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Kangaroo Court of Australia 2020 Christmas and New Year post

It has been a fairly good year for this website and what we are trying to achieve which is largely due to the followers who are the engine of the website by driving it on social media. I published my second book on corruption and managed to grow email followers 17% even though I cut back the number of articles I posted for over six months while I finished writing the book which I thought was a good result.

The highlight of the year for me was publishing the book and being able to get international coverage at least to some degree with the book review by UK barrister Phillip Taylor. He does not just talk about the book but also about the global corruption problem and free speech which is relevant to most articles on this website so if you haven’t already watched the video, as per below, make sure you do.

The power of social media is growing rapidly which is one of the reasons governments and old media companies around the world are trying to control it, but the genie is out of the bottle so it’s too late. Remember you do have power and when you share something on social media it does count and your support of this website is vital to its growth and helping drive change.

Shane Dowling

Shane Dowling in Queensland

Censoring free speech and political communication

Censorship is a growing problem which affects many media platforms, including this website, but it has been around in one form or another for a long time so its a matter of dealing with it as best you can. For example, recently Google shadowbanned this website by pushing it down the search results for many search terms. But that hasn’t stopped this website growing the number of email followers, supporters of the Facebook page and Twitter account.

In another attempt of censorship book retailers were definitely threatened/encouraged to limit the sale of my new book when it was first released but after the first few instances of limiting its sale most retailers have now stood firm and it is freely available. Although I do note that one bookshop, The Nile, started saying on their website on the books page “Product Unavailable” which is wrong and happened a couple of hours after I linked the main book picture on my website to The Nile. I think others were threatened weeks ago and aren’t worried now because the threats were all hot air, but it must have been the first threat for The Nile.

The threats/encouragement likely came from Scott Morrison’s office who specialise in censorship and threaten media on a daily basis or Kerry Stokes who gets mentioned many times in the book for his various court cases against me and who is also well-known for trying to censor critics.

Moving forward we can all use the experience from recent attempts to censor this website to try and avoid it in the future.

Next year

I plan on writing my third book which should hopefully be published in the first half of next year and continue to promote my current book. I’ll also focus on trying to grow email subscribers and possibly trial a pop-up for that early next year so if you see the pop-up asking you to subscribe and you are already a subscriber there is no need to fill it in. It’ll just be me trialling it.

I think next year will be a good year and an important year for this website so see you then.

I would like to thank all the followers of the Kangaroo Court of Australia for your support during the year for reading and sharing my articles etc. I would especially like to thank all the people who donated during the year. The funds raised will help with keeping this website publishing, continuing to defend myself against Seven West Media’s frivolous and their vexatious court case which is back in court on 1st of February 2021 and the Capilano Honey matter with the judgment still reserved by the judge.

I’ll be having a couple of weeks off then start working again behind the scenes at the start of January. I’ll publish my first article for 2021 at the end of January/beginning of February.

Once again thank you very much for all your support this year and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. Hi Shane.

    thanks for all your hard work and time in uncovering our corrupt political and business systems, this past year. Every year it gets worse and worse, more and more!

    Have a positive and festive Christmas and New Years!
    Kind regards….

  2. On ya Shane for keeping all those bastards honest. How the NSW Premier keeps that Poker Face beggars belief.🤣
    How the PM can sit back and allow his most senior ministers of the crown behave like young delinquents and call it “Boys will be Boys” as he did with his AG.😟
    Have a good break mate, you deserve it.😇👍

  3. You deserve the highest acclamation! Most journos and investigators are too piss-weak to expose the “establishment” corruption. Keep the bastards honest!

  4. Shane when I stumbled upon your website years ago, I forwarded your Post to everyone I knew with the caption “Shane Dowling is the bravest man in Australia.” Your bravery is inspirational to those of us who look forward to your regular Posts. May you continue to be blessed with the strength and integrity of your character that uncovers facts and expose’s the ‘goliath’s for what they are. best regards

  5. Thanks to you Shane, the supporters of KCoA continually ‘spread the word’ among family, friends, acquaintances and others who want to rid our great country of corruption, lies and deceit foisted upon honest Australians on a daily basis.
    Please keep up the attack on the selfish, dis-loyal rat-bags who are destroying Australians, and Australia for their personal gain.
    Enjoy the Christmas Season and we wish for you a successful and, Happy New Year.

  6. Good work Shane! I can’t believe that you publish, exactly what you do publish. I’m amazed when I read your articles, that there isn’t more litigation – but I do say “all power to you brother”. I believe that you must be hitting close to the mark, otherwise your front door knocker would be broken. Thank you for maintaining pressure on those that have stepped over the line. They must be held to account. If you do good things there are good consequences! If you do bad things there are bad consequences! Simple really. All the Best for a Happy + Safe Festive Season!

  7. I hope you have a very happy christmas and new year Shane. I have shared many of your articles on social media usually receiving a positive, ‘knowing the truth’ reply to them all. Well done and keep up the good work Shane as next year is going to be even more challenging for all of us! Cheers!

  8. Best wishes for 2021 keeping the bastards honest as the late lamented Don Chipp said. I shall continue to follow your articles and share them when I can.

  9. Still trying to get my library to order your book after 2 months, but like you Shane I will not give up. Merry Christmas

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