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Barnaby Joyce attempts to blackmail Australia. Time for a #MeToo campaign in politics?

Barnaby Joyce’s attack on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was not just an attack on him and the Liberal Party but also an attack on the stability of Australia’s federal government. In the 2 minute speech Barnaby Joyce made on Friday (16/2/18) the issue went from an individual’s affair and fraud scandal to an issue that could impact on every Australian if the government falls over.

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull severely criticized Barnaby Joyce on Thursday (15/2/18) for his affair with staff member Vikki Campion the happiest person in the country would have been Barnaby Joyce because it gave him the opportunity he would have been waiting for to change the topic. As Barnaby will have us believe in the below video this is no longer about his “personal issue” but is now about the working relationship between the two coalition partners the Liberal Party and the National Party.

But what Barnaby didn’t realize, or likely didn’t care, is that once the scandal became a Liberal Party and National Party issue it also became an issue for every Australian as the stability and future of the government is on the line.


Protecting his $400,000 job

As has been widely reported a major motivator for Barnaby Joyce is not the welfare of the country but protecting his own financial welfare. He can’t afford to go from the $416,000 wage of Deputy PM to a backbencher’s wage of about $200,000 as he has a divorce to pay for and a new partner with a baby on the way.

Barnaby Joyce is holding Australia’s financial future to ransom to protect his own financial future. If the Liberal Party leave him alone he won’t bring the government down is in effect what Barnaby Joyce is saying.

If the old media had done their job last year when they first found out about Barnaby Joyce’s affair chances are we would not have the problem we have now because it is highly unlikely that Barnaby would have run for re-election in December with his whole electorate knowing what a fraudster he is.

Should Bill Shorten be criticizing Barnaby Joyce given Shorten also has had allegations and rumours against himself

What’s happening to Barnaby is just a taste of what’s going to come if Bill Shorten becomes Prime Minister. Bill Shorten has refused to answer questions regarding a number of scandals, including rape allegations and getting a staff member pregnant, but he wont be allowed that privilege if he becomes PM. Another example of what’s to come if Bill is elected PM are the allegations of extra marital affairs now confronting US President Donald Trump.

All of Bill’s criminal and sleazy conduct will become national news lighting up social media within days of him being elected Prime Minister which now seems inevitable and even more so with Barnaby’s scandal.

So, should the Labor Party be putting Bill Shorten front and centre to lecture Barnaby Joyce on morals and his obligation to answer questions when Bill Shorten refuses to answer questions on similar and worse allegations.

One of the key issues being raised on social media is that the old media did not report on Barnaby Joyce’s affair before the election in December, so it did not put in jeopardy his re-election. Some journalists even attacked it as a false rumour which they knew was a lie. This is similar to what happened to Bill Shorten in 2013/2014.

In 2013/2014 the Australian media were refusing to name Bill Shorten as the “Labor party figure” that the Victoria police were investigating for rape but this website did and I filmed the below video asking members of the public their opinion on whether we should know or not. As with the Barnaby Joyce issue the overwhelming view was that the Australian public does have a right to know and that the old media should stop censoring what they report.

(Click here to read the original article titled “Bill Shorten and the Victoria Police rape investigation. Do we have a right to know?”)

Bill Shorten pulled a similar stunt when it was widely rumoured in Canberra that he had impregnated a staff member. Bill Shorten did an interview with Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper and denied the rumour but didn’t say what the rumour was. (Click here to read more)

Is it time for a National #MeToo movement in the Federal Government?

The hardest part of solving any problem is identifying what the real problem is. The real problem with Australia having the likes of Barnaby Joyce and Bill Shorten only one step away from being Prime Minister is that the old media haven’t called them to account for their grubby and corrupt conduct when they should have.

Sexual affairs, harassment and assault have been part of the landscape in federal politics for a long time so maybe it is time politicians started their own #MeToo campaign. It would at least clear out a few of the morally and ethically bankrupt crooks from parliament.

It just a matter of time before Barnaby Joyce goes and hopefully it is sooner rather than later. But if you think there is going to be a pause to the wild ride that federal politics has become when Barnaby’s gone then you’re wrong because Bill Shorten as PM is just around the corner.

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  1. So what has barnaby done so wrong people have affairs every day you dont write about them the liberal party deserves all it gets for getting rid of tony abbott and replace him with snotty nose turnbull im 70 voted liberal all my life but never again while he is there..The nationals should break away from the liberals and go it alone and feild canditates against the libs they may get a surprise

    • The National’s are a spent force there use by date has well expired there is NO need for the Liberals to support the Nationals check the states out Nationals are in most cases the down fall of state politics

      • Hey mike, the only reason the LNP holds government is because the Nats picked up a seat after the “Turnbull Coalition” lost a heap.

    • “So what has barnaby done so wrong people have affairs every day”! Can I ask you David, do you think that people having affairs don’t appear to do anything wrong? You have not idea the damage that is done to the unsuspecting partner both mentally and physically when they have been betrayed in the most intimate of fashio let alone the destruction of family units which people accept as normal. There isn’t anything normal about it and if people want to mess around then don’t get married and pretend to love someone. That is the cruelest thing anyone can do.

    • What did he do wrong? I don’t care about his affair, what I find more reprehensible is shifting the mistress around the offices of two other Nationals to maintain her employment on over $190K of taxpayers money and the ludicrous “media adviser” positions created for her. With Barnaby’s $400K plus and her salary that’s not a bad household income of almost $600K.
      That’s what he did wrong David, he screwed the taxpayer as well.

    • Barnaby is a deal-breaker. We campaigned long and hard for easier divorces so that people could step away from a toxic relationship. All he had to do was divorce his wife and take up a new relationship. But, no, being the low-life he is, he went behind his wife`s back. If he has no standards after raving on about the sanctity of marriage, then he can`t be trusted running Australia.

    • What has Barnaby done that is so wrong? are you serious? have you bothered to read what his wife has had to say about this..and to think that just because SOME people choose to sleep with others behind their spouses back that makes it all ok! my god! no wonder there are no morals, ethics or care factor any more. The difference is that what the man, or woman, in the street does has no bearing on the running of the country! the leaders are elected or scrubbed out on how the public perceives them as good and upright people and their community standing…Barnaby is now perceived by the majority as a sly, sneaky SOB that had a dirty little affair behind his wife’s back …and got the stupid cow pregnant to top it off. It’s dirty, it’s grubby, and such things have bought down far bigger men than old Barnaby! such grubbiness has bought down whole governments.

  2. I totally agree that we should have a #MeToo campaign in Australian politics. It’s the only way that Australian politicians will be exposed for criminal & sleazy conduct. Barnaby Joyce will be the first one to go, but he will definitely not be the last. Bill Shorten is a ticking time bomb ready to explode if someone blows the whistle on him whether it will be in between now or if he ever becomes PM. The evidence against Shorten is a 1000 kilometers long, much more than someone like Barnaby Joyce. Shorten will be finished as a politician if someone blows the whistle on him sooner or later. Unfortunately though while a #MeToo campaign in Australian politics is welcome, it’s 10 years too late, because if we had a #MeToo campaign back then, well we would’ve never had Julia Gillard being Prime Minister & people like Shorten becoming Federal Politicians. But having a #MeToo campaign in Australian politics right now can stop Bill Shorten from ever becoming PM, and exposing other Federal & State politicians over their grubby acts. It’s time for change.

  3. Why are reporters not comparing Bill Shorten having an affair with Chloe Bryce-Parkin and dumped his wife Deborah Beale in favour of Kevin Rudd’s appointed Governor-General – Did Shorten Campaign to get the job for his future mother-in-law? Chloe dumped her husband Roger Parkin and took the children with her to have an affair with Shorten—maybe it wasn’t a shorten?

    Bill Shorten reportedly had a passionate relationship and lived with Nicola Roxon a former Health Minister—jobs for the ‘Girls’.

    Tony Bourke had a ministerial travel extravaganza thorough Italy and Spain that included first-class flights with senior staffer Skye Laris, and charged taxpayers $48,000 for that luxury euro trip. Shortly after the trip, Ms Laris was promoted to chief-of-staff (Must have passed the sex test?) which would allow her to accompany Mr Burke on his domestic and overseas jaunts.

    At the time, Mr Burke was married to Ms Bresnan-Burke, who was his partner of more than 20 years. This pair have the temerity and gall to chastise Barnaby Joyce. His wife of 26 years with Tony said, I believe I am entitled to vent just a little,” she wrote on her Facebook wall, according to The Australian. “I need to heal from what is a devastating loss and betrayal for me. Some would say this should be done in privacy and ordinarily I would agree but in this case nothing about this situation is private.”

    Maybe the Nationals should take Turnbull (and the Liberals) to one side and tell him “The polls have been so low for too long, proving he is inept and that Turnbull should reconsider his position”, he’s on the Lemming-run to electoral disaster.

    What a disgraceful selective outrage of moralistic values we see over Barnaby Joyce’s marriage breakdown and his re-partnering. Where is the decency of “A fair go mate!” Many of the moralistic bellowers have themselves had broken marriages and others un-exposed affairs. Let’s see what troubled-waters evolve for the accusers in future years, those who shout the loudest often fall the hardest—being judgmental is a very dangerous and foolish act.

    There were 46,604 divorces granted 2016, maybe you could be one of them in future years. Where was the same press outrage over member of the ALP when they had affairs and broken marriages? It disgraces a nation to see such little tolerance and the press flogging of a decent man who in tough times needs support to overcome a sad event. We express our best wishes for the happiness of future years for both Barnaby, his wife and family, and his new partner who is soon to be a mother and give Australia a beautiful new citizen. The sun will always rise even after the worst storm.

    • Decent man my butt! Decent men do not do what Joyce did. Both Burke and Shorten and now Joyce have no idea what decent men do. How either of them get votes is beyond me. It’s really pathetic to say just because SOME men are grubs it’s all ok because it’s not. To excuse someone for their dirty habits just because others have done it is just insane thinking! I hope the media does go after Burke and Shorten..but this subject atm is Joyce.

  4. Agree most of the time with what you say but I think this time it is a case of wishful thinking to assert the media will go after Shorten. These allegations were around at a similar time to the alleged Abbott wall punch. Despite being much more serious we know which one was studiously buried on innocent till proven guilty grounds and the other repeated ad nauseum on every news break. Not only that Australia’s most politicised Police Service under orders from Spring st rapidly declared nothing to see here move along. I don’t think this will be the issue that brings Shorten down he will likely get a long steely knife buried in him by either Albo or the blibbering one after the Union dons give the nod.

    • The way politics works, the issue could theoretically be used to bring Shorten down, but the reason for bringing him down would be quite different. The “issue” is merely a weapon in waiting against any hint of non-compliant political thinking and Shorten would know this. He probably wouldn’t care, like Gillard, as long as the money and prestige kept rolling.

      Those who really rule from the back always carry a trigger to control those who appear to rule from the front.

    Get stuck into them.

  6. Tony Bourke and Bill Shorten and conspicuous by their silence so far in this saga! It will be interesting to see how this plays out in next few days/weeks in Parliament and if these members get up and make comments on this saga!

  7. There’s a very good reason the Media does not report these issues, and that’s BLACKMAIL. They’ll sit on these issues knowing they can always, at a time to suit their agenda, drag it out to bludgeon the victims at their whim, or hold it over their heads to do their bidding. Nothing difficult to work out on that. I,M.H.O.

  8. Our country is no doubt spoiling. What to do to fix it quickly? My basic answer is a follows:

    1. Make it unlawful for the elected representatives for not responding to the letters of their constituents where the documented corruption and crimes cover up is evident.

    2. Attorney Generals should not be the First Law Officers of the states or federally. I have not come across a single AG in the past two decades and even more that could be considered as the most honest, moral and ethical person. When their conduct is exposed as unacceptable internally they are just moved to another position is my view or they leave with baseless excuses.

    3. Judicial appointments are made by the panel of ordinary Australians with different backgrounds with the authority of terminating the appointments as well of the corrupt judicial officials.

    4. The appointments of the officials on the watchdogs should be taken away from the government and once again left to the expert panels of the ordinary Australians. The watchdogs in the current situation are just the puppets of the government no matter who is in the government is my view. If you tell them about the high level alleged corruption your file will highly likely closed as quickly as possible.

    5. Authority to approve double dissolution elections should be taken away form the Governor-General as no matter who is in that position it will be just the rubber stamped decision by the GG if it happens again.

    6. Australia Post Board Members should not be appointed by the Government but that selection is left to the expert panel of ordinary Australians.

    7. The selection of the people on the Federal ICAC, if established, should be left to the panel of ordinary Australians that have no vested interest at all in covering up corruption.

    8. Government funded website to be established to expose documented corruption in the police forces, government agencies, offices of the elected representatives and the watchdogs and controlled by the ordinary Australians as a deterrent to engage in corruption in the first place. We could save billions if that happens.

    9. Abolish the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 as it has too many loop holes and there is no much protection for the people blowing whistles anyway. The people appointed as the Authorised Officers to receive the material could themselves be part of the corruption and the whistle-blowers may not know it.

    10. Anyone appointed in the watchdogs offices should be barred from taking up positions in any government offices for a minimum of five years.

    11. The democracy in its current form is not working as it should. To improve that there needs to be an independent authority where the ordinary people are allowed to ask questions to the elected representatives about their actions and inactions on the matters of public interest where the elected representatives ignore corruption and crimes affecting their constituents.

    Those who do not want to face this should not put their hand up to get elected. It is that simple.

    My many concerns were put to the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP in the past. At one time his signature on the letter I received did not match with his publicly available signature. He wrote to me that he has many types of signatures.

    We do not have Minister for Justice now. That position is now abolished by the Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP. This position was previously held by the Hon Michael Keenan MP. I have a letter with the forged signature of Mr. Keenan on his lettered while he was the Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection He does not respond to my letters in that regard.

    The people of this country need to wake up and say enough is enough. The Hon Bill Shorten MP has not responded to my single letter so far despite given the opportunity to question the PM and others on many matters. What is his weakness? Mr Shorten should never ever be allowed to become the PM is my view and the time is right for Mr.Turnbull to quit politics so that we can have a new PM and new Deputy PM no matter who takes those positions.

    • 16 February 2018 – The CEC Report – Canberra capitulates to the ‘Money Power’, passes bail-in

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      1. Canberra buckles to the ‘Money Power’ on bail-in—we the people are the opposition Presented by Elisa Barwick … |



      Just an old Bushie at Heart

    • Vasant Wagh,

      Now if you were in the Olympics, I would be inclined to give you 11/10 🤠

      What a BRILLIANT summary, especially your conments around the Attorney General 👍

      Many of these FILFTY POLLIES have no MORALS whatsover, and only care about LINING their own pockets or those of their close friends or family.

      Based on my experience to date, most Public Servants in key positions are nothing shorts of being LIARS & WHORES to the PUPPETEERS that give them high paid jobs for doing MEDIOCRE work.

      Over time they get PROMOTED and they then engage in CORRUPTION and COVER-UPS. The SYSTEM is flawed and the only way to improve the government of the FUTURE is to start EXPOSING the Public Servants today that are well paid and do little to improve the system, while others that do want to make Australia better are forced out of there jobs…

      Again, well SAID Vasant Wagh!!!

      • Joe Zidar,

        Thank you for your appreciation.

        You are 100% correct about the Public Servants that are especially on high positions. In my view they reach those positions only after showing their willingness to protect other corrupt officials and the Ministers with lost values. I am resisting my temptation to name many here but I will do that in the future.

        These morally bankrupt people who come under the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct will lose their jobs instantly if the letters they write to cover up corruption are exposed publicly. The Ministers regularly use these people when they do not want to respond to letters. The conduct of these so called independent people is of great concerns as it keeps on destroying our democracy. For the short term gain they forget that their conduct is going to affect even their own children and grandchildren but they do not care.

        They keep their jobs while the governments keep on changing and that needs to be exposed is my view.

        The Main Stream Media is a joke as they are the biggest problem our country faces. I have been trying to get a voice from MSM but they simply shut up after reading the material.

        The corrupt people read what is written on this website with great interest is my view. The power of truth is always enormous and the money power can only buy time to prolong the corruption getting exposed. Corrupt people will never win.

        What is the knowledge of the PM about the ongoing corruption and crimes cover ups taking place in Australia Post which we all own? Recently the former MD and CEO of Australia Post resigned his 5.6 Million a year job.

        Who protected him for the entire duration he was in that position from 2010? One of the highest ranking persons in Australia Post’s Melbourne headquarters who was responsible for addressing corruption and crimes passed away on 11 September 2010. The cause of death is suicide. Who will investigate that death and the reasons?

        Where is our MSM? Numerous politicians and MSM journalists are made aware of this death but everyone just shuts up. Why? The systemic corruption has no place in our country and we must fight the corruption to make our country corruption free otherwise the people of this country will be forced to come out on the streets to demand a decent and corruption free country. If our politicians ignore all the signs of people’s dissatisfaction about the uncontrolled ongoing corruption involving highest ranking people then that time of people showing their anger will only come closer and closer. Please wake up Prime Minister before it is too late.

        There are whistle-blowers waiting everywhere and they will come out in force once they see that they can unite and make an unbeatable force to denounce corruption in one voice. That will be a real game changer if that happens in the near future.
        Thanks Joe for your encouragement.

  9. Well, I hope this whole affair really Does bring down the government. Liberal Party politicians are just as bad as others when it comes to treatment of women. Remember Tony Abbott punching the wall beside the head of a female student? Seeing this government fall will make my year…and hopefully a more compassionate one will take its place. The current government is a ruthless bunch of nazis. They’ve made relentless attacks on all who really need our help: refugees, students, unemployed, the aged, the disabled….

    • The only person that ever saw that punch to the wall was the fem nazi who reported it decades later, and who retracted her whole story after finding a mystery witness who refused to be named and who refused to hand in the affidavit he/she supposedly signed…she copped an amount of $, which was what she was after, from the Australian for belittling her and the case was pretty much closed…. but the media continued the biggest ever song and dance about it!! ..bearing in mind this supposedly happened in 1977!!! by a 19yr old student! what a load of bollocks! …getting back to Joyce. In my opinion, if you have no morals or ethics in your private life then you have no morals or ethics in any part of your life because that’s the kind of lowlife you are. If you have no compassion or empathy for your children if not your wife then you really have nothing. Barnaby Joyce has nothing.

      • I will keep this article as a FAVOURITE.
        while I consider tony Abbott to be a snake in the grass for what he did and got away with in relation to his very dangerous risk to himself in having Pauline Hanson illegally jailed t protect Australia’s most evil little grub of a PM

      • Hahaha…and lol…’…no morals or ethics in your private life..’. Are you talking about all conservative politicians? Power and grubbiness. No surprise the Australian belittled her, that’s what they do. Oh, and don’t cover for Abbott…his record towards women is pretty bad.

  10. Gary, Abbott did NOT have Hanson illegally jailed as you assert and the country believed. Abbott was covering up the covert plan that the Liberals had to use Hanson as a means to lead a Senate Team, capitalising on her drawing power with the plan to destroy the Australian Democrats.

    Hanson and Ettridge were jailed on fraud.

    • Clearly Bruce you are a LIB, I am not. You have been indoctrinated to say different than what is really believed to be the true story.
      I guess its CHECK MATE.
      Talk soon.

  11. So, now we know that the Turnbull’s are behind the GeJoyce campaign, and cunningly knew all about the not so exciting marital breakdown well before Mal attacked.

    Shame Turnbulls, Shame.

    What a disgraceful couple in politics you are.

    And sadly for our nation, standing taller than Opposition Leader and colleagues.

    • You have to be a little bit forgiving towards Malcolm and the missus. They come from banking aristocracy so are devoid of feelings and guilt. Please go easy on Mal , He is our beloved leader, and protector.

  12. Gary, unless you fully acquainted with the facts, then wild speculation as to me being a Liberal and therefore have been duly indoctrinated is a case of you shooting from the hip.

    The kernel of why Hanson was jailed is buried in my computer records. ‘Integrity, honesty and transparency’, were never the traits of Pauline Hanson. It was the lack of them that landed her National Director and her in a jail cell.

    The inner sanctum of the Liberal Party, had a covert plan to use the pulling power of Hanson to use her as a Senate drawcard, building a team that was designed to destroy the Australian Democrats, who at the time was opposing among other issues, waterfront reforms. The idea indeed had much to commend it, but a narcissist in the plan was an Abbott staffer who had a separate agenda to seize the position that was lined up for Hanson, for himself.

    The political manoeuvring, the sheer bastardry, the exorcising of myself from all Court proceedings, the rubbishing of the Court decisions, overturned by the Court of Appeal is a story that has been suppressed for over twenty years. It will never emerge in my time.

    I have never voted for the Liberal Party. I have never voted for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, so my ‘indoctrination’ is born of experience of being immersed within the system that lacks integrity, honesty and transparency.

    Sound familiar?

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