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Senator Kimberley Kitching – The fraudster and thief who takes federal parliament to a new low

Federal parliament reaches a new low with the appointment of fraudster, thief and former bankrupt Kimberley Kitching to replace the retiring Senator Stephen Conroy. Kitching is so disliked in her own party she has failed on at least 3 other attempts to become a federal politician and that was even with the support of Bill Shorten.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realise how bad things are and Kimberley Kitching’s appointment will help many voters realise how bad the Labor Party are under Bill Shorten’s leadership.

Bill Shorten says in relation to Kimberley Kitchingshe’s been fighting for the rights of workers for a long time” when the reality is that she has helped steal millions of dollars from the Victorian Number 1 Branch of the Health Services Union (HSU), also known as the HWU, who are some of lowest paid workers in Australia. Kitching is the the new Craig Thomson of the federal Labor Party because like Thomson she stole from the HSU and like Thomason she will help destroy the Labor Party’s credibility at a federal level.

We’re getting 2 crooks for the price of one as her grubby husband Andrew Landeryou is guaranteed to land in Canberra and straight onto the public gravy train as one of Kitching’s advisors or office manager. Although the main thing Landeryou will be doing in Canberra is working out what scams to run to rip off the Australian public.

What makes Kimberley Kitching unique is that she is more despised in her own political party than the opposition.

Kimberley Kitching has a long criminal history. Some of her crimes are:

  1. She has been busted perjuring herself at the Trade Union Royal Commission and had criminal charges recommended against her in 2015. (Click here to read more)
  2. She was caught perjuring herself at the Fair Work Commission in 2015. (Click here to read more)
  3. She worked at the HSU for about 2 years (2012-2014) as general manager but never did anything except steal a wage of over $120,000 and use the Union’s resources in her attempts to enter parliament.
  4. Kitching also aided and abetted the looting of the Union by her husband Andrew Landeryou and the Union’s secretary Diana Asmar and her husband David Asmar. (Click here to read more)
  5. She was forced into bankruptcy after her and her husband stole millions from billionaire Solomon Lew. (Click here to read more)
  6. Kitching was meant to be the Company Secretary at one of her husbands companies which went bankrupt but there were no financial records kept or they disappeared. (Click here to read more)
  7. Some people say that Kitching shouldn’t be criticised for what her husband does but she works as a crime team with her husband Landeryou and has to take a fair share of responsibility for their crimes.
  8. Kitching has distributed dirt sheets to defame other Labor Party candidates every time she has run for pre-selection. (Click here to read more)

Kitching’s affair with Andrew Bolt

In 2013/2014 News Corp journalist Andrew Bolt was using his TV show pushing for Kimberley Kitching to be preselected for another Senate spot. It was widely rumoured that Kitching and Bolt had an affair when Landeryou fled overseas from Australian authorities in 2004/05. Bolt has never denied the affair and I wrote to him asking questions in 2014 but he never responded.

The affair is about the only thing that would explain why Bolt promotes a fraudster and thief like Kitching. Below is a video where Bolt admitted supporting Kitchings Senate bid in 2013.


Kimberley Kitching and Andrew Landeryou get a lot of support from Andrew Bolt and other News Corp journalists like Political Editor for the Herald Sun James Campbell who in effect aid and abet Kitching and Landeryou in their fraud and theft.

The crimes of Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou

From The Age in 2005:

When runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou finally comes home he’s going to have a lot to answer for, report Leonie Wood and David Elias.

There is a bank account in Melbourne that authorities are watching very closely. Every so often, someone draws off a few thousand dollars. A bit gets sent here, a bit there. And once the money runs out, the authorities believe that runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou will return to Australia.

The Arrowhead Media bank account, and the way it is being managed, bear all the hallmarks of Landeryou’s curious business dealings. There are front men, false names, bogus directors and a chain of money transfers that crisscross the world.

Landeryou, 35, fled the country in early December, dumping a $3 million debt on his wife, former Melbourne City councillor Kimberley Kitching, and his father, Bill, once a state government minister and for many years a powerful union leader and numbers man for the right wing of the ALP.

Kitching filed for bankruptcy this week. She claims she does not know where her husband is, nor if he will return. But when he does, he faces arrest.

Landeryou has managed to maintain a surprisingly low profile, despite his political pedigree and some high-powered business connections. He fled just before he was due to step into the Victorian Supreme Court to account for his involvement in the tangled affairs of the failed Melbourne University Student Union and answer allegations that he profited from its questionable deals.

However, the big debt that has landed on his family stems from a bitter row with a man just as unforgiving: retail tycoon Solomon Lew who, Kitching says, attended their wedding. Landeryou and Lew fell out when online gaming and statistics company IQ Corp failed, leaving no books, no records and no trace of Lew’s $4 million investment. (Click here to read more)

That is some of the background of Andrew Landeryou who will be working his magic (crimes) in Canberra in a few weeks with his wife Kimberley as the new Federal Senator. Landeryou was arrested the day of the last federal election for criminal offences undermining the election process trying to help federal MP Michael Danby. I wonder what offences Landeryou committed making sure his wife had the numbers to be selected by the ALP.

Andrew Landeryou denies Kimberley Kitching is his wife

During the Trade Union Royal Commission in 2014 Andrew Landeryou was asked on Twitter if Kimberley Kitching was his wife. He replied: “Never heard of her” When a husband has to deny his wife is his wife something is badly wrong.

Andrew Landeryou denies Kitching is his wife

Landeryou and Kitching have a list of enemies that is a mile long

Bill Shorten has self exploded and made federal parliament a circus by bringing on clowns Senator Kimberley Kitching and her husband Andrew Landeryou.

When Kimberley Kitching enters parliament the temptation for her and her husband’s many enemies will be too much and political payback like we have never seen before will start. Previously they never received much personal publicity with their political fights but now she is a federal Senator there will national attention on her and her husband. Kitching and Landeryou are too stupid to control themselves and change their ways and it should be only a few months, possibly before Christmas, before we see them involved in their first corruption scandal in federal parliament.

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  1. This is certainly a fantastic opportunity for Bill Shorten’s political enemies in the labor party to plot & make moves against Shorten once & for all. Kitching is going to be basically on her own as a labor party senator because other labor party members will do their best to stay away from her. Only Bill Shorten & Michael Danby will protect and help Kitching. Do you think that Shorten will last as labor leader by appointing Kitching as a Senator?

    • When you have a boss who is a close friend and is so corrupted like Bill Shorten, well you get a free pass. Kitching & her husband Andrew Landeryou have been Shorten’s personal protectors for years. Shorten believes he’s above the law.

    • Yes, just like Hillary, Kimberly Kitching has her own fan club run by Sky News Boy, Andrew Bolt. Bolt has now basically moved in this horrible woman, Kimberly Kitching as a full time Bolt Report Member. This horrible woman is a total motor mouth . Sky News needs to take Bolt aside and whisper in his ear about the damage he is doing to Sky News credibility. Having this motor mouth on his show will eventually kill off his ratings and justifiably so.

  2. Thank you once again for an in-depth analysis of the sordid level of government we have in Australia. All our political parties seem to be so covered in S H one T that it amazes me they can still breathe. Perhaps, the rarified air in Canberra is protecting them too?

    I most certainly have no faith nor confidence whatsoever in any level of government we are stuck with. They are only out to protect their little stretch of the gravy train; both the prostiticians and their career bureaucrats falling in line behind them.

    I witnessed my son bullied out of the City of Melville by a toxic workplace culture after 8 solid years as a dedicated employee. I, myself, have worked in many state govt offices in WA as well as two federal govt agencies over the years, and witnessed more waste, squanderance/theft of public monies, protection of crooked and essentially corrupt personnel with equally questionable procedures than I care to remember. There is no point speaking out or reporting it as the Public Sector Commission is useless, as are all the so-called agencies who are supposed to have oversight. What they will do however, is chase you down to silence the whistle blower. That gets reported more in the news than the corruption by MSM who then actively pursue as well, thereby aiding and abetting the wrongdoers. At least you expose it without fear.

    If you believe in truth or justice, you will not get it or see it at any level for there is no government on this Earth who will admit they have made a mistake, nor will they try to correct it. But what we all see, time and time again, is the active process to protect and cover up. This crap with the ALP is no different to the blueblood Liberal’s games. Neither is squeaky clean. I suppose the bigger question would be: why is their no law in this land preventing this from occurring? Can our so-called Governor-General not be called to account to prevent this thief from being permitted to take office, given her party is unwilling or simply too weak to do it?

  3. I only realised how corrupted and wasteful governments are during the Rudd/Gillard terms. The Libs are not clean but labor is purely CORRUPT. They just love spending money that is not their own and protect and elevate their comrades

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