Senator Barnaby Joyce

How many women has Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce bedded while married?

The question is no longer if Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce had other affairs with staff and associates but how many and when will the old media report it. What’s worse is that there are also unchallenged allegations of sexual assault by Barnaby Joyce and in one case that Barnaby Joyce “stalked” a 17 year-old-girl and chased her into a toilet.

Anyone following this story would know that it is now not just about Barnaby Joyce but also about the old media covering up the story for such a long time, politicians covering-up the story to help Barnaby, did Barnaby use government money to help facilitate the affair and has Barnaby taken a bribe from businessman Greg Maguire in a free rent scam etc.

The key allegations are coming from multiple sources and include former Federal MP Tony Windsor. While it is well-known that Mr Windsor is Barnaby Joyce’s bitter rival as they competed for the same political seat of New England that itself does not mean Mr Windsor’s allegations are not true and he’s not the only one making allegations.

Tweet to the Prime Minister

I Tweeted the below message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday (10/2/17) and I have not had a response. (Click here to see the full Tweet)

Malcolm Turnbull can’t run from legitimate questions forever. While Tony Windsor does not expressly name Barnaby Joyce, there is no doubt who he is talking about. I Tweeted the same question to Barnaby Joyce the day before and he refused to respond as well. (Click here to see the Tweet)

The old media are still not reporting the full details but have started to allude to them or report part of the facts. Fairfax have posted a story titledMalcolm Turnbull’s senior adviser was warned of alleged awards night misbehaviour by Barnaby Joycewhich covers the fact Barnaby Joyce misbehaved at the awards but gives no details.


The website that claims to have broken the story last October is True Crime News Weekly and that seems to be correct although another small site is also trying to claim they broke the story. I should also add that The Sydney Telegraph are trying to claim they broke the story, but they were about 4 months late.

True Crime News Weekly started off reporting the allegation that Barnaby Joyce was having an affair with a staff member who was now pregnant. As we now know that staff member is Vikki Campion. But the article goes on to make more disturbing allegations which a number of the old media are now alluding to but still to scared to say.

One source who contacted True Crime News Weekly claims to have been informed of the situation by Mr Joyce’s colleagues in the Nationals party which he leads.

“Party insider told me this… ‘He had an affair with two of his staff. Got one pregnant, she had an abortion. It has been going on for 8 months. They have since left his office and gone to another Nat’s office,’” one text message reads.

It can also now be revealed however that Mr Joyce is at the centre of sexual harassment and molestation claims that date back five years to 2012 and involve multiple female complainants.

It is alleged that Mr Joyce ‘stalked’ a 17 year-old-girl at the Rural Women Awards in 2012 to the point that he “chased” her into a toilet. Mr Joyce himself, a senator at the time, would have been 45-years-old. (Click here to read more)

Some people are trying to make out the matter has peaked but it has a long way to go.

The publisher of True Crime News Weekly, Serkan Ozturk, has also Tweeted this message yesterday to PM Malcolm Turnbull:

True Crime News Weekly tells me they will publish the above story Tuesday (13/2/18) morning. I’m also told the female lobbyist has taken down her website in the last few hours.

Barnaby Joyce is in a lot more trouble than the public realize because the old media won’t report it. But it will come to a head very soon as social media drives the story as it has many times before.

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  1. I do not understand why people, including the press seem to always cover up the the wrong doer. They become enablers of that person and the wrong doer just keeps up their predatory behaviour. You have to wonder that with a head like Barnaby’s that he could not get laid in a br*thel but he is being outed for the sleaze bag he pretends not to be and I know a few blokes like him. I do feel very sorry for his wife and daughters and I hope that they find some peace in due course.

    • To answer your question, why the press and people always cover up such events.
      Because for the Grace of God, it could be THEM, having their indiscretions exposed.

  2. I can’t help but see the grubby hands of Tony Windsor all over this. He is an avowed hater of both Joyce and Tony Abbot, which hatred gave us Gillard.

    An Australian patriot, he is not.

    He flew the same kite during the NE by-election and had previously done so during the High Court citizenship saga. That Windsor used his ill gotten gains to hire special counsel to try and bury Joyce at the High Court speaks volumes to his lowness.

    If you’ve been provided with evidence then I think you need to provide it. At the moment this is all hearsay, and a “Trial by Twitter”. If not, then I feel you’ve been duped by a nasty and vengeful person.

    • If you forget about what Windsor has said there are still huge questions for Barnaby Joyce to answer which I don’t think he can. You are trying to use an attack on Tony Windsor to justify what Barnaby Joyce has done. Won’t work.

    • Cousin of Labor Spin Doctor Bruce Hawker, signed on to back Rudd Labor around the time Rob Oakeshott (the other independent MP in a safe National Party seat) signed on, 2008 after the Lyne by election.

      Two of the Gillard Labor supporters that delivered an alliance minority government in 2010.

  3. ….and frankly, how many of us give a damn? Serious stuff like spending taxpayer money on his affair/s is of importance, not who or how many!

    • You mean like, one example, a Labor MP and former Minister who travelled on expenses to Europe with a staffer leaving wife and children at home?

      What about travelling to China including Christmas Day and the wife’s birthday with his landlady?

      There are many stories in the naked city.

      • Leave Mr Joyce alone he is doing his job perfectly for his Corporate masters. He is a brilliant roll model for future generations, especially divorce lawyers, courts and the others that profit of the destruction of sound family and community values. How else do you think the foreign corporation strip away all Australia’s natural resources (for nothing)While putting future Australian generations into unrepayable debt, Modern Pavlovion addictions and diseases etc….Bravo Mr nojoy

    • Hey JanElise Bang on however the number does multiply by the same the same factor the squandering of taxpayer funds on Barnaby sexual exploits

    • It’s important to most of us, myself included, because although they fail us over and over, we still like to cling to the dream that the people we elect to run our country and install our laws have, at least, some integrity, ethics and morals. That they do, at the very least, care for their families and children, because if they don’t…then there is not a chance in hell they care for us either. Money is not the be all of everything.

  4. Another by-election coming? Cant wait until all his party mates start distancing themselves. The indecisive Turnball did nothing and soon he will pay the price. Trouble is, Libs will be replaced by a mob just as inept. Can someone with an ounce of decency and common sense please stand up or have they all gone.

  5. Shane, once again you to mimic the grubby MSM, to be consistent you should have linked this item to perceived dalliance`s by the likes of Hawke, Burke, Shorten and others.

    I much prefer your previous style, challenging the Judicial system.

  6. Tony Windsor’s fingerprints are all over this. He is supported by the main stream media who are always anxious to peddle gossip. Marriages and relationships are breaking up every day. It is disappointing for those involved, but it is a fact of life. Most splits are private and not shared with public unless there is hostile divorce proceedings. The author and MSM are, I suspect, are not privy to the private life of Joyce and his wife. As far as I am aware, there is no evidence that his work has been neglected. There is ample evidence to suggest that Windsor and the MSM are seeking a conservative scalp. When Hawke and other left leaning politicians had affairs outside their marriages or relationships they were ignored or applauded. There are advertisements currently running on SBS highlighting Hawke’s philandering as a virtue. The author and MSM would be better employed highlighting the scandalous cost of energy in this country and other government and opposition many failings. The majority of us are not interested in bedroom antics of the members of parliament.

    • How on earth Tony Windsor convinced Barnaby Joyce to have affairs is totally beyond me!! How anyone needs to explain the difference between some couple down the road one has never heard of, splitting up because of affairs, or any other reason, and a person in a high position and community leader is also beyond me! Surely it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the difference here! The likes of Joyce are the one’s that spend their lives telling us what is wrong and what is right and install the laws to ensure we at least try to do the right thing..and yet they carry on like they’ve never heard of the words right or wrong. I heard a reporter who was a guest speaker at a function I was at awhile ago say that even pedophiles are human…not in my book they’re not..and the excuse that Joyce is only human just doesn’t wash. What he has done to his family is just wrong and if he would do that to his family then how serious is his care factor for you or I…the bloke down the road that does what he did had no effect on us..the likes of Joyce does.

    • Charles, it goes to the integrity of our role models. If Beetroot was screwing your wife, would you be so dismissive? Or trying to spread the blame to long-gone pollies?

      • I have never seen a beetroot screw, a beetroot is a root vegetable and nothing to do with this article by SD.

  7. As others have said in the comments, the political world is littered with those who have “strayed”. It is not important unless there has misappropriation or rorting of taxpayers’ money.

  8. I’m just amazed how Labor are going after him like sharks smelling blood in the water, considering their histories. What’s Barnaby doing that Burke didn’t do?

    When Bill Shorten was cheating on his wife with the governor general’s daughter while an upcoming MP, it was crickets from the media.

    I’ve no sympathy for Barnaby, but the hypocrisy of Labor and others is beyond the pale

    • Might I also add Ken that Bill Shorten was investigated by the Victorian police for rape in 2013-14, & in 2010-11 Shorten was the subject of rumors of that he had a sexual relationship with one of his female staffers & getting her pregnant!. It was rumored that the female staffer had an abortion. As for Barnaby Joyce, I hope he hasn’t done anything worse than what he’s already done.

  9. One has to wonder if the keyboard users of the armchair judges and juries are perfect and ‘squeaky-clean compared to naught Barnaby, and with most ‘politicians’ news reports of their ‘intimate’ behaviour, they don’t change, they won’t change …. their immediate behaviour is forgotten in a few days, but the news media people still gnash and gnarl like wolves over a carcass.
    SD is one of very few who scrape and dig to expose the rat-bags in our society, those who lie, cheat and abuse innocent people, including those who swore to uphold and judge fairly within the laws based on The Australian Constitution and The Magna Carta in Parliament House under which the law-makers and politicians agree to uphold.

  10. It’s about time that we all exposed people that use our hard earn cash, to cheat, wine and dine, friends, wifes, mistress, Travel by helicopter or use taxpayer fund to move around, go to visit friends overseas, as disguised as learning expenses at us the TAXPAYER MONEY. This sort of mentality invade all levels of our society from politicians, judges, CEOs, and the UNIONS. This is the point, Not how many this idiot bedded.

  11. A great unintelligent speech from a low-class person who lacks not one iota of decorum, proved by using bogan’s language and adding personal assumptions of a person without having met them, spoken to them or even investigated their wherewithall in the position which they hold.
    As for the fascist comment, which is completely incorrect, a fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions.
    How can Australian politicians be fascists when all government parties meet in Parliament House on a regular basis to discuss politics.

    My previous comments on the subject have been highlighted by the retort by ‘austfamilycommunity’, a person who has no positive, or sensible negative comments to add to the KC of A discussion forum, and the comments indicate the apathy that one experiences every day from those individuals who would never discover a satisfactory life in Nirvana, to remain lost and being imperfect is their achieved goal … !

    • Jonde–‘As for the fascist comment, which is completely incorrect, a fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions.’—-Centrelink

      • Ross Cameron …..Relating to your Centrelink addition ….at which position does it sit in the equation….?

  12. In the general pattern of human behaviour, Barnaby Joyce is not particularly remarkable. We’ve all strayed from time to time, perhaps prodded by a combination of alcohol and bubbling hormones. In Mr Joyce’s case, there may be a sense of personal invulnerability — even hubris.

    However, Mr Joyce has made a big deal of the sanctity of holy matrimony in the recent ‘gay marriage’ debacle. Would you believe that he is a good Catholic? His behaviour is significant because it marks him as a mendacious hypocrite. We all now know that he may ‘talk the talk’ but feels no need to ‘walk the walk’. Mr Joyce is an elected representative on whose judgement, integrity and moral consistency his electorate is supposedly entitled to rely.

    Sure, as a class, politicians don’t have much to recommend them, but when this sort of hypocrisy is thrust into the public eye it must be recognised that the culprit is no longer fit for elected office.

    The alternative is to recognise that politicians need be bound by no code of ethics whatever. This is a dangerous path.

    • “We’ve all strayed from time to time” !! Not me Malcolm. Please do not speak on behalf of the decent people who took their wedding vows very seriously and were committed to the person they wed. You have just insulted many good men and women. Never assume anything and then make a statement like that.

      • G’day Boof,
        in the context of what I said, it is reasonable to infer that I was talking solely about wedding vows.

        I was actually thinking about a far broader scope of responsibility and commitment. While you may indeed be a rare beacon of incorruptibility, the vast majority of ‘decent’ people have made compromises, looked the other way, taken advantage of another’s weakness, etc., etc. at some stage of their lives. This is an unfortunate consequence of human imperfection. Strict moralists tend to alienate people and have very few friends.

        I’ll also observe that, had Mr Joyce been a straightforward advocate of ‘open marriage’ or ‘free love’ I would have little problem with his extramarital dalliances. He would at least have the virtue of honesty. However, I doubt that the voters of New England would have accepted a frank philanderer as their representative.

  13. The most damning perspective in this saga is the obvious contempt that Malcolm Turnbull shows toward the people of Australia. ‘I will defend the indefensible because my own position is at stake. I matter, I am Malcolm Turnbull and I am indispensable’. To hell with standards, we are the power and you the people are the mindless masses. Suck it up because candidly we don’t care a damn.

    That is the perception and that perception is one that is sinking slowly into a cesspit of its own making.

    The ‘cream of our society’, the parliament, the judiciary are fast becoming the frontrunners of the all that is degrading a nation.

    Perhaps it will take the vanguard of social blog-sites to bring the house of cards to come crumbling down.

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