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Clive Palmer, the United Australia Party and Russian propagandist and fraudster Simeon Boikov, aka The Aussie Cossack, highjack the Australian Freedom movement

Clive Palmer and people like Simeon Boikov, aka The Aussie Cossack, have highjacked the anti-Covid / anti-lockdown rallies over the last six months or so to build support bases for their own agendas which have nothing to do with anti-Covid, anti-lockdown and or freedoms. The anti-Covid / anti-lockdown rallies recently merged into the “Canberra Freedom Convoy” in February 2022 which had different groups raising at least 10 different issues.

The people protesting in Canberra in February continually talked about fake news and fake media which I agree with, and have I written about many times but what the Canberra Freedom Rally had was fake leaders and until that is addressed it leaves it open for other protests to be hijacked as well.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I could have written about the anti-corruption elements raised at the Canberra Rally, which I do support, but I decided against that. The reason I did not support or promote the Canberra Freedom Rally is because with some quick research the fake leaders stood out a mile away and I wasn’t going to promote them in any way. It also raises the question why the self-proclaimed independent media that have been covering the various rallies over the last 12 months or more have never written about the fake leaders but have instead help promote them.

Not only have the so-called Rally leaders committed fraud, including financial fraud, on their own supporters but they have totally undermined, if not destroyed, the movement they claim to support and lead. I must say I have not watched every leader of the different protest movements that were in Canberra so there might be some decent ones there. But the highest profile ones were no leaders at all.

The prime example I will use in this article to prove what I have just said is Simeon Boikov, The Aussie Cossack, who has been a propagandist for Russian President Vladimir Putin for years and in the last few weeks has spent almost all of his time defending Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and attacking anti-war protestors. Mr Boikov has been raising money from the anti-vaxxer / anti-lockdown / freedom movement to promote their cause as well as pay his legal bills and it seems that the money he raised is now being spent to help support and promote Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

Simeon Boikov – The Aussie Cossack

Simeon set up a YouTube channel years ago to promote his propaganda and it wasn’t very successful. Then in February 2021 the Four Corners TV show broadcast a story, as outlined below, exposing Simeon Boikov’s links to alleged terrorists etc. Not long after the NSW Police issued a Firearm Prohibition Order against Simeon so they could search his house and car at any time.

Simeon filmed the police searches and uploaded them to YouTube. The police also issued various fines against Simeon for breaching various Covid restrictions which attracted the anti-covid and anti-lockdown crowd to his YouTube channel. I doubt many, if any, knew about Simeon’s links to alleged terrorists and his love of Putin and they just thought the police were harassing him because of Covid.

Simeon realised playing to the anti-covid and anti-lockdown supporters was a way to grow his following and raise money, so he started showing up to the rallies that had been going for over a year. At one rally in Sydney, he paid for rental of the PA system and stage for the rally on behalf of the organisers on the basis that he could be MC which he was. At about the same time Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party offered the same deal to organisers of other rallies on the basis that the United Australia Party’s Craig Kelly could address the rallies.

Boikov never hid who he really was, as you can see below it has not been hard for me to put the pieces together, but the people at the anti-covid and anti-lockdown rallies never bothered to check who he really was. A prime example is a petition was set up in August 2021 to “Rescind the FPO against Simeon Boikov!” which says:

Simeon Boikov is an up and coming citizen journalist who has quickly garnered mass public support showing the heavy handed tactics the police are employing to instill fear and stifle any free speech.

The police have targeted Simeon Boikov due to his gaining popularity for his youtube videos and live streams. (Click here to read more)

The petition is a lie as it makes no mention of Simeon’s links to alleged terrorists etc as being the reason the police took out the Firearm Prohibition Order against Simeon. I’m no fan of the NSW Police, as I have been harrassed by them as well, but if you look at the evidence below they had little choice but to take out the Firearm Prohibition Order against Boikov because he is a nutter that thinks it’s a good idea to take happy snaps with alleged terrorists and happy snaps of him dressed up in a Russian Army uniform with rifles etc.

Before Boikov started getting support from the anti-covid and anti-lockdown crowd on YouTube he would have been lucky to have a few thousands followers but he has managed to grow it fast to just over 153,000 followers. But over the last few weeks some of his supporters have started to turn on him for supporting Putin. But Boikov wouldn’t care because even if he loses 90% of the 153,000 followers he is still ahead of where he would be without the anti-covid and anti-lockdown crowd and he has raised money from them to support Putin which has always been his main game.

Below is Simeon’s Boikov’s unit being raided by NSW police about 8 months ago. Simeon calls the retirees next door “dogs” which is similar to the names he calls retired Russians in another video below.

If someone is taking happy snaps with international terrorists and holding riffles and uploading them to the internet, then they should expect to be raided.

Simeon Boikov - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Simeon’s background

Simeon Boikov is an Australian with Russian heritage, and he has been active in supporting and promoting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Australia. It was reported in November 2021:

Simeon Boikov was born in 1990 to a Russian speaking household in the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia. His father is a Russian Orthodox Priest and Boikov cites his Russian Orthodox faith as a central part of his Cossack identity. He speaks of Russia with spiritual reverence, and says he fully supports the traditional values currently being promoted by the Russian government. His family succeeded in preserving the Russian language and raised their children to love Russia. “We never felt ourselves to be Australian, we were aliens there. I consider myself to be a Russian.” says Simeon Boikov. A period of study in the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, which Simeon undertook in 2008 was massive turning point for the ‘Aussie’ Cossack in more ways than one. (Click here to read more)

Boikov has been running a YouTube channel for a number of years promoting his exploits and supporting Russia and Putin. The ABC’s Four Corner’s program broadcast a show in February 2021 titled “Putin’s Patriots” which focused on “the rise of a cluster of pro-Moscow organisations with ties to the Kremlin, establishing chapters in Australia” that gave Simeon Boikov a substantial amount of airtime which exposed Simeon Boikov for being a Putin propagandist. 

Simeon Boikov on the ABC’s Four Corners episode “Putin’s Patriots” on the 15th of February 2021 – (Click here to read more or click here to watch the program)

Part of the transcript from the above video:

In 2018, Simeon Boikov told a Russian media outlet  

“…we have a unique opportunity to support Russia from within an enemy state.” 

He was referring to Australia. He said Cossacks in Australia could –  

“…pursue a pro-Russian position, lobby politicians and members of parliament, oppose anyone who lies about Russia, attacks Russia or imposes sanctions. Basically, they can wage an information war.”  Transcript end.

Anyone investigating Simeon Boikov in recent times would have started with watching “Putin’s Patriots” but for some reason no one in the Freedom Rally / anti-vax movement who have been supporting Simeon Boikov, over the last 6 months or so, have watched the show or if they have, they have not spoken about it. Neither has the so-called independent journalists who show up to the rallies and ask for donations every five minutes like Avi Yemini who is another big promoter of Simeon Boikov. 

But the number one thing I got from the Four Corners show was that Simeon Boikov’s greatest claim to fame is that he thought it would be a great idea to take a happy snap with Igor Girkin (see below picture), one of the pro-Russian separatist leaders accused of responsibility for the downing of MH17 passenger jet, killing all 298 passengers and crew, including 38 Australians. Simeon Boikov defends Igor Girkin and claims he is innocent. How would Boikov know? 

Simeon Boikov (left) visited Igor Girkin, one of the pro-Russian separatist leaders accused of responsibility for the downing of MH17 passenger jet, killing all 298 passengers and crew, including 38 Australians. (Picture from the ABC’s Four Corners episode “Putin’s Patriots”)

Simeon Boikov, The Aussie Cossack, promotes the physical assault and jailing of peaceful Russians protesting in Sydney against Russian President Vladimir Putin

But even if Simeon Boikov’s supporters claim they have not watched the ABC’s Four Corners episode “Putin’s Patriots” and they didn’t know about his support for Putin and Igor Girkin etc they could have found other disturbing evidence of Boikov’s lies and anti-freedom views coming from his own mouth on his own YouTube channel. The same YouTube channel that his followers watch.

The below video is from Simeon Boikov’s YouTube channel and shows Simeon Boikov harassing Russian protestors in January 2021 criticising Russian President Vladimir Putin and his jailing of Russian Anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny. The actual politics in Russia is not the issue with the below video it is what Simeon Boikov says that exposes him for being a fraud when it comes to the Freedom rallies.

How can Boikov keep a straight face when he supports a dictator like Putin, says his critics should be beaten up and jailed and then claim he supports Australia’s freedom movement. The only conclusion that anyone can come to is that Boikov is a compulsive liar.

It’s worth noting that Boikov was wearing a mask in the above video which was filmed before he started playing to the anti-vaxxer / anti-lockdown crowd and refusing to wear a mask claiming he has an exemption. He is also wearing a Russian army uniform in Sydney. Why? I understand that he has never been part of any army. 

Some of the comments made by Simeon Boikov in the above video:

At 2.26 Boikov yells at the protestors says: Give up your Russian citizenship. You are traitors to the motherland.

At 6.10 Boikov says “the people behind us (the protestors) are traitors. They have Russian passports and they get Russian pensions, they get Russian government money, they use Russia when it is good for them.”

The above video is important because it shows that Boikov is a hypocrite when it comes to pretending he supports real freedoms the Australian Freedom rallies claim to support. Also, in the above video you can see Boikov attacking Russians which proves Boikov is not pro-Russian. He is only pro-Putin who is a dictator.

Who made who? The Canberra Freedom Rally

Most of the above is about proving Boikov is a fraud who has used the Australian Freedom rallies for his own agenda of growing his supporter base and raising money he is now using to promote and support Putin. But who helped him get there and what is their responsibility?

In February 1000’s of protesters went to Canberra to protest many issues with a key promotional part being the “Canberra Freedom Convoy”. I watched parts and there were too many self-appointed leaders with too many agendas, so it did not achieve much. But numerous people used it to build their own profiles and raise money for their own causes.

One of the stunts that received a lot of media and social media attention was when federal MP Craig Kelly from the United Australia Party took a group of people into parliament (as per the below picture), wrote a letter of demands and delivered it to the Prime Minister’s office. One of the people taken into parliament was Simeon Boikov which drew criticism, given Boikov’s propaganda for Putin and terrorist links, in the media and which Craig Kelly defended.

Mr Boikov, an Australian citizen, was entitled to enter Parliament and would have been able to do so freely but for COVID restrictions, Mr Kelly argued. (Click here to read more)

If Craig Kelly knows Simeon Boikov so well, he would know that Boikov is a fan of alleged terrorist Igor Girkin as per the above picture and Four Corners report. Kelly would also know Simeon Boikov has been using the Freedom movement for his own agenda yet he still took him into parliament.

But Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party will jump into bed with anyone as they have their own agenda and are using the Freedom rallies for votes to help keep the Liberal/National government in power to protect Clive Palmer’s $billions invested in coal mines and other fossil fuels.

Craig Kelly, Simeon Boikov (far right) and Graham Hood (Second from Right) in Parliament House February 2022.

The United Australia Party have criticised Putin for invading Ukraine and kicked one candidate out for supporting Putin, but they have not criticised Simeon Boikov because they don’t want to upset his followers and possibly lose votes which shows how morally bankrupt the United Australia Party are.

Juice Media have done a video (28/2/22) with many of the lies of the United Australia Party are currently telling as per below:

Another self-appointed leader in the above picture is Graham Hood who seems to support anyone and everyone who will help boost his profile. In the above picture Graham Hood is second from the right sitting down and he is with Craig Kelly and Simeon Boikov and also when in Canberra Graham Hood introduced One Nation Senator Malcom Roberts as a hero of his as per below:

The key part about Graham Hood is that he is another one that has helped Simeon Boikov build his profile and fraudulently raise money and Hood has refused to say anything about Boikov’s terrorist connections and support for Putin etc.

In fact, none of the high-profile leaders that I know of from the anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdown and freedom movement have condemned Boikov for his blatant fraud and theft of money from the supporters which shows what fraudsters they all are. 

As part of Simeon Boikov’s propaganda he has being saying the invasion if Ukraine is because they are Nazi’s but another YouTuber, Alternate Media Watchers, has done a video which he says shows Simeon Boikov’s links to Nazi’s in Australia. (Click here to watch)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Simeon Boikov it has also been uncovered that he allegedly ripped off his Grandmother who has a current court case before the Supreme Court of NSW, Prime Capital Securities Pty Ltd v Boikov [2021] NSWSC 1608 (10 December 2021), where she has claimed “the undue influence of her grandson” forced her to enter an agreement which could see her lose her house.

“The property is her home of some decades.” and Prime sues as the registered first mortgagee named in the mortgage granted by Mrs Boikov over the property to secure her obligations as a guarantor, guaranteeing the performance by her grandson, Simeon Boikov, of his obligations under a loan agreement pursuant to which the sum of $450,000 was advanced to him on 19 December 2019. The borrower defaulted on the terms for repayment and by letter dated 9 October 2020, Prime demanded payment by Mrs Boikov of the sum of $518,574.20 then due under the terms of the guarantee. (Click here to read the judgment)

So, what the supporters of the Freedom Movement have to believe is that none of the leaders who have been helping to promote Simeon Boikov knew of his fraud, links to terrorists, why the police were really searching his unit and car and none of them had ever watched the Four Corners episode last year which exposed Simeon that any internet search for his name will bring up?

Well, at least some of the leaders, if not all, did know Boikov’s background but didn’t care as they are also fraudsters ripping off their followers. They all could have easily done the research I have done above and they probably did but decided to stay silent otherwise they might also expose their own frauds.

Will Simeon Boikov return the money that he has fraudulently raised from the Freedom movement? Highly unlikely but if he does show up to another Freedom Rally everyone should demand their money back. 

The point of this article is not to debate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine it is to point out how protest groups have been hijacked and to try and make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. I don’t agree with many of the issues raised at the Freedom Rallies but that doesn’t mean fraudsters should be allowed to highjack them and rip off their supporters.

The so-called “Freedom rallies” won’t achieve anything until they get rid of the fraudsters claiming to be their leaders and the so called independent media that show up to the rallies and promote the fraudsters.

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    • There appears to be no clean hands in any of this.
      Is it not that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, creating strange bedfellows.
      Unfortunately, the powers to be love this disunity.
      The theme of the “Freedom Rally” is freedom.
      What is the solution given that civil and human rights within Australia have all but disappeared?

    • Wow, after reading your strip down article, I guess I’ll hv to vote Labour, right, there is no decent people on the right left! They are all worse than what we’ve put up with, so thanks fir shredding my hopes in honesty-

  1. We`ve always had nutters in Oz, from Royalists keeping the Queen as Head of State when she never writes or phones, others supporting foreign wars, ‘Reds under the Beds’ as the Coal-ition alleged and similar. So the idea of ‘Root for Pute’ should be right up there with the rest. Even the proposal of First Nation while possibly psychologically satisfying is far from the reality of scattered, warring tribes including (or trying to not include) the Negritos or pygmy folk. Part of the price we pay for having an open society, I guess.

  2. I disagree with some of what you have said. But I do agree that everyone is looking for a LEADER!! At this moment in time, there are so many out there asking for donations, and as usual people put their hand in their pocket, without asking questions. This is what is happening here, too many promises and no way can anyone follow through with any of it. We are just an Island with a population that has not experienced real freedom, or much of what goes on in the wide world. Australia has a long way to go to really be independent. We have crooked people running this country, and not enough people who can organize a real descent political party. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront, so people can look at things better.

    • This is the result of Australia’s refusal to vote against the L/NP. They have ruined the future for their children in this country.

  3. Glad you have exposed the Cossack but he attached himself to what is a leaderless movement and always has been. I support it’s aims because we are being well and truly dudded in Australia. I will be voting independant when I know when elections are and canditates actually get picked. None of the majors deserve one vote.

    • Very true… the movement itself has validity but Aussie Cossack is up to no good and can’t be trusted.

  4. Good article in the Guardian on how older Russians believe all they are told on their TV and State media. They believe all the attacks on apartments, hospitals and other civilian targets have been staged by the Ukrainians, and Russians are the great liberators. So, the entrenched vote for the Coalition in spite of all the evidence presented by KCA and others is ignored because our TV zombies (as the Guardian writer calls them) only concentrate on their favoured source (s). How to break the chain? Wish I knew.

  5. Simeon & Ric (plus others) have an important role to make the freedom movement look like extremists in the eyes of the general public. They come across as caricatures and their respective youtube clips are deliberately inflammatory ie their military uniforms.

  6. Putin is getting his monies worth by supporting this grub, especially if he manages to win a seat as a Clive Palmer candidate, thanks, a very good read, confirming what I suspected months ago when a watched his YouTube posts

  7. By coincidence the AIP Australian Institute of Progress, in the US Koch Atlas Network of think tanks with IPA & CIS, promote ‘science presenter’ Jo Nova through their weekly Forum newsletter; Koch’s allegedly like fossil fuels, support climate and Covid science denial.

    Nova’s blog promoted ‘freedom protests’, trucker caravans etc. used centrist and/or liberal governments globally.

  8. So much for him being on Putin’s payroll then. If that were true, Granny wouldn’t be in court with money issues.

  9. You can’t get any real democracy or true indication of votes in proportional votiing system to begin with. All the votes go as preferences to one side or the other.
    Only a first past the post voting system would alllow alternative parties to gain any real power in Australia until then a vote for UAP or ON is simply a de facto vote for the Coailtion.

  10. Fast forward to July and the Russian skidmark on the fabric of our society is finally convicted and sentenced to 10 months behind bars. I believe 6 months renders one ineligible to run for political positions, which has been achieved.

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