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Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is on China’s payroll and is China’s puppet. It’s time for Labor to sack him.

Paul Keating has sold out Australia for a few Chinese Yuan (dollars) and he continues to undermine the Labor Party for his own greed. The elephant in the room that gets very little mention in the media is that Paul Keating in on the International Advisory Board of the China Development Bank which is a state-owned bank.

What really proved Keating was a puppet for China was the Labor Party launch for the 2019 federal election when Keating stole some of the thunder from the Labor Party leader Bill Shorten when Keating called for the sacking of Australia’s intelligence chiefs. Keating said “when the security agencies were running Australia’s foreign policy the nutters are in charge” because Keating believes the intelligence agencies are anti-China as per the below video.

In the interview and other interviews, Paul Keating fails to declare that he is on the international advisory board of the China Development Bank which he should declare every time he talks publicly about China.

For China to be able to flex their muscle and try to intimidate the leaders of Australia’s security agencies during the course of a federal election shows just how much power China has, or at least they think they have. I remember watching Keating’s interview and I thought Keating was the nutter who undermined Bill Shorten’s campaign and cost the Labor Party votes.

Paul Keating - China Development Bank

Paul Keating (front row, third from left) in a photo for the International Advisory Board on the China Development Bank website

The question that Paul Keating needs to answer and that Australian media should be asking him is how much has he been paid in total from the China Development Bank and other Chinese companies.

China having politicians on their payroll is nothing new. In June 2018 I wrote:

Over the last few days, Federal Labor Party Senator Kristina Keneally has been accused of being a puppet for Bob Carr for the benefit of China. Mr Carr is a former NSW Premier, Foreign Minister and current head the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology.

It has been well-known for at least a few years that Bob Carr is on the Chinese Government’s payroll and a mouthpiece for them. Even the ABC reported the same allegations in February 2018. “Bob Carr has been accused of running a “Beijing-backed propaganda outfit”.

My last article on this topic was in August 2016 titled “Chinese government caught bribing the Liberal Party, Labor Party and Julie Bishop“. But the focus of this article is the current Labor Party scandal which could and should include the ABC given they use Bob Carr on their various shows such as the 7.30 Report and QandA on a regular basis.

Current Kristina Keneally crisis. Asking questions in the Senate for Beijing Bob 

Former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr is using ALP senator Kristina Keneally to quiz the prime minister and senior officials about Malcolm Turnbull’s key former adviser on Beijing’s espionage and interference operations in Australia.

Fairfax Media has confirmed that Mr Carr, who heads a think tank created by a Chinese businessman closely connected to Beijing, has asked Senator Keneally to use parliament to find out details of the employment, job title, and contract of government adviser John Garnaut.

Mr Carr’s role in pushing for questions to be asked was only disclosed to many in the ALP after Senator Kimberly Kitching quizzed senior bureaucrats on May 22 about Mr Garnaut, relying on questions scripted by Labor staffers.

Two Labor sources who spoke to Senator Kitching said she was “furious”. She also revealed to ALP colleagues that Senator Keneally had told her that Mr Carr “will owe you a favour” for having asked the questions. (Click here to read more)

Kristina Keneally has a history of being known as The Puppet and I think that reputation has now been cemented forever. A question that needs to be asked: Did China have any influence in appointing Kristina Keneally as a federal Senator? Not directly, but via their men Beijing Bob and Shanghai Sam. (Click here to read more)

The Labor Party should sack Paul Keating

There were calls to sack Bob Carr from the Labor Party last year because he was blatantly working as an agent for China and the same can be said for Paul Keating who in recent days has again been pushing China’s agenda.

The SMH reported:

Paul Keating was one of the hardest men in Australian politics of the last half-century. So it’s touching to see him go so soft on the Chinese government.

In office, he did great things for this country. In partnership with Bob Hawke, Keating bore great political pain and personal unpopularity to deliver the wrenching economic reforms that set Australia up for the unprecedented 28 years of continuous economic growth that we enjoy to this day. So we owe Keating recognition for the sustained determination he showed, an almost reckless political bravery that today’s class of legislators would find hard to even imagine, much less imitate.

But it doesn’t make him infallible. He’s due recognition but not unthinking reverence. Let’s be plain. His speech this week was a remarkable apologia for the Chinese government. Probably the most headline-grabbing line was his attack on the Australian media for its reporting on China. It was also one of the most telling. With trademark Keating colour, he disdained the “nominally pious belchings of ‘do-gooder’ journalists”.

Keating said that the media had been “up to its ears” in promoting the phobias of the national security agencies. (Click here to read more)

Keating has done a lot for Australia but he owes Australia for what it has done for him as well and we shouldn’t stand by while he now tries to sell us all out and the Labor Party should sack him ASAP as he’ll undermine them as well.

Sixty Minutes and Gladys Liu

There is no doubt that federal Liberal MP Gladys Liu, who’s position is currently being decided by the courts, is a Chinese spy especially after watching the latest Sixty Minutes show titled “China’s spy secrets” which reported the Chinese plot to plant a spy in Australia’s parliament.

Explosive allegations aired on 60 Minutes suggested Chinese operatives offered $1m to fund Liberal party member Nick Zhao’s tilt at federal parliament.

The 32-year-old was found dead in a Melbourne hotel room after reportedly approaching ASIO to discuss the plot. (Click here to read more)

The seat that Nick Zhao was meant to get was Chisholm in Melbourne which was won by by Gladys Liu.

After the Sixty Minutes story on Sunday night (24/11/19) Australia’s spy agency ASIO issued the below public statement:

Statement from Director-General of Security Mike Burgess - 24 November 2019-1

China won’t be backing away from trying to control Australian politicians by bribing or attempting to bribe them anytime soon and the problem will only continue to escalate. China is an important trading partner but that doesn’t mean we should sell the whole country and our democracy to them.

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  1. The Westminster form of governance is the key to opening the door to foreign interference so to remove it and resort to a direct representative governance foreign interference would come to an end .

    • A very well-informed comment Neville. Ronald Reagan said, “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.”

    • I don’t understand why politicians who have left or retired and are getting a pension shoud be allowed to work for any foreign country let alone any where else isn’t that why they get it in the first place no other person who is on a pension can get away with it

  2. The interesting thing about this story is what’s not said. There is no doubt China is trying to gain influence in Australia, and they aren’t being prevented from buying the place, but who’s really at fault? The Chinese, who are only trying to correct a massive propaganda campaign that’s been conducted by the British and other western govts, or our own govts and spies who have created the matrix of lies we believe to be true? As Mark Twain said, “It ain’t what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” He then gave a further clue, “If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed, and if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed.”

    • You raise some interesting points here Peter. While over many decades this country has been sold off to Washington and the global bankers (all our infrastructure eg: electricity, water, phones, etc) NOT A WORD was uttered about that threat and crime of blatant theft against the people. But alas, the propaganda campaign against China is huge. While we are told that the people of (insert “enemy” nation here) have been completely brainwashed by their corrupt governments, few of us ever delve into whether we have been brainwashed. I can tell you that we (any western country) are just as bad, and I suspect much much worse than the other accused countries.

      I take all this China threat stuff with a grain of salt. Total propaganda against a rising economic power, coming from the biggest global media mafia in history. As per the line from The Hunger Games movies – “Remember who the REAL enemy is.”

  3. Added to which is the premise that Kevin Rudd was the “real deal” Manchurian Candidate. Now his son in law Albert Tse is responsible for selling your old nemesis Capilano to the Chinese. Wheels within wheels.

  4. Paul Keating has a history of supporting dictatorships. Pig farming with Suharto who is described as the Worlds most corrupt dictator embezzling an estimated 35 Billion by Transparency International gives you a clue of his true character. So assisting the Chinese neo-Fascist regime to take over Australia should come as no surprise. Treason comes to mind.

  5. Just railroad the scum out of Australia, deport him to his beloved Chinese Communists. He was called the “Lizard of Aus.” How fitting for a has been like him.

  6. Labor are a real threat to this country. Keating is probably the biggest and then you have that tin pot Rudd who is also a sell out. These traitors should be seen for what they are and they should be dealt with but has our government got the guts to do something about them?

  7. Keating is a Communist from way back.
    Labour are basically the Communist Party in Australia. Rudd would have implemented as much as the Chinese Communist Party wanted from him.
    His son in law is Chinese. He speaks Mandarin and embraces communism – an organisation of ruthless dictatorship over the masses.
    Coming to a place near us sooner than we think…

  8. This sudden Xmas holiday Sco mo took now that wouldn’t have anything to do with our big Red neighbour would it.As treasurer signing a 99 yr lease for Darwin port,not wanting to store weapons here for our allie.
    Watch this space but old Sco Mo picked on the wrong person recently when he blocked this mans bank accounts cancelled his passport, and flagged him on Interpol.sadly for Sco Mo this man had
    a paper trail, that told a very different story about our almighty SM.
    I suggest next time you try to bury someone in the business world Sco Mo,pick your fights a little more carefully.

  9. As much as we like to pick sides and declare the Libs are better, the fact remains that they still aren’t any good. The better of two bad choices isn’t a real choice. Either side make crap laws and deals, but the other side never corrects it when they get into power. They’re like the old World Championship wrestlers taking turns to beat the shit out of each other, and the only losers are the audience who are too enthralled to accept the fact that it’s all theater. Unfortunately, most of the actors are too stupid to know they’re acting.

  10. I will not take sides in this dispute, the only thing I will say is, all the old has beens should realise they no longer control anything. They should shut their trap and realise they were voted out because of their policies.

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