NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and former NSW Police Commissioner Mick FullerNSW Police

NSW Police corruption: Police intimidating a defence lawyer walk free, Friendlyjordies stitch-up and video of police coaching witnesses  

NSW Police corruption is out of hand and in the video below you will see evidence of police stalking and intimidating a defence lawyer on his way to court being protected, video of powerful prima facie evidence of Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen coaching witnesses in court and outside the court. The star of the video is NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman ducking and weaving trying to avoid responsibility and trying to sweep the police corruption under the carpet as he is questioned at the NSW Parliament’s Budget Estimates for 2021-2022.

YouTuber Friendlyjordies also gets mentioned in the below video as police dropped their beat-up charges against his producer Kristo Langker last week for stalking former NSW Premier John Barilaro. Friendlyjordies also broke the story a couple of days ago about Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen, who also stitched up Kristo Langker, coaching witnesses in another matter. (Click here to watch the Friendlyjordies video)

Possibly the worst thing about the below video is during the last 10 minutes when Attorney-General Mark Speakman covers up for police who organised themselves to harass and intimidate a defence lawyer before court and when the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), who investigate complaints against police, recommended action against the police the then Police Commissioner Mick Fuller did nothing but warn them not to do it again.  

The SMH reported last year:

‘Are you going to attack a magistrate next?’: Strike Force Raptor intimidated solicitor, report finds

An elite police strike force engaged in “deliberate, deceitful and malicious harassment” of a solicitor representing a bikie after he refused a request for officers to give their court evidence by video-link, the law enforcement watchdog has found. The intimidation, on two consecutive days in May 2019, has been branded “serious misconduct” and “disgraceful” by investigators from the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC).

In a report released late on Friday, LECC found that officers from Strike Force Raptor had to travel to regional NSW to give evidence in a court case because the solicitor refused their request to appear via video link, “as was his right”.

On the morning of the hearing, two junior officers from Strike Force Raptor waited outside the solicitor’s home from about 6.30am. A sergeant in Raptor, who was not happy about the regional travel, instructed one of the officers to ensure the solicitor “doesn’t make it to court”. The solicitor was followed as he drove to a tyre shop and was fined for not indicating as he reversed out of his driveway and not carrying his licence.

His car was pulled over for an inspection on the drive home and given a defect for issues including an oil leak, which he could not see. A mechanic later inspected the car and found it had no defects. 

The solicitor was so shaken when he arrived at court that he could not represent his client that day and advised the client to get another lawyer. He was allowed to leave through a private entrance used by the magistrate because up to ten Strike Force Raptor officers were waiting outside. (Click here to read more)

The police who intimidated the lawyer should have been charged with criminal offences such as attempting to pervert the course of justice and possibly contempt of court. But all that happened is they were given a warning and for the Attorney-General Mark Speakman to cover that up by saying in the below video that he will change the laws to make it a crime to intimidate a lawyer is a bad joke because it is already a crime as I have pointed out as others did in the video.

The below video is NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman being questioned at the Budget Estimates 2021-2022 in the NSW Parliament – Wednesday 16-3-2022

In the video you will hear Attorney-General talking about matters being referred to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) but numerous different sources have been telling me in recent times that the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) are just as corrupt as the police they are investigating.

And right on cue the LECC this week made a finding that former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller hadn’t acted corruptly and blamed the ABC for defaming Fuller for their recent stories about Fuller not declaring his racehorse interests.

The LECC made no mention of the allegations I made against Mick Fuller on the 20th of February 2022 in an article titled: “Under siege former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller allegedly made $40,000 at the races after tip from brothel owner Eddie Hayson” (Click here to read the article)

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller

The SMH reported: Former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller did not engage in misconduct when he part-owned two racehorses with people who had been investigated for criminal offences, the independent law enforcement watchdog has found. (Click here to read more)

The ABC responded: The ABC rejects assumptions made in the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission report released today (Tuesday 15 March 2022) and calls on the Commission to detail the steps it took to draw its conclusions. 

The LECC did not approach the ABC before making its claims. (Click here to read more)

The NSW police, Attorney-General Mak Speakman and the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) would all be feeling the heat at the moment with documented evidence of their corrupt conduct being exposed by the media and leaked to the media.

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  1. The exquisite irony of the NSW Police Fixated Persons Unit is that its staffed entirely by fixated persons

    • Nice one Jeff Brooks !! Unlike so many police officers whom are now exposed as negligently corrupt or outright on the take from the top to the bottom

  2. Every police officer, whether decent or just a normal venal cop, is by association a thorough-going bastard. If you are a reasonable human being and a member of any police force your only option is to find another job, one that won’t lead you down the road to inevitable corruption. As for the rest of the pigs they can go to hell.

  3. Mark Speakman’s evidence given in the Estimates Committee is very concerning.
    He appears unwilling to do his job.
    Surely, he can suggest that an investigation might be warranted.
    There is enough evidence to draw inferences from.
    If the Attorney-General is not interested in performing his job diligently, the premier should sack him.

  4. Not surprised at Mick Fuller but the rest of the article is truly frightening this is how it began in Nazi Germany with a twisted police force

  5. I think it’s way past time we had another Royal Commission into the New South Wales police Department and the so-called independent bodies that oversee it.
    Maybe New South Wales attorney general Mark Speakman could ask Blind Freddie if any Blatant and obvious police corruption took place in these matters.
    Another excellent example of one set of laws for the police and another for the rest of us.

  6. Mr. Mark Speakman speaks with a forked tongue.
    Person’s of his ilk are nowadays better known as as person’s with no credibility, thus failing the duties specific to a State Attorney-General.
    To retain Mr. Mark Speakman in his present role is counter to the best the interests of the correct carriage of the State of NSW policing system.
    It is noted that the current procedures in place do not satisfy the regulatory bodies that are tasked to investigate the police force in that State.

    It is quite reasonable to question the value of hosting such as the LECC given its failure to provide anything other than a rubber stamp application, does not appear to provide anything of benefit to the common good of Australia.

    It is also noted that a trained anthropoid could take over the complete function of the LECC.

    This ineffective LECC should be disbanded and its functionaries terminated for their failure to provide anything of substance to the greater good of humankind.

    Furthermore the NSW police force may be directed to follow the same pathway as the LECC.
    Out with the old and in with the new.

  7. It takes years to hone corruption skills in the police , like theft it starts small and escalates the more they get away with it especially when it isn’t pursued and a blind eye turned so not to put the police force in a bad light . Stinks to high heaven

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