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Gladys Berejiklian perjures herself at ICAC and admits to “friends with benefits” relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian perjured herself like no tomorrow and admitted to a 5 year “friends with benefits” relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire when she was in the witness stand today at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Premier Berejiklian’s perjury was blatant and she regularly said she “can’t recall” or she “doesn’t recollect” over and over and she claimed she didn’t read certain emails etc which destroyed the plausibility of her answers being true. 

But it was Gladys Berejiklian’s 5-year secret relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire, who resigned from parliament in 2018 after being caught out at another ICAC inquiry, and the answers she gave in relation to questions about the relationship that totally undermined her integrity and credibility.

There are many reasons why the public has a right to know and ask questions about the relationship with probably the major one being the fact that Gladys Berejiklian kept her relationship going with Daryl Maguire even after she sacked him as a minister, he was booted from the Liberal Party and resigned from parliament for alleged corruption in 2018. But that didn’t stop her continuing the secret relationship.

The Guardian reported:

The NSW ICAC is investigating allegations Maguire misused his position as an MP and parliamentary secretary to improperly gain a benefit for himself or for G8way International, a company he “effectively controlled”.

The inquiry previously heard Maguire sought payments to help broker deals for Chinese property developers, and helped “grease the wheels” of a deal to sell the racing heir Louise Waterhouse’s land near the proposed western Sydney airport in 2017 and 2018.

But in bombshell revelations on Monday, Berejiklian revealed she had been in a “close personal relationship” with Maguire from around the 2015 election. (Click here to read more)

Gladys Berejiklian told the ICAC hearing today that “I’m a very private person and I didn’t feel the relationship had sufficient substance for it to be made public,”. And again, this afternoon at a press conference a few hours after Gladys Berejiklian gave evidence at ICAC, she continually said the relationship didn’t have “sufficient substance” when responding to various questions about her relationship with Daryl Maguire.

Were Gladys Berejiklian and Daryl Maguire “friend’s with benefits” or just “F*#k buddies”?

Her relationship with Maguire lasted 5 years. What was it then if it didn’t have “sufficient substance for it to be made public” or to tell her friends or family?

Gladys Berejiklian said she didn’t even tell friends and family about the relationship because it didn’t have “sufficient substance” which means it could have only been a “friends with benefits” relationship or maybe even a notch down and only a “F*#k buddies” relationship which is just casual sex. This is important because in 2018 Gladys Berejiklian says she sacked Daryl Maguire as a Minister, forced him to resign from the Liberal Party and sit on the crossbench and also pressured him to resign from parliament.

But Gladys Berejiklian continued with the relationship with Daryl Maguire and only stopped it in August this year after she gave evidence at a secret hearing at ICAC and she knew the game was up. She says she stayed loyal to Daryl Maguire after he was exposed for being corrupt in 2018 because she was being a good friend. That makes no sense and doesn’t pass the pub test if they were only “friends with benefits” as she has alleged in her answers today she would have given him the flick in 2018.

What would make sense is if Gladys Berejiklian knew Daryl Maguire was corrupt and didn’t care because she’s corrupt herself and it was a secret relationship, she thought no one would find out about. And listening to the intercepted phone calls between Berejiklian and Maguire at ICAC today it sounded very much like Gladys Berejiklian knew Daryl Maguire was up to his neck in corruption.

What Gladys Berejiklian didn’t count on was that ICAC had been recording Daryl Maguire’s phone calls from at least 2017 and she was on numerous calls with him. On at least 2 of those calls, she told him she “didn’t need to know that” when he started talking about his dodgy deals.

At the press conference this afternoon Gladys Berejiklian said she intends on staying but today’s revelations will only be the start. As more and more information is revealed it won’t be long before she resigns or is forced out. And what happens if Daryl Maguire is charged with it being likely that Gladys Berejiklian would be called as a witness? Gladys Berejiklian in the witness stand would do untold damage to the Liberal Party.

Maybe another key reason for Gladys Berejiklian downplaying her relationship with Daryl Maguire is because she failed to declare his assets on the parliamentary asset registrar which I believe she is meant to do given she was in a relationship with him. Others on social media have also raised that question and I’m sure others will in parliament so let’s see what happens.

2019 NSW election

The NSW people had a right to know before the 2019 election of Gladys Berejiklian’s relationship with Daryl Maguire but ICAC took too long with their inquiry. Wonder why?

The inquiry is called Operation Keppel and is headed up by retired NSW Supreme Court judge Ruth McColl AO SC who has been brought in specially for this inquiry to avoid perceived bias. The reason is on the ICAC website where it says:

“Due to a potential conflict of interest, the Commission has determined that it is appropriate for an Assistant Commissioner to preside at this inquiry. The Hon Ruth McColl AO SC has been appointed Assistant Commissioner in this matter. Counsel Assisting the Commission will be Mr Scott Robertson and Mr Alex Brown.” (Click here to read more)

So what would the potential conflict of interest be? Well, ICAC reports to the government at least in relation to appointments and funding which would make it hard for the current ICAC staff to investigate the Premier and it would be open to perceived bias by the public if they went softly on the Premier etc.

But the “potential conflict of interest” might explain why ICAC failed to act before the 2019 election so the public would know before they voted. The current ICAC Commissioner in former NSW judge Peter Hall who I know personally from court cases and he is as corrupt as they come and a Liberal Party stooge who was appointed after the Liberal Party in effect forced the previous commissioner Megan Latham to resign because she was destroying the Liberal Party by exposing their corruption

A bit of a side issue/trivia is that ICAC Commissioner Peter Hall in October 2016, as a Supreme Court judge, issued a super-injunction, wide-ranging suppression orders and non-publication orders against me on behalf of Capilano Honey. He failed to give any reasons, publish any reasons and no reasons were in the court file.

The super-injunction, wide-ranging suppression orders and non-publication orders were dodgy so I ignored them and they were later lifted in 2018 which Capilano Honey appealed. The Court of appeal also found in my favour in a unanimous decision in October 2018 and one of the appeal judges was the Hon Ruth McColl AO SC who is the Assistant Commissioner hearing this matter. (Click here to read the Capilano Honey v Shane Dowling appeal judgement)

A quick plug: The Peter Hall / Capilano Honey / Shane Dowling matter is reported in further detail in my new book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” (Click here for more details)

Did the media know about the relationship?

Australian Media has a long history of covering up questionable sexual relationships of politicians. The most recent one was Barnaby Joyce and his former staffer Vikki Campion which was covered-up just before his by-election in 2018 while he was claiming to be a faithful family man.

Probably the obvious comparison should be made of the affair former federal MP Gareth Evans had with Cheryl Kernot who left the Democrats to join the Labor Party which the Cabrerra press cover-up for years. (Click here to read more)

Gladys Berejiklian’s situation I suspect is a lot worse than the other two just mentioned because she continued her relationship with Daryl Maguire after she sacked him for suspected corruption. So did the media know and cover it up? Surely someone knew.

Gladys Berejiklian’s position is untenable, and every day more information will be uncovered or leaked so it’s only a matter of time before she’s gone and I think it would be best for her if she resigns sooner rather than later.

Daryl Maguire is in the ICAC witness stand on Wednesday (14/10/20) so it will be interesting to see what he has to say and what impact it has on Gladys Berejiklian’s position as Premier. Inquiries normally keep the most explosive phone taps for the main target, but the taps might take down Gladys as well.

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  1. Is Gladys seriously claiming that there was no “Pillow Talk” between her and dodgy Daryl ?
    She has been suspect since day one of being incompetent and merely following instructions.

    • Peter Lambert You can’t be serious! Yes, people are entitled to have relationships with whoever (sic) they please. However, when they are placed in a position of trust by the community at large those relationships cannot even appear to be at the expense of that community. Berejiklian has in her tapped phone calls with Maguire shown it appears she was fully aware he was utilising his Parliamentary position for undisclosed financial gain. Concealing a tort is a crime in itself. A reasonable mind does not dismiss such matters with “Who cares”! Berejiklian has to answer as to how she and her incompetent government allowed persons carrying Covid Virus embark into NSW. It is patently clear Berejiklian had personal relationships on her mind rather than the welfare of the State. Then we have those who claim “Who cares” as a result, NSW and Australia suffer

    • Peter Lambert
      She is NOT entitled to channel public monies to her bed buddy via his electorate.

      Talk about corrupt. They never change. Only the face changes.

      You can’t have a foot in 2 camps.

      A person is either honest and above board or they are not.

      And she’s a bully. Using emotional blackmail on the Qld State Premier whose sole interest has been and is PROTECTING HER PEOPLE AND KEELING THEM SAFE AND ALIVE.

  2. Thank you for providing more of the information that the Murdoch Main Stream Media-ocrity chose to suppress. It appears that Aunty Gladys may have shot herself politically in both feet. Now we wait for the juicy entrails to be made public by those nasty insecure leakers.

  3. I’m disappointed you resort to gutter talk about her relationship. Regardless of whether corruption is involved, she is entitled to have a private relationship. BTW, I dont vote conservative.

    • So what you are saying is that you put manners before morals. It’s the context of the relationship that shows she perjured herself under oath and lied to the public at the press conference afterwards about the relationship. Then the question that needs to be asked is: Why did she perjurer herself and lie to the public?

      • Not at all, but you didnt need to call it a f**k buddy situation. It’s obvious she is in a lot of trouble and it seems deservedly so, without lowering your own standards.

      • As I said, you are putting manners before morals. It was her affair which lasted 5 years but she said it didn’t have “sufficient substance for it to be made public” yet she kept it going after he was caught acting corruptly and she sacked him as a minister. It doesn’t add up so we should look at all the facts good and bad and not sugar coat them.

      • Well, not being as educated as you guys think you are, I had to look up pusillanimous ponce as well, and it means ‘weak and cowardly’. Not sure how that fits, I suppose if I was a pusillanimous ponce, then I wouldnt have commented at all. I also respect women so the ponce part doesnt apply either.

      • Doesn’t perjury still carry Life?

        We, the taxpayer, pay her and her cronies to do the job.
        She is and did NOT do the job she was paid to do.
        Instead, she took the opportunity to feather her own nest, at great cost to the taxpayer. Then, instead of demonstrating her metal, what does she do? She makes a mockery of our laws and perjures.

        It’s disgusting.
        That is NOT LEADERSHIP.

        It’s all very simple.

    • If you want to be ‘one-eyed’ on the subject then explain why Gladys’s relationship was secretive for five years.
      Gladys is a Public Servant, salary paid from the public purse and she is employed to act accordingly in line with what her position expects, which would be acceptable if the relationship was public knowledge with an honest person, but she is NOT entitled to a private affair with a corrupt politician.
      You are completely wrong to say that she is “entitled”, no way, the meaning is, “Believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment,” therefore she was definitely acting illegally.
      Who you vote for in inconsequential, Australians expect, and demand that their political servants are honest and honourable individuals.

    • Bob u detract from the issue.
      The issue is NOT her relationship. It’s breach of trust. Breach if fiduciary. If not other deviant and criminal acts relating to the siphoning of public monies. Add to that the base nature of resorting to bullying tactics l.
      Get it right.
      She is NOT ‘Aunty Gladys’. She is a person who has betrayed public confidence.

  4. pusillanimous ponce, I love it. I had to look at the dictionary… and love the description…. Well said Varij

  5. Ester Unfortunately there is many of this ilk.Yes a beautiful word and dare I say our publisher editor Shane Dowling is educating many in numerous ways apart from exposing the corruption of politicians the judiciary and criminals who purportedly are heads of business.

  6. I have sympathy for Gladys and can listen to Bob, but all of these politicians both Liberal and Labor, Both Federal and State have for the past 25 years been a position of power, which has placed them in positions to intervein and halt the systemic corruption that dwells within the Australian Judicial structures and has now flooded mainstream Australian Society. The neglect of these powerful people, elected to protect the interests of our families and our communities from the banking industry from the exploits of the legal profession from dodgy insurers and builders is despicable. Hence if you chose to live in the barrel of rotten apples expect to be treated as one from those who see from the outside and realise you deserve no sympathy.
    From that perspective, Shane is accurate with his description of the pusillanimous ponce.

  7. There seem to be some striking similarities between the Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson case of nearly 30 years ago, and the Gladys Berejiklian – Daryl Maguire case of today. In both instances, the women involved insisted they did nothing wrong but, instead, had been let down and misled by the crooked men they loved. It will be interesting to see whether the same lack of hard evidence in the Gillard case will also apply to the Berejiklian case.

  8. Maybe she should have tried the “I was young and naive” defence. It seems to work and even gets the media on-side.

  9. I have Specialised in working with Singles & the Formerly Married/Partnered since 1986…
    . My observation has been that some high profile and successful women, can on occasions, if they put their businesses, career or service to others first, find themselves so immersed in what they are doing, they don’t get the opportunity or turn their attention to personal relationships, meeting a partner or marriage; and suddenly the years have flown past…

    Some, who are in the Public Eye, and meet someone, choose to keep the relationship private, this is especially so if one or both are private people… Further, if they haven’t had both the experience in juggling their successful career while maintaining an intimate loving relationship, find in solitude, in keeping a relationship private, some control over an aspect of their life, that on occasions may be very public and out of their control.

    I watched both her testimony and his…
    I felt for the Premier during her evidence…At times, the telephone call intercepts revealed a Woman who was trying to maintain, develop and further a relationship with her partner versus maintaining her own personal commitment and integrity as a Public Servant and Premier versus maintaining her commitment, integrity and behaviour to a Code of Conduct in her own mind…This was clearly evidenced when she asked him to take time to make certain decisions about his future, regardless of whether he was going to continue as an MP or not; and their future…Keep in mind they didn’t know his calls were being recorded…

    Love does funny things to people…It can cause normally first class or good judgment to slide or embolden the resolve of some to maintain their integrity while developing and enjoying a relationship, especially so if few opportunities have presented themselves in the past for them…

    It will be interesting to see how things unfold for her and all stakeholders…

  10. Colin Murdoch:

    Oh pleeeasee!!!!

    Look at Dr Phil eg here he was playing a petty little god with the answers to everyone else romantic relationships, while he was sneaking around behind his wife’s back dipping his wick!

    Clinton and a host of hypocrites are all over the world.
    So don’t give me that counselling act.

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