Bill Shorten calls for a Federal ICAC. First investigation for corruption should be into the CDPP Sarah McNaughton

Sarah McNaughton has been the CDPP for over 18 months and to my knowledge has only charged Kathy Jackson and 5 or 6 others from the Trade Union Royal Commission which is meant to be part of her role. What makes it stranger is that she is well aware of the Royal Commission and the hundreds of charges it recommenced given she worked there. While she might not be able to have direct involvement in any prosecution arising from the Royal Commission because of perceived bias it is her office that has responsibility.

I also wrote to Ms McNaughton on Monday in relation to the frivolous and vexatious charge against me as per the below email and asked for the charge to be dropped. But that aside the bigger issue for the public is why such a lack of action in relation to the hundreds of charges recommended against dozens of people at the Royal Commission.

Ms McNaughton was appointed as the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions in May 2016 which was only 6 months after she finished being paid $900,000 for 9 months work as Senior Counsel Assisting the Trade Union Royal Commission.

Even if Sarah McNaughton drops the charge against me as per the below request she still has many questions that she needs to be answered in relation to the pathetic performance of the CDPP under her leadership in relation to the criminal charges recommended by of the Trade Union Royal Commission.

As it happens Senator Kimberley Kitching is mentioned in the below email and the Trade Union Royal Commission recommended criminal charges against her, but Sarah McNaughton has done nothing.

The below email to Sarah McNaughton is in regards to the frivolous police charges against me for an email I sent to NSW judges in 2016. (Click here and here to read more)

Sent: 29 January 2018 13:09
Subject: CDPP conspiring with Chief Justice Tom Bathurst & Ors to have journalist Shane Dowling jailed for exposing judicial bribery and paedophile ring and protection

Dear Ms Sarah McNaughton SC – Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

I am writing to you requesting that you withdraw the frivolous and vexatious criminal charges against me of using a carriage service the harass and intimidate which related to an email I sent in September 2016 to judges of the NSW Supreme Court in my role as a journalist accusing eighteen of them of being paedophiles or suspected paedophiles and also raising bribery allegations. This is blatantly a conspiracy to have someone falsely charged which now includes you and the CDPP, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst of the NSW Supreme Court, the NSW Crown Solicitors office and others. Not one of the judges has complained or denied the allegations and only Registrar Rebel Kenna has made a complaint to the police.

The key evidence of the conspiracy to have me falsely charged is the police statement of the Chris D’Aeth who is the Executive Director and Principle Register of the Supreme Court of NSW. Mr D’Aeth makes it very clear is his police statement that Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is the one driving the attempt to have me convicted and jailed of criminal charges. (See paragraph 10 of the attached police statement for specific mention of Chief Justice Bathurst)

Based on Mr D’Aeth’s police statement it is also very clear that the office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and the Australian Federal Police decided in 2016 that there was no crime committed by me. It is also clear that the NSW police also said no crime had been committed after a complaint in February 2017 by Registrar Rebel Kenna and I have only been charged after a further complaint to the NSW police by Crown Solicitor Lea Armstrong in May/June 2017. So why are you still proceeding with the matter when your office even flagged withdrawing it on the 12th of December 2017?

Your office has also failed for the third time to serve the full brief of evidence which you should have done by the 16/1/18. As you will see by the police witness statement of Chris D’Aeth at paragraph 13 he talks of producing emails as part of his witness statement. I am still not in receipt of those emails. In summary:

  1. Chief Justice Tim Bathurst is the driving force behind having me charged and attempting to have me jailed as per Chris D’Aeth’s police statement. So why is there not an interstate judge hearing the matter to avoid perceived bias?
  2. Can you confirm why your office, or the Federal Police did not charge me in 2016 when the matter was first referred to your office then you referred it to the federal police. Is it true that you or the AFP advised Chief Justice Tom Bathurst that no crime had been committed?
  3. Can you explain why you have failed three times to serve a full brief of evidence? Why have you not served copies of the emails as referred to in Chris D’Aeth’s police statement?
  4. Given only Rebel Kenna has made a complaint does that mean the other 17 judges named as paedophiles or suspected paedophiles are admitting the crimes or are they admitting that I have committed no offence in sending the email.
  5. Further evidence served by your office on the 16/1/18 shows that NSW Police told me as far back as 2014 that calling someone a paedophile is not a crime. So why have you charged me?
  6. Also, the further evidence served by your office on the 16/1/18 relates to Andrew Landeryou calling journalists paedophiles and other names during the course of the Trade Union Royal Commission in an attempt to intimidate journalists to stop writing about his wife’s criminal conduct as General Manager of the Health Services Union Victoria Number 1 Branch. His wife is Kimberly Kitching who is now Senator and the Royal Commission did recommend criminal charges against her in 2015. Can you explain why your office has never charged her? Are you also aware that Andrew Landeryou and Kimberley Kitching are very good friends with Bill Shorten? Is that why Kimberley Kitching has never been charged by your office even though the Royal Commission recommended it? I am sure you would be aware of this given you worked at the Royal Commission.
  7. In Police Officer David Price’s statement, he refers to Bondi Detectives taking over his investigation into Andrew Landeryou. Why are there no statements from the Bondi Detectives? Is it because they refused to perjure themselves? (See end of attachment for a copy of David Price’s his statement)
  8. Why has the hearing on the 28th March only been set down for a 2-hour hearings? Sounds like an attempted carpet sweep to me.
  9. Why has your office been colluding with the NSW Crown Solicitors office and sharing material and information? The NSW Crown Solicitors Office have acted for the NSW Supreme Court to have me charged with contempt of court for an associated matter for which I am awaiting sentencing. I cannot say much more as they have put suppression orders on it. So why does your office know all the details if suppression orders have been put on it?
  10. Is your office just keeping the charges going until I am sentenced on the contempt matter then plan to withdraw your charge? If this is the case, then it is clear collusion as I am sure everyone involved would know that if you withdraw your charge it undermines the credibility of the contempt charge.
  11. In 2015 “Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on Tuesday (19/10/15) that he has a police list of 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being paedophiles”. Can you advise what action has the CDPP taken? (Click here to read more)
  12. In 2015 Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners program reported that: “The Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2m a top-secret police report alleges.” Can you advise what action has the CDPP taken? (Click here to read more)

Can you please respond by the close of business on Friday the 2nd of February 2018. I am currently self-represented and awaiting legal aid approval so please respond directly to me. Just so there is no confusion. I am a journalist and will publish this email. You may remember me from the Trade Union Royal Commission which I reported on extensively and you were Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission.


Shane Dowling

Will Sarah McNaughton withdraw the charge? I don’t know but her and the CDPP need to be investigated no matter what. While there are many issues raised by me in the above email one of the most disgusting is that the CDPP have now breached court orders three times by failing to serve a full brief of evidence. I’ll let you know what happens.

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  1. clearly shorten is so confident of the judicial system! better get on might be related to stokes ! actually noone know the connections between these people except they are sweetly looked after

  2. Noteworthy is that David Feeney is to resign due to the citizenship debacle and ALP .. Bill Shorten is under the wheels of his party’s chariot in an upcoming by-election, not surprising he wither’s and dither’s like a fish-wife trying to sell rotting fish.
    When will he ever realise that all the straws he draws will be short.

  3. Well done Kangaroo court. Please take the time to read my facebook latest posts, if you have time, and if fakebook hasnt crashed by then 😊

  4. I completely agree with Bill Shorten’s call for a Federal ICAC, as long as Bill Shorten & his crime gang are the first people or the first lot of people that are investigated for corruption. There is evidence a mile long that exposes Bill Shorten & his cronies committing widespread corruption for as much as 20 years. Bill Shorten actually thinks he’s above the law in wanting this Federal ICAC. Well Bill Shorten must be very careful for what he wishes for.

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