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The Chinese Government infiltrate the ABC and the Labor Party. Again!

Over the last few days Federal Labor Party Senator Kristina Keneally has been accused of being a puppet for Bob Carr for the benefit of China. Mr Carr is a former NSW Premier, Foreign Minister and current head the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology.

It has been well-known for at least a few years that Bob Carr is on the Chinese Governments payroll and a mouth piece for them. Even the ABC reported the same allegations in February 2018. “Bob Carr has been accused of running a “Beijing-backed propaganda outfit”.

My last article on this topic was in August 2016 titledChinese government caught bribing the Liberal Party, Labor Party and Julie Bishop“. But the focus of this article is the current Labor Party scandal which could and should include the ABC given they use Bob Carr on their various shows such as the 7.30 Report and QandA on a regular basis.

Current Kristina Keneally crisis. Asking questions in the Senate for Beijing Bob 

Former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr is using ALP senator Kristina Keneally to quiz the prime minister and senior officials about Malcolm Turnbull’s key former adviser on Beijing’s espionage and interference operations in Australia.

Fairfax Media has confirmed that Mr Carr, who heads a think tank created by a Chinese businessman closely connected to Beijing, has asked Senator Keneally to use parliament to find out details of the employment, job title, and contract of government adviser John Garnaut.

Mr Carr’s role in pushing for questions to be asked was only disclosed to many in the ALP after Senator Kimberly Kitching quizzed senior bureaucrats on May 22 about Mr Garnaut, relying on questions scripted by Labor staffers.

Two Labor sources who spoke to Senator Kitching said she was “furious”. She also revealed to ALP colleagues that Senator Keneally had told her that Mr Carr “will owe you a favour” for having asked the questions. (Click here to read more)

Kristina Keneally has a history of being known as The Puppet and I think that reputation has now been cemented forever. A question that needs to be asked: Did China have any influence in appointing Kristina Keneally as a federal Senator? Not directly, but via their men Beijing Bob and Shanghai Sam.

Sometimes music and pictures tell a story better than just plain words. The below video is the song “The Puppet” which I came across in the 2008 movieSoul Man. The below version is sung by Sandy Posey.

ABC infiltration

The ABC allow Bob Carr a platform to push Chinese propaganda on the 7.30 Report and the QandA program. On the 12th March 2018 he was again on the QandA show and on the 2nd February 2017 he was on the 7.30 Report having a swipe at US President Donald Trump.

“Carr has penned an editorial calling Trump a loudmouth nationalist. He says our leaders have acted like doting couriers in the past to the US, and Trump’s behaviour is a wake-up call to those who insist we have a special relationship with America. Bob Carr heads the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology.” (Click here to read more)

There is nothing wrong with having a go at Trump as many people do but on reflection Carr’s attack on Trump seems to have been on behalf of the Chinese government which very few viewers if any would have known.

It must be remembered that Bob Carr ran one of the most corrupt governments the country has ever seen when he was NSW Premier.

The Labor Party want Bob Carr out

Even the Labor Party are now calling for Bob Carr to be sacked from the party:

Former NSW premier Bob Carr is facing demands he be expelled from Labor because of his links to China, a sign that the relationship some within the NSW division of the party have established with donors connected to Beijing is causing deep unease among the rank and file. (Click here to read more)

The ABC are well aware that Carr is accused of being on China’s payroll and shouldn’t give him airspace to push his propaganda.

Bob Carr

“Thousands of agents of the Chinese state have integrated themselves into Australian public life — from the high spheres of politics, academia and business all the way down to suburban churches and local writers’ groups — according to a controversial book” which was published in February 2018.

The book, Silent Invasion: How China Is Turning Australia into a Puppet State, is written by Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University.

Beijing Bob

An entire chapter, titled Beijing Bob, is dedicated to former Labor foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr.

The chapter accuses Mr Carr of “pushing an aggressive pro-China stance in Labor caucuses”.

Professor Hamilton chronicles Mr Carr’s 2015 appointment as the founding director of the Australia-China Research Institute (ACRI) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

ACRI was created with a $1.8m donation from billionaire property developer Huang Xiangmo, who has donated millions to Australian politicians and has been described in the book as being one of Beijing’s most powerful agents of influence in Australia.

“Huang sits at the centre of a web of influence that extends throughout politics, business and the media,” Professor Hamilton writes.

Mr Huang has been the subject of public speculation ever since the ABC News revealed his millions of dollars in political donations, and his questionable connections to senior federal politicians, in a series of stories in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

“Let’s call the Australia-China Research Institute for what it is,” Professor Hamilton writes.

“A Beijing-backed propaganda outfit disguised as a legitimate research institute, whose ultimate objective is to advance the CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party’s] influence in Australian policy and political circles, an organisation hosted by a university whose commitment to academic freedom and proper practice is clouded by money hunger, and directed by an ex-politician suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome who cannot see what a valuable asset he has become for Beijing.” (Click here to read more)

Shanghai Sam

It is worth revisiting the scandalous circumstances of Senator Sam Dastyari resigning which led to Senator Kristina Keneally being appointed a Senator.

We all know for a fact that only a few months ago on the 25th January 2018 that Senator Sam Dastyari formally resigned as a federal Senator because he took bribes off Chinese government officials and was caught committing treason by warning a Chinese official that his phone might be tapped by the Australian spy agency ASIO.

Wikipedia says:

On 29 November 2017, audio recording was released of Dastyari speaking at a conference alongside Yuhu’s Huang Xiangmo in June 2016. This clarified the extent to which Dastyari contradicted Labor policy on territorial disputes in the South China Sea, as he claimed that “the Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China.” Media reports also stated that Dastyari had told the donor, Huang Xiangmo, that his phones were likely being tapped by intelligence agencies and that they should leave their phones inside and speak outside to avoid being overheard.

Ross Babbage, former head of strategic analysis at the Office of National Assessments, described Dastyari as an “agent of influence” and part of China’s aim to build local support for its policy positions around the world. As a result of the scandal, Dastyari was the subject of petitions with thousands of signatures calling for him to be charged with treason. (Click here to read more)

Kristina Keneally – The Puppet strikes again

Kristina Keneally’s nickname “The Puppet” was not coined by the media or opposition political parties. It was started by the NSW Premier Nathan Rees when she replaced him as NSW Premier:

The SMH reported on the 4 December 2009:

KRISTINA KENEALLY will be sworn in today as New South Wales’ first female premier and fourth Labor premier in five years after she rolled Nathan Rees in a leadership ballot 47-21 last night.

But Ms Keneally’s reign will be tainted from day one after the man she ousted, Nathan Rees, declared yesterday morning: ”Should I not be Premier by the end of this day, let there be no doubt in the community’s mind, no doubt, that any challenger will be a puppet of Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi.” (Click here to read more)

A lot of countries lobby individual politicians in other countries but there is a real problem with political interference by China in Australian politics going way beyond what is acceptable lobbying and it’s been going on for years so it’s time to put it to a stop.

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  1. The Bootlickers Association, another member ex Defence Dept. assistant Stuart Robert received ‘likes’ from China and his M**l*m Naval captain.

  2. Silent Invasion is a MUST READ! Available via Amazon – Kindle Version for about 10 bucks – Bob Carr needs to be tried for TREASON, along with the rest of ‘them’. Your reporting Shane is priceless.

  3. “10 bucks…. “, I would rather pay with dollars, I don’t own a deer farm. Maybe it was a mistake for ‘doe’

  4. when will we see the sequel that reveals the ties between the Libs & China. Unlike the Libs, at least Labor has canned all Chinese political donations.
    Whatever you may say against Kristina Keneally, she doesn’t have a “Glorious Foundation” with her name attached to it like the Turnbull government’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop does. It’s called the “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation” & the company was set up by the Chinese mining magnate Sally Zou who just happens to be one of the South Australian Liberal Party’s largest donors & also has close ties with the Chinese

  5. Bob Carr did expose the dual-loyalist behaviour of Dreyfus and Danby in his book (the bit where they advocated for the interests of a certain foreign Government over that of the Australian Gov., of which they were elected members), so whatever other sins he may have on his sheet, there is at least that.

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