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“Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” – New book by journalist Shane Dowling

My new book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket”, which is my second book, was released for sale on Monday the 28th of September 2020. It deals with true crime, political corruption and judicial corruption.

You can order now at BookDepository, or or It is also available online on US websites Barnes and Noble and and other online bookshops. The front and back covers are below with more information.  

The back cover:

Update 10/12/20

The below video is a book review by UK barrister Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Richmond Green Chambers, Reviews Editor, “The Barrister”, and Mediator which was published on YouTube on the 9th of December 2020.

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  1. Hello Shane, have my order in at Amazon as well.
    Thank you for all the hard “yakka” you always put into your work.
    Jo Hendrikx

    • Evil TRIUMPHS WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING. Thank you Shane Dowling for your courage and conviction to expose the disgusting individuals who actually believe that they are above the law. I salute you for blowing the whistle on CORRUPTION in high places in the land of Australia where in so many cases POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

  2. be looking for a copy and spreading the word . pedophilia is horrific combined with political and legal cover up only makes it that much worse , a must read for parents and anyone concerned about our children.

  3. Well done Shane. You’ve been through a great deal and haven’t given up. I hope we all soon see the fruit of your efforts with the exposure and accountability of these filthy rockspiders and judicial, political and corporate criminals. It’s long overdue.

  4. Thank you Shane for your amazing work and perseverance in exposing this unsavory history of pedosexual abuse within our judiciary and elsewhere – have ordered your book and looking forward to reading it and will share the information with others.

  5. I will be buying your book. Another excellent way to circulate books as valuable as these is to get your local library to order it. If everyone did this in their local community we would be well versed and Shane supported for his meticulous body of research into the predatory bastards and their enablers.

    • The library would be a good idea, definitely for the environment and for those who live on a tight budget, but still want to know what’s happening in our country that once used to be a democracy!

  6. Did not know you had a previous book, Shane — “Love Letters from the Bar Table.” Have just ordered it from for $31.80 USD. It says “Sure to spark a Royal Commission”. Oh noooo. “The Shane Dowling Royal Commission.”

  7. Now hell pell we have a convicted priest exonerated by the court. Where there is smoke there is usually fire and it was rampant thick smoke in this case. The court branded the victims and witnesses liars Shame Shame

    • Pell was NOT exonerated. The TV channels keep alluding to this error. Pell’s conviction was QUASHED on a clever legal technicality. His lawyers know that the passage of time will do the rest. As at now Pell could be retried if further evidence could be found.

  8. Is there a chapter on Pell’s activities and the Catholics’ in-house paedophile protection system with links to Judicature? May have to add a bit now Pell has sent his Jesuit emmissary Abbott ahead on Australian Government expenses to word up the Pope on what he wants.

  9. Had my money on Christian Porter the whole time … this government is so crooked and despicable that it beggars belief there are not crowds of people throwing shit at them from the public gallery in Parliament House…. If Mr Porter survives there is something seriously wrong with our system of government and the population who are woke, know it …

  10. Hi Shane
    I have ordered your book and shared it as well, I can’t wait to read it.
    I am dealing with a Child Safety Government Dept and have uncovered dubious facts on the workers and now living through the ramifications of my findings not an easy task but highly motivating to continue the fight against corruption.
    If you have any suggestions or readings to help I would greatly appreciate it.
    Love your work.

  11. Thank you Shane I’ve ordered your book & shared on FB and Twitter having been targeted in 2016 by the Darwin DPP for speaking out. Now I realise the political judicial system is networked and corrupted as they also bring the media and police into their ring of confidence, it is very scary and these people negatively impact family life as they work to destroy yours.

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