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Peter Dutton handed over $82 million of taxpayer’s money to another dodgy company and his alleged cokehead friend made money selling cars to the same company

Peter Dutton has again been exposed for alleged corruption. This time in a video by YouTuber Friendlyjordies (4/3/22) that also involves allegations of sex parties and cocaine use and supply by friends of Peter Dutton. Certain allegations raised in the video were also put to Federal LNP candidate Ryan Shaw who resigned not long after the allegations were put to him in writing. 

Yet Peter Dutton refuses to answer any questions and the old media refuse to report on the matter which again points to media bias only a few months before a federal election.

A quick overview of the Friendlyjordies video

Peter Dutton is friends with Eddie Kocwa who owns SCD Remanufactured Vehicles and Dutton even did an ad for his business. (Click here to see the ad)

When Peter Dutton was Home Affairs Minister he gave a company based in Papua New Guinea called NKW Holdings, who had major financial problems, a suspicious $82 million government contract to look after refugees. NKW Holdings then bought cars from Eddie Kocwa’s company SCD Remanufactured Vehicles which seems to be a money laundering scheme being run by Peter Dutton for money fraudulently stolen from the government.

Eddie Kocwa is also alleged to have had sex parties, with prostitutes, at his business premises with pictures of cocaine use etc. One former employee of Eddie Kocwa was Federal LNP candidate Ryan Shaw, so Friendlyjordies put questions to him in writing and he resigned as the LNP candidate a few days later although he denied attending the sex parties.

On the 23rd of February 2022 it was reported: “Federal LNP candidate pulls out of Brisbane race citing mental health”

The Liberal National Party candidate for Queensland’s most marginal federal seat has withdrawn from the running just months out from the election. Ryan Shaw, an army veteran vying for the inner-Brisbane seat of Lilley, announced on social media late on Wednesday that he had made the “difficult decision” to pull out to focus on his mental health. (Click here to read more)

Eddie Kocwa on the far left at SCD Remanufactured Vehicles with someone snorting a substance off the bar

Eddie Kocwa on the far left at SCD Remanufactured Vehicles with someone snorting a substance off the bar

Friendlyjordies published the below video on Friday (4/3/22) titled The Baddest MP: Dutton

The fact that Dutton refuses to answer questions is very disturbing so we can only assume he has a lot to hide. The above video raises a lot of questions regarding possible fraud and theft by Peter Dutton which when added to the article I wrote in October 2020 titled “Federal MP Peter Dutton covers up $39 million fraud and theft at the Australian Border Force” says Peter Dutton is one of the first people that should be investigated by a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Another question the above video raises: Does Dutton snort cocaine and was he at the sex parties?

Peter Dutton is Australia’s Defence Minister and is clearly unfit to be negotiating the $billion defence contracts that he is. With the old media so far refusing to report on the allegations in the above video it looks like the federal election will be a battle between the old media propaganda and new media truth.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Dutton is an amazing survivor. I don’t think he will be around much longer. The lid is starting to lift on him and he will have to slither off to avoid too much scrutiny. It seems to me that LNP politicians can get away with anything they like. If this information came out about a labor politician we would never hear the end of it. The media is so corrupt that they don’t even report it.

  2. Business as usual here in Oz…interesting that AFP failed to respond to questions. Same organisation that was found by the Commonwealth Ombudsman of breaching metadata regulations thousands of times, action taken into same breaches>zilch.

    • Got to the stage that it’s to painful to watch ABC Insiders, since the retirements of Mr Cassidy and Mr O’Brien 7.30, it’s more important for ABC journos to appease their LNP masters, the propaganda machine was on overdrive with Dutton, rehashing the old McCarthyism fear campaign, how anyone could consider voting for Dutton makes you really wonder about Australia’s future, week end AFR features a LNP senator spruiking he’s in Washington visiting CIA and NSA agencies, usual fear campaign, China N Korea Iraq, all coming to get us…

  3. The absence of the Fourth Estate in this blatant act of alleged corrupt behaviour is incredible to say the least. Most journalists in Australia would be aware of this but no one picks it up!
    Imagine this happening fifteen years ago….how much has democracy suffered in this country under Murdoch’s control of the media.

  4. Whether you start from the top or the bottom, with the Coal-ition, it`s rot and corruption all the way. If a Federal ICAC ever gets created, I can see it with a decade`s work ahead of it.

  5. Thanks again for the heads up. It looks like Friendlyjordies has taken over the role of the
    (now to scared to investigate government corruption) underfunded ABC’s 4 Corners program. Based on this FJ episode, they have done a very good job filling in for it too.
    It is very concerning to yet again hear of the shortfalls, gross negligence, & what appears to be another deliberate coverup of government corruption by the AFP. It’s even more concerning that the mainstream media has not reported on these allegations even after Friendlyjordies & the Kangaroo Court of Australia has put it out there for all to see.
    It definitely is the right call to have a Royal commission into the ineffective & morally corrupt Australian media. A Royal commission into a no longer independent, partisan & potentially corrupt AFP wouldn’t be a bad move either. The comparisons between how it investigates claims of corruption against the A LP, the union movement and this corrupt Coalition governments says it all.
    It will be interesting to see if the known defamation warrior Peter Dutton launches a defamation claim against Friendlyjorries for these damming & very serious claims made against him and his pals. Far more likely, Dutton will continue avoiding the issue and sweep it all under the AFP & Coalition government’s carpet of systemic corruption.

  6. What will it take? Really! IMHO, the “SHE’LL BE RIGHT” attitude by the Australian people will just not suffice anymore. The propaganda machine in Australia under the guise of mainstream media is now totally out of hand. It smacks of the 1930s-1940s in Germany. Further and IMHO, the questionable behaviour and activities of the current federal government with our Australian taxpayers money, must NOW at all cost, be made fully transparent and personally accountable (ministers).These matters and individual issues can only be addressed with a number of Royal Commissions, into Australian media ownership, into the pandemic response and vaccine rollout, etc. and by the establishment of a Federal ICAC with REAL “teeth”. These RCs and federal ICAC MUST be preceded with the removal of this current totally dysfunctional federal government. This is what it will take as a bare minimum.

  7. I hope that the ALP is throwing all it can to deseat Spud the Dud from his seat at up coming election, he and the entire COAL-ition mafia need to have the WA treatment imposed on them. They’ll only have enough to meet in a broom closet!!!

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