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Arrest warrant issued for Queensland journalist Shane Dowling by the NSW Supreme Court on behalf of Kerry Stokes’ Seven Network and Seven West Media

Journalist Shane Dowling (me) has been sentenced to 10 months jail by Justice Kelly Rees of the NSW Supreme Court on the instructions of Kerry Stokes’ Seven Network and its parent company Seven West Media. This is the third time Kerry Stokes’ Seven have had journalist Shane Dowling charged with contempt. The first time backfired badly and Stokes and Seven have a lot to answer for but when an old media company is having new media journalists jailed all media should be asking some serious questions.

They have issued an arrest warrant as I live in Queensland and Justice Rees and other judges refused to transfer the matter to Queensland even though I made several applications to have it transferred so I could go to court. They transferred the Capilano Honey v Simon Mulvany defamation matter from Sydney to Melbourne in 2017 so they could have transferred this matter to Queensland. This makes me a fugitive in my own country.

I am currently free in Queensland where I originate from and where I have lived since November 2019, and if I am arrested, I intend on fighting the extradition to NSW on numerous legal grounds.

I have not read the full judgment, but from what I have read it is as dodgy as it gets. Justice Rees claims that I owned 2 websites in 2017, which I deny, and published Seven’s secret information. Originally it was only one website but now in the judgment she claims I owned two. Seven’s own expert witness said he could not say beyond a reasonable doubt that I owned the first website and there was no evidence tendered that I owned the second. But Justice Rees says both websites only lasted a few months and stopped existing by July 2017. Yet she claims I am a serious risk of re-offending. If I was a serious risk of re-offending there would be evidence of that since July 2017 but there is none. (Click here to read the judgment)

Judges who hear cases are meant to declare anything that might lead to a perception of bias. In my case the court should have declared the following:

  1. I have published the Kangaroo Court of Australia website since 2011 which specialises in judicial and government corruption.
  2. I have published over 100 articles on the topic of judicial corruption at the NSW Supreme Court and made allegations of corruption, with supported evidence, against more than 10 NSW Supreme Court judges.
  3. In September 2016 Chief Justice Bathurst instructed the court’s CEO and Principle Registrar Chris D’Aeth to have me jailed for an email that I sent to the court regarding paedophile judges and judicial bribery. CEO and Principle Registrar Chris D’Aeth and Registrar Rebel Kenna both made police statements against me. This led to a police charge which was later dropped because it was a malicious charge.
  4. In 2019 the NSW Police’s Fixated Person Investigation Unit paid me a visit and harassed me after a complaint from Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and tried to pressure me to stop writing about judicial corruption and to delete this website. (Click here to read more)
  5. In September 2020 I published the book titled Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket and on the front cover it has a picture of Chief Justice Tom Bathurst just behind Prime Minster Scott Morrison and at the bottom it has pictures of NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman.

Justice Rees has a swipe at me calling myself a journalist in her judgment, but she does not mention any of the above 5 points.

If the average person knows the 5 points above, they would know that I was never going to get a fair hearing in the NSW Supreme Court and either an interstate judge should have heard the matter or it should have been transferred to Queensland when I moved here in November 2019. I applied for an interstate judge to hear the matter numerous times both when I was living in Sydney and when I moved to Queensland, and it was always refused the same as the applications to transfer the matter to Queensland. Seven always argued against both because they knew they have the judges in the NSW Supreme Court in their pocket.

If I do end up in jail and you want to know why all you have to do is read the book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” which covers all the details of why Kerry Stokes has wanted me jailed and why the NSW Supreme Court’s judges regard me as public enemy number one.

Not only does the NSW Government think they are running the country as far as Covid is concerned the NSW Supreme Court also thinks they are running the country’s judicial system and can hear a matter that clearly should be transferred to another State, so a person is not denied natural justice. And remember the NSW police are hunting other journalists such as Jordan Shanks and Kristo Langker on behalf of the NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

When media companies and their owner can have independent journalists stitched up for some jail time because the journalist has written about corruption by the owner of the media company then everyone should be worried.

What happens from here is unknown. But as someone said to me the NSW Police could not take a police statement off Christian Porter’s alleged rape victim Katharine Thornton for over six months because of the Covid border lockdowns in South Australia so how are they going to extradite me given the current Queensland border lockdown? And given the Queensland lockdown on the NSW border how could the Queensland Police and Queensland Attorney-General justify extraditing an unvaccinated person like myself to NSW who have a Covid crisis happening?

As I said I will fight extradition and there is no time limit on appealing contempt matters in NSW although I doubt I could do it right now given I am currently a fugitive. I have people lined up to run this website and social media accounts if I am jailed but hopefully I will at least get to publish a few more posts before that happens.

The best thing you can do to help is make sure you follow his website via the free email subscription and share the articles on social media. And if I am arrested email the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Queensland Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman or contact them on social media and tell them I should not be extradited to NSW for the reasons above. 

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  1. If you continue to poke the snake eventually it will strike. The vile members of the extreme right and those very wealthy criminals that have made a lifetime commitment to evil and the pursuit of money and corruption do not like to be revealed to the world. Like other creepy crawlies they like to lurk in the dark and slither around doing perpetrating their evil. Just as well you are in QLD. This is a trumped up charge and the fact that a judge as made this judgement does not make it the truth.

  2. I really hope this turns out well for you. I thought we had freedom of speech, so why are whistleblowers targeted and removed

  3. Good luck Mr Dowling you are going to need it especially since this is a blatant overreach by the nsw judiciary.

    • Unfortunately Queensland judiciary is no better, plenty of right leaning magistrates/judges happy to oblige their corrupt NSW colleagues..

  4. Here’s to hoping everything works out positive for you. Keep on the pushing for the truth as you always search for. Criminals need to be brought to justice. Look after yourself.

  5. There certainly needs to be a thorough investigation into mainstream media, and the connection between media, the Coalition, corporate interests and the judiciary. Whistleblowers across our country are continually being harassed punished by vested interests. Take care and your case will be followed by many of us.

  6. Sorry for your plight. I have experience of how hard and scary it is to fight them, and my issues were nothing compared to yours, especially the fundamental issues of your circumstance. Best wishes.

    • In their pursuit of the innocent, the guilty always trip themselves up somehow. Perhaps you will be the catalyst for their undoing. Know you have many supporters grateful for your good work Shane.

  7. Suppression of public comment, facial recognition being trialled in SA, new laws just passed that give the police the right to enter anyone’s computer.

    Welcome to 1984.

    And many Australians watch dystopic tales on TV and never suspect how things are changing in ways that resemble the worst totalitarian dictatorships in Australia. I thought it was a democracy?

    They lucky country is a fools paradise controlled by a spreading virus, and it is not the Covid 19 one.

    Good luck Shane, you put so many other compromised journalists to shame. Most of the main stream media here now is junk food that promotes only one brand, and it also only writes half of the story.

  8. Shane, a line by B. Dylan for you, from ‘Lenny Bruce’:

    ‘… he sure told the truth and he knew what he was talking about;
    Never robbed any churches, nor cut off any babies’ heads;
    He just took the men in high places, and shined a light in their beds.’

    Keep fighting. A rapidly increasing number of Australians is observing with interest.

  9. Keep fighting corruption at all levels, Shane. We need fearless journalists such as yourself to keep reporting the failures of justice that occur all-too-often in our legal system; a system where outcomes are heavily weighted in favour of the rich and that bleeds dry the not-so-well-off who seek justice in the courts.

  10. As someone once said, we live in interesting times, Shane. Eventually, a crack will appear in the castle of corruption. Hope I`m alive to see it. 🙂

  11. “The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens that Dickens loved to paint, but is conceived and ordered in clear, carpeted, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.” C.S. Lewis

  12. Let them lock you up with a federal election about to be announced….real good look for Morrison and his media cronies…soon as Labor is in federal government we will have an anti corruption commission.

  13. Love your work, Shane. In Australia, we have a legal system … But do not have a justice system. .. I wish you all the best… . Australia now is just a hole….. Like the USA

  14. Dear Shane
    Your Kangaroo Court of Australia site provides a vital news source. I do not understand how Kerry Stokes, a businessman and an owner of the most uninspiring TV station in Australia, can have so much control over our country. Australia needs a free press, and journalists and whistleblowers need special protections, not to be seen as the guilty ones and to be fed to the wolves. Good luck with this court case and being protected from these people. What on earth is going on with the NSW government and the NSW legal system? I despair over what this country has become, especially when there are so many great people here. Unfortunately, apart from some exceptions, most of them are not in politics.
    Thank you for your important journalism

  15. Shane am so sorry that by you saying the truth this is what you get. But soon the so called mighty will fall, you are not the only one who has been persecuted they are arresting anyone here in Melbourne who is on UTUBE, for informing people of there rights. It is sad that with everything going on people are still fearful of standing up and being counted. That is why I am so grateful that there is at least one person whose not afraid as the TRUTH is the TRUTH. THANKS for all you do.

  16. Imprison Kerry Stokes for his ongoing, factless, vituperation attacks on a law-abiding, innocent Australian book publisher, the owner of a website who publishes regular articles to expose the corruption among the individual members of the judiciary, politicians, known, unpunished paedophiles and wealthy businessmen who can manipulate Australian laws via judges, which in one case allows a harmful food product to be imported and sold in Australia which contravenes Australian Health Regulations.
    When judges in Australia are deeply corrupt enough to imprison a person based on the accepted remarks which were emitted from a buffoon then it is proof that the whole judicial system is based on a foundation of crap.

  17. I am not at your level, but I am fighting Comcare. In the AAT tribunal I had the misfortune to have J. Pascoe who introduced fabricated evidence, which I can prove with papers, and I am now fighting my case in the Supreme Court .No matter what, I will not let them run over me. I am prepared to go to the U N or Hague. I fair and unbiased trial, based on evidence, is what I am asking for.

  18. The powerful are feeling the coming rebellion by the people who put them in their lofty positions. Time to start buying Eureka flags and wave them high. I salute you, Shane.

    Sincerest regards, Jim R

  19. The great majority of humanity has always relied on the Shane Dowling’s of this world to better their lives and living conditions.

    It is they who are the difference between a Modi/Trump/Bolsonaro/Putin/Howard/Morrison/Berjiklian/Abbott/Turnbull/Menzies/Ida Amin etc etc etc regime and a more egalitarian Scandinavian regime.

    The Shane Dowling’s of this world drag the unevolved, ignorant, uneducated, reluctant homosapien along with them on the path of humane evolution, he and his brave fellow battlers drag the likes of the Morrison cult followers and his fellow greed consumed, insane cave dwellers towards the light of science, humane living, equity and justice for ALL, for the welfare, education and improved living standards for ALL.

    It is the Shane Dowling’s of this world who risk so much to expose the criminals, psychopaths, insane, narcissists who rise to the top of a cesspit that they have created for their own maniacal benefit.

    And these diseased, virulent homo sapien rogue organisms that infest every level of our society and system, do everything they can to silence those who oppose them, and Shane Dowling is one of Australia’s fearless genuine whistle-blowers who will pay for his integrity and morality.

    Vale Australia.

    You are in our thoughts Shane and we appreciate your courage and commitment. Thank you for being such a brave undaunted flag bearer for our pathetic species.

  20. The law is just an ar@#$hole with predominately ar@#$holes running it. Not a lot of hope for the country the way it is going unfortunately.

  21. Congrats, Shane, you made the mainstream with an article in the SMH, although it reads like a PR exercise for the Establishment.

    • Much of the mainstream media got significant multi-million dollar Jobkeeper payments, as well as a lot of government advertising money over Coronavirus. They made significant profits, were little affected by Covid19 (it boosted sales) yet paid token amounts back if any.

      How can this be anything other than what could be alleged to be the biggest media bribe or payback for services in Australian history. That’s what concerns me, and might explain why they are all pushing the federal government’s line. This entire process needs a Royal Commission, but not a limp lettuce leaf set up by the current government.

  22. The separation of powers in Australia EXCEPT Australia does not have a complete separation of powers because some of the roles of the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary overlap. For example, the Prime Minister and ministers are part of the Executive and the Parliament. High Court judges, the Prime Minister and ministers are officially appointed by the Governor-General, who is part of the Parliament and the Executive.

    And then we have the corporate lobby groups and businesses.

    What a tangled web “they” weave!

    Good Luck Shane

  23. Judges learn they are above the law on the day they are elevated to the Bench and get to listen to suck-up speeches from the luminaries of the Bar Association and the Law Society.
    Ordinary barristers are elevated way above their station and their competency level.
    They are too arrogant and incompetent to understand their prejudices and their short-comings.

  24. The case against Shane Dowling is similar to the case against Scottish blogger Craig Murray which saw him sent to jail on similar trumped up charges. What we are witnessing is the judiciary, right wing politicians and compliant MSM journalists forming a coalition which determines who can be heard in our society and who has rights. We see the same in the US and UK where private and public forces join together to defeat their enemies, civil and legal rights be damned. Hard to defeat.

    ps Good luck Shane.

  25. Had a chop at Get-up to ask why they aren`t supporting Shane. The sooner reform movements band together, the sooner we will make an impression on the corrupt.

  26. Seven’s directors Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes, James Warburton and Bruce McWilliam caught lying to the media about stitching up journalist Shane Dowling for jail

    Seven West Media’s directors have been caught lying to the media about Seven’s involvement in having journalist Shane Dowling (me) stitched up for 10 months jail. Bruce McWilliam, as per the below email to the True Crimes News Weekly website which McWilliam cc’d to Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and SWM CEO James Warburton, claimed Seven were not a party to the proceedings so they could not comment which is a blatant lie. The reason for the lie is unknown but they are obviously very worried.

    Read more:

  27. Sorry to hear that Shane, that is totally ridiculous, you gave your side of the story and your reasons, why would the powers that be object so strongly to a transfer to QLD, unless they have something to hide..Are we supposed to live in a free and democratic country that is transparent, or are we becoming a fiefdom for the ruling class.

  28. Hang in there Shane. Australia needs you. The judiciary is corrupt and you are all we have to fight it. Keep up the good work and stay positive knowing we are all behind your cause.

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