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Under siege former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller allegedly made $40,000 at the races after tip from brothel owner Eddie Hayson

The email below raises allegations that former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller won $40,000 on a race after getting a tip from colourful racing identity and former brothel owner Eddie Hayson. Add that to Mick Fuller being exposed in the media on Thursday for being a member of a “Punters Club” involving numerous high ranking NSW Police Officers and awarding someone he knew a $3 million NSW Police catering contract and the call for a Royal Commission into NSW Police will continue to grow louder.

The email below, sent to senior staff in 2019 at the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) who investigate complaints against police and who swept it under the carpet, raises the allegations the information given to Mick Fuller “resulted in him getting a huge win” on a race after getting a tip from colourful racing identity and former brothel owner Eddie Hayson.

From: Richard XXXXX
Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019 at 7:29 pm
To: Patrick Saidi <>, Aaron Bantoft <>
Subject: FW: Your complaint about police – our ref 50792 [DLM=Sensitive]

Dear Patrick and Aaron,

It would seem that sending an inquiry to the generic email doesn’t result in a response, so perhaps you could provide me with one directly. Please see below – my email to the LECC of the 30 October.

Also, can you advise whether you (the LECC) also looked into the allegations that Commissioner Fuller had an inappropriate relationship with former brothel owner, Eddie Hayson. Apparently he gave Fuller a tip that resulted in him getting a huge win, and that he was also having an affair with one of Gladys Berejiklian good friends.

Full disclosure here. I have no personal knowledge of these allegations, but they were provided to be my a respected Sydney journalist and a member of the NSW Parliament. I am more than happy to articulate this in a statutory declaration if need be.

I look forward to your reply,


Richard XXXXX

Email end

I am told by Richard the amount that Mick Fuller allegedly won was $40,000. Patrick Saidi and Aaron Bantoft from the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) contacted Richard after he sent the above email and told him not to email them direct again and that they would be blocking him from their email addresses. Mr Saidi and Mr Bantoft never did respond to Richard regarding the Mick Fuller / Eddie Hayson allegation.

In 2016 the ABC quoted Eddie Hayson as saying: “The one-time Sydney brothel owner admitted footballers, jockeys and policemen had used the brothel and sometimes received sex for free.” (Click here to read more) The question that has to be asked is if Mick Fuller, or any other high ranking police, received “sex for free” from Eddie Hayson’s brothel? If it wasn’t Mick Fuller or other high ranking police, such as members of the “Punters Club”, who were the police officers that received the “free sex” that Eddie Hayson admitted giving them at his brothel and what action was taken against them? Or did the NSW Police cover it up?

Eddie Hayson was recently mentioned in a high-profile drug case involving a horse trainer: The ABC reported in December 2021:

Sydney gambling identity Eddie Hayson filmed meeting with cocaine importer Damion Flower

Controversial Sydney gambler and former brothel owner Eddie Hayson is embroiled in the cocaine trafficking case of high-profile racehorse owner Damion Flower, the ABC can reveal. Mr Hayson was captured on CCTV cameras meeting with Flower in Sydney in the minutes before or after two of the multi-millionaire’s drug importations in 2019.

The revelations can finally be published after the New South Wales District Court on Wednesday released a statement of facts, agreed between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Flower ahead of his sentencing hearing this Friday. Flower, 49, pleaded guilty last March to importing 228 kilograms of pure cocaine, worth as much as $68 million, between 2016 and 2019.

The agreed statement of facts reveals that when police arrested Flower and searched his car in May 2019, they found a credit card and receipt in Mr Hayson’s name, a set of keys to the former brothel owner’s Sydney home and an encrypted Ciphr-brand phone. Police later searched Mr Hayson’s house but have not charged him with any offence related to the Flower case. (Click here to read more)

The Australian Federal Police investigated the above matter. Were they aware that Mick Fuller had a relationship with Eddie Hayson? Did Mick Fuller declare the relationship with Eddie Hayson?

The ABC story on Mick Fuller (Thursday the 17th of February 2022)

Former police commissioner and Racing NSW board hopeful Mick Fuller did not declare to the state government his co-ownership of racehorses with two wealthy businessmen who became embroiled in criminal investigations or won lucrative police contracts. (The “two wealthy businessmen who became embroiled in criminal investigations” named in the article are David Levy and Sami Chamoun)

An ABC investigation into Mr Fuller’s gambling and racing interests has discovered he submitted no conflict of interest declarations to the government until last year, raising concerns he breached anti-corruption rules.

Mr Fuller was one of NSW’s highest-paid public servants, earning more than $665,000 a year as the head of Australia’s largest police force from 2017 before retiring last month after a 34-year career in law enforcement.

Mr Fuller was among a cadre of high-ranking NSW Police Force (NSWPF) officers — mostly from Sydney’s Sutherland Shire — referred to within the force as the “Punters Club” due to their love of gambling, horseracing and rugby league.


David Levy has catered to the NSWPF since 2012 through a food business, which employs a former police officer friend of Mr Fuller. The ABC can reveal Mr Levy’s company, Ozmart Catering Group Pty Ltd, went on to win a $3 million contract with the NSWPF in 2017, after Mr Fuller became commissioner.

Neither Mr Levy nor NSW Police responded to the ABC’s questions about whether conflicts of interest were declared in the tender process, nor did Assistant Commissioner McCusker answer whether she declared her husband’s employment to the NSWPF. (Click here to read more)

Mr Patrick Saidi who was sent the email I published above about Mick Fuller allegedly winning $40,000 is also in the ABC article where it says:

“A former commissioner at the state’s police watchdog, Patrick Saidi, called for an independent investigation into what he described as “serious allegations”.”

Yet Mr Saidi didn’t investigate the Mick Fuller / Eddie Hayson allegation when he worked at the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC).

Friendly Jordies latest video on Mick Fuller’s corruption

YouTuber Friendly Jordies have just published a new video, as per below, that ads new information regarding police corruption on Mick Fuller’s watch as well as a new victim of the NSW Fixated Person Unit for exposing political corruption


I have also written a number of recent articles regarding NSW Police corruption as per the links below:

NSW Police anti-terrorism unit used by politicians, judges and others to intimidate and falsely charge journalists who expose them

Corrupt NSW Police are still trying to stitch up FriendlyJordies for contempt which would breach the 2004 High Court precedent Coleman v Power

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb announces investigation into the allegations against Mick Fuller (Friday the 18th of February 2022):

“NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb has launched a probe into predecessor Mick Fuller’s horse racing interests while he was the state’s highest-ranking officer just a day after the state’s Police Minister said no further action would be taken.” (Click here to read more)

Police investigating the police which means the NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb has in effect announced she will have an investigation that will find nothing, and it won’t take the public long to realise what a joke it is. But if the pressure is kept up and further reporting uncovers more evidence of police corruption it will quickly get to the point where the NSW government will have to establish another Royal Commission into the NSW Police.

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  1. Nothing changes in NSW, business as usual..should we accept any changes, highly unlikely, history repeats itself in NSW

  2. Brothel owners, colourful racing identities, politicians, criminals and (of course) police officers. Amazing what all these have in common, particularly in NSW, where money can buy you anything and anyone.

  3. Thank you once again for your diligence. Everyone is starting to see the corruption is every where. I am excited to hear your reports as well as others I read, as the house of cards are falling, not just for this dirty corrupt government , but for all those associated with them, Reports are always about those in the public view , but no one looks into the families of the public figures. They know as much as their partners. Many thanks for all your work.

    • we allowed Australian racing into Canada when casino interest bought up controlling interest in a chain of casinos. This gave us an introduction into the workings of the criminal element which apparently owns and controls thoroughbred racing in Australia. How are we to get rid of this plague you have visited on our shores when even your police force is rotten to the core. I can understand political corruption as it is common in Canada ,but the politicos know enough to stay out what we consider to be an agricultural undertaking. How did the Australians get it so wrong.

  4. For decades we used to pillory our northern neighbours for the nepotism, crony capitalism and many other dodgy practices.

    Yet what we are finding out more and more is the rottenness running rampant through our society. From Politicians on the take, Business after Business for the past 5 or so years suddenly discovering they have been underpaying staff and so on.

    We are far worse than we openly stated they were in Asia etc., as we kept getting told, by the very spivs, shonks and out and out crooks, that we weren’t like they were.

  5. IMHO, and based on the finding that these issues are proven true; I imagine there would be a number of other matters that must be brought into question and investigated, Self righteousness, non accountability and vagueness under scrutiny are not worthy behaviours. I would have thought that the explanation offered to date, would not pass the test in any pub in this land. If proven, this behaviour must be condemned.

  6. Mick Fuller is a good bloke ha ha ! We have the best police force money can buy !
    Take a look at our Attorney General, what happens now, a thrashing with a feather !!

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