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Corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro turns NSW Police into a Nazi goon squad to assault, harass and jail journalists

Corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has lied to NSW Police to have a journalist Kristo Langker charged for stalking as the video evidence below proves which could end up being his undoing. The reason Barilaro wants Mr Langker jailed is that he and his boss, Jordan Shanks, have been posting videos on the Friendlyjordies YouTube page exposing criminal conduct by John Barilaro.

Kristo Langker has been charged with 2 counts of stalking. The first count of stalking relates to Kristo Langker trying to ask John Barilaro questions at a function, which is on video as per below, with many people around and Mr Barilaro is clearly not concerned for his safety. The second count of stalking relates to Kristo Langker trying to hand Mr Barilaro a legal document, which is also on video as per below, and looks like rock-solid evidence that Mr Barilaro polished up his police statement to make sure Kristo Langker was falsely charged by the police. 

This reminds me of CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 41 Conspiracy to bring false accusation (1) A person commits an offence if: (a) the person conspires with another person: (i) to charge any person falsely with an offence; or (ii) to cause any person to be falsely charged with an offence; Penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years. (Click here to read more)

Below is the video which shows the police arrest and video of the alleged stalking which proves the stalking charges are based on lies by John Barilaro and any witness that supports John Barilaro’s lies to police will also be looking down the barrel of criminal charges as per the “CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 41 Conspiracy to bring false accusation” which is already mentioned above.

The video is a must-watch as it shows all the police corruption in full swing including the police allegedly assaulting Mr Langker’s mother. To me, the most disturbing part is the police officer asking Kristo Langker’s parents if they knew what he had done, not what he had “allegedly done”. And then the police offer says Mr Langker has harassed the Deputy Premier outside a funeral as if the police officer had already found him guilty, but the video proves it was a lie and there was no harassment and certainly no stalking which Mr Langker has been falsely charged with.

Kristo Langker’s lawyers put out the below media statement:


Xenophon Davis acting for Friendlyjordies team

The Sydney law-firm Xenophon Davis is acting for Kristo Langker, a producer and writer for the Friendlyjordies YouTube channel, who was arrested under the extreme powers of the Fixated Persons Unit, which fits within the NSW Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command.

On 4 June, Mr Langker, 21, was taken from his family home a few hours after he had a brief interaction with the Deputy Premier John Barilaro. He was detained for six hours before being charged.

“We are highly disturbed by misinformation that police appear to have acted upon. We have the video of the interaction with the Deputy Premier and it does not appear to accord with the police facts,” said Xenophon Davis partner Mark Davis.

“During his arrest police charged into his home, pushing his mother to the ground and smashing his partner into a table. They were both left injured and traumatised,” said Mr Davis.

The NSW Fixated Persons Unit commenced operations in May 2017 in the wake of the Lindt café siege. At the time, its stated intent was to stop ‘lone wolf terrorists’.

“It is shocking to us to see these counter-terrorism powers now being used against investigative journalism and YouTube comedians,” said Mr Davis.

“Kristo’s bail conditions are utterly extreme. He will be in breach if he possesses an image or caricature of the Deputy Premier or if he comments upon the appearance or behaviour of the Deputy Premier.”

“We are also aware that a warrant was issued in May for Jordan by the same police unit. Mr Jordan may be in danger of imminent arrest.”

“The timing of this police action is highly alarming. Just one week prior to Kristo’s arrest, Mr Barilaro launched defamation proceedings against Jordan Shanks (aka Friendlyjordies) for investigations his team had been conducting about Mr Barilaro and publishing on YouTube.”

Xenophon Davis will be defending Jordan Shanks in the defamation proceedings brought against him by the Deputy Premier.

“It is also extraordinary that YouTube are being joined as defendants in this action which will be a direct assault upon the viability of social media platforms in Australia if they are successfully held accountable for content published by their contributors,” said Mr Davis.

“Our clients are in great danger if they attempt to defend themselves publicly against the Deputy Premier’s defamation allegations while also being subjected to the criminal powers of the state,” said Mr Davis. 

John Barilaro and Gladys Berejiklian

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and John Barilaro (Picture courtesy of Twitter user @TwoEyeHead)

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller didn’t get an unexplained $87,000 pay rise last year, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, for nothing. He has to keep his political masters happy and he knows it. (Click here to read more)

What happened to Kristo Langker is not unique as I also received a harassing visit from the NSW Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command Fixated Persons Unit in May 2019 when I lived in Sydney, and it played a major part in my decision to move back to Queensland. My unit was also raided by the NSW police in 2017 when I was at work who took my computers and later charged me for an email I sent to the court but the CDPP dropped the charge as it was scandalous that I had been charged in the first place. I decided I was not going to hang around like a sitting duck while authorities used the NSW police’s Fixated Persons Unit like their own personal Nazi goon squad to silence journalists. (Click here to read more)

Writing about the criminal conduct of fraudster and thief John Barilaro is quite common and a staple for NSW political journalists. For example, only a few days ago (10/6/21) it was exposed that Barilaro was stealing another $50,000 of taxpayers’ money to give to a company associated with federal fraudster MP Angus Taylor and the public servant involved was told to make it “disguised as a contract payment”. (Click here to read more)

Why hasn’t John Barilaro sued any of the large media companies and only gone after a YouTuber? I think Mr Barilaro has not understood that going after a YouTuber by lying to the police can and will likely end his political career because the blowback will be massive. 

If John Barilaro continues with the police charge, he is the one in deep trouble, not Kristo Langker. And if Barilaro withdraws the police charge he really has no option but to also withdraw the defamation matter against Friendlyjordies unless he wants to perjurer himself on the witness stand because the first question he would be asked by a barrister in the defamation matter is why did he lie to the police about being stalked.

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  1. What an astonishing video clip! Any fair-minded and decent Australian should be appalled and angered by the actions of John Barilaro, and those who support him in this matter. I just hope and pray Barilaro and his supporters are sanctioned for their behaviour and actions to the maximum extent possible. Australia does not need such thuggish and goon-like behaviour – especially from its elected politicians!

  2. USSR. ? i visited Russia years back and was invited to evening meal with an Expat teacher i met there. Entry to their Apartment, was straight from 007 movie. Double Steel Plate Doors and Solid Timber Door Behind it to stop the Secret Police, from Brouseing. The Teacher used to place one of her long hairs from her head across the door edge to the door frame to alert her that her Apartment was entered that day. No Warrants There Either, She Was Just A Teacher of the Embassy s Children. This Organization Of Degenerates, Licensed By Political Degenerates, to protect Corrupt Politicians. SMACKS, of the USSR. Lets See that Assaulter brought before the courts, to STOP innocent People getting harmed.

  3. I am really disturbed at how closely aligned to the aspirations of the LNP our current police commissioner seems to be. We haven’t seen this in NSW for several decades. This comes with frightening potential for us all.

  4. I was threatened with arrest for failing to obey a Court order that I had never received. Barilaro should be charged with instituting false charges. Btw, that ‘Fixated Persons Unit’ sounds as dodgy as another term lawyers throw around ‘Vexatious Litigant’. Where do they come up with these expressions?

  5. Ah! … one must remain ever vigilant of our governments and authorities, so as to hold them to account. It will be very interesting to see this play out in the courts. How is it that we should now be fearful of our governments?

  6. I find it very difficult to believe that alleged offences of this nature fall under the jurisdiction of a counter-terrorism task force.
    The mere fact that this specific unit was utilised seems to be a very clear indicator or ministerial involvement and stinks of a cover up attempt.
    I think whoever falsified this police report (likely the same individual who listed an incorrect address on a recent lawsuit rendering it mute) is doing everything they can to silence the journalists who repeatedly investigate and report on instances of this individual’s alleged corruption in a dramatic last ditch effort to save their own skin.
    This issue and the issues linked to it should be urgently referred to ICAC and the AFP.

  7. There are no words. This is the worst misuse of power this week. And I do mean this week. It seem this is happening all the time lately. Looks like people want to live in a police state.

  8. Coruption is rife within the fascist, secretive LNP Federal & NSW State governments. The law enforcement agencies & much of the mainstream media are just as corupt for allowing these crooked pollies and cronies to get away with it for so long & on so many occasions.

  9. Reviewing the video, I didn’t see JBs’ seatbelt go on before the car was set in motion!!! Should the police not intervene?

  10. “Late last night the Facebook Page, ‘The Common Sense Brigade!’ set up by the FriendlyJordies team to act as a community hub for anti-LNP meme creation was registered as a ‘dangerous organisation’ by Facebook and taken down”.

    The gloves are off and police state censorship is now official. No satire, caricatures or criticism of Conservative figures or you’re a terrorist. It’s official.

  11. Yeah, it is fairly common for the counterterrorism unit to harass anybody who speaks out against the Australian Parliament.

    I was held by them for three months without charge for being part of the cannabis legislation movement.

    Practically anybody can be held by their group without any reasonable grounds.

    For a set of rules that was put in place for the most dangerous of the dangerous, all they are really used for is to silence those who speak out against their government.

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