“Julian Assange’s ‘crime’ is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism and war.” John Pilger

Australian journalist Julian Assange’s court case in the United Kingdom started again last week after a break of several months with the United States seeking his extradition. Its outcome could have an effect on what journalists say anywhere on the globe. Julian Assange’s extradition would mean that journalists anywhere in the world are bound by US laws. If the US can get away with it who will be the next country to try the same thing? 
It is a court case that should have been thrown out a long time ago as an abuse of process and even more so given the CIA was exposed as spying on Julian Assange and his lawyers when he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy. 
Sadly the Australian government have thrown Julian Assange under a bus and are saying and doing little to support him which might be explained by the fact that the federal government are currently trying to jail at least 3 whistleblowers in Australia such as David McBride, Bernard Collaery, Witness K and Richard Boyle. And then there was Witness J who was secretly tried and jailed in 2018 which was only recently exposed. (Click here to read more)
The current Australian government are just as bad if not worse than the US officials chasing Julian Assange when it comes to whistleblowers. If you do an internet search for Julian Assange it becomes evident that Australian Media are not covering the trial anywhere near as close as they should be with some not even covering the trial at all.
Much of the evidence has been very powerful in Julian Assange’s favour and numerous lies by the US government. One of the most powerful defenders of Julian Assange was the evidence given by Daniel Ellsberg. 
The Guardian reported:
Below is the slightly longer version of the above interview with Daniel Ellsberg which is worth watching.

One of the dangers for the US government was always that the court case could backfire and I believe it ultimately will. An example is in progress as I type. 
In the below video, which was recorded Friday night (18/9/20) Australian time, Kristinn Hrafnsson, who is editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks says:
“We’re waiting for Khalid El-Masri to appear and give testimony. He was a victim of torture by the CIA. He was kidnapped, a German citizen, and flown into a dark site where the CIA tortured him and dropped him on the side of the road in Albania”
The truth about his case was revealed by Wikileaks in the cables they published. The US government did everything to try and stop him from appearing in any way in Assange’s court case. He has never received justice and the court case will be the first time he has come face to face with US government officials. It could get very embarrassing for the US government.
When it was time for Khalid El-Masri to give evidence, Friday night (18/9/20) Australian time, all of a sudden the video link didn’t work and Judge Vanessa Baraitser sided with the US prosecutors and it was decided that Khalid El-Masri couldn’t give evidence in court. The US prosecutors objected to Khalid El-Masri giving evidence that he was tortured by the CIA even though it is true.
Former Ambassador Craig Murray unleashes on the corrupt judge and court case below: 
One of the things that should give people hope is the amount of new media covering the Julian Assange hearing and the great job they are doing. The top 2 videos above are from the independent global news website Democracy Now! and the last 2 videos are from the Don’t Extradite Assange Twitter account.
Everyone should do as much as they can to help promote the Julian Assange court case as every bit helps and the way the government is going one day it might be you or someone you know.
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  1. Australia, the Freedom of speech has been a privilege over the years and should be retained for all and sundry, not just journalists, at all costs and I trust people of the world will support Julian wholeheartedly with this action currently being’s staged against him. False truths are killing this world and making it a sad place to live in the current Covid fiasco is a prime example of where the world is going. This is even more reason we have to support Julian where possible

  2. Thanks.
    Not a word in our mainstream media.
    So much for the UK “Justice system”.
    How about the Australian “Justice System” ???
    The Australian Government can only offer “ConsulateSupport”.
    I am truly disgusted with what is described as “Justice”in these countries, but especially our own.

  3. Jullian Assange is an amazing Australian journalist. Shame and disgust from our Government. It shows where they lay when it comes to knowing the truth of what is going on. They are totally corrupt.

  4. As prescribed, there is very clear proof, for everyone to see, that this judge is corrupt. So why is she still on the case? Why are there no protests, with safety measures taken like 1,5 metres distance and masks, outside of where the court case is being held? It is possible….

    And why is no one protesting whilst there is all this evidence about the 2007 attack etc? Americans, know now, but still don’t seem to care! I understand they have lots of other things to think and worry about, but I would think that this continuous corruption and the cover-ups would be just as important as Black Lives Matter etc.

    The level of corruption and cover-ups effects every American and many other citizens in the world, if only to make more clear that some people in certain countries justify their attacks on allied countries and citizens, due to the ones from allied countries on their citizens. There are many more reasons of course, but this is one of them that seems not to be explained in the “Great U S of A, by journalists or other whistleblowers, in the army for instance! Are they really that afraid, or just waiting to see what happens to Julian Assange? To a certain extent I get it, but journalists did not become what they are to tell fairytales. Journalism entails a bit of risk taking. If fear is the case, then our world is doomed!!!!

    • Some have observed that she seems there to simply smooth a legal “path” for a decision about Assange that has already been taken at a higher level.

      She illustrates precisely what KCA here has been calling attention to for years now.

  5. The defense and their expert witnesses are supposed to be given prosecution evidence prior to their appearance in court. One case is typical — 150 pages of documents provided to a defense witness two hours before their appearance in court. It’s a travesty of justice, a show trial.

    A good account of the trial proceedings can also be found here:

  6. The mainstream media are a bunch of noddy dolls as fare as standing up for themselves. As one man once said, “To control the industries you don’t have to own them, just the power to set the Laws which govern them.” and how true that is. All the so called free world Governments envy the Chinese Bunch of Bastards who run china. Most would give their eye teeth to have the power that they have.

    Julian Assange’s has done what every Government frears. The truth coming out. Now for his bravery in doing this he must pay. We can’t have the common people knowing all our strategies and secrets.

    Walk tall young man. Your bravery has been seen by many and you may have just started a revolution.

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