Webcam footage of the night Friendlyjordies house was firebombed. What are the NSW Police doing?

The attempted murder of Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) has not stopped him, and he has posted a new video on his YouTube channel titled “Who firebombed Friendlyjordies?”.

In his video, Friendlyjordies asks for help to try and help solve the murder attempt so below is some footage from a webcam on the night of the fire which might help if for nothing else but helping to highlight the lack of a result by the NSW Police.

As I say in the below video, I am in Queensland and managed to get webcam footage of the night that might be usable evidence so what have the NSW police been doing?

Below is some webcam footage from the Surfline Bondi Beach (South) camera on the night of the fire:

There are hundreds of shops on Bondi Rd and Campbell Parade at Bondi within a kilometre of the fire and attempted murder.

I wonder how many shops the NSW Police approached asking for the CCTV footage which might show the arsonist and their accomplices and/or their getaway vehicle? There are also thousands of houses that might have webcam/CCTV footage which could be evidence of the crime.

One of the issues is that 2 of the key suspects are John Barilaro and Detective Sergeant Matthew McQueen, who colluded to stitch up Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker with a false charge, which I wrote about in an article on the 23rd of November 2022. (Click here to read the article) If they were involved it might help explain the lack of any news from the NSW police on any progress in the matter.

I also published the below video titled “Friendlyjordies lawyers suggest house fire was terrorism and/or attempted homicide of Jordan Shanks”:

The house fire/attempted murder was on Tuesday (22/11/22) and here we are almost 3 months later and there is silence from the NSW Police and the only update is Friendlyjordies publishing a video with likely suspects. It seems NSW has a do-it-yourself policing policy if the police do not like you.

John Barilaro and his associates would still have to be the main suspects, but I’ll do another article on that in the near future. What is important now is to demand action by the NSW police and not let them get away with another cover-up that they are well known for.

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  1. didnt they try and kill him the night b4 the fire as well and set the the neighbours house on fire ..mabey the footage from that would help

  2. What is happening to Australia??? Use to be a lovely place to be, Now there is so much corruption not only in Politicians but police and any justice system. What happened to ask your local bobby for help??? It is sad that the only truth are these small groups who THANK GOODNESS have more courage than MSM/ or the likes.

  3. Keen to be quick on sight will be insurance company with there forensic team to determine cause of fire. Also, Police will have their own evidence from their forensic people. CCTV cameras everywhere will have captured recent vistors to that locale. Was this fire event during time of Police Commissioner Mick Fuller?

  4. IMHO, MSM is a continuing and huge part of a number of societal, political and community matters and issues. This specific swamp definitely requires draining. Then the focus can be brought to bear on all arms of authority in this country. I grieve and am ashamed of the directions to which this country has been taken.

  5. Maybe a long bow determining or identifying culpable persons and vehicle from the video. This is the case with most such CCTV poor definition and maintenance. However this is an attempted homicide so police should leave no stone unturned. Keep at them KCA

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