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The real reasons NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro resigned: Fraud, theft, abuse of power and numerous alleged affairs

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro announced his resignation on Monday morning and I published the below video on YouTube a few hours later titled “The real reasons NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro resigned: Fraud, theft, abuse of power and numerous alleged affairs”.

The video details:

  1. The false complaint of stalking that John Barilaro made against Kristo Langker to the NSW Police. (Click here to read more
  2. The frivolous and vexatious defamation case by John Barilaro against Jordan Shanks who publishes the YouTube channel Friendlyjordies. (Click here to read more)
  3. The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) likely calling John Barilaro to give evidence in their investigation into former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the possibility that ICAC might also find John Barilaro has acted corruptly. (Click here to read more)
  4. John Barilaro allegedly having numerous affairs including with a former high profile journalist.
  5. John Barilaro’s fraud and theft by pork barrelling government funds.

(Click anyhwere on the below video to watch)

(I have started posting videos regularly for my YouTube channel and I plan on continuing to do so in the future so if you don’t already subscribe to the channel please do. It is free. Just hit the subscribe button.) (Click here to go to the channel

As I published on Saturday “Corrupt NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian forced to resign as her previous perjury, lies and pork-barrelling bring her unstuck“. Gladys resigned on Friday (1/10/21) and the domino effect didn’t take long to start with the Transport Minister Andrew Constance announcing his resignation on Sunday (3/10/21) and John Barilaro resigning on Monday (4/10/21).

The real game is likely to start when the Independent Commission Against Corruption commences their hearing on the 18th of October, into alleged corruption by Gladys Berejiklian, and numerous government MP’s and staffers are called to give evidence. I think there is a good chance at least a few MP’s and/or staffers have already rolled and spilled the beans on Gladys and Co. The hearing is scheduled to go for about 10 days and could be explosive and extremely damaging to the government.

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16 replies »

  1. NSW Government is going down!
    Another day, more allegations against LNP members, where is the opposition?
    News C7 C9 C10 working overtime to salvage their friends in the process of losing power..
    KCA and minority news outlets shine the light, now needed more than ever, don’t be silenced.

  2. Looks like the rats are finally bolting from the sinking ship,,, in an attempt to save their ill begotten gains,,, nothing surprises me at all,,, and just knows on a Fed level as well corruption rules,,,for all main party politicians

  3. Thank you KCA, you are already the peoples’ grass roots integrity commission.

    You and Jordies give me hope that the majority of people now generally neglected by governments can achieve success in exposing and bringing suspected corruption to an end. The general main stream media is useless. Defamation litigation may not feature so much as well when it comes back to bight the hand of those politicians who initiate it.

    I allege there is an ‘axis of evil’ between Sydney and Canberra and once this pack of cards starts to fall then it will be hard to stop it is so full of rot. I notice that Jordies has presented more allegations from another person in the last 24 hrs concerning a federal party as well, but unrelated to the Barilaro matter.

    Our mainstream media also needs a damn good clean-up and there must be a way to expose its permanent political alignment with the Liberals either by political affinities or duress. It’s become like a one party state in this country. As many say, they only need half the amount of paper in the tabloids and broadsheets now since they only write half the story. It’s just pure Liberal party propaganda.

  4. Such a great breakdown of the facts KCA. Keep up holding these creeps to account. You and Friendly Jordies should be essential reading/viewing for all Aussies.

  5. I dare say the shiny, new NSW Premier may well be looking forward to a reckoning with Icac over the iCare matter. He may not be in the job long.

  6. “As I said, I just don’t make any comments around the ICAC. The weeks, the months ahead, let’s see what occurs. Today, I have decided to go of my accord.”

    Mr Barilaro said he had been planning to leave politics “at a time in the future” but said recent events gave him “an honest opportunity to do this in a transparent way”.

  7. In my opinion, more “word salads” of absolutely meaningless drivel. Is there a course at TAFE? Drivel 101 perhaps … with electives … crocodile tears … victimhood … media manipulation … etc Oh please spare me!

  8. I suspect the Alan Jones and the developers gang have planted their “go to man” Stuart Ayres in a ‘Morrison move’ as loyal deputy.
    If anyone has ICAC info on Perrottet about missuse of funds, then Ayres would get a “miracle job”

    Perrottet, as treasurer in charge of iCare used the Workers Insurance funds to employ 2 political staffers as personal assistants. Why? What were their tasks?
    Underhanded and improper behaviour, and very questionable.
    Stay tuned!

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