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Channel Seven want journalist Shane Dowling jailed for Contempt of Court in another of Kerry Stokes’ frivolous legal cases

Journalist Shane Dowling (me) was found guilty of contempt of court (21/6/21) in the matter Channel Seven / Seven West Media v Shane Dowling which has been going on since April 2017. It is the last of Kerry Stokes 4 SLAPP lawsuits that he and his associated companies have instituted against me designed to stop me from reporting about his corrupt and criminal conduct.

Channel Seven and Seven West Media have previously made it clear to the court that they want me jailed for contempt.

This matter is a huge media company, Channel 7 and its parent Seven West Media, run by a criminal in Kerry Stokes trying to silence a new media publisher who has been exposing Stokes’ crimes. Stokes has a long history of using legal proceeding to silence people with one example being the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case which Channel 7 has been funding via a $2 million loan to Ben Roberts-Smith until recently when Stokes transferred the loan to his private company which was likely done after complaints from shareholders. And then there is Kerry Stokes’ failed C7 matter where Stokes sued half of Australia’s media companies and which cost Channel Seven an estimated $200 million in legal fees after they lost.

The contempt of court related to breaching suppression orders on an article on a website “Seven Versus Amber” with the website only lasting a few months in 2017 before Stokes took it over because he claimed copyright on the number Seven. The website articles were related to the former Seven CEO Tim Worner and the Amber Harrison sex scandal.

I deny ever owning the website and even Channel Seven’s own expert witness said he could not say beyond a reasonable doubt who the owner of the website was and they made no attempt to find who the domain (website) owner was yet Justice Rees found me guilty. 

I will dissect the judgment in full at a later stage as I haven’t read it yet as I have been focusing on the Christian Porter suppression order matter where I have applied to intervene with the hearing on the 9th of July. The hearing for my sentencing for contempt is set down on the 13th of August although as always with court matters that might change. (Click here to read the judgment)

The decision, which was handed down on the 21st June, was no surprise and I published an article on the 30th of January 2021 titled “Known paedophile Chief Justice Tom Bathurst” orders Justice Kelly Rees to stitch-up journalist Shane Dowling for exposing Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” which started off:

“Known paedophile Chief Justice Tom Bathurst” of the NSW Supreme Court has ordered Justice Kelly Rees to have me jailed on behalf of Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media. How do I know? Because he has done it before numerous times, including using Justice Rees, and left a truckload of evidence including dodgy police statements from senior court staff. (Click here to read more)

Channel Seven and Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes

Channel Seven and Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes

If I do get jailed it would be for breaching suppression orders regarding a website that only lasted 4 months in 2017 with no damage ever being done to anyone. That alone tells you the mindset of Kerry Stokes and how does Channel Seven justify spending the money? They can’t justify it, so it is really financial fraud by Kerry Stokes illegally using Channel Seven’s money to hide his own crimes.

I have been looking at the options for the sentencing hearing but for Justice Rees to jail me for such a frivolous and vexatious matter it would scandalise the court, but they have done it before. The fallback option is to represent myself which is always what has happened in the past. I will write more on this matter in the near future.

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  1. The justice system in Australia is politicised & broken. There is no justice unless you are wealthy

  2. The court system is corrupt.
    Judges are arrogant.
    Priests and doctors have been pulled back to Earth.
    Only judges remain above the law.
    They need to be re-educated.

  3. Just another farce from the legal clowns. They should all be replaced and start again. Just a mob of old fuddies looking to increase their pensions at taxpayer expense.

  4. I’m reading between the lines here. I’m guessing that the website may have had an article written by you and the judge has inferred that the site was likely owned by you or that you could have approached the website owner to have the article taken down but that you refused to do so. I don’t want to interfere in your defense so this is all just hypothetical. Even so, jail for contempt charges is clearly an attempt to punish political commentary on behalf of a favored plaintiff and an excessive one. I don’t know how you survive the hostilities of a corrupt judicial system. Good luck to you.

  5. Time for a Royal Commission into the legal profession and the judiciary. But which major party has the guts to open that can of worms when so many of their members are lawyers?

    • Totally agree time for a Royal Commission into our so called justice system, but doubt that will ever occur. That can of worms is something the cartel and government just cannot or will not open. Given this, there wouldn’t be any independent judicial members who would be brave enough to sit on the Commission.

    • Judges are pompous and narcissistic because they have judicial immunity.
      They think they have the wisdom of King Solomon.
      They should be held accountable just like everyone else in the community.

      • Spot on John.

        There must be a mechanism for the public to hold judges accountable. Comtempt of Court rules prevent this. A judge cannot be found in contempt in his own court. So all we are left with to deal with the matter is pitch forks. This is the hypocrisy of our court system. No checks and balances of the system itself.

  6. Complaints concerning Victorian Judges can be referred to the Judicial Commission Victoria. Not sure about other states, but feel there would be a similar body.

  7. Shane so sorry, but honesty always prevails. As for our justice system, if you have enough to pay them off the judgment goes in your favor. It is disgraceful that the law is corrupt as well as our politicians. Sadly most of society cant see what is happening around them.

  8. I agree with the comments published here that our Court system is politicised, broken, corrupt and farcical. It is disgraceful that anyone would be punished for breaching a Court Order. Obeying a Court Order should be optional according to whether you agree with it or not. If you believe a Court Order is unfair or simply wrong, you should be free to disobey it and not suffer any consequences. I think there is merit to the suggestion made here by some contributors that we need a Royal Commission into our judicial system.

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