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Craig McLachlan goes for the victim shaming defence to fight sexual assault and harassment allegations

Craig McLachlan has gone on the attack and is using the victim shaming strategy in an attempt to fend off multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations by numerous women. It comes across as a ridiculous strategy by a very desperate man with few options who is taking the advice of fools and it’s bound to fail.

McLachlan, who hit the headlines a few weeks ago with multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, filed defamation proceedings against Fairfax Media, the ABC and actress Christie Whelan Browne on Thursday 1/2/18.

News of Craig McLachlan instituting the defamation case on Thursday was tightly controlled and managed by Seven West Media’s Channel 7. Seven are in effect Craig’s new employer as they now own the rights to the Dr Blake TV series for 2018 which was previously on the ABC for 5 years.

Kerry Stokes’ Channel 7 themselves recently used the victim shaming strategy after former employee Amy Taueber complained of sexual harassment so it is likely Seven who are advising Craig McLachlan.

A reliable source seems to think that Seven West Media are paying for Craig McLachlan’s defamation proceedings. This would not be new as Seven’s lawyer Richard Keegan admitted under oath that Seven West Media are paying for Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 (an on-air TV personality and an actress at Seven) in their frivolous defamation case against me.

Seven have invested heavily into buying the Dr Blake series and if it falls over they are set to lose millions of dollars.

Seven West Media are well-known to have numerous sexual predators working at the company such as CEO Tim Worner. Seven’s main motivation in paying Craig McLachlan’s legal bills are more likely Chairman Kerry Stokes’ desire to shut-down the Australian #MeToo sexual harassment campaign. It is being driven by Tracy Spicer and Fairfax journalist Kate McClymont and if the #MeToo campaign continues it could end up being very costly for Seven and Kerry Stokes.

Trashing Christie Whelan Browne and Erika Heynatz

Craig McLachlan filed and served his defamation statement of claim on Thursday (1/2/18) which was quickly published and broadcast by Channel 7. In his statement of claim Craig trashes Christie Whelan Browne and Erika Heynatz which raises many questions. For starters, why hasn’t he sued Erika Heynatz and the other women?

The claim says Christie Whelan Browne was “herself a notoriously foul-mouthed person who publicly distributed offensive matter and had expressed interest in deviant sexual practices. (Click here to read the full statement of claim) (Pages 7,8 and 9 have most of the claims)

Why didn’t Craig McLachlan make the allegations in public before he filed his claim? Is it because he knows filing it in court first protects him from defamation proceedings from the two women? This came across are very gutless by Craig McLachlan and undermines his credibility.

Below are 2 Tweets I tweeted on Thursday


At least one woman and a man have also made complaints against Craig McLachlan to the Victorian Police who are investigating.

Craig McLachlan has hired barristers Stuart Littlemore QC and Mathew Richardson and lawyer Mark O’Brien to represent him. Having 2 barristers is more reason to believe Seven are running and paying for legal defence.

Bound to fail

The case will become a Seven and News Corp versus Fairfax Media and the ABC battle. Seven would be arrogant thinking they have won a few rounds lately against myself, Amber Harrison and others. But I have no doubt Christie Whelan Browne and the other women will harness the full potential of the internet and social media for support and be the real power in this case, not the old media companies or the NSW Supreme Court.

Fairfax Media up against the wall

Fairfax Media lost a recent defamation case against cricketer Chris Gayle and really can’t afford to lose another one so soon.

Another issue that Fairfax Media will have to deal with is the recent threat against Fairfax Media by Justice Lucy McCallum who is the defamation list judge at the NSW Supreme Court. Justice McCallum heard the Chris Doyle case and Fairfax’s lawyers said they did not get a fair trail.

The NSW Supreme Court judge who presided over West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle’s successful defamation case against Fairfax Media says she is “troubled” by a statement issued by the publisher which suggested it did not get a fair trial.

Justice Lucy McCallum said on Tuesday the statement appeared to be a clear criticism of the court and “it’s not why we have newspapers”. (Click here to read more)

Maybe Justice McCallum might want to explain to the public “why we have newspapers” if it isn’t to keep crooks like her accountable as she suggests.

So will Fairfax ask Justice McCallum to stand aside from having any dealings with this matter? Another problem is that Justice McCallum is well-known to be in Kerry Stokes’ and Seven’s hip pocket and their payroll as she is good friends with Seven’s lawyer Justine Munsie.

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  1. I’m a bit conflicted by this one, whilst I share your opinions and conclusions about 7, 7West Media, and the entire Stokes family I see a different play going on here.

    This seems more driven by the ABC (who lost the series) and Fairfax who are notorious for tall poppy felling. Again we have historic sexual accusations made in the press, without any protection or right of reply before publication. It parallels the Geoffrey Rush outing which has suddenly died, possibly/probably due to no substance.

    Back to McLachlan, when you have people dressed up or barely dressed as Transvestites and lots of touching and feeling in front of the audience, complaints about sexual assault seem unsubstantiated at best. Put that together with the attempted slog at Dr Blake’s, which turned up a clean bill of health then you see an ongoing agenda, in my opinion driven by the original ABC Fairfax cabal.

    “Victim shaming” requires a victim, and the accuser who was quiet about it for four years, is now possibly revealed to be as nasty a piece of work as the accused. I think this may disappear as quickly as the Rush thing did.

    Of more concern is the continued partnership of Fairfax (a left wing public company funded by shareholders) and the ABC, an independent government broadcaster, funded by us, the people.

  2. I wouldn’t put Craig McLachlan on the same page as Geoffrey Rush, not even in the same book or library.
    Geoffrey Rush is a person of international fame with several great talents, Craig McLachlan is an amateur, un-talented local yokel, and though he names himself as an actor, musician, singer and composer, nisi sordida undique in se actus (a sordid reprobate)

  3. As an ordinary bloke, not knowing anything about legal matters, I must give McLachlan the benefit of the doubt. There are a crowd of people in the world who will give anything a go to claim easy money. We, after all, are just an undeclared state of the USA and that country is rife with court action to grab a quick buck. I am not declaring him as innocent but also not as not guilty. I will wait and see if anyone casts the next stone.

    • We don’t deal in ‘bucks’ in Australia, we do not trade in deer as a monetary system, we deal in Australian dollars, and by you using the ‘bucks’ description of money it is obvious that you have succombed to become subservient to the Americanisation and bastardising of the English Language.
      Craig McLachlan is one more sleazy male in the entertainment industry who thinks with the head between his legs instead of his brain, remember the TV show, Hey Dad and Robert Hughes, guilty and convicted of sex offences against your females of the shows cast.
      Hughes, McLachlan are talentless, typical of humans who are lazy, useless human beings, fawning around pretending to be special,,,,,as they are to their narcissist selves, instaed of getting a real job as a plumber, electrician, delivery driver, et al, and do some good for the community.
      Their benefit to Australian communities, and others like them are a total nothing worthwhile, unimportant dead and rotting twigs,

      • So Jonde are you posting from a personal point of view only or do you have experience within the industry? To conpare the Hughes and Harris judgements with the accusations against McLachlin, and that`s precisely what they are at this point in time ijust accusations, is to deny the man his day in court before the likes of you condemn him out of hand. I can only comment on the news articles and while I follow Shane`s endeavours closely I think this time he has been blindsided given his previous experiences, by the potential involvement of Seven West Media

  4. there should be some limitation on when you can make claims, should not be able to make them years later, if you were offended then say so right then and there not years later what bullshit from gold diggers most likely

    • The fear embodied in young people in the past by their predators made them too afraid to tell anyone …. old people tell the truth and deny everything, don’t they …. ike hell they do.
      One example ===== Rolf Harris …. many of us have not forgotten … have you…?

  5. Jonde, I wish to apologise if you have taken issue with my earlier statement. I was talking in the 3rd. person, as a yank might speak. I am an Australian through and through, I too take exception to some of the stuff that comes from over the creek. As an Aussie, I also believe in a fair go; a man is not guilty of anything until he has had his day in court. As others have pointed out, why wait all these years to complain of a crime.?

  6. Well done Jonde – McLachlan “is one more sleazy male in the entertainment industry who thinks with the head between his legs instead of his brain”. Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris were convicted, so it rightfully follows that Craig McLachlan is guilty as well, simply because he is a male who also works in the entertainment industry. Wow! This type of thinking is the reason all Catholic priests and male primary school teachers are automatically labelled as paedophiles. Please try to argue as the intelligent person that you believe you are, and stick to facts not innuendo. And please remember that seemingly insignificant principal at law known as ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” The key word here being proven. Craig McLachlan is innocent until found guilty in a court of law. It really is as simple as that.

    • Well said Anthony, when you exclude the loony left preconceived utterances of guilty, you are left with a civilised society’s requirement of “prove his guilt”. They have proven that innuendo and sham-shaming is their weapon of choice rather than the jury of 12 people.

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