Christian Porters legal team - Sue Chrysanthou SC, Rebekah Giles and Brett Walker SCAttorney-General Christian Porter

Christian Porter files an appeal on the same day that Katharine Thornton’s 31-page dossier is made public

The 31-page dossier outlining Katharine Thornton’s alleged rape by Christian Porter, as per below, was made public on Thursday (24/6/21) and on the same day Christian Porter filed an appeal in the Jo Dyer v Chrysanthou matter, that was before Justice Thawley, which restrained Porter’s barrister Sue Chrysanthou from representing him.

I also filed and served my submissions in the Porter v ABC matter which relates to Porter wanting clause 3, in his settlement with the ABC, removing part of the ABC’s defence and Porter’s reply from the court file.

With everything that is happening with Porter and his legal cases it is almost certain the rape allegations will head into next year, and maybe up until the next federal election, as front-page news on a regular basis and that will be very damaging for the government.

Justice Thawley released numerous documents on Thursday in the Jo Dyer v Chrysanthou matter including the 31-page dossier which is very graphic (Click here to read) and numerous other documents (Click here). Why Porter is appealing seems odd as he has settled with the ABC and it could cost him a lot more if he loses which seems to suggest he does have a WA billionaire or 2 financing him.

But one possible reason for Porter appealing is maybe he does not want certain evidence that is still suppressed in the Jo Dyer v Chrysanthou matter being released as News Corp also filed an application to intervene in the matter to try and gain access to some of the material and maybe News Corp is trying to have other documents released. By Porter appealing, it might halt News Corp until the appeal is decided.

The SMH reported:

On Thursday, Mr Porter filed an appeal against three judgments made by Justice Tom Thawley in the case, which include the order of costs against him and Ms Chrysanthou; the order that Ms Chrysanthou could not act for him; and final suppression orders in the case.

Mr Porter is seeking for the judgments and orders to be set aside, the original proceedings be dismissed, and for Ms Dyer to pay his costs of the appeal and original proceedings.

He is also seeking the release of unredacted text messages sent between Ms Dyer and ABC journalist Annabel Crabb, which were tendered in the case. (Click here to read more)

Hypocrisy in full flight

That’s right, Mr Porter wants numerous documents withheld from the public in his case against the ABC and he now wants “the release of unredacted text messages” from the Dyer v Chrysanthou matter. Porter has no shame, and I will raise it in court on the 9th of July.

Christian Porter v ABC & Ors (Click here to read my submissions and click here to read my affidavit filed on the 24th of June 2021)

Christian Porter originally filed an application to have part of the ABC’s defence struck out and suppressed but then they settled the matter. As part of the settlement, clause 3, it was thought they wanted part of the ABC’s defence and their reply removed from the court file and suppressed and that is how it was discussed at the hearing on the 1st of June 2021 which I was at as an intervenor. It was even agreed that I would file and serve a s78B Notice of a Constitutional Matter because I was going to argue that it would infringe on the implied freedom of political communication in the constitution if the documents were suppressed.

Now Porter’s lawyers are saying in their written submissions that they had no intention of having the documents suppressed and they just want the documents removed from the court file so I have no right, nor the other intervenors News Corp and Nine, to intervene. As you will see in my affidavit in the link above there is a lot of material to show that I am a news publisher because they are also claiming that I am not and therefore have no right to intervene on that basis as well. The games Porter’s lawyers are up to will be under the microscope at the hearing on the 9th of July.

It’s only a short article because if you click on the links above there is a lot of reading, but I thought it was worth updating where the matters are at as there has been a lot of movement in the last few days.

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  1. A few hypotheticals. A big what if in this saga is ‘what if he’s innocent?’ The media and online commentary were blamed for wrecking careers. Looking at the way the Morrison government uses the media, it’s hard for them to paint the media as the bad guys. The ‘attack the ABC’ strategy didn’t make sense to me. Maybe getting 2 different lie detector tests would work?

    If the accused was a Labor minister, the LNP would have been ruthless. Apparently there really was a Royal Commission into Julia Gillard’s kitchen renovation. They should have been kinder to her.

    By the accused declaring innocence, the victim is automatically declared dishonest. At this level of politics that becomes a stark reality. Just by standing for office, an individual puts themselves forward as a leader/representative who is blameless.

    Previously this publication spoke of the ‘Barbra Streisand effect’. The ‘tar baby’ effect is worse. It has a wikipedia page.
    ‘In modern usage, tar baby refers to a problematic situation that is only aggravated by additional involvement with it’.

  2. Thank you. I am firmly convinced that CP is trying his hardest to escape the reality of what he did so many years ago that led to the suicide of his victim. I wonder how many other victims of him are out there somewhere.

    • How many other victims of CP out there?The word is, several, but too scared to come forward.
      With apologies to Shakespeare: ‘Me thinketh he protesteth too mucheth’!!

  3. One cannot read the dossier without being affected by it. At the very least, it will bring back memories of sexual abuse suffered by readers of the dossier.

    The Liberal and National parties lost their way some time ago, and now the trust of the Australian people is in doubt, if they allow this dossier to stand without doing something about it.

  4. What has happened to the SA coronial inquiry into Katharine Thornton’s death/suicide and the circumstances around it?

  5. Anyone looking for any justice here are kidding themselves. As the late great comedian George Carlin said ” It’s a big club and we aint in it ” Porter is part of the establishment and will be treated as such. The judiciary will placate the plebs with a load of legalese :and the friends of the coalition in that club, will play out the waiting game. Crimes such as murder, rape, grievous bodily harm etc.
    is beneath the elites, just ask them. Sure they’ll get a well heeled scapegoat from time to time, to make sure the myth of equal justice before the law is maintained and that will be all.

  6. ‘“the release of unredacted text messages”. I`d be happy to get a copy of my Centrelink file. Unredacted. Maybe a millionaire miner could sponsor a Court case?

  7. Justice can never be served in a corrupt system. The End. However thanks KCA for your continued diligence in spreading the word. We need to know.

  8. Covid or no Covid, I still can’t understand the reason behind the NSW police failing to obtain a statement from the victim when she was willing to provide one. This would never have happened had it been a regular Joe Blow accused of rape. Too many “nothing to see here” from both State & Federal police when it comes to the many members of this Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison corrupt LNP government that have been accused & investigated for corrupt deeds.
    What a difference it makes if you happen to be a member of an ALP government, a whistle-blower or a member of the public. Just ask Peter Slipper, Witness K or the many other whistle-blowers who have dobbed in this crooked government or its agencies for wrongdoings. One set of laws for the LNP governments & another set of laws for everyone else.

    • Mark a scenario for you. The 2 police officers who interviewed Katherine wanted to go to SA to get her official statement. This was after reading and hearing her in Sydney. Their boss approved the trip along with their bosses boss but their bosses; bosses, boss said No. He is an assistant commissioner and one phone call away from the NSW Commissioner who is one phone call away from the AFP Commissioner who is one phone call away from THE PENTECOSTAL. Hence no trip.

  9. Shane;
    Do you have any ideas why Porter has appealed the Dyer case and the asked for the release of the redacted text messages? Is this a smoke screen to direct attention away from the game before Justice Jagot or just the incompetence / arrogance of the Porter and the lawyers.
    This is going to cost him more. Do believe he has a benefactor (Mr Stokes??? a prominent funder of defamation actions) who has deep pockets?
    Reading Katherine’s story is heartbreaking as well as chilling in his alleged actions. I do not understand why Porter would want Katherine’s story more publicly available now. Many people are likely to believe he is guilty after reading it. It is just so powerful and sad to see someone unable to fulfil their dreams and lost to this place so early.

  10. Good work with your submissions and affadavit KCA! Will 09 July be televised too? Thanks for your diligent efforts. I just cannot fathom how CP is currently retained as a minister.

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