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Premier Dan Andrews, Immigration consultant Nick Katsis, the $20 million HSU fraud and the IBAC corruption investigation

Corruption in Victoria under Premier Dan Andrews is so open and blatant that Immigration Consultant Nick Katsis has been in the business for 15 years, since 2007, and since 2012/13 he has also received over $100,000 a year as a full-time official at the Health Workers Union.

The HWU is the same Union I wrote about 2 weeks ago whose management, along with Dan Andrews, is under investigation for dodgy government grants totalling $3.4 million. My calculations are that Nick Katsis has stolen $1 million from the HSU in fake wages and expenses over the last 10 years. In total, I estimate at least $20 million has been stolen from the HSU by Bill Shorten’s supporters Diana Asmar, her husband David Asmar, Andrew Landeryou and others. (Click here to read the article)

Nick Katsis’s fraud is easily proven by publicly available information, as outlined below, with Nick bragging on the employment networking website LinkedIn that he has been an Immigration Consultant for 15 years but he makes no mention of his job at the HSU. Nick is also listed as an employee/consultant on Domantay Legal’s website which says he has been in the Immigration game for 13 years but also makes no mention of his full-time employment at the HWU.   

Nick Katsis doesn’t do any Union work at the HWU (HSU – Victoria No. 1 Branch) an HWU source told me. But he does run his immigration business from the HWU offices using their resources and picking up a $100,000 plus wage along the way. Over the last 10 years Nick Katsis would have pocketed over $1 million which continues to this day in full sight of everyone involved including Premier Dan Andrews and his office.

The below video gives an overview of the matter:

Below is documented evidence publicly available on the internet showing Nick Katsis’s scam at the HSU which is overseen and facilitated by HWU Secretary Diana Asmar:

Health Workers Union wage (Also known as the Health Services Union Victoria Number 1 Branch)

Unions have to file annual financial reports and other disclosure documents with the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) which all HSU Branchs do. In 2021 the HWU filed a disclosure statement with the ROC with the “Top five rankings of officers – relevant remuneration and non-cash benefits”. (Click here to see the full disclosure statement) At Number 4 is Nick Katsis as per below.

We know from the Trade Union Royal Commission which recommended criminal charges against Nick Katsis, as reported in my last article on the matter, that he has been working at the Health Services Union since 2012/2013. An HWU source has told me that Nick Katsis has been employed by the HSU for the full 10 years.

On the HWU website, it has the below picture which I took on 19/11/22: (Click here to see on the HWU website)

The below 2 pictures are on Nick Katsis’ LinkedIn Page which I took on 19/11/22. He makes no mention of working at the HWU for the last ten years as a full-time employee. (Click here to see on LinkedIn)

Nick Katsis LinkedIn


On the website of the Melbourne law firm Domantay Legal Nick Katsis has the below profile and picture which I took on 19/11/22: (Click here to see on their website)

Principal Migration Law Consultant – Nick Katsis

As a Principal Migration Law Consultant and Advisor (MARN 0746696), success and results have formed the backbone of his business and reputation within the migration sector for over 13 years. Nick receives great satisfaction when assisting clients to navigate the migration legal minefield, from temporary to permanent residency pathways. Nick has extensive education, business and corporate experience spanning 30 years and he prides himself on exceeding all levels of service by providing a comprehensive, professional, ethical, efficient and personalised service. He is also bound by, and must adhere to, The Code of Conduct for registered migration agents which can be found here In his spare time Nick enjoys martial arts and organising a good lamb spit roast for family and friends. Email:

Nick Katsis is a full-time Migration Consultant but pulls a wage of over $100,000 per year for the last 10 years from the HWU and uses the HWU office and resources to run his Migration business. It is almost identical to how Kimberly Kitching ran her political career as a fake General Manager of the HSU pulling a wage while using their resources and money to make several political attempts for pre-selection in the Labor Party.

At least $20 million was stolen from the HWU over the last 10 years which continues to this day with the full support of Dan Andrews and others.

As I wrote in the previous article on the HWU Diana Asmar took over as Secretary in 2012 from convicted fraudster Kathy Jackson and “wages in the 2013 financial year were $1,820,807 and blew out to $3,451,989 in the 2014 financial year. This is a massive increase of $1,631,182 and consistent with the fact that we knew that Asmar and crew were employing Labor Party and Union cronies to work at the union.” (Click here to read more)

If you times the $1,631,182 increase (theft) in 2013/2014 by 10 it works out that $16,311,820 has been stolen from the HWU over the last 10 years which by itself is not far off my estimated $20 million in stolen funds. Then add the rest of the fraud such as fake printing costs and the $20 million is easily reached.

The key point about Nick Katsis is you can see the fraud scam in operation today, how it works and that the fraud is current and happening now, not just ten years ago when it started with Diana Asmar’s election as Secretary. Of course, Kathy Jackson was stealing before that as well.

What is really sad is that the HWU is meant to represent some of the lowest-paid workers in the country, yet senior Union and Labor Party politicians are up to their necks in the theft by covering it up. Everyone in the Union movement and Labor Party knows about the theft of members’ money from the HWU but no one does anything because the HWU is also involved in branch stacking and they are part of Bill Shorten’s crime gang.  

Hopefully, Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC), which has investigated the HWU and Dan Andrews, has also investigated the above. The IBAC’s report of the investigation was leaked to the media but they have been silenced by the courts which is convenient for Premier Dan Andrews given there is an election on the 26th of November 2022.

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  1. The whole Aust. legal system is stuffed & will not ever change as the politicians, state & Federal, have set up the Federal & state ICACs in such away to protect themselves from ever being investigated.

  2. Bushrangers existed in the mid nineteenth century. Their primary endeavour after committing crimes, was to hideout in the Australian bush, hence the name. Today they cannot do that, what with high technology for surveillance and not much bush remaining.
    IMHO, it would seem that todays “rangers” hide in plain sight, protected not by the bush but by “other” means. I cannot come up with an appropriate name for these “ranger”. Any ideas?

  3. A search of the Government’s Register of Migration Agents shows that the business address for Katsis’ business Australian Platinum Migration Services Pty Ltd is 105 St David Street, Thornbury which is a suburban house. It appears that he renewed his registration on 13 November 2022

    Asmar and Katsis must be thick if they believed they would never get caught on this security training scam.

    Nick Katsis gave evidence at the Trade Union Royal Commission in September 2014. He was a HSU lead organiser back then. Nick and Diana Asmar go back a long way. He worked with her on Darebin Council and they both resigned among accusations of dubious dealings with developers. An Administrator was then appointed to run the Council.

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