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Scott Morrison’s Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman, an alleged fraudster and crook, set to break $100 million in government contracts

In 2020 I wrote that Scott Morrison’s Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman was awarded $43 million in government contracts, and I can report that the amount for government contracts now stands at $94.9 million since 2016. Scott Morrison and others in government have accelerated the fraud and theft of government assets before they are kicked out of government. 

This is only a short article but also one of the most powerful I have written as it tells you everything you need to know as to why Scott Morrison and the government are so scared of a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

In September 2020 I published an article titled “Scott Morrison’s Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman who has allegations of fraud and bribery against him given $42 million in government grants” which starts off:

Leigh Coleman who is a former Hillsong Church executive and close friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison has had numerous allegations of fraud made against him over the last 15 years including attempted bribery, yet his company ServeGate Australia has still managed to be awarded $43 million in government contracts since 2015.

During the same period that ServeGate Australia was being awarded the $43 million in contracts due to the “strong business relations with decision-makers at very high levels including Ministers” as their website says, Scott Morrison was appointed Treasurer in September 2015 and became Prime Minister in August 2018. So, was Scott Morrison involved in any way?

ServeGate Australia is now a registered tax-free charity and its operations are suspicious to say the least where they don’t seem to do much work except take a percentage off the top and then sub-contract the real work out to other companies. This has been exposed in an article in The Guardian but we’ll get back to that in a minute because we should look at Leigh Coleman’s past handiwork first of fraud and bribery allegations when he was at Hillsong Church and an organisation called Many Rivers which is also a registered tax-free charity. (Click here to read the article)

The latest update was done by Twitter user @SuxHypocrisy who crunched the numbers as per below on the governments Aus Tender website. Below is a screengrab of the lastest contracts that Servegate has received. There are four contracts from the Department of Defence which Peter Dutton is now the Minister for which I think is important because Dutton seems to be wherever there is major government fraud. 

It was reported today that Canstruct International, which had $8 in the bank in 2017, but was awarded contracts to run the Nauru detention centre by “Slippery Pete” when he was Immigration Minister has made $101 million profit for the last 12 months looking after less than 200 people. (Click here to read more)

But let’s get back to Servegate:

Leigh Coleman picture 1

The totals for Servegate’s government contracts since 2016 are below.

Leigh Coleman picture 2

Leigh Coleman

Leigh Coleman speaking in support of a controversial Hillsong superchurch in Sydney where he identified himself as a “local resident”. The proposed church failed to attract community support and was withdrawn. Vera Coleman is seated bottom left.

Between Servegate, Hillsong Church and Morrison’s other mates there must be well over $200 million of taxpayer’s money flowing out of the public purse.

I normally start publishing around mid-January, but I am late this year as I have been working on another media project which I will announce soon.

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    • Drain the LNP sewer. It’s the only way to get rid of the vile stench that surrounds far too many doggy & self-serving members of this corrupt Morrison government.

  1. we need a new metaphor due to these goons, “bent as a dogs hind” leg no longer works as they are so far past bent its no even funny now.

  2. When we finally get our promised National Integrity Commission, will Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton and other allegedly corrupt members of this Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Coalition government join Labor’s ex-ministers Eddie Obeid & Ian Macdonald in goal?
    If such a commission is established, it better be very well staffed & funded because if it is going to investigate the multitudes of alleged corruption that’s taken place over the past 8 years, it will have a massive task on its hands investigating the most corrupt federal government in living memory.

  3. Get rid of the current lot of incompetents and replace them with what, more incompetents.?? Where do we really go and how do we change the system.?? The average person is not really interested, life today is me, me, me unfortunately.

  4. Excellent investigative journalism that I find very pleasing given that I believe my monthly paid subscription adds to defray the costs of investigation through Australia’s Kangaroo Court.

    Nothing happens by itself in this tawdry world, so I had chosen to read the constitution of Hillsong.
    A former colorful America business entrepreneur by the name the late Mr. Al Capone would have found the Hillsong constitution helpful and verily an aid to his business operations.

    Notwithstanding that the Hillsong owner has already been charged for not disclosing to police his knowledge of a child sex abuse matter by a former senior of that Hillsong corporation.
    (His father.)

    I believe the Australian Prime Minister should be requested to come clean about the federal government awarded contracts awarded for General Consulting Services to “ServeGate Australia Pty Ltd* which consists of four employees headed by Leigh Coleman.

    Leigh Coleman seems to be a member of, or has a seat on the Australia’s Federal government Panel of Capability Support Services.

    One must search through further government records to examine the extent of the services provided by Leigh Coleman and his Servegate Australia p/l, given this person happens to be a church buddy of the doubtful & lesser credible Scott Morrison?

    Peter Costello, former Liberal party federal treasurer, thus a former holder of Australia’s purse-strings, is another of the Hillsong flock of Pentecostal puritans who apparently believe that their mythical master will appear in person sometime soon in & among our world of today.

  5. Welcome back, missed your investigating reports. No good with any investigation as they all work for the government in some way. That is a waste of taxpayers money. Morrison paid off Facebook so nothing negative can be aired.

  6. Welcome back to another year at the coalface. Hope you had a good break. Wonder if we can push through laws that not only punish rorting Ministers, but fine or gaol other members of the LNP for failing in their public duty to remove or investigate Ministerial rorts? Force the Coalition to repay dodgy disbursement by Party members from out of their Party funds?? Nah, too close to Utopia. 🙂

  7. Our problem, is the quality of politicians available. We don’t have enough politicians that care really for the people out there. Bob Hawke was the beginning of our decline. Our Judiciary system is corrupt, so much that they will never disclose the names of the pedophiles serving the judiciary. This in itself is the biggest worry that I can definitely say, this is not the Australia that I signed up for.

    • You are almost 100% right..I think Whitlam was the arch villain for labour..Hawke learned the lessons and improved the Rorted schemes..The Libs are now doing the same..The only way to improve Canberra ,and other states, is to vote in independents, then find a new one every election..

  8. Goodness me,,, so Scotty is remaining true to previous form,,, handing money out hand over fist to friends and would bet my last dollar like as before he has benefited well himself with kickbacks,,,if only one could get his bank records one would then see the happy clapper exposed for what he actually is,,, and those surfacing texts are spot on

  9. Welcome back KCA. In my honest opinion, morrison and his band of reprobates are nothing more than a criminal syndicate. The sooner an Integrity Commission is set up the better. You do understand that we have, as a country, slipped down to the lowest level we have ever attained, of the international corruption index. All primarily under the watch of morrison dutton and porter. The rest of them are just account goons.

  10. As a tax-paying member of the Australian populace , I demand an Integrity Commission to investigate the rorts, possible/probable kickbacks, dodgy tenders to “mates”, an investigation of Servegate Aust. P/l, Leigh Coleman & the connections to Hillsong & Scott Morrison. Such commission have no limits on how far back it can investigate. I’m absolutely certain the majority of Australians want this commission, even though most Federal pollies definitely don’t. No need to wonder why !!

  11. Welcome back. There is no limit to the depths this totally inept Prime Minister will stoop. You only have to remember how he got elected in the first place to know what he is capable of.

  12. Glad you are back. So much is happening this year it is hard to keep up with the LNP’s rorts, kickbacks, skullduggery etc. Can’t wait for the election in May to see their faces after they lose, and to see who will lead the Libs, and the Nats.

  13. From their upholding of their oath of Omerta, and the depth of their criminal activities, I think we should be referring to the LNP as the Coalition Mafia. May they finish up with the same fate as their role models.

  14. I must be doing something right. My last six comments have been blocked by the SMH. 🙂 BTW, great address by Simon Holmes a Court on National Press Club TV today. Power to the Independents.

    • Touche Ross…………….wonderful speech by Simon… He should be running …would make an impressive PM………unlike the idiot we have now!

  15. Blocked by the SMH AGAIN. See if you can guess why with :—‘Our monetary guru, the PM, is to join economic sanctions against Russia. He already tried that against the Australian people. The Robodebt and freezing low wages hasn`t turn out too well.’

  16. This organisation should receive a statutory income to act as an independent audit report. It seems they can find out far more than our police and other agencies set up to protect us against this type of overt corruption.

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