John Barilaro

NSW Police anti-terrorism unit used by politicians, judges and others to intimidate and falsely charge journalists who expose them

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s own police statement, which has been leaked to the media, has exposed Barilaro for lying to the media about secretly using a NSW Police anti-terrorism unit to harass and intimidate journalists Jordan Shanks and Kristo Langker who publish the YouTube channel Friendlyjordies. The evidence of NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s lies and part of his police statement are in the videos below.


John Barilaro sued Jordan Shanks for defamation a couple of months ago for videos he published on the Friendlyjordies YouTube channel. A month or two later the police from the anti-terrorism division, Fixated Persons Investigation Unit, charged Shank’s employee Kristo Langker with stalking John Barilaro. Not long after John Barilaro denied on Sky News that he had any involvement in having the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit involved.

A couple of days ago John Barilaro’s police statement was leaked which proves John Barilaro has been lying to the media and that Barilaro has been dealing with the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit since December 2020 trying to get Jordan Shanks charged with an offence. Shanks hasn’t been charged although Shanks has recently said there is a warrant for his arrest but I suspect the police are too scarred to arrest Shanks now with all the lies being exposed.

Kristo Langker’s arrest

In June (14/6/21) I published an article titled: “Corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro turns NSW Police into a Nazi goon squad to assault, harass and jail journalists”

Corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has lied to NSW Police to have a journalist Kristo Langker charged for stalking as the video evidence below proves which could end up being his undoing. The reason Barilaro wants Mr Langker jailed is that he and his boss, Jordan Shanks, have been posting videos on the Friendlyjordies YouTube page exposing criminal conduct by John Barilaro.

Kristo Langker has been charged with 2 counts of stalking. The first count of stalking relates to Kristo Langker trying to ask John Barilaro questions at a function, which is on video as per below, with many people around and Mr Barilaro is clearly not concerned for his safety. The second count of stalking relates to Kristo Langker trying to hand Mr Barilaro a legal document, which is also on video as per below, and looks like rock-solid evidence that Mr Barilaro polished up his police statement to make sure Kristo Langker was falsely charged by the police. (Click here to read more)

Sky News lies by NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro

In the below interview by Tom Connell of Sky News Australia, NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro angrily denies sending the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit to arrest Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker.

Below is the front page of NSW deputy premier John Barilaro’s police statement dated 21 April 2021 against Jordan Shanks who has not been charged at this point. Notice where it says “Place: FPIU” which means Fixated Persons Investigation Unit which John Barilaro denies in the above video of having any involvement with.

John Barilaro’s police statement was leaked to the SMH who reported on Thursday 26/8/21 in an article titled “John Barilaro reported Friendlyjordies to police six months before producer’s arrest”:

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro made a report to police last year that he was being harassed by content creator Jordan Shanks, after a series of videos were published on YouTube including two now at the centre of a defamation case.

In a statement made to the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit in April this year – seen by the Herald – Mr Barilaro detailed meeting with two detectives in his office on December 2, 2020, the day after Mr Shanks posted a video on his Friendlyjordies channel titled “I called John Barilaro…He Answered”. (Click here to read more)

On Friday (27/8/21) Friendlyjordies published the below video on YouTube which explains a lot of the background and puts the pieces of evidence together. The video also shows other parts of Barilaro’s police statement where he admits meeting with the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit regarding Jordan Shanks in December 2020.

The NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit are not just harassing journalists on behalf of politicians. I was harassed by the NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit after a complaint by the NSW Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Tom Bathurst in 2019. Mr Bathurst does not like the fact that I have published dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on this website about judicial corruption in the NSW Supreme Court although he has never said that to me. Instead Bathurst just makes up lies about me to tell the police the same as Barilaro has told lies to the police about Jordan Shanks and Kristo Langker.

On the 15th of May 2019 I also received a visit from the NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit and I published an article titled “NSW Police harass journalist Shane Dowling after another malicious complaint from Australian judges” which started off:

I received a harassing visit from the NSW police last Wednesday (15/5/19) and the complaint seems to have been made by staff at the NSW Supreme Court. Although the complaint could have come from the High Court of Australia given I had visited there a few days before to film a video and then I published an article titled “High Court of Australia’s Justice Keane and Justice Edelman caught protecting their bribe-taking and paedophile judicial mates.” (Click here to read the article)

The court staff would have told lies to the police and the court staff know it. They knew what they were doing when they made the complaint as they had done it before which led to a malicious police charge which was withdrawn by the CDPP. (Click here to read more)

One of the police who harassed me was Detective James Gatward as per the below business card. I published the business card on Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago and some people said I shouldn’t as the police officer was only doing his job. No he wasn’t, he knows his role isn’t to harass journalists on behalf of corrupt judges who don’t like being exposed which I detailed in the article. (Click here to read more) The NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit is meant to focus on terrorists, not journalists which they are currently doing at least to some degree.

The harassment by the NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit on behalf of the NSW Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is a major reason I moved back to Queensland in 2019.

There needs to be a public inquiry into the NSW Fixated Persons Investigation Unit to determine how many journalists and other people they are harassing, falsely charging and jailing on behalf of NSW politicians, judges and others. The inquiry has to be conducted publicly and by someone from another state or preferably from another country.

Using police to hunt journalists makes Australia no better than the many countries we like to criticise for their treatment of journalists.

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  1. Quelle Surprise???? NSW has it’s own Gestapo. Why are there so many sheeple ? Little porker Johnny likes to play the “I’m like a gangster” game. But he is actually just a coward. A gutless little school yard bully.

  2. It’s easy to imagine an ‘axis of evil’ running all the way from Sydney to Canberra as well.

    Sydney utterly dominates politics in this country, and we need to question why so many prime ministers in the last 30 years just happen to originate from Sydney as well. Sydney is also the hub of much of mainstream media that frequently plays its part in hiding so much that should be brought to the public’s attention.

    What sick state this country is in now.

  3. ‘Fixated Persons’ sounds like one of those dodgy legal terms used by people protecting corruption, not by folks trying to clean up this country. It reminds me of Joh B.P. and his Secret Police Files. If our various Police Forces were really committed to reform, they would be following up the clues exposed by citizens. Instead, they follow like a tail on a dog, wherever their political masters point them.

  4. It is not just NSW it is the whole Australian police in fact it is the whole system. Judges/lawyers/etc; show me anyone paid by the Government that has clean hands. Unfortunately Australia is not alone in this problem, this is world wide. Thanks to brave people like Shane who brings it to the forefront most of us would be still asleep as to what is happening here in our own back yard.

  5. After my watching a documentary about the Roger Rogerson era, I had realized that the dark league of crime and corruption had re-entered the NSW Government and NSW police dept, including a level of improperly purchased judicial support.
    I had kept a list of suspicious undertakings over past 2 plus years, that list seems to have grown considerably.
    Among the dangerous enemy combatants is an alleged NSW Chief Justice.
    The Old Boys Club has since gained some younger players that have began pulling on the levers
    to convert their stated lies into a semblance of truth.

    The many questionable events and outcomes seem to strengthen my suspicions.
    Please stay sharp and aware to keep out of the line of fire of the corrupted no-goodniks.
    The good-minded people of our nation applaud you.


  6. My Father, a post war migrant, having experienced many terrible regimes said to me as a boy “Remain ever vigilant of your political masters, for they will deceive you”. My federal member (Lib.) is only in his position for himself. He does very little for his constituents unless there is a direct payback. He certainly does not like to be questioned on policy, continually asks for campaign money, “big notes” himself at every opportunity, etc. He does not genuinely represent his constituents.

  7. Barilaro’s “goon squad” is only practicing what the Feds will do to anyone who criticizes the government in the next 10 years: raid their house and lock them up for dissent.

    Seeing that Sky interview, it is clear that Barilaro is concerned about maintaining his ego and has no problems attacking other journalists that question him. He is a nasty piece of work.

  8. Got to be shocked by the goon-cop in the Langker arrest video acting like the judge, court, and jury in what he says well before any court case has taken place. What happened to the presumption of innocence, or do cops now allow themselves the right to condemn and judge who they arrest with total impunity?

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