Capilano Honey

Capilano Honey owner Hive and Wellness are back up to their old tricks dumping imported honey in Australia putting struggling beekeepers out of business

Capilano Honey owner, Hive and Wellness Australia, are sneakily selling imported honey in Western Australia under the Sunny Flo brand, which is 90% imported honey, but they make no mention of Sunny Flo being one of their brands on their Hive and Wellness Australia website. Add this to the Cloverdale Honey, which is also 90% imported honey and not mentioned on their website as one of their brands, which they are selling Australia wide at Woolworths then it becomes obvious why they are Australia’s biggest honey importer putting struggling Australian beekeepers out of business.

Australian beekeepers in the Eastern States have been under huge pressure since last summer’s bushfires destroyed many of their beehives. Hive and Wellness have taken advantage of this and are dumping literally tonnes of imported honey on the Australian market forcing the honey prices down which undermines Australian beekeepers who badly need the higher prices to help them replace their beehives lost during the fires.

I received a tip-off that Hive and Wellness were selling imported honey in WA via their Sunny Flo brand and I was sent the below picture which has Hive and Wellness’s subsidiary company Honey Corporation of Australia and their address, 399 Archerfield Road, Richlands QLD 4077, on the side which is a big giveaway as per below:

I phoned the Spudshed Fresh Food Store in WA (Bently Store) at 2.52pm today (11/12/20) and I was informed that they sell the 1kg Sunny Flo Honey tubs, which are 90% imported honey, for $8.99 which is a huge discount on Australian Honey prices.

Honey going into WA has to be treated which it says on the government website:

3. Honey purchased in WA from the east coast has been treated and meets strict quarantine requirements. It’s certified as treated and is verified by our officers on arrival into WA. (Click here to read more)

Someone has advised me that the honey has to be heated to 65 degrees which would kill most of its goodness but I am still to have that confirmed.

Why are Capilano Honey’s owner Hive and Wellness Australia deliberately concealing the fact that they are selling the 90% imported Sunny Flo Honey?

On the Hive and Wellness website, it makes no mention that it owns and sells the 90% imported Sunny Flo Honey the same that it makes no mention of the fact that they also sell the 90% imported Cloverdale Honey. Why? Because they don’t want the public to know that the imported honey is part of the same company that sells Capilano Honey which they try to position as Australian made and helping Australian beekeepers. It is one of those robbing Peter to pay Paul type scenarios.

If you buy Capilano Honey, it might be Australian Honey and help Australian beekeepers, but the profit will go to Hive and Wellness Australia who will use the profit to import more honey to dump at cheap prices on the Australian market and put more Australian beekeepers out of business.

The only honey brands they admit owning on their website are Capilano Honey, Barnes Naturals, Wescobee Honey and Beeotic Honey. (Click here to see) Is it an oversite not to mention Sunny Flo and Cloverdale honey? No, it is a deliberate attempt to deceive customers as they know that customers do not like imported honey which former Capilano Honey CEO and now Hive and Wellness executive Ben McKee admitted in the witness stand under oath.

Cloverdale does at least have a one-page website but there is no website for Sunny Flo Honey so if you don’t know that Honey Corporation of Australia is part of Hive and Wellness and they have the same address in Brisbane which is on the side of the bottle then you wouldn’t know who owned it.

Capilano Honey was caught out in 2017 selling Sunny Flo Honey with dodgy country of origin labelling and issued an apology. (Click here to read)

Cloverdale Honey – 90% imported honey owned by Hive and Wellness Australia

I wrote an article on the 4th of April 2020 about the Cloverdale imported honey scam titled “Woolworths involved in a global food fraud conspiracy with Capilano Honey, Kerry Stokes, Kevin Rudd’s son-in-law, Albert Tse and others” which started off: 

Woolworths is again selling fake honey in a scam involving Capilano Honey Pty Ltd (now known Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd), their owners Kerry Stokes, Kevin Rudd’s son-in-law Albert Tse and others.

The global food fraud scam conspiracy entails importing fake honey and selling it in Australia, only at Woolworths at this point, via a new brand called Cloverdale Honey which is 90% imported fake honey. They are also exporting it overseas under what seems to be the false impression it is 100% Australian Honey.

I put questions to Woolworths, their CEO Brad Banducci and Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Capilano Honey Pty Ltd) but they failed to respond even though they knew I would be making the allegations that I am in this article.

Hive and Wellness Australia (Capilano Honey) and Woolworths have a long history of selling fake honey which is worth reviewing but let’s deal with their latest scam first, the new Cloverdale Honey.

I sent Woolworths media division and the CEO Mr Brad Banducci the below email a few days ago. They haven’t responded. I also sent the same email to the CEO Ryan d’Almeida and COO Ben McKee at Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd and they have also not responded which is consistent for them.

Sent: 31 March 2020 13:25
Subject: Media questions: Woolworths selling fake honey again via the Cloverdale Honey brand

Dear Mr Banducci

I have some questions for an article I will be publishing regarding Woolworths again selling fake honey in conjunction with Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Capilano Honey Pty Ltd) via the Cloverdale Honey brand which is 90% imported honey. The working title for the article is “Woolworths involved in global food fraud scam conspiracy with Capilano Honey, Kerry Stokes, Kevin Rudd’s son-in-law, Albert Tse and others”

My questions are:

  1. Why is Woolworths again selling imported honey from the same supplier, Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Capilano Honey Pty Ltd), who previously supplied the fake honey brand Allowrie Honey.
  2. Given Allowrie Honey was proven to be fake imported Chinese honey by independent testing in 2018, which led to Capilano to cease production of Allowrie Honey, what precaution have Woolworths taken to make sure the Cloverdale Honey is not fake?
  3. Will Woolworths again start selling the fake Woolworths owned Macro brand honey which Woolworths previously had Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Capilano Honey Pty Ltd) produce for Woolworths.
  4. Given Coles started selling only Australian Honey in July 2018 why has Woolworths again started selling fake imported honey?

Can you please respond by 5pm today (Queensland time) in case I have further follow-up questions.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I also wrote to Hive and Wellness CEO Ryan d’Almeida and COO Ben McKee on the 14th of March asking some questions after I was leaked their plans for a new fake imported honey and they once again refused to respond. (Click here to read more)

Woolworths, their CEO Brad Banducci, Hive and Wellness, Kerry Stokes and Albert Tse and the other owners and managers obviously have designs of making huge profits from selling fake honey but it is time the government and proper authorities stepped up to stop it. But while we have a weak government Woolworths, Banducci, Stokes, Tse and the others will continue food fraud they have profited from for years. They might go silent for a while like when they were caught selling the fake Allowrie Honey but as per the above, they will just start up again later using different brands and names etc. (Click here to read the full article)

Capilano Honey’s Australian made scam

Capilano Honey is currently running a campaign heavily leveraging off the Australian made angle as per the below picture while the parent company Hive and Wellness Australia are trying to conceal from the public that they are Australia’s biggest importers of honey putting Australian beekeepers out of business.  

Remember that if you buy Capilano Honey that is helping the profitability of the parent company Hive and Wellness Australia who will use that profit to import more honey and put Australian beekeepers out of business.

Capilano Honey’s frivolous and vexatious court case 

My injurious falsehood and defamation legal battles with Capilano Honey and Ben McKee that have been afoot since October 2016 were heard in May/June 2020 and Justice Richard Button reserved his decision. They had no real evidence to support their injurious falsehood claim which also highlights what a joke the defamation case is as well. At this point, it looks like there won’t be a judgment until next year. (Click here to read my latest article the court case)

It’s long overdue for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate the dodgy dealings of Hive and Wellness Australia and their shareholders.

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  1. Unfortunately I wouldn’t express any confidence in ACCC investigating any matters involving Stokes, lost confidence in the independence of ACCC upon the departure of Professor Fells from the helm, would suggest that any involvement of Stokes would invoke backroom directions from Scomo and Co not to carry out any investigations, seems every other Body associated with Commonwealth Control has been nobbled by Morrisson.
    Though Minister Taylor has experience in dealing with matters of a non factual matter.

  2. The people of Australia are mightily pleased that this nation still has a number of honest independent journalists (which includes yourself) that are determined to express their fact opinions.

    This being in spite of the furtive reprehensibly false and misleading companies and corporations that attempt to defend their deliberate lack of business ethics.

    Pleasingly too, is the comment of Toby Cee, his commentary statement is most precise in regard to the increasing failures now common to the no-longer-trusted L/NP government’s Federal Attorney-General, who is deemed responsible for the oversight of our nation’s easily overwhelmed regulatory authorities.

  3. Hive and Wellness, what the h**ll are they trying on with that name, obviously they think that because health and wellness are heavily promoted in our society by all types of media, that the majority of ‘wellness seeking’ people will believe that the (poisonous) honey is good for them.
    Thank you KCoA for continuously exposing the Stokes, Capilano, Allowrie, Dirty Tricks Department den of crooks and corrupt individuals.
    I was in Aldi yesterday and among the different brands of honey was Allowrie, Made In Australia from at least 20% Australian honey.

  4. Totally agree with William. Well done Shane, to all truly independent journalists out there, you are truly appreciated. Angela

  5. toenee 3000, from what Shane writes, we wouldn’t know what is included in the 100% pure honey, assume the container is 100% pure, contents unknown?
    Capalino honey purchase large quantities of syrup in IBCs for their Richlands operation. Odd for a pure honey business.

  6. Well, well no surprises here this company of deceit also had honeycomb on sale in Aldi which as a result has dampened many a consumers regard for Aldi produce. More so when as Jonde points out a mere twenty percentum of Allowrie sold in Aldi is claimed to be Australian product What happened to Made In Australia ? Continue giving it up to the deceitful and dishonest politicians and companies.

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