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Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce throw flood victims under a bus so they can pork-barrel in the budget for the federal election

Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce have decided to give flood victims as little financial help as possible, except for voters living in the National Party electorate around Lismore, so they can instead use the money to buy votes at the federal election which is due in 2 months.

The bottom line is it is stealing from some of the poorest people in the country who have lost a lot, and some people everything, during the floods to buy votes so Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce can try and stay in power.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Bridget McKenzie Minister for Emergency Management, both federal National Party MP’s, have totally failed Qld and NSW flood victims as the videos below show and both are in on the pork-barrelling scam with Scott Morrison. The problem for Joyce and McKenzie is that a very large percentage of the flood victims are in rural areas which is the part of Australia that the National Party claim to represent which makes the pork-barrelling scam even more obvious.

I’ll deal with how Morrison and Joyce have thrown flood victims under a bus so they can pork-barrel in the budget for the federal election at the end of the article but firstly I want to focus on Joyce and McKenzie as it supports my argument, they are saving cash at the expense of helping flood victims, to pork-barrel the election.

It is one thing for Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party to be accused of failing flood victims, which they have, but it is another issue altogether for the Nationals who are almost exclusively a rural political party. With a federal election only 2 months away the Nationals failure to support flood affected victims and rural areas will be fresh in people’s minds when they vote.

If the National Party are failing to stand up for rural Australians in a time of need what good are they?

The NSW Liberal Party and Scott Morrison are again pointing the finger at each other for failing the flood victims which is almost identical to the 2019/2020 fires where they tried to blame each other for the government’s failures.

Barnaby Joyce in the below video is caught out badly committing financial fraud with the public’s money giving extra financial support to flood victims in a National Party electorate but not in a Labor Party electorate even though survivors are in the same town of Ballina. Joyce is all over the place at the start of the video and later says he is offended to be accused of pork-barrelling although he is careful not to use the word pork-barrelling.

Some of the transcript from the below video is:

LEIGH SALES: The Prime Minister’s announced additional disaster relief payments. Residents of Ballina and Byron can’t access them and they’re in a federal Labor seat but people in the neighbouring National seat which takes in Lismore do get the extra. How do you figure that?

BARNABY JOYCE: Well, I don’t think for one second that there is some form of parochialism where payments are being withheld from places because of the way the electorate votes and I think …

LEIGH SALES: But how do you explain it?

BARNABY JOYCE: Well, I know the inference behind that and it’s wrong. We make sure we look after all Australians in an equivalent form.

LEIGH SALES: Sure but, we also know that say Ballina was badly affected and if you take the example of Ballina Hospital which was evacuated, that area because of flooding, it’s not covered because it’s in the Labor seat. Other parts of Ballina that fall into the National Party seat are covered?

BARNABY JOYCE: I just completely disagree that areas are not covered because they’re in Labor seats. In fact I find it really obnoxious people would infer that any person, a Labor person would not look after a National seat or Nationals would not look after a Labor seat. We don’t work like that and …

LEIGH SALES: There is a track record, of course, of political parties giving grants to seats that they want to win or that they hold. So I’m sure you can understand my scepticism in asking the question? (Click here to read more)

Labor leader Anthony Albanese responds in the below video: “Bridget McKenzie – the Minister who lost her job over sports rorts, and who will only allocate funds if she’s got a colour-coded spreadsheet based upon marginal electorates, has sat on this fund”

Bridget McKenzie, Federal Nationals MP and Minister for Emergency Management and National Recovery and Resilience, best known for Sports Rorts, has no clue what she is talking about in the below video regarding the floods which once again makes it obvious that she really doesn’t care.

In the below video Bridget McKenzie says, “calling in the ADF would have been unheard of 20 years ago” yet in 1974 following Cyclone Tracy in Darwin 13 ships, 11 aircraft, and 3,000 personnel were sent in the largest disaster relief operation undertaken by the Navy in its history.

In the below video Bridget McKenzie says, “The Indigenous community there does have stories of a flood breaching, um, certain, ah, iconic land, um, ah sorry u know, the land, kind of, ah, sorry, like HILLS that are in the, in the general area there previously.” which makes me wonder if she was sober.

The performance of Barnaby Joyce and Bridget McKenzie in the above videos is disgraceful and shameless as they tell lie after lie deliberately wasting time until the interviews end.

It should surprise no one that Bridget McKenzie is in a relationship with News Corp’s federal political journalist Simon Benson and Barnaby Joyce’s fiance Vikki Campion also works for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp writing a weekly column for The Saturday Telegraph with News Corp being well-known for publishing propaganda for the Liberal and National Parties.

We know with previous pork-barrelling that has been exposed that they plan the pork-barrelling so if they give flood victims and the relevant councils one or two billion dollars to repair the damage etc that means they will have one or two billion dollars less to pork-barrel to buy votes at the federal election which they will have already accounted for in the budget to be announced at the end of March.

Scott Morrison and the government never learn and to scam flood victims to buy votes 2 months before the federal election is a massive gift for the other political parties.

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  1. To think these unethical immoral thieving grubs are not aware of the votes at stake would be naive especially when Rupert Murdoch is running the show. I think that the votes they loose will go to the United Australia syndicate or One Nation syndicate which is no problem as they just give them as much cash as they require and add it to the debt which they will leave for someone else to pay.

  2. No surprises the morals or lack of in these two and their cohorts are clearly on display in their private lives …..there is none !

  3. From The Daily Mail 15/3/22:

    AVO has been taken out against Simeon Boikov on behalf of his wife

    NSW Police has now taken out an AVO for Ms Olshannikova banning her estranged husband from assaulting, threatening, stalking, harassing or intimidating her.

    An extra condition was that Boikov not harm ‘an animal that belongs to or is in the possession’ of his wife.

    Read more:

  4. Thanks; As usual you are on the money. All our Politicians are dirty and corrupt like we have never seen before. Barnaby has no soul at all, he did the dirty on his wife and kids, did the dirty on his electric, and has had his hand in the money till on many occasions, but like Scomo and his team, they all take after their leader, not sure how they can sleep at nite.

    • I have never understood how some people watch Morrison in a bare-faced lie and fail to see it for what it is. He is the worst PM in our history and an awful awful man.

  5. IMHO, Scott Morrison Barnaby Joyce and Bridget McKenzie are pretty much totally useless. They are all to a person void of any integrity compassion or common sense intelligence. Have any of them actually done one honest days work between them. My understanding is that Scotty’s been fired twice. What are the reasons??? Ask Scotty direct and see how far you get.

  6. Yeh, this whole bunch of Lib/Nats are corrupt as they come, but what’s the alternative, Albanese & the Labor party? What a choice ? they are all corrupt & bad as one another. We the public voters are always the losers , no matter who wins the election. You only have to go through the KCA list on the right & nothing ever comes of any of the corruption he exposes !

      • You are both wrong. This website has had it’s fair share of impact forcing change and politicians to react. Maybe you should both go through the older articles and have a read again.

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