption issues being front and centre which the book does as it is totally focused on corruption which would be a motivator for Morrison’s office approaching Amazon to undermine the sale of the book.

The same routine happened with Amazon when I published my second book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” in September 2020. That book was for sale on Amazon for about 3 days over a weekend when Amazon pulled it from sale on the following Monday for a few days. I have never received a complaint about the book, and it has been on sale since although Amazon has done strange things a few times.

Both books have a picture of Scott Morrison on the front cover which is why Morrison would have to be the number one suspect and then add Morrison’s history with the media and Amazon’s refusal to respond then I have a strong circumstantial case against Morrison.

The book went up on Amazon on Monday the 21st of February for pre-orders as it had a publication date of the 28th of February. I published an article late on the Monday night to promote it. (Click here to see) Sales started going well and it reached number 28 in book sales the following morning and in a number of categories it was higher such as Law where it was number 1 as per the below picture. 


When a book is making a lot of sales and it is high in the rankings for books and various categories it gets more promotion on Amazon so sales will increase even more. All of a sudden on the Tuesday morning Amazon started showing “Out of Stock”, as per the below picture, which was a lie because it is print on demand which means the book is printed when a sale is made so it can’t be “out of stock” and at that point Amazon was only taking pre-orders for the 28th of February publication date.

By stopping sales or reducing sales Amazon was making sure the book sold less and also went down the rankings and therefor received less promotion.

So I sent Amazon the below email at 10.44am on Tuesday the 22nd of February:

Sent: Tuesday, 22 February 2022 10:44 AM
To: pressoffice@amazon.com.au
Subject: Media request – Amazon in breach of Australian Constitution by infringing on the implied freedom of pollical communication

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a journalist and publish a website and have a few questions for an article:

  1. Can you confirm that someone from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office contacted Amazon and asked/demanded that Amazon stop selling the new book “The Jerilderie Letter Part Two: Australia’s Corrupt Prime Ministers” which is on you website here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/0648890910?
  2. Can you explain why Amazon was selling the book this morning but suddenly stopped selling at about 10am Queensland time and put the message “Temporarily out of stock” on the books page which is not true?
  3. Are you aware the book is political communication and Amazon is breaching the law and Australian Constitution by infringing on the implied freedom of political communication as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC.
  4. You also did a similar thing when I published my second book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” in September 2020. Was that also because of a call from Scott Morrison’s office to stop selling the book? If not, why was it? I note after a few days of not selling it in 2020 you started selling the book again and have done since.

Please respond by 5pm today so I can publish.


Shane Dowling

Amazon responded the following morning at 8.14am and said: “I confirm that we have not received any requests to stop selling this book. As this book appears to be published by XXXXXXXXX, we ask that you speak to the publisher about the issue.”

(I am the publisher, they mistook the printer for being the publisher) 

By about 10am the book was back to normal and again taking pre-orders. Then at 12am Sunday night when the date changed to the 28th of February and pre-orders stopped it went back to saying, “out of stock” and that they were selling the book on behalf of the UK Amazon website. Then prices went up and the buy button went etc. It was game on, so I sent Amazon another email. (Click here to see the full email chain with Amazon’s Press Office)

I also Tweeted a message to Amazon’s owner and Chairman Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy as per below:

(Click here to see the full tweet on Twitter)

They didn’t respond to the above Tweet but did eventually start selling the book again today (2/3/22) from Australia at the normal price but are now saying “Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months” which again is a lie. Why do my other two books on Amazon from the same print on demand service say “Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 days”. (Click here to see on Amazon – scroll down to the second lot of pictures)

Amazon have been caught out badly lying and deceiving. If the problem was with my printer why have Amazon jumped all over the place like they have and given they have continued to do it after I contacted Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy it says they know they have permission to act like that at least in Australia. If Amazon were to do the same in the US I’m sure they would be in a lot of trouble. 

I have also added to the list of sellers and will add more in the future and they have not had the same issues as Amazon. The current list is: Amazon (Click here), Booktopia (Click here) and in the US Barnes & Noble (Click here).

The reason it is important to take the battle to Amazon and hold them to account is because if they get away with it then Morrison will move onto the other bookshops like he did for my second book. 

The book is there to shine a light on corruption and also to help fund this website which is a news/media website and with Morrison trying to stop my latest book then that says I am doing something right. If anyone had a genuine claim to stop the book then they could sue for defamation or at least complain to me and neither has happened and Amazon have in effect admitted that by continuing to sell the book although they have been trying to undermine it.

Scott Morrison and the government try and control all media including the TV stations. papers, radio and internet media such as Google and Facebook so it should be no surprise they also try and undermine the sale of books that expose their corruption.

What is the benefit to Amazon to help Scott Morrison? Maybe tax breaks for setting up in Australia and maybe they made $millions from JobKeeper etc. Or do Amazon have government supply contracts they want to grow? Or maybe Morrison threatened Amazon with legislation like he did with Google and Facebook. 

The best thing people can do to help is promote the book as much as possible as the book cover tells a story in itself and by sharing this article as the attempt to silence the truth written by a journalist about Morrison’s corruption is very telling. And to continue to buy the book and if there are issues email me and I’ll keep putting the blow torch on Amazon, and others if need be, as much as possible. 

Update – Wednesday (2/3/22) 1.03 pm: Amazon are back playing their games again because the book was going back up the rankings and was sitting at number 14 in books and number 1 in Law. They have put the price back up and are only selling it on behalf of Amazon in the US and the buy button has gone so you have to navigate the page by hitting a couple of buttons to buy it instead of one. (Click here to see a screenshot) (Click here to see a screenshot of the rankings)

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  1. When one looks closely, one can see the corruption throughout organizations like amazon, google etc with their manipulated info/results. But very few people look closely… even when you tell them how and where to look they still cannot see it.

    But this is a well-documented example, I will most certainly use it to demonstrate to the blind people how the system really works.

    • Scott Morrison is seeking to introduce internet censorship legislation to codify what he and Amazon have done to you. The legal silencing of dissent. Soviet Australia is now a reality. The gulags have been built in Brisbane and Melbourne ready for political dissidents.

    • It should cost $44 which as it is on Amazon. They all set their own prices though. Amazon did put the price up and were playing games but after some pressure on social media and via emails they have gone back to the normal pricing.

      I notice this morning after I posted the above article that they changed the book’s page from “usually dispatched in 1 to 2 months” to now saying “usually dispatched in 2 to 5 weeks”. So people sharing this article does put pressure on them to stop acting in such a corrupt manner but that doesn’t mean they won’t try it again.

      Update – Wednesday (2/3/22) 1.03 pm: Amazon are back playing their games again because the book was going back up the rankings and was sitting at number 14 in books and number 1 in Law. They have put the price back up and are only selling it on behalf of Amazon in the US and the buy button has gone so you have to navigate the page by hitting a couple of buttons to buy it instead of one.

      Click here to see the screenshot: https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Amazon-12-40pm-2-3-22.jpg

      Click here to see a screenshot of the rankings: https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Amazon-Rankings-1.03pm-2-3-22.jpg

  2. What happened to freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to read whatever you want, freedom to search & read any internet sight, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc, Since the internet powerhouses became so powerful, they decide our freedoms by censoring anything that they decide is not in agreement with the rules they make. And now we have political leaders & their ilk put pressure on these internet powerhouses to withhold anything that affects their political power.
    When will the powers that be take the necessary legal action to stop this censorship & return our Freedoms ?????????? People power is resolution ! Shane you are the prime example of this resistance. All power to you !

  3. I have ordered it it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to me. Probably paid too much but can’t wait to get it. Keep up the good work Shane and stay vigilant

  4. I have received a “delivery estimate update” email from Amazon to say I can expect delivery between March 21 and April 20. The $44 has already gone out of my Credit/Paypal account. Really looking forward to reading it … in the meantime I am going to order Australia’s Pedophile Racket by Shane

    • Hi, can you update here when it arrives? Amazon is now saying “FREE delivery: 30 March – 7 April”. Other bookshops such as Booktopia are saying 10 to 15 days which is about right for Australia post.

  5. Just ordered your book Shane from Amamzon.
    Cost $49.95 I dont care I just want it only because they try to stop it.
    It’ll take until the end of this month ot be delvered.
    We shall see..
    Jojo H.

  6. Just ordered from AmazonAU, $44 with free delivery…
    Tuesday, March 22 –
    Friday, April 1

    Kevin GC

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