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Scott Morrison says Woodside Energy bribing former foreign minister Alexander Downer $millions is OK

In 2004 Australian gas and oil company Woodside Energy bribed then Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer and the then head of the Department of Foreign Affairs Ashton Calvert to bug East Timor’s (Timor-Leste) government offices. This was because Woodside had a huge financial interest in Australia’s maritime border with East Timor which the two countries were negotiating at the time and the bugging was to give Australia an advantage in the negotiations.

East Timor had only had independence since 1999 and the Australian Government were trying to rip off a third world country on behalf of Woodside Energy who were headed up by Chairman Charles Goode “who sat on the boards of top Liberal Party fundraising vehicles that generated millions of dollars in political donations.

“The late Ashton Calvert, became a director of Woodside nine months after his retirement from Foreign Affairs, and very soon after the bugging.” (Click here to read more) Alexander Downer jumped on the Woodside gravy train as a “consultant” not long after he left politics in 2008.

Woodside Energy currently has former Federal Resources and Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane (Liberal Party) as a Director.

In 2013 Australia’s bugging of East Timor’s government offices was exposed by Witness K and lawyer Bernard Collaery. When the bugging was exposed East Timor took Australia to the International Arbitration Tribunal to try and have the original deal made null and void and then to negotiate a better deal.

Witness K and Bernard Collaery were charged for exposing the Australian Government’s criminal conduct and are currently before the court in the ACT. Witness K and Bernard Collaery were charged in June 2018 when Malcolm Turnbull was still PM but the court case now has Scott Morrison’s fingerprints on it and he should withdraw the charges.

The story has been broadcast on Four Corners in 2014 and written about many times by various journalists and they always layout the facts that leave no one in doubt that Australian politicians and government officials were bribed by Woodside Energy to help Woodside’s commercial interests. Yet the journalists never go that extra step and actually say it.

I’m happy to go the extra step and say that Woodside bribed Alexander Downer, Ashton Calvert and possibly others to bug East Timor’s government offices and that should be investigated. Woodside should be made to reveal how much they paid Calvert and Downer.

In the video below, from the ABC in 2015, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, Nick Cowdery says Witness K and Bernard Collaery have committed no crimes.

Mr Cowdery also says there is a prima facie case to charge numerous Australian government officials with criminal charges for the bugging of East Timor’s government offices. Mr Cowdery says if Alexander Downer directed the bugging, he could also face criminal charges.

In the above video, Bernard Collaery says there needs to be a Royal Commission and he is right. Anything less is a massive cover-up.

The above helps explain why the Scott Morrison government are throwing everything they can at trying to persecute Witness K and Bernard Collaery using the courts because they have exposed Liberal Party corruption at the highest level.

Some people might think that Alexander Downer is long gone from the Liberal Party government and they wouldn’t run the court case against Witness K and Bernard Collaery to protect him.

Well, Alexander Downer still thinks he has influence with the government and he Tweeted on the 29th of June while he was watching the ABC’s QandA program:

And Alexander Downer’s daughter Georgina Downer ran for the Liberal Party at the last federal election for Alexander’s old seat of Mayo in South Australia which shows that Alexander still has some influence in the Party.

Alexander Downer and Georgina Downer

Alexander Downer and Georgina Downer

I plan on digging a lot further in this matter and you can help by emailing or Tweeting the various government officials and asking them questions. Alexander Downer can be found here on Twitter: @AlexanderDowner and the federal Attorney-General Christian Porter is at @cporterwa. The benefit of sending them questions on Twitter is that it is public, and everyone can see.

If Witness K and Bernard Collaery are jailed it won’t help Scott Morrison and the government as it will escalate the problem tenfold by shining an even bigger torch on the issue. 

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  1. Bullying, intimidation, deceive, mislead, trickery,cover up , fraud , purgery,changing documents , redacted documents , not true accounts to minutes of meetings, corruption, bribery,lies,dishonesty and discrimination are all words that associate with this government!! Why would anybody want to be known and connected with this government? They will not be in government for ever and eventually all the truths will come out and those associated will be tarred with the same brush ! So it’s shows you that they don’t have pride in there family and future families( no family values)! Majority of the politicians are no more than puppets as they can not call a spade a spade!

  2. This is what pirates do. A nation such as Australia founded upon a culture of Piracy formed with a Judicial structure built by pirates and operated and run by pirates to this very day has to behave like pirates.

    • The whole western world are pirates; this is the way of the west. Not just Australia.

      All the “We need to install democracy” events in the world have nothing to do with democracy, but are acts of piracy to infiltrate, overthrow, invade, pillage and enslave.

      History: in 1996 there were 8 countries without a global banker controlled central bank:
      Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan.

      Guess where all the wars are/were/needed to be? Step one is install counterfeit banking. Then pillage the rest.

      • Thankyou for the tip. So is that where Joe Hockey comes into it. Wife is associated with the IMF and the ex treasurer becomes ambassador to the USA. All leads to the bankers, as they say follow the money and the lawyers/Judiciary are the gate keepers in other words the contemporary pirates.

  3. Alexander was also a Paid Adviser To Chinese Phone Mob, HUAWEI, Aleander also Donated Tax Payer Funds To The Clinton Foundation, Also CHIA Another Clinton Health Scheme.. About $30.000,000 Went to the Clintons. What did Alexander Get For These Favours..

  4. Alexander was up to his neck with the Demoncrats trying to discredit Don Trump and his involvement in the 2016 US election was well reported. Alex is a part of ASIS, perhaps an honorary agent.

  5. How & why does all this known blatant corruption go unpunished, ????. No Honesty in Government is getting worse, when a Politician is exposed to be corrupt & a threat to the governing party he is given an elevated position with his nose still in the trough somewhere off shore like the UK, US or South Africa. Keep the pressure on through the “Kangaroo Court” & expose & Jail these criminals.

  6. I think Downer’s Dad was a very naughty boy as well. Worth looking into that whole family history !!!

  7. This Greater Sunrise Project in which the Timor Leste government has a controlling interest of 56%, after buying out Shell and Conoco Phillips’ share of the oil and gas fields, may not be the goose that lays the golden egg for the country. Woodside is the remaining partner in the project.

    Woodside is not interested in investing in the infrastructure for the downstream (pipeline and processing onshore in Beacu, Timor); it will be responsible for the upstream. The Timorese government has to find billions of dollars to complete this infrastructure which has to be paid upfront and there might not be a return on investment with fluctuating oil and gas prices. It is in a pickle. China is hovering but the government is wary of borrowing from it; it is looking to Europe investors for the billions.

    This is a very interesting article –

  8. It is high time that every Politician and Heads of Government Departments should all under go a Full Forensic Financial Audit Carried out By fully independent Auditing firm. Anything Untoward found and the automatic results should happen. they should all Be sacked, and automatic everything they own Be CONFISCATED, they should also lose completely, their Pension, their Super, and their Perks . Plus any salary owed in Holiday pay, Sick leave pay, all Credit cards be returned and they must pay the Credit card account from their own means. All cars and other transport vehicles must be returned, all passes for air, cab, hire car. and train and bus passes to all of their families returned. Plus at least 15 years in gaol, no parole of any kind. Plus none of these people including family and extended family should never ever be allowed to even stand for Public office let alone be appointed or voted or volunteer to any Public office ever.
    Corruption breeds CONTEMPT and those people found untowards would be BENEATH CONTEMPT. What say You ??

  9. Gus, You are dreaming. As much as we would all wish it to happen, it never will while we have corrupt justices & ex & current corrupt politicians holding all the power.

  10. Wth you all the way Gus… but unfortunately Sam is correct…We don’t have Justice in Australia… plenty of law. though….our politicians are mostly lawyers… most couldn’t and have never held/ hold a job down in the real world.. Parasites…

  11. Hopefully all who read share & expose these so called leaders, I mean bleeders for what they are.

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