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Australia’s old media continue to aid and abet Barnaby Joyce’s crimes of fraud and theft

When Barnaby Joyce became our Deputy Prime Minister on Monday (21/6/21) for the second time, I put a message on Twitter “Australia again has a sexual predator, alcoholic and fraudster as Deputy Prime Minister” and some media went in hard about him resigning 3 years ago after sexual harassment allegations by Catherine Marriott. But no journalists from the old media raised his involvement in the $80 Million Cayman Island Watergate fraud involving Angus Taylor that is now at least $190 million in total or other frauds Mr Joyce has been involved in over the years.

What was also disturbing is that Channel 9 journalist Chris Uhlmann claimed Barnaby Joyce resigned solely because of his sexual relationship with his staffer and current partner Vicki Campion which is false as the main driver for Joyce’s resignation was the sexual harassment allegation. It is impossible to understand how Uhlmann made that mistake as Joyce was specifically asked at the press conference on Monday (21/6/21) why he resigned and about the sexual harassment allegations against him and Joyce in his mumbling way admitted it was because of the sexual harassment allegation. And other media reported it but not Chris Uhlmann who made up his own reason.

The ABC’s 7:30 programme reported: “Barnaby Joyce left the leadership of his party in the wake of revelations of his affair with a staffer, but his resignation came after sexual harassment allegations were raised by a senior woman in the rural sector which he described at the time as the straw that broke the camel’s back.” 

Joyce denies the allegations, the Nationals ran an internal inquiry which was inconclusive.

The woman at the centre of the allegations, Catherine Marriott, broke her silence in an interview with 7.30 later that year but said she never wanted her name to be made public.

CATHERINE MARRIOTT, RURAL BUSINESSWOMAN (7.30, 2018): They leaked it, my name was leaked and that is one of the most frightening things that you will ever have to live through. (Click here to read more)

Crikey reported: It’s back to Barnaby as the rural right-wing rump dumps Michael McCormack as Nats’ leader and restores the climate denialist and accused sexual harasser. (Click here to read more)

Barnaby Joyce speaks after winning National Party leadership spill 

But no one reported on Monday or today about Barnaby’s long list of financial fraud. I published an article in July 2020 titled “Scott Morrison helps with the cover-up of the Barnaby Joyce run Watergate fraud which now totals at least $190 million” which started off:  

The estimated value of the fraud that Barnaby Joyce orchestrated when he was federal Water Minister has grown to at least $190 million with the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) releasing a report on Thursday (16/7/20).

The report found that on Barnaby’s watch the department only used a “limited tender” process which really means there was no real tender process and the whole system was corrupted. It’s well-known that Barnaby Joyce got rid of the requirement for tenders, at least for the $80 million Angus Taylor / Cayman Island fraud which was done without a tender, The ANAO investigated $190 million of water buybacks which based on the report were done no better than the $80 million Angus Taylor / Cayman Island fraudulent water buyback so the whole $190 million spent on water buybacks likely involves fraud to some degree. 

The blatant corruption is obvious in the ANAO report where at paragraph 16 it says, “The department only negotiated price for one procurement”. Why did they only negotiate on price for one purchase? That is one hell of a red flag pointing to government employees involved in fraud which we know was done on the direction of Barnaby Joyce and that’s why he got rid of the tender process.

Calling it a “limited tender” process is a joke because it is really nothing more than a process deliberately designed to help facilitate fraud. (Click here to read more)

So why have the old media raised the sexual harassment allegation against Barnaby Joyce and other issues but not his financial fraud? As Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce can select the portfolio he wants to be the Minister for and whatever it is Barnaby will have one eye on how he can steal some cash for himself.

If Australia’s old media had been doing their job over the last few years, at least to a reasonable degree, then Barnaby Joyce would have had no chance to be re-instated as Deputy Prime Minister, but I suppose a similar thing could be said for many politicians.

As it currently stands the public are still reliant on the old Australian media companies but that is changing fast and in the near future smaller media players will dominate the media landscape and have the most influence although the old media companies are not giving up their “power” easily.

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  1. The garbage has once again floated to the surface of Morrison’s cesspool. We are truly blessed in Australia to have such wonderful examples of leadership to take us forward into the 21st century, that thankfully we have only to endure for a few short months.

    • Gosh I hope and pray you are right Ken. It’s unbelievable that some are still contemplating returning this disgusting excuse for a government, to power for another term. Incredible.

  2. the Nationals are a disgrace and as bad as Joyce for letting him back in. That rural folk keep voting these corrupt politicians time and again says to me that they too are disgraceful and corrupt as well, otherwise why vote for them. They vote not on goodness, but what the Nationals can gain them.

    • Perhaps rural folks are as corrupt as their politicians? I don’t really believe all the salt of the earth stuff about farmers. They deny climate change and fear the end of fossil fuel. Then they put their hands out for Tax payer dollars when they get bush fires, floods and droughts with more regularity. Oh and they are doing it soooooo tough that they can afford to send children to private boarding schools in the regions and cities and drive 150,000 dollar cars. Doing it tough….. This country is weirder than it’s ever been and it’s people are the saddest and most gullible population on earth.

      • “…They deny climate change …”

        Says the person who is connected to the fossil fuel powered grid and owns a fossil fuel powered car…but hey..its a “cool stance” to fake nowadays..!!
        No one “denies” climate changes and that humans have an impact on it to some degree.
        But nice try!!

        “..and fear the end of fossil fuel…”

        Anyone who is scientifically literate and not part of the “renewable industry” would fear the end of fossil fuels.
        It cannot work..
        It only works(cough cough) in Australia because dopey citizens/reporters doesn’t understand how the Renewable Energy Certificates work..

      • David…agree 100% with you…BS & lies from LNP plus the farmers, mining etc….ALL just lining each others pockets with I’ll rub your back if you’ll rub mine ! ALL about greed !!

      • Agree. Prime example with the recent announcement by the government that farmers with social security debts arising from incorrect information (ie income) being given to Centrelink, will not be required to repay this money. I believe the wording was “the farmers had the best intentions.”
        This implies other recipients of social security, the genuine poor, such as job seekers, dsp, single parents, carers etc with debts (both real and Robo), had deliberate intentions to rort the system. The government then sends in aggressive debt collectors to harras and recoup these overpayments.
        This government survives by collecting votes from the ‘aspirationals’, those who who have been lucky or privileged enough to enjoy a regular life without worrying about where their next meal is coming from, people who coin the statement ‘lazy dole bludgers taking my tax dollars’, people who believe hard work is all you need to do to get where they are (read privileged, connected, bank of Mum and Dad) and the gullible who believe our one eyed msm. Last, but not least, the dumb asses.
        This country has become mean, nasty and selfish because it’s encouraged. Quite sick of the I’m All Right Jack mantra. This is not the country I used to love.

  3. While we are at it,,, get rid of ALL the dual citizens sitting on both sides of the house,,,don’t have to name them,,, except for fraudster Morrison and Always sleazy,,, both sides are full of dual citizens and should be removed and that list includes others who are now sucking the taxpayer trough as super,, hello Gillard,,,clean the whole lot out

    • David, I related a lot to your comment. With no real majority (they lost a vote in the senate yesterday because Pauline failed to appear) the ministerial standard has been lowered to nothing. That opens the door for Barnaby because after all, Angus is still a minister.

      Did Barnaby hold a press conference solely on his love life with a grain harvester parked in the background? I’m sure it actually happened.

  4. It would appear that even when the allegations about the various fraud claims you mention were made, Australians that only follow mainstream media where more interested in his sexual behaviour and affairs than any interest in alleged corruption or alleged fraud.

    The main stream media also covered-up that he was having an affair – something that they well knew about – when he faced the byelection in his electorate over his dual nationality.

    A Federal ICAC (retrospective too) is needed, but not some typical fake and useless secret nonsense designed by the Liberals that hides the truth from Australians as usual.

  5. Truly I dispair state of our government all my long years don’t recall it ever being as bad as this it’s more blatant liars we have in control! Obviously compulsive liars do it without blinking eye yet many in public think them wonderful I truly hope Labor can win coming election because I firmly believe LNP well advanced in plans to tighten screws so tightly on all average workers less fortunate vulnerable aged life on Indue card they waiting issue nothing but misery humiliation!I live in fear my remaining future under LNP!absolutely not shred empathy anything anybody!

  6. Look … let’s face it … that is what we have come to expect from Chris Uhlmann. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, otherwise known as tacky, lazy journalism.

    • I always wonder what the conversation around his dinner table must be like seeing he is married to an ex-Labor Party member.

  7. Joyce is so lacking awareness and integrity that he accepted a $40,000 bribe from Gina Rinehart ON A PUBLIC STAGE.

  8. Unfortunately we are mostly self interested, and rightly so. After all, there is only one of us. However we should continue to highlight the inadequacy of of leadership in the hope enough of the self interested are motivated to vote for people who genuinely care for others. Good governance will ensure most of the people will be cared for. We can see how currupt governance in other countries makes life so miserable for so many. Thanks Kangaroo Court for bringing issues to the forefront.

  9. KCA followers, look to the blue list of KCA “categories” & all the names of corrupt Judges, magistrates, politicians, police, etc.,etc. that, over the years KCA has brought to our notice.
    And the list gets longer & longer each year. Many of those mentioned have used the “system” & friends in high positions to deflect any charges or publicity of their corrupt practices, e.g., Angus
    Taylor, Barnaby Joyce, Scomo, Malcolm Turnbull ,etc.,etc. The whole system is corrupt.
    If it wasn’t for the KCA newsletter, we wouldn’t be aware of how corrupt this nation is. Yes, we are made aware, but very little brings corrective action.
    P.S.: there are writers hoping that the Libs are “shown the door” at the next election, but do they think that an ALP party will be any better. Better look back over their past history when in power. They are all tarred with the same brush.
    Remember, Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely “

  10. There’s another interesting facet to this, namely: Where is barnaby joyce’s money? He’s been extremely well paid by the public purse for decades, all documented. It’s also extremely likely that he has other undocumented sources of income. He has almost no expenses as he claims everything on the public purse and to our knowledge he has no expensive pursuits like gambling or running a formula one team. His register of interests shows very little, his ex wife has received diddly-squat, so where have all those millions gone?

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