Rupert Murdoch and David McBride etc. What Australian media fail to report

Over the last week, the Australian media have missed numerous major stories of public interest and are clearly stopped from reporting the truth based on their management’s/owner’s biases or commercial interests.

A few examples are that no legacy media companies have reported on Rupert Murdoch’s links to the Epstein paedophile scandal via his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell. They haven’t reported that the Australian government needed the United States approval before they charged whistleblower David McBride, and possibly charge ABC journalist Dan Oakes, for exposing war crimes in Afghanistan. And Channel 9’s 60 minutes program and the ABC’s Four Corners show are broadcasting stories after the by-election about the failed support of people in Eden-Monaro which is scandalous.

Rupert Murdoch and his friend Ghislaine Maxwell

It’s no secret that Rupert Murdoch has a long history of paying $millions to cover-up the sexual abuse and harassment of women at Fox News and that Murdoch made $millions from exploiting girls by putting topless teenagers on page 3 of his UK papers for years.

Below are Rupert Murdoch and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2010 which is after Jeffrey Epstein had served time in jail from 2008 to 2009 for being a paedophile. (Click here to read more)

It is also a known fact that Jeffrey Epstein had Rupert Murdoch’s private contact details in his black book which was revealed in 2015 court proceedings. So why haven’t the old media started asking questions and reporting the facts? I published an article in August 2019 titled “Was Rupert Murdoch involved in the Jeffrey Epstein paedophile scandal given his details were in Epstein’s black book?” yet it’s all too hard for the old media to ask questions and report the story.

Why did the Australian Government need permission from the United States before they charged David McBride, and possibly charge ABC journalist Dan Oakes, for exposing war crimes in Afghanistan?

On Friday the 3rd of July 2020 David McBride, who has been charged with leaking classified information which showed alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers, Tweeted the below:

That to me should have been on the nightly news and on the major news media websites but everyone missed it. Why?

I contacted David McBride and he added:

“In one of the first hearings, when it was still in the Magistrate’s Court, the lawyer for the AG (not CDPP) waltzed in, announced they were a separate party to the proceeding due to the NSI Act and then said we had to wait until they had ‘heard back from our Strategic partners’ on the matter.”

“The CM (Chief Magistrate) said ‘what?’ and he gave some evasive answer straight out of the Hollow Men, and it transpired (probably due to the fact it was Five Eyes information) that for some reason the permission/opinion of the Americans was needed to progress the matter. It was all very vague and full of phoney ‘national security’ speak but there was no doubt as to what he was saying: the US felt they had a ‘stake in the game’.”

“Knowing what I know, it’s not surprising but it is annoying. It may be something I take up with my lawyers as it may be embarrassing for the Government.”

“Dennis Richardson (former ASIO chief) also went on record early in the case saying words to the effect of “if we don’t put people like (McBride) in gaol, the US won’t want to share their secrets with us”.”

“The problem with that, of course, is that I was reporting crimes, not secrets. The implication seems to be that once you are in Five Eyes you have a duty not to report the possible crimes of the others (US most likely offender obviously).”

“I’m not sure the public has any idea the monster we have signed up to. For security purposes, the US really owns us now, if they are able to take unilateral action against leakers from abroad, according to their own standards. In my case, they are doing it through the willing agency of Porter’s office. There is no need for them to be separately represented because there is no conflict (from Porter’s point of view).”

End of quote

David McBride

David McBride

The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States and they are meant to share secrets but given that David McBride exposed crimes, not secrets why did the Australian government need the United States approval to prosecute David McBride. It’s starting to sound a bit like the Julian Assange case. Are the US running the prosecution?

Any of the legacy media companies could have reported the story and contacted David McBride for more information but they failed to do so. What makes it even more important to report what you can regarding this matter is that most of the trial is being held in secret. Although all the media reported the fact that the federal police passed on a brief of evidence to the CDPP to charge ABC reporter Dan Oakes over the same story. 

It’s not the first time as Media Watch reported a few weeks ago (15/6/20) that the Australian legacy media failed to report on the secret trial of former ACT attorney-general lawyer Bernard Collaery who blew the whistle on the Australian government bugging the government offices of Timor-Leste (East Timor) as per the below video.

At the time of writing this article (4/7/20), there has been an election in the federal seat of Eden-Monaro that has recently been hit hard by bushfires and flooding, and depending on postal votes could go either way between the Labor Party of Liberal Party.

So why is Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes Program broadcasting a story on Sunday night, the day after the election, about the “The great bushfire recovery rip-off”? And on Monday night, two days after the election, why is the ABC’s Four Corners program broadcasting a similar show about: “Black Summer fires, and despite $2b pledged for bushfire recovery, people who lost homes are still living in donated caravans without water or heating”. 

It looks blatantly obvious the government has lent on Channel Nine and the ABC to hold their stories until after the election. Or maybe they decided themselves given they both rely on government funding. Either way, it is very disturbing as they are meant to report without fear or favour. It won’t go unnoticed because when they broadcast the stories people on social media will realise what has happened and give it to them. 

Any of the stories above would boost the ratings for the old media companies but they refuse to report them or report them late for whatever reason. Not only are their failing themselves but they are failing the public.

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  1. Wow! the Super Sleuth,
    this is why I subscribe to you…
    you report the facts that go unreported elsewhere
    holding truth to power

  2. It is a big ‘ask’ for Channel 7 and Channel 9 to present the NEWS in a category of most important to least important in that order.
    One does not need to be a Rhodes scholar either to separate the given facts from the fiction intertwined with assumption.of ‘could’ in all major and localised news reports.
    As in the Eden-Monaro election it will go either way depending on postal votes, or it could be a draw.

  3. “Why did the Australian Government need permission from the United States before they charged David McBride, and possibly charge ABC journalist Dan Oakes, for exposing war crimes in Afghanistan?”

    The Australian government is nothing but a bunch of small time criminals being controlled by the biggest global mafia criminals in the US government.

    if one would have said what I said above just a few years ago many people would have scoffed and laughed. Some still do, but more people are catching on to this fact. This article is clear evidence of that.

  4. Ms Maxwell has a family history of serious British Establishment baggage. We should not forget who her father was and how he died. What has happened to the investigation into Epstein’s demise?

    • She might also die in mysterious circumstances, like her father and Epstein did. Lot’s of people would want her dead, including Prince Andy. Ironically she’s going to be sent to the same jail where Epstein supposedly suicided.

  5. Dennis Richardson was on Q+A a few weeks back saying that the UK courts could be relied upon to treat Julian Assange fairly. He had to have known this was complete BS. No-one on the panel argued back. None had any idea that Assange’s UK trial has been a complete travesty of judicial abuse. Craig Murray has been present in the court and recorded these abuses. The latest involved the US government amending the indictment charges against Assange AFTER his defence team had demolished the original indictment charges in court. The new indictment charges were specifically concocted to address the failing US case. The UK court rubber stamped it. None of our media reported on this.

  6. Yeah like many other subjects right now you will not hear anything about Assange will you? It seems to be that they just want him to die in Belmarsh. It is abhorrent the whole situation. One can only hope that he is resilient enough to keep going.

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