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The only winners in the Barnaby Joyce scandal are social media users who flexed their muscle

The Barnaby Joyce scandal is not going away just because he announced he will resign on Monday (26-2-18). The sexual harassment complaint will make sure it is front page news for weeks if not months to come. The real danger for Barnaby is that other women might come forward if other rumours are true as well.

While the old media and all the politicians who helped cover-up the Barnaby Joyce scandal get a big failure score anyone and everyone who uses social media and posted demanding action regarding Barnaby Joyce can take some credit for his resignation as Deputy Prime Minister. Some in the old media are still trying to make out they broke the story and that their stories forced Barnaby to resign but that’s not the truth as it was driven by social media.

Barnaby Joyce gave the green light for the News Corp story

It’s my understanding that Barnaby Joyce gave News Corp’s Sharri Markson the green light to run the story a couple of weeks ago that he and his new partner were expecting a child. It was up to Joyce to give the green light because of the so-called deal that old media journalists have with Canberra politicians not to report on their private lives.

The reason for Joyce to give the green light now is obvious. He was past his December re-election and it was all over social media he was expecting a baby with his former staffer and he couldn’t afford to wait until after the baby was born as that would have been even more scandalous.

Could you imagine the scandal if pictures of Barnaby’s new baby started showing up on social media and the old media wouldn’t report it and none of the politicians in Canberra wouldn’t confirm Joyce had a baby.

So when Joyce jumps up and down about the media intruding in his “private life” he is the one who green lighted it because he had no choice as the situation was getting more desperate by the day with social media and bloggers exposing him.

Social media on the rise

If you want true expert opinions on what’s happening in the media without the old media’s bias you will get it on social media such as Alt-Rupert on Twitter at  @TheMurdochTimes.

Right on cue it is on Fairfax’s website at the time of writing this article that “Nationals MP George Christensen has called for the end of the Coalition, after the scandal engulfing former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to tear the partnership apart.

The maverick MP, who has a habit of making provocative comments and threatening to leave the government, said he wanted to see a National Party in coalition with regional Australia “rather than wedded to a Liberal Party lurching further away from the values we still hold”.  That is the type of “controversial comment” referred to in the above Tweet by Alt-Rupert. (Click here to read more)

And another of Alt-Rupert’s recent Tweets:

If you’re wondering what’s going on…. All those people who used to decide ‘Nope, we’re not covering that story’ no longer matter. They don’t decide what is News and what isn’t anymore. Or when it’s “time to move on.” You decide that now. It’s not perfect, but it’s better. (Click here to see the Tweet)

Sexual relationships at Parliament House

A lot has been made over the last few days that the Barnaby Joyce scandal will change the reporting in Canberra and politician’s private lives will no longer be off-limits. Which I think the Barnaby Joyce scandal shows that is the way it needs to be and should have been for a long time because there are numerous dodgy politicians who are abusing the system.

It wouldn’t be wise to think that the old media will start reporting what is really happening as a recent SMH article shows with the reporter basically saying that there is nothing to see here. Although the journalist does quote Samantha Armytage saying:  “They’re all screwing everybody down there!” exclaimed Sydney-based Sunrise host Samantha Armytage this week. “It’s a naughty spot, there’s a lot of rooting around.”

Well I have no doubt that Samantha Armytage would know as she previously worked in Canberra. I wonder what the politicians and journalists in Canberra think of Armytage trashing them all?

The SMH article went on to say:

“In dozens of phone calls to MPs, staffers and other denizens of the hill, this reporter heard plenty of conjecture – including scuttlebutt about no less than four Turnbull government ministers (other than Barnaby Joyce) and a bunch of Labor frontbenchers.” (Click here to read more)

Sexual harassment complaint against Barnaby Joyce

On Friday (23-2-18) it was revealed that Barnaby Joyce was facing a sexual harassment complaint. The exact details of the complaint have not been revealed but the name of the complainant and some basic details have.

THE woman who accused Barnaby Joyce of sexual harassment has been named as a former recipient of the West Australian Rural Woman of the year award.

The Weekend Australian has named the woman as Catherine Marriott, after her lawyer, Emma Salerno, told the newspaper she wants the complaint followed through to its conclusion. (Click here to read more)

She was the former Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association chief executive and is Co-operative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia’s Western Australia project manager.

Catherine Marriott

Her lawyer, Emma Salerno, said Ms Marriott hoped her complaint would see the party develop clear processes for handling such complaints. (Click here to read more)

The complaint, which related to an event in 2011, led the WA Nationals to withdraw their support for Mr Joyce and were “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” according to the outgoing deputy prime minister, who has denied the allegations and asked they be referred to police.

“Over the last half a month, there has been a litany of allegations. I don’t believe any of them have been sustained,” Mr Joyce said.

“I requested that a formal investigation into this incident be undertaken by the National Party to ensure there is accountability in relation to the incident I raise, and to prevent this type of inappropriate behaviour towards women in the future,” she said.

“This complaint was not made solely to address the incident against me – it is about speaking up against inappropriate behaviour by people in powerful positions.”

The woman’s lawyer, Emma Salerno, confirmed the complaint had yet to be passed to police – with her client preferring to wait for the outcome of the Nationals investigation before going any further. (Click here to read more)

Old Media’s total failure

We can all sit around complaining about the failure of the old media, but we shouldn’t as it is a waste of time although we should acknowledge their failures. As the Barnaby Joyce story shows the old media is well and truly following social media and we are the ones driving the issues more and more. 

Admin: I have been preparing for upcoming legal matters which has been time consuming and that is why I haven’t published as much recently. I’ll let you know more about the legal matters soon but it’s looking positive.

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  1. How can Samantha Armytage and Karl have the hide to make ANY comment given their performances. Not of course to forget Julia and a number of her front bench who were screwing within the ‘team’.
    Then of course there is Bill who pretty much made an art form of felandering, save to mention his earlier attempt with the young woman, the matter swept under the rug very effectively.

  2. Her complaint was from 7 years ago? ok. It should have been done and dusted long before this really. Thing is, IMO, if a politician has no values for family then his values on every level would be suspect…I read yesterday that Joyce has been selling off water rights to foreign companies while our own farmers miss out, the Libs and Nats do seem to want to sell everything and now Badgerys airport is going to be sold to the yanks apparently. Greg Combet is another one that got away with rorting us to the max…taking Juanita Phillips, the ABC newsreader, on a rubbishy ‘fact finding’ trip that cost thousands, then we find out she left her cancer ridden husband to have an affair with him, and we all know about Tony Burke and Bill Shorten and their dancing round the desks rubbish…what low life mutts we vote in time and time again. I’m at a loss as to who to vote for next year..David Gillespie is our MP atm and he’s up on some sort of charge as he rented a shop in his shopping complex to Australia Post..which, of course is not on..but that little scandal is on the back burner as well and now he’s sold it, probably hoping that will cause his rort to disappear. I despair! Anyway..I suppose Joyce thinks his bed hopping caper was worth it, but to me he’s just a twat and I can’t believe I used to think him pretty much fair dinkum.

  3. This sounds like a good example of a narrative being kept on the back-burner for later use as a blunt instrument should the need arise.

    • You fail to point out which behaviour was disgraceful and why, which leads me to believe you just want to sink the boot in.

      • Charles J…ummm…if you have no idea what behaviour he’s talking about may I suggest you at least try to keep in the loop? I suspect you do know but prefer to just waffle?

  4. Disgraceful behaviour, go back a few decades in the political bull-ring and discover who was doing what to whom.
    Ben Chifley, Harold Holt, Billy Snedden, Jim Cairns, Mike Rann, Cheryl Kernot, Gareth Evans, Bob Hawke, Blanche D’Alpuget,
    To all those who love to nit-pick the current Barnaby Joyce affair should be aware that they have lived under governments whose politicians’ actiions were equal to, or worse than Barnaby Joyce’s actions.
    At this time, the ‘disgraceful’ behaviour of Bob Hawke isn’t mentioned by the ‘holier than thou’ nitpickers, as Hawke is advertised and portrayed in a TV show.
    I am certain that many people outside the arena will not be squeaky-clean, honest and perfect Australian.

    I requiem meam doleat.

    • You are leaving out Bill, his former Attorney General, the former Gov Generals daughter sitting behind bill who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars taking his staffer later girl friend around the world and all those yet to be uncovered.
      Wait till we then get stuck into the journos! That will be an ‘f’. ing ‘good story’ !!!

      • The son of an Italian who bears his surname should also be investigated, he hides behind his birth certificate not naming his father but admitted on ABC 7.30 Report when discussing a book written by journalist Karen Middleton about it that he knew his father’s name and his citizenship when he was 15 or 16 years of age.

        And as an adult he completed a form applying to become a candidate for election to parliament and did not name his father. Then as an MP he used government contacts to find his father who was living in Italy, he made contact and met Carlo Albanese and his other son and daughter. Anthony took his wife and son to meet his Italian relatives.

      • Relating to Bill Shorten, et al, I could have written many other names of politicians whose conduct, as well-paid servants of Australian people was, and still is disgraceful and unbecoming of individuals in the positions of importace which they hold.
        You should have made your comment as an addition to the subject at hand instead of replying to me with infomation which is well-known among people who take an in-depth interest in the actions of Australia’s elected, (and retired) politicians which affect the daily existance of Australian people.

    • Hi jonde
      The “holier than thou” people that comment you cited probably didn’t have an affair. Didnt ask their partner/wife/husband or whoever to appear at functions whilst continuing on the charade. Didnt ask the parlimentary media to not report the facts and so on etc
      Hawke and all those other pollies had the luxury of no internet and privacy and could do what they liked when they liked. It just took ages to come out. They are no different to barnaby. No one cares for supporters of privileged idiots.
      Also, i dont speak latin. Im not pretentious enough. English has served me well

      • Freedom and Freedom Of Speech is not dead, good people fought and died for it, including some of my relatives, and I will speak or write anything apart from assumptions or abuse.
        I wrote, “Some holier than thou people”, I didn’t cite anyone in particular from any ‘walk of life’, and your word, ‘probably’ indicates that you operate your mind on assumptions, therefore your reply to me is worthless and I am fully aware of the actions of “other pollies” (they are politicians)

        “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones’, and there are innumerable people in every suburb having extra-marital affairs while denigrating Barnaby Joyce.

        Latin, sir, is spoken daily by English speaking people, many Latin words are a part of the English language.

      • He he. After a wrote my remark i thought i would have a look see at just who jonde was given i have not been aware of this site for long, just to see who i was dealing with. It took about 30 seconds of research. A couple of replies given to the craig McLaughlin thread was enough to confirm. Fancy saying that Geoffrey rush was not in the same league as McLaughlin as he is an international star. What a pompous thing to say. Just because rush performs a bit of stage work. They both got caught assaulting women. Both grubs. You defended a person based on class. Shame. And then had the hide to pull a fella up for using a common phrase. Make a quick buck was the expression. A phrase used everyday by all Australians. But you turned it into a big deal. It wasnt. But you had to show your grasp of the english language to everyone. The best bit is the latin phrase followed by an explanation in english. Just so the dumb and not as well educated as yourself can understand. Appalling. Didn’t need to look any further. My suspicions confirmed. What a complete tosser you are.

    • The subject though, is Barnaby Joyce, not Ben Chifley, Harold Holt, Billy Snedden, Jim Cairns, Mike Rann, Cheryl Kernot, Gareth Evans, Bob Hawke, Blanche D’Alpuget. Most of whom are dead or not far off it. History is history and there isn’t much one can do about it, though no-one has to like it or the scum involved.
      How anyone can even think to vote for the likes of Tony Burke or Bill Shorten, two men, along with their lowlife partners that have the morals and values of dead dogs, is beyond me. Politicians need to up their game and we need to be more choosy in who we vote for.

      • The ‘scum’ still rises to the surface, the news media reported their (politicians) undesirable actions in newspapers, many people didn’t read in-depth political reports, and if they did, didn’t care either, and wouldn’t take the time to write letters on paper, place in an envelope with a postage stamp and walk to a post box and post it.
        Political apathy is predominant in our country, Australia ….. and the dictatorship plus negative treatment of Australian “Aussies’ will worsen, and continue, ad infinitum unless many more Aussies take more interest with political action included.

  5. I can understand the boots being put to Joyce. However I cannot understand the FREE PASS being given to our P.M. on this issue.
    The very same media that is salvitating so much over Joyce, also early on, reported that the P.M. agreed to provide a job for Joyce’s squeeze, to get her out of Joyce’s office.
    At the time, there was no such job available or even advertised, according to Government Protocol, no advertisements were ever published advertising the vacancy of said job, (which never existed anyway at the time) yet strangely, this job appeared out of thin air and said Squeeze was simply parachuted into it, and continue to suck the Taxpayers ever suffering tit.
    Our Esteemed P.M. should have been very much aware of this MAJOR breach of Government Protocol, as one of his mates in the World Bank did exactly the same thing with his squeeze, and was fired for his trouble.
    My question is, ” Why has the media gone quiet on this very blatant ignoring of Administration Protocol “?

  6. So now that “the stud” Joyce has resigned as Deputy con man, there will be no further investigation into his abuses of entitlement expenses or the multiple taxpayer-funded jobs he created for new shagging partner Vikki Campion. If this had been a politician from any other political party in Joyce’s shoes right now, the Turnball government would have had them hung, drawn & quartered just as they did when they crucified & financially ruined Peter Slipper over a lousy $900 alleged cab charge rort which he was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.
    Joyce spends an extra 50 taxpayer funded non-sitting lust filled nights in Canberra where his mistress Campion just so happened to be living at that time but there’s nothing to see there. Then there’s another case to answer when Joyce has been caught out attending a footy match in Vic. claiming $270 on his entitlement expenses and $6000+ for a return ADF chartered flight to Tamworth the next day (Mothers Day). If this isn’t setting double standards then what is? Don’t count on the MSM to answer that question.

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