John Barilaro

John Barilaro and Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen firm as most likely suspects who tried to murder YouTuber Friendlyjordies

An arsonist set fire to YouTuber Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) house on Tuesday night (22/11/22) which his lawyer has described as attempted murder. I published the below video on Wednesday (23/11/22) outlining 3 key suspects as being the former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro, NSW Police officer Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen and Sydney’s Alameddine crime family.

After some reflection and feedback in the comments section on YouTube, I think the likelihood it was the Alameddine crime family, who Friendlyjordies raised in a report 3 months ago, is a lot less likely given they have a long history of using guns to intimidate people by shooting into their houses, not by arson.

That leaves John Barilaro and Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen as the most likely suspects who should be investigated for arson and attempted murder.

Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen

After further reporting has come to hand it can be confirmed that Jordan Shanks was not home when the house was set alight. It was the second attempt to burn the house down. The first attempt was last Thursday (17/11/22) when a neighbor’s house was firebombed by mistake with no damage reported.

As I say in the video there is a long list of suspects with another prime candidate being Clubs NSW who are hiding widespread money laundering and who are currently prosecuting Jordon Shanks for contempt of court for the crime of journalism.

I do not have much confidence that the NSW Police will conduct a legitimate investigation into the arson and attempted murder given Jordan Shanks has a long history of shining a light on police corruption.

I published an article on the 17th of March 2022 titled: “NSW Police corruption: Police intimidating a defence lawyer walk free, Friendlyjordies stitch-up and video of police coaching witnesses” which starts off:

NSW Police corruption is out of hand and in the video below you will see evidence of police stalking and intimidating a defence lawyer on his way to court being protected, video of powerful prima facie evidence of Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen coaching witnesses in court and outside the court. The star of the video is NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman ducking and weaving trying to avoid responsibility and trying to sweep the police corruption under the carpet as he is questioned at the NSW Parliament’s Budget Estimates for 2021-2022.

YouTuber Friendlyjordies also gets mentioned in the below video as police dropped their beat-up charges against his producer Kristo Langker last week for stalking former NSW Premier John Barilaro. Friendlyjordies also broke the story a couple of days ago about Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen, who also stitched up Kristo Langker, coaching witnesses in another matter. (Click here to watch the Friendlyjordies video)

Possibly the worst thing about the below video is during the last 10 minutes when Attorney-General Mark Speakman covers up for police who organised themselves to harass and intimidate a defence lawyer before court and when the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), who investigate complaints against police, recommended action against the police the then Police Commissioner Mick Fuller did nothing but warn them not to do it again. (Click here to read more

The NSW police have a long history of abusing their power to silence people and yesterday they again assaulted 78-year-old Sydney activist Danny Lim while attempting to arrest him which was caught on video. They “discontinued” the arrest after they put him in the hospital. (Click here to read more)

I was planning on writing about Danny Lim today, but the arson and attempted murder video took precedence. 

I’ll keep following up on the Friendlyjordies attack. 

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  1. What a way to commence my morning coffee! As this develops, I hope the suspects rat on each other with unlimited abandon so the case can be stitched up forthwith. The longer they languish in jail, the better for the community at large.

  2. I think that its a bit too obvious and lazy to suspect Barilaro. That’s done and dusted and this isn’t his style. I think a way more likely suspect is ClubsNSW.

  3. I watched Jordan Shank’s latest Youtube this morning.
    He was absolutely right that the mainstream press pack are useless.
    People like Shane Dowling and Jordan Shanks are doing the investigative journalism which I would expect the mainstream press and the ABC to do.

    • Whoever the culprit/s is/are are not true Australians!
      Very weak character(s) indeed!!
      Intimidating and trying to harm another for having an alternative view is NOT how Australia has operated or will operate. The person or persons are not true Australians! Hope they read this too and get the message- strengthen up and grow a back bone and start contributing to a positive society and its communities. Irrespective of how hard life gets too- Australians culturally rise above adversity and act fairly! We look after each other not ourselves at the expense of others!!

  4. The corruption here in Australia is out of control. So much for the lucky country. For the police to be involved in any sort of corruption is disgusting. They would know who set fire to Jordy house. The disgusting event with Danny Lim. An elderly man that is unforgivable, those police should pray, that nothing like that ever happens to them or their family’s. How they sleep at night is beyond the most normal person. ( that is if there are any normal left ). Who will be brought to justice??? No one as they all cover each others back, right or wrong, they have no meaning to the word RIGHT. Years ago I thought the mafia was wiped out, look like Australia has brought it back, worse than it ever use to be. Can now see why the governments wanted us to have no GUNS. So we can not defend ourselves, and the establishment can do as they please, this is not what Australians are about.

  5. This behaviour IMHO is thuggery of the highest order. What has occurred is a very serious criminal offence. One that the NSW police and AFP should expeditiously investigate. Are we descending into anarchy? It’s starting to look that way from where I am standing. MSM are totally and absolutely useless. They only “please and appease” their lord and masters.

  6. NSW has always appeared to be the most rotten corrupt State, ever since the Rum Rebellion. It’s in their DNA for the elite to set things up for their continuing power corruption and privilege. So now we directly risk our lives and our property for exposing truth, uncovering dodgy deals. What next? Poison tipped umbrellas? Dying from Polonium poisoned food? Being sent to a re-education camp? Julian Assange probably has a view on it. In this country, it’s no longer safe to stand up and be heard. There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. These arsonists and attackers must be exposed and charged, otherwise we are no better than the worst regimes of opression.

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